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Pope Francis Awards Architect of Safe-Abortion Fund with Pontifical Honor

On January 12, reports began surfacing on Twitter that Lilianne Ploumen, former Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Netherlands, was honored by Pope Francis with the title of Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great.  The Lepanto Institute was able to confirm from a December 22, 2017 Dutch radio broadcast that Ploumen indeed received the honor.  In a brief video clip promoting the broadcast, Ploumen displays the medal while saying that she received it from the Pope.

Here is the video:

Here is a crude translation of the exchange:

BNR – And this is the umpteenth prize that Lilianne Ploumen observes, won in 2017 and from whom they came.
Ploumen – Yes, it is a high distinction from the Vatican; from the pope.
BNR – From the pope.
Ploumen – Beautiful.
BNR – Yes.
Ploumen – It is Commander in the order of St. Gregory.
BNR – And that despite that you are pro-abortion.
Ploumen – Yes you can check.

To say that Lilianne Ploumen is “pro-abortion” is an extreme understatement and doesn’t even come close to the scandalous reality of her activism.

In January of last year, after US President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, Ploumen launched a new NGO called She Decides to provide mass amounts of funds to organizations that would no longer receive funds from the US government.  The Mexico City Policy automatically denies US funding for international organizations which perform or promote abortion.

Referring to the Mexico City Policy as a “Global Gag Rule,” Ploumen stated that the intention of She Decides was to continue support for existing programs being run by organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA), the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International.  She said, “These are successful and effective programs: direct support, distributing condoms, making sure women are accompanied at the birth, and making sure abortion is safe if they have no other choice.”

By July of 2017, Ploumen’s program had raised over $300 million.

In October of 2017, Ploumen wrote an article for the Financial Times, in which she emphatically stated, “America’s regressive policies on abortion are a calamity for girls’ and women’s rights that the rest of the world must counter.”

Ironically, just a few days ago, Ploumen was awarded the Machiavelli Prize “for her campaign for the safe abortion fund SheDecides.” The article on the award indicates that “The Machiavelli prize is awarded to a person or organization which the jury considers has excelled in public communication. In particular, the jury praised the speed at which SheDecides was set up and went global.”

It is worth noting that from 2004-2007, Ploumen was the Director of Programs and on the Board of Directors for CORDAID, the Dutch Catholic aid relief agency that was caught funding Planned Parenthood and dispensing contraception.

But Ploumen’s anti-Catholic activity isn’t restricted to abortion.  In September of 2017, Ploumen participated in the United Nations LGBTI Core Group.  As the first speaker at the event, Ploumen noted that LGBTI rights are human rights.  In her opening remarks, she said, “We cannot be complacent. [Today] in more than 70 countries homosexuality is still criminalized…stigma against LGBT people continue all over the world.”

In 2014, Ploumen ended foreign aid to the country of Uganda for passing a bill banning sodomy and same-sex “marriage.”

In February of 2010, Ploumen called on LGBT activists to descend upon and disrupt Mass at St. John the Baptist Cathedral, wearing pink triangles with the words “Jesus excludes no one.” The reason?  She and other pro-LGBT activists were protesting the Church’s moral teaching regarding homosexuality.

The Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great was established in September 1831 by Pope Gregory XVI.  The honor of membership in the Order is conferred on individuals for their “personal service to the Holy See and to the Roman Catholic Church, through their unusual labors, their support of the Holy See, and their excellent examples set forth in their communities and their countries.”

It remains to be seen what service Lilianne Ploumen has provided for the Catholic Church or the Holy See, given her staunch support for homosexuality, abortion and contraception.  Given that the one thing that Lilianne Ploumen is known for in the past year is the establishment of a fund that provides hundreds of millions of dollars to organizations that commit abortion and dispense contraception, it is difficult, if not impossible, to separate her recent Pontifical honor from this grievous and scandalous act.

