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It’s Quiet. A Little TOO Quiet.

I apologize for disappearing the past couple days. It’s rare for us to go 48 hours without a post.

I spent most of the day Tuesday writing the piece about rediscovering the “why” of Catholicism. First of all, I wanted to thank you all, again, for your incredible kindness. I don’t think I’ve ever heard more — or better — compliments on anything we’ve published. I’ll try to remember that and find opportunities to do pieces like that again in the future. (That one just sort of hit like an epiphany, though, so no guarantees!)

On Wednesday, I started work on the piece we just published about Amoris Laetitia, and whether it really falls under the ordinary — and thus infallible — magisterium of the Church. This came as a response to a challenge from Crux contributing editor and papal biographer Austen Ivereigh, who has gone so far as to say “Division is diabolic, and the 4 cardinals have much to answer for. As Card Müller says, they shd [sic] never have publicized their dissent.” He was championing a particular essay from a man named Stephen Walford, dating back to February of this year and published in Vatican Insider, in which it is argued that Amoris Laetitia is papal teaching that can not be questioned. Ivereigh said that since nobody had offered a rebuttal, he wondered if it was “irrefutable”.

Weeeelll, that’s like calling Marty McFly “Chicken.”

Anyhow, I dug into this topic, and the waters around teaching regarding the various levels of magisterial teaching are turbulent and deep. There has been a great deal written, and none of it appears to be concise or definitive. And then, several hours into my research, I suddenly came down with something that felt a whole lot like a flu  — body aches, chills, dizziness, the works — and was out for the night. Could barely move, let alone sit at my desk and type. Today’s been better, so thank God for that. Not out of the woods, but on the comeback trail.

So here we are. Some of our writers on vacation, submissions this time of year are decidedly slow, and when it comes to all things publishing, I *am* the weakest link.

More dispatches from the front tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Oh, and by the way: we’re not there yet on the June fundraiser yet, but we’re making progress. Thanks to all of you who’ve chipped in!

6 thoughts on “It’s Quiet. A Little TOO Quiet.”

  1. Glad you’re on the mend.
    I don’t use Twitter but I do peek at your “feed.” That exchange (well, any exchange) with Austen Iverleigh is a waste of time and energy better spent quaffing hot toddies, I’m afraid. But I may be wrong. Maybe you valiant seed-sowers will have a crown I can’t imagine. I hope so.

  2. An apostolic exhortation is not authoritative teaching unless it repeats traditional authoritative teaching, which AL does in some places and omits in others and contradicts in still others and gives halfway and ambiguously in still others. So which teaching are they even talking about? It’s nuts.

  3. I so hope you are feeling better by now! Rest, liquids, and recuperate. 🙂
    I seem to notice an increase in the general agitation of the modernists, as in, they are growing impatient with any dissent from the other side. They have their man and their marching orders and want to seal this deal, NOW. The shrill and persistent nature of the sniping appears to be on the increase. That’s demon’s way, I suppose.
    We await what the Good Lord will do about this. We can’t see a solution, but surely He does.

  4. The ordinary universal magisterium is infallible. The ordinary universal magisterium is the constant “always and everywhere” agreed upon teaching of the Catholic Church through its bishops in union with the pope. It would cover such non-defined doctrines as “it is morally wrong to kill an innocent human being.” Actually, JPII finally had to solemnly define that…!


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