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Popesplaining: Paving the Way for the Antichrist

It’s official, Pope Francis et al have answered the most recent Dubia and have seemingly opened the door for same-sex “marriage” blessings. Of course, the vociferous defenders of Pope Francis strongly disagree with that interpretation and have unceremoniously declared folks like me to be schismatics or sinful for insinuating such a thing, but what else is new?

At any rate, for an adult human person who has the reading ability of a middle-schooler, there is no other way to interpret Pope Francis’ remarks. When Francis says, “Pastoral prudence must therefore properly discern whether there are forms of blessing, requested by one or more people, that do not convey a misconception of marriage,” we can be sure that what will follow will be the blessing of same-sex unions, even if only de facto and not de jure. And this is why James “Bridge to Hell” Martin couldn’t wait to spin his “Jesuit” interpretation.

Pope Francis was cunning enough to add, “Decisions that may be part of pastoral prudence in certain circumstances need not be transformed into a norm,” but similar things were said by Paul VI on Communion on the hand.

If we are being honest, this whole idea of giving blessings under these circumstances is of course a hat tip to the heretical desire to bless gay unions. Basically every single person on earth could approach a Catholic priest and ask for a blessing, and the priest could oblige if he wanted to. This means that there can be no reason to consider in any way the notion of blessing two homosexuals if the context is blessing them as a couple. We all know what the effect will be: Timmy and Johnny will approach their Liberal pastor, likely holding a soy pumpkin spice latte, and will request a blessing, and the pastor will give it to them. The pastor can say until he is blue in the face that it has nothing to do with their union, but we mustn’t be fooled by such sophistry.

Of course, we can also assume that these blessings will take on a ceremonial character, and we should not be surprised if in a very Liberal diocese, we see Timmy and Johnny standing at the foot of the altar — most likely beside some girl altar boys — while the priest blesses them saying something like:

We are gathered here today to bless all that is good in the intimate friendship of Johnny and his life partner, and we do so not in contravention to the teachings of the Church which uphold the dignity of long-held customs of marriage, but with a spirit of accompaniment and discernment as we all pray together that these men will find God in their friendship. We pray that the Creator and sustainer of the delicate ecosystems of the world will help them follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and with the Creator’s help, they will find a way to integrate more fully into our Christian Faith Community in a way that challenges the stereotypes that have discriminated against certain members of the People of God, who, although they have been wounded by clericalism and a backward mindset, will accept our hope for their future as unique human beings made in the image of God. May God bless Timmy and Johnny in the name of the…

I would bet a fair bit of money that Timmy and Johnny would be standing in matching tuxedos in front of the altar, while members of Catholics for Choice weep with happiness at the obvious blessing of their gay union, holding their support animals.

If you are someone who believes this is not what will be the intended outcome of Pope Francis’s words, please, respectfully, give your head a shake.

The real problem here is not that Pope Francis has done something egregious — which is as mundane at this point as the sun rising in the east — but the fact that anyone anymore is defending the Pope’s statements and anathematizing those who see the reality for what it really is.

It is my humble opinion that any defence of the Pope’s words amounts to utter foolishness. As Dr. Kwasniewski so eloquently puts it: “…Anyone who would defend Francis is a madman…”

If I may be so bold, I will add to Kwasniewski’s remarks and say that defence of Pope Francis’ madness in this instance is actually antichristic in spirit and is a grave disservice to the Body of Christ.

Please allow me to explain.

In Taylor Marshall’s book, Antichrist and Apocalypse, the Texan Thomist compiles the wisdom of the Fathers and Scholastics of the Church regarding the End Times and the coming of the Antichrist. On page 22 of his book, he provides exegesis on Matthew 24:24 and Mark 13:22 where Christ warned of the rise of false prophets who will perform signs and wonders “insomuch as to deceive, if possible, even the elect:”

What words did Jesus Christ use here, and what did he mean? Christ most likely did not deliver His public teachings in Greek but rather Aramaic, or perhaps Hebrew in liturgical settings. Our best attempt to reconstruct His meaning would be to turn to the Old Syriac translation of the New Testament, the Peshitta. The Peshitta renders “false christ” in Matthew 24:24 as meshih daggala, meaning “liar messiah.” So Christ explicitly warns us that pseudochrists—liar messiahs—will in fact arrive to deceive not merely the secular world, but chiefly Christ’s own disciples. The attack will be into the interior of His Church, His elect. (Emphasis added)

The point is that the Antichrist will deceive Catholics who are in the Church. This makes perfect sense, as why would he need to deceive anyone else?

While I am not saying that Pope Francis is the Antichrist, I am saying that Pope Francis deceives the faithful, and he deceives them in such a way that will prepare them to accept a worldly religion that is not supernatural. If you consider also that Pope Francis has just released Laudato Si’ 2.0 and recently told the UN that global warming is going to destroy the planet at any moment, we can see the cloven hoof prints of the Antichrist all over the place.

To those Catholic apologists who are bending over backwards to explain away the Pope’s gay union gaff, we must say that they are defending the antichristic system that is flourishing under Pope Francis. This is because the reign of Antichrist will only be possible if good Catholics are blind to rational thought and vulnerable to manipulation.

Catholics are confused and deceived at present, and they will look to Catholic influencers to help them wade through the mess. When they come across Catholic Inc. apologists calling the Trads schismatics and slanderers for not getting with the gay union program, what will they think?

They will either conclude that Church teaching is somehow changing on the matter, which is impossible, or they may simply drop the Catholic faith in toto because it appears to be nothing more than liberal Protestantism. Those apologists who are doing this are doing nothing but perpetuating the deception coming from Rome, and they weaken the presentation of Catholic orthodoxy with every maddening statement of “context” and “nuance” regarding the Dubia response.

Remember, the Antichrist will deceive the majority — including Catholics — into thinking he is the real deal, and he will do so with the help of a false ecclesial mechanism that masquerades as the true Church. Every time these apologists help Francis et al. move the goalposts closer and closer to the abomination of desolation, they only harm the Body of Christ, languishing under this veritable chastisement.

They will undoubtedly appeal to the orthodox statements in the Pope’s response, as a way of defending the indefensible, which is exactly the problem!

The fact that Pope Francis was able to utter such orthodox statements as, “The cultural changes and the new challenges of history do not change Revelation,” in the same document where he appeals to an amorphous pastoralism that opens the door to gay union blessings is exactly why this whole thing is so antichristic.

The Antichrist will not appear with a completely ridiculous religion or wholly fantastical faith. No, he will open the Scriptures and present a seemingly orthodox interpretation with slight variations that make it clear to all — aided by false signs and wonders — that he is truly the Messiah. People are not normally deceived by utter fantasy, but they are deceived by partial truth, much like Adam and Eve were.

Thus, those who defend Pope Francis’ remarks because there is some Catholicism to be found in his statements are missing the point entirely. That there is orthodoxy to be found is exactly why his remarks are so dangerous.

Respectfully, I urge Catholics of goodwill who are defending this charade to stop. If not for the good of others, at least for the good of your own soul. If you continue on this path, you will be like someone who has allowed himself to ingest little bits of antifreeze in his jello over a long period of time, only to be surprised when he is poisoned to death.

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