A version of this article first appeared at The Lepanto Institute

484 thoughts on “Pope Francis Awards Architect of Safe-Abortion Fund with Pontifical Honor”

        • Antipope, in the Roman Catholic church, one who opposes the legitimately elected bishop of Rome, endeavours to secure the papal throne, and to some degree succeeds materially in the attempt. This abstract definition is necessarily broad and does not reckon with the complexity of individual cases. The elections of several antipopes are greatly obscured by incomplete or biased records, and at times even their contemporaries could not decide who was the true pope. It is impossible, therefore, to establish an absolutely definitive list of antipopes, but it is generally conceded that there were at least 37 from 217 to 1439. Felix V (1439–49) was the last. Historically, antipopes have arisen as a result of a variety of causes; the following are some examples:

          Tentative list of antipopes
          Hippolytus (217/218–235)
          Novatian (251)
          Felix (II) (355–365)
          Ursinus (366–367)
          Eulalius (418–419)
          Laurentius (498, 501–c. 505/507)
          Dioscorus (530)
          Theodore (687)
          Paschal (687)
          Constantine (II) (767–768)
          Philip (768)
          John (844)
          Anastasius (855)
          Christopher (903–904)
          Boniface VII (974, 984–985)
          John XVI (or XVII) (997–998)
          Gregory (VI) (1012)
          Benedict X (1058–59)
          Honorius (II) (1061–64)
          Clement (III) (1080–1100)
          Theodoric (1100–01)
          Albert (or Aleric) (1101)
          Sylvester (IV) (1105–11)
          Gregory (VIII) (1118–21)
          Celestine (II) (1124)
          Anacletus (II) (1130–38)
          Victor (IV) (1138)
          Victor (IV) (1159–64)
          Paschal (III) (1164–68)
          Calixtus (III) (1168–78)
          Innocent (III) (1179–80)
          Nicholas (V) (1328–30)
          Clement (VII) (1378–94)
          Benedict (XIII) (1394–1417)
          Alexander (V) (1409–10)
          John (XXIII) (1410–15)
          Clement (VIII) (1423–29)
          Felix (V) (1439–49)
          Francis – (2013-?)

      • Half (if not more) of the popes before him have not been particularly holy either.

        For that matter, but for the grace of God, neither are any of us.

    • You have to understand that Bergoglio has been playing both sides of the fence to appease both, the false Catholic’s in the Church and his loyal Catholic’s. He will say one thing that sounds Catholic and the next day he’s mocking Jesus Christ and His church. As Christ Himself stated; ‘you cannot serve two masters.’ This Bergoglio is a hypocrite to the highest degree and God will not be mocked!

      • I did read that Peron whom PF
        greatly admire when asked by his driver when they arrived at a T junction on the road.”which way sir left or right” to which Peron would respond ” indicator for left and then turn right” .Isn’t this what PF is doing to us now. CHRISTS IS OUR INDICATOR SO FOLLOW HIM AND IGNORE Peron PF.

    • Until the last child destined to fill Heaven is born. Thank God we all have the chance for conversion until our last breath. If God had “taken” me when I was in mortal sin, and given me no chance for more years, I’d be in Hell now. God’s Holy Patience is not our patience. As painful as it is we must pray for the conversion of sinners, all sinners, and let Our Lady intercede for them – all of them.

  1. Please, do not refer to this ” nut job” as Holy Father…….he is a holy disaster. No thank you. I shall pass.
    No more! No more of him. He is yours Bishop Schneider, Cardinal Burke, etc., etc…..You serve under him….not I.
    I will not be held hostage to this INSANITY, nor should any other faithful Catholic.
    I once pitied those who kept their mouths shout in high offices……..done with that as well.

    I pity the babies, the aborted, tortured babies and I loathe those who would give glory and honor to those
    who delight in such activities.

      • No, I did not go full schism.

        I shall not be held hostage anymore to that word, for speaking the Truth about this pontificate.
        He is incapable of not only defending the faith, but promoting great evil.
        I stick with the Church, and await his demise.

