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Prayers For Katrina Fernandez


One of the editorial choices I’ve made here at 1P5 is not to open the site up to prayer requests for publication. The reason is that so many of us are in need of prayers so much of the time that it would be impossible to actually respond to all the requests. (I’m working on some ideas for a solution to that; stay tuned.)

Today, I’m making an exception to that policy. Katrina Fernandez, known to many of you as The Crescat, is not well. This message was posted to her Facebook page over the weekend:

As some of you already know, Kat has been hospitalized with complications associated with her heart, after experiencing chest pains this weekend. In the next few days, she will be receiving a stent as a corrective measure, after which she expects to be, in her words, “right as rain.”

At this time she is requesting your prayers and good thoughts. I would refrain from sending messages, lest she come home later this week and find an avalanche in her inbox, but you can certainly add a comment to this post and she will be able to see it.

This morning, there was an update:

Kat is a lot more comfortable this morning, with pain and nausea subsided. They are transferring her to another facility where a stent will be placed in her today; as with her last one, she expects this will provide huge relief.

Kat credits her better health this morning to all of your prayers, so please, keep them coming. And casseroles. Lots of casseroles, or a nice cold cuts plate . . .

Okay, just kidding about that last thing. But your prayers are very much appreciated. If all goes well, she may be released as soon as tomorrow!

The Catholic Blogging community can at times seem like a giant cat fight, but we all tend to know each other to some degree or another, and when something happens to one of us…well, it’s time to close ranks. Kat is one of the good ones, and while she’s known best for her sense of humor, she’s as sharp as nails when it comes to abuses happening in the Chuch. As recently as last week she was among the first to shed light on the situation at Our Saviour in New York.

If you’d be so kind, please offer your (continued) prayers for her swift recovery.

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