        • If you reject the authority of the Vicar of Christ, you are in schism. Unfortunately this whole situation would be a lot easier if he WAS an antipope

          • Look, I’m not a member of the People’s Temple here, I’m a Catholic. I certainly have the authority to state that I am not a member of whatever new world order cult has taken over our beautiful buildings in Rome. If you want to call him Pope, that’s your perogative but I think it’s sacrilegious. I don’t have any idea how they got away w/what appeared to be a valid election but I don’t need the answer before I know, that guy is no Catholic and no Pope.

          • The abortion issue played a key role in leading me back to the Catholic Church, after many years as a “seeker” adrift in the wilderness. Even in my wilderness days, I was pro-life, and abortion was always for me a “litmus test” issue in my evaluations of everyone from politicians to preachers.

            Since I had been baptized Catholic as a child but had married outside the Church, when I re-entered the Church, after 24 years’ absence, the process for making my marriage a sacramental one involved a process called “radical sanation.” As part of that process, I was required to sign an oath of lifelong faithfulness to the Church. I thought and prayed long and hard before making that decision! I do not intend to break that oath. I take it every bit as seriously as my marriage vows.

            I thought to myself then that if there ever came a time when the Church changed its position on abortion, that would be the sign, the signal, that the Church had been infiltrated and subverted, and that whoever was calling himself pope was actually a false pope, an impostor, an antipope.

            I could be wrong, of course. I have received no Saul-on-the-road-to-Damascus visions about it. But my personal opinion, in the wake of this latest outrage, is that indeed the day that I dreaded has come. On the one hand, I hope I am mistaken. But on the other hand, if Francis really is an antipope, is it not our duty to make that known? The longer an antipope continues in power, the more damage will be done to the Body of Christ, the more people will be led astray, the more chaos will spread in the world, the more souls will be lost.

          • This may sound shocking but for me, Protestantism is as real as the tooth fairy. I am either Catholic or an animal just like a dog or inchworm and nothing means anything at all and what’s right is what makes you the most comfortable and happy while you live until you return to the earth and become a different form of matter. Even if that horrible scenario were the case, I am most comfortable and happy being Catholic and if Catholicism is true than that guy is not the Pope, therefore the guy is not the Pope. And if he isn’t the Pope, he is a very evil guy with really evil intentions to do bad bad things to us, so yes, I think people should really be made aware. If nothing means anything, than I really don’t need to follow a Pope and I certainly wouldn’t choose that guy to make me comfortable and happy in my religion that I just make up as I go along.

          • I confess that I still, even now, cannot actually get my head around the idea of the pope being evil — or more precisely, I can logically figure it out in my head but it hasn’t yet reached my heart. To my intellect, the evidence shows that he is an antipope. But the reality is hard to actually take in.

          • I might have been able to think like that if he hadn’t pushed our mortal enemy Islam upon us since day one. As he did, he appeared evil to me from the beginning.

          • Yes because YouTube is the infallible source of all wisdom!

            …There are not many things I approach with a more critical eye than a YouTube video.

          • The pope has no authority to reject Catholic teaching, and cause scandal. We are obliged to resist when he does, this is not schism.

          • I think St. Catherine of Siena would have smacked Bergoglio between the ears, and then
            went to our illustrious cardinals and yelled, ” Wake up and be men. Have you no sense of your office, of your duty? This man, Francis, is destroying the papacy and his harm to the Church and souls is beyond belief.”

            Just a thought.

          • I agree. However, I still accept his authority. Francis is acting in a way that is outside of his authority. People are acting like his infallibility attaches to things that is not. Even Paul resisted Peter when Peter “stood condemned.” Such is the case now

          • Indeed it is not! I believe it is faithfulness to Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus is “the same, yesterday, today and forever.” Jesus is the Logos, the unchanging Word. Truth does not change. There are plenty of places in the New Testament where we are warned about false teachers. We have a sacred duty to stand for Truth.

          • So you accept Francis’s allowance of Communion for the divorced and remarried who continue in an adulterous relationship? You believe that it’s now a magisterial teaching as it was published in the AAS?

          • No. His infallibility does not apply to this situation. He has made a grave error…but not in the area of faith and morals.

          • That’s simply laughable….Communion for the divorced and remarried in an adulterous relationship has nothing to do with faith and morals….really? No one is saying Francis declared this ex cathedra, but he has attempted to make the Argentine bishops’ interpretation of Amoris Laetitia ‘magisterial’ by publishing it in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.
            So are you now bound by Amoris Laetitia…or are you a “schismatic”? Maybe it’s time to think past your trite bumper sticker memes and virtue signaling…

          • It is a discipline. He never changed teaching to reflect it. He CAN’T change teaching to reflect it.

          • Popes have teaching authority outside of infallible pronouncements. By your own words: “If you reject the authority of the Vicar of Christ, you are in schism.” Apparently you reject the authority of Francis to make the Argentine bishops’ interpretation of Amoris Laetitia binding on Catholics as magisterial teaching via publication in the AAS. Claiming this is merely a discipline is a dodge….it goes straight to the nature of the Eucharist, Marriage and Grace.

            As to virtue signaling….one, you don’t ignore it, because you responded directly to the comment and two, I don’t “wave it around”….it was applied specifically to you for playing the tired “you’re a schismatic” card.

          • Right on target, Edison Frisbee. At times I wonder who are the greater scourge to souls and our beloved and beleaguered Church: the Modernist heretics (headed by Francis today) or the enabling papolators, who will have much to account for before the Almighty Judge when it comes to their fidelity to the Church in her greatest hour of need.

          • His error (among many others) is indeed squarely in the area of faith and morals as it touches on the moral lives of cohabiting persons and the nature of the sacraments of matrimony, penance, and the Eucharist. No need for fresh confirmation, but once again we see evidence of the need to cancel one’s reason and intellect to engage in the evil which is papolatry.

          • Speaking the truth about a dictator pope and clear heretic has nothing to do with “rejecting the authority of the Vicar of Christ.” Rather, it has to do with rejecting the sacriligeous abuse of that authority and the abuse of souls. Learn that your papolatry has nothing to do with real Catholicism and is destructive of it.

          • It’s really funny to be called a papolator when I have been opposed this Pope pretty much since the first Synod. The difference between me and you is simply that I accept this Pope’s valid election and authority, while opposing his errors in this case. In fact, your attitude is more ultramontanist then mine, considering that you make the error of “no true pope would say these things, therefore he is no true pope.”Whereas, I say that a Pope is perfectly capable of saying these things, but is unable to proclaim as binding for all the faithful…which Francis has yet to do.

            Why don’t you embrace sedevacantism that has actual balls and just say that the last valid Pope was Pius XII? It would make more logical sense than what you are spouting now…

          • Foolishly you attribute to me things I have not said or believe. I know well that true popes can err and have erred without losing the papacy—that is why I am not a papolator. I do not declare myself a “sedevacantist” because I am not: God alone knows whether the Chair of Peter is presently occupied or not; I do not. It takes no particular courage to be a sedevacantist—it is a non-doctrinal position with which many of us traditionalists do not feel competent to embrace. You need some lessons in logical thinking, as rejecting violence to the Faith is not the same thing as rejecting papal authority, presently abused by the present pope. As for balls, I think your adolescent vulgarity speaks volumes about your ignorance about the issues at hand, not to speak of charity and gentlemanly manners—all of which I suspect from your comments you sorely lack.

          • “Foolishly you attribute to me things I have not said or believe”

            No that’s the pot calling the kettle black…

            As for my “adolescent vulgarity,” you are scandalized by my use of a slang term for testicles while St. Paul used a Greek word that is more accurately translated as “one of the seven words you can’t say on television” (I’ll spell your delicate sensibilities and just give you the first letter: s).

          • “Spell your delicate sensibilities”? Before you go pontificating and using sarcasm against those who can see what a windbag you are, please try to learn how to craft a coherent English sentence. Your vulgarity does not scandalize me (the heresies of Francis do), but they do make you sound ridiculous and degrade this blog.

          • It’s called autocorrect. It happens to the best of us.

            My vulgarity can’t degrade this blog any lower than those whose angry yet ultimately impotent rants against the Holy Father lend support to the fallacious claim that any of us who dare to criticize him are schismatics or sedevacantists.

            Better a windbag than an angry @$$hole.

      • the Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre Cdl. Edwin O’Brien says nothing about this.
        O’Brien said he was both “disappointed and bewildered” by the decision of Notre Dame University to have President Barack Obama deliver the commencement speech and receive an honorary degree at the university’s graduation ceremony, given Obama’s support for legal abortion and embryonic stem cell research (which O’Brien opposes). The unborn lose again. Thanks Cdl. O’Brien.

        • This is the least of the problems with Cardinal O’Brien…he was apparently closely involved in the recent scandal in the Archdiocese of New York where a priest embezzled funds to pay for his “gay for pay” prostitute

      • Full schism is what Francis, most of the hierarchy and papal apologists find themselves in at the present. Speaking the truth is never schism of any kind: full or partial.

        • The Vicar of Christ is rejecting the authority of the Vicar of Christ and separating himself from…himself? That makes ZERO sense. It can be argued that he and most of the hierarchy are guilty of heresy, but that’s a different sin. Go back and read your Baltimore Catechism

          • Oh, I shall do so immediately, Great Logician and Even Greater Theologian, for we know well that your every exhortation (no matter how pompous and ridiculous and sarcastic) must be true and obediently adhered to.

    • You are correct. However, most recently Bergoglio stated how important it was to safeguard life in the womb. I didn’t buy his bullshit for one minute. ( yeah, I cursed)…sometimes the curse word for this guy is the best word!
      Read it on LifeSiteNews.
      Please tell me, how in God’s good name, our cardinals sit by and watch and listen to this scandalous behavior???
      I am in a tearful moment at present. There is nothing left of my Church on earth.
      Her shepherds are few, and the few we have, are scardy cats……timid, gentle,,benign little soldiers who
      I would not be caught dead with in a battle against the enemy.

      He awards a person who delights in the murdering of babies with a prestigious Catholic honor such as this, and we call him ” Your Holiness”….? B.S. The man is purely of not goodness.

      • Of course, “pro-life” and “pro-abortion” are not terms of art in Moral Theology.

        But the truth can be expressed in other ways:

        He is complacent about abortion. Abortion does not bother him. He does not give a rat’s ass about abortion. He loves to praise and make goo-goo eyes with abortionists.

        • Also, we know from The Dictator Pope and other sources that Bergoglio practices the tactic of his political mentor, Juan Perón, talking out of both sides of his mouth, to put it colloquially. If I remember correctly from the book, Perón’s son watched as his father met successively with rightist and Communist politicians, promising both that he was of their persuasion. Truth wasn’t his goal; control of others was.

      • At least a “zero” is a neutral number that neither adds nor subtracts. Francis destroys, so he is not a “big zero” but rather a destructive negative number that mathematicians have yet to discover a name for.

    • That’s the 64 million dollar question: When is enough, ENOUGH??!!! Is not one of our Bishops going to have the B______S_to call him out on this??!! This is absolutely a vindictive in your face hurling of horse excrement not only to the faithful, but to Christ Himself!!! Because he’s THE BOSS MAN. Can anyone say “The Dictator Pope”??

      • How about accessory after and before the fact to the murder of preborn human beings. Does automatic excommunication apply to the Pope or just the rest of us?

        • Others with greater knowledge may correct or supplement me, but as I understand it, such excommunication (latae sententiae, I believe it’s called) does indeed apply to the Pope, though it can only be officially declared by the Church (through another Pope, and/or the bishops and cardinals) after he is gone from office.

          • The ‘officially declaration’ is needed indeed. But the question is, why must that come only after he is somehow (anyhow) gone from office?
            What IF it might be APPROVED THAT HE WAS A HERETIC before occupying the seat?
            And what about IPSO FACTO EXCOMMUNICATION?
            In such case a heretical pope might be ‘ipso facto excommunicated’, but he can easily keep demolishing the Church until he dies…

          • Please see my response to Parrish, above. I believe it is erroneous to suppose that the pope can only be declared non-pope after he dies. Indeed, if I understand correctly, it is the duty of the bishops to depose the pope if he is persistent and unrepentant in his heresy. (The term I have seen for that is “pertinacious manifest heresy.”)

          • Although lacking authority to make a prouncement, how cannot any reasonable person, even a supporter of child murder, believe him guilty to a moral certainty?

          • Well, on the merits I’m with you 100%. The evidence has been growing almost daily for almost five years now, and all the spin-doctoring, denial and whistling past the graveyard that’s been going on, especially from our “conservative Catholic” friends, looks progressively more asinine with every new outrage as PF speeds up the demolition derby. I’m sure the pro-abort crowd is going to be as ecstatic over this as the pro-sodomy crowd was over the scandalous “Nativity scene.”

          • I agree with you that moral certainty is impossible when we judge others. I believe that such judgments are examples of the kind of judgment that we are not to engage in, as per Jesus’s order to “judge ye not”. However, it is our duty as Christians to call out sin itself, particularly when it is public sin — sin that gives scandal, i.e., leads others astray.

            And if the pope preaches heresy, he is no longer Catholic, and thus, no longer Pope. And it becomes the responsibility of the bishops — the successors of the Apostles — to correct him. If he rejects the correction and persists in heresy, it is then their responsibility to the whole Church — to us, the Body of Christ — to depose him.

          • The Bishops, and certainly his appointments, appear to support him or they cooperate with evil by failing to confront it for whatever reason. The overwhelming majority of pewsitters are clueless or appear to support his agenda. I confess to being a “bad” Catholic but cannot intellectually deny truth. The Pope contradicts all his predecessors, he is a heretic. Unfortunately he appears to have overwhelming support. Very depressing to one who loves the Ancient Faith at the point where inlife in this world fades. Where is the real Catholic Church.

          • Really? I don’t believe he has to be gone from office. Indeed, if the other bishops declare him heretical, they have to depose him from office.

          • I’ve thought about that, too. You would think the bishops or at least the cardinals could revoke their election, or something. But I’ve read here or elsewhere, I don’t recall, that there is no procedure in Canon law for deposing a pope. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t try, I suppose, but what if he simply says “no, I’m not leaving?” The Swiss Guards report to him, not to the bishops or the cardinals. Schism for sure. Is that worse than what we have now? I really don’t know.

  2. I marvel at the phrase: God will not be mocked. He sure will, always has been and is, He’s just infinitely more patient about it than I am, I guess. Lord, forgive the cowards in the Church (including me, at times), they know not what they do, nor what they do not do.

  3. “IT’S ALL GONE!” Those were the words I literally felt that boomed onto my chest in the middle of the night some months ago.
    Those words and THAT brief spiritual experience were as PURE FIRE.

    I am not going to offer any particular interpretation of those 3 words, since none was given.

    I have decided to share THAT experience because I believe it was of GOD. And I have no doubt that many of us have had
    a signal experience (despite the poverty of our souls) given THESE times we are living through. There was a sense of great
    and powerful (but restrained) anger in THAT Male Voice and though shocked, I did not feel fear.

    Allow me to post such witness to an experience and consider it or consider it not. Though for me it was as real as the Sun in
    the Sky. If anybody wants to ridicule or otherwise criticize my post I will not be in the slightest bit offended!
    It is what it is, and the moment was what it was, God bless us all.

  4. If you want to face the truth about the current goals of the RCC, read it again: She received the order for

    “personal service to the Holy See and to the Roman Catholic Church,
    through their unusual labors, their support of the Holy See, and their
    excellent examples set forth in their communities and their countries.”

    There is no mistake here, no misstatement. By supporting Bergoglio and his peons and masters alike in their fight for progress of humanity via celebration of sodomy and abortion, she endeared herself to them, and was selected for a very special honor. She has been elevated above all others as a shining example of service to their – let’s call it – church.

    • Perhaps i am wrong here, but why does there always seem to be some moral equivalent with evil done?
      Are my sins responsible for Bergoglio?
      Evil is the absence of goodness, I thought. It is on Bergoglio alone, in my opinion.
      Sadly, we shall have to suffer for it, and perhaps our suffering can be offered to God in reparations and in personal penance.
      Or is God so angry and disgusted with all of us, that He is choosing to withhold His graces, helping us to seek Him more, trust Him more and repent more?

      Poor babies. Poor babies, they do not even have the highest leader of the Church on earth, to protect them, to defend them.
      Instead, he awards their destroyers with a medal, congratulating on their assistance for the Holy See.
      Regardless of the answers to my questions, that fact remains and cannot be pushed aside by reason of my sins, or anyone else’s now or in the present. Bergoglio owns it.

      If I may add one more thought: There are women who have had abortions, who live each day in penance, in serving the Church. I assure all, that if they knew of this latest scandal, their faith, as solid as it is, would be greatly torn under.
      So, when everyone worries of that dirty little word: schism, think of the great harm caused to the faithful, the weak, the
      penitents, when SILENCE prevails in the name of that dirty little word. What truly is dirty: their hands they wash clean from getting dirty..

      • You are probably right. I should speak for myself only.
        Regarding the suffering you talk about, I know people (abandoned husbands and fathers, women regretting an abortion more than anything they have ever done) whose pain has been magnified through the actions of this ungodly pope.

  5. I must have missed it.

    Besides stumping for the killing of babies and advocacy of butsecks, just exactly WHAT did this gal do for the Vatican that got her on the short list for a chesty medal?

    The Vatican, BTW, has supported abortion for years in the support of UN programs that promote it. Oh, yes, there have been the requisite respectful appeals to stop, but if I nicely ask a drug dealer to stop selling drugs to children in my daycare but I still invite him over to read Barney stories to the kiddies, I might as well be dusting their snack pudding with meth.

    Heck, without Catholics we probably wouldn’t have legalized abortion in the USA due to their dedicated support for the Party of Death, the Democatholics.

    We need God.

    Seriously, we are pretty much at the bottom of a deep hole, and Jorge’s solution is to toss us a shovel.

  6. Evil. That is what this is, it is the Promotion of Evil.

    Everyone who is a Member of the Order ought to immediately resign their membership and send their medals back to the Pope explaining to him that if this is the company they are to keep in the order then they would prefer to renounce their membership for the sake of Jesus Christ.

          • She was recognized for her work with poor refugees and migrants. Why do we need to concern ourselves with this, when obviously, she wasn’t recognized for her abortion initiative? It’s actually a real shame that someone who is evil would care for migrants more so than the rest of us. I mean what does that say about the rest of us. Are we truly catholics as we claim to be?

          • Snap out of it. She doesn’t care about poor migrants more than most of the people I know and she is the one who said what she said about the award, not me. And know one who raises Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Abortion Inc. and advocates for Sodomites to interrupt the Holy Sacrifice is deserving of any award from the Church. She is a excommunicate and that is what her Bishop should have informed her of long ago.

          • The honoring of abortionists and abortion supporters is deeply troubling. So is the honoring of communists and sodomites and the winking at the ‘accompanyment’ of sinful lifestyles, the sacrileges against the Eucharist, the lessening of the theology of the sacraments, and on and on to nausea it goes. A false church is in place; we can only cling to Christ and Our Lady and the age old truths of the Church. But what a situation! Never dreamed I would see this open corruption and sin from the highest places.

          • Father, the pope addressed the demographic winter of nations just last winter. I understand that you think he made a bad decision. What am I suppose to do about it as a catholic? I’ve been following his homilies and he does uphold church teachings on abortion and contraception. Am I suppose to ignore him and be pope-less in spirit?
            Whats the point? We are a global church.

          • It’s called “actions speak louder than words.” We got upset when Notre Dame, a supposedly Catholic university, honored Barack Obama despite his all-out abortion advocacy, but we’re not supposed to get upset when the pope does it? For years, the Church has taught — by its words, if not by its actions! — that people who publicly advocate abortion are NOT to be honored by Catholic institutions, no matter what else they may have accomplished. There is a reason for this. In the old days, it was called “giving scandal,” which means tempting the weak to sin and/or to lose their faith. When people — Catholics and others — see a Catholic institution honoring an abortion advocate, they think, “Oh, so abortion is not really such a big deal after all.”

            Please consider this: There are a significant number of women out there who, when faced with an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, torn between their choices, will choose to abort because they will mistakenly believe that abortion is not a mortal sin, after all, because the pope and so many other Catholics in leadership positions have demonstrated to them that it is not really all that big a deal. Untold numbers of babies are being killed, and untold numbers of women are being psychologically damaged for the rest of their lives, because this pope and many bishops and priests have led people astray.

          • Shame on you for your whitewashing of this papal scandal. The Church has never honored those who have done “some” good (supposing that the abetting of the destruction of what is left of Christian Europe through unbridled migration of infidels is a “good,” which it clearly is not as it a ruse to islamify the Christian continent) but perpetrate evil otherwise. This would be and in this case is obscene. You, Flower of St. Therese, demonstrate the complicity in evil that sentimental enemies of truth and justice are well know for; I also doubt that St. Therese of Lisieux, whom your name seems to invoke, would approve of such monstrosity for she was a true Catholic and not an apostate.

          • In the picture, I also recognize former president of Mexico ‘Felipe Calderón’ standing between Ploumen and Bergoglio. Why was he there? *Not that I’m surprised or anything.*

          • Because Pope Francis recognizes anyone who is a Climate Alarmist as a hero and true friend of humanity, no matter what they have done or are doing and stand for.

          • Nonsense! Al Capone was also very kind to windows and orphans! Should he be decorated for that? Are we, Catholics, insane to the point of defending Francis with these ludicrous arguments?!

          • Two facts:

            1. Pope Francis upholds church’s teaching on abortion even more recently last December.

            2. Pope Francis did not reward this former prime minister on her abortion initiatives.

          • Several facts:
            1. Francis replaced JPII Institute for Life and Family with another institute *flooded* with neo-malthusian partizans.
            2. Francis authorized the debunking of ‘Humanae vitae’ and the perenial Magisterium about procreation and contraception.
            3. Francis decorated one of most malignant anti-life women in the planet, for whom innocent and defenseless babies may disposed of as if they were trash.
            4. Francis’ soundbites about abortion and euthanasia are consumate hipocrisy: what he says in front of everyone, he does the opposite in their back.
            Had Francis any sense of decency, he should take back this obscene decoration and resign.

          • Excellent summary.

            Worthy of meditation and prayer for the soul of the Pope and the millions of murdered aborted babies.

            “For it was you who formed my inward parts;
            you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

            Ps 139:13

            Really, modernism has nearly reached its nadir. I hope.

          • A wonderful summary. Have we considered the possibility that “A Flower of St. Therese,” with the sappy moniker, may not be a serious Catholic at all but a Modernist, malevolent troll. It looks that way to me.

          • 1. He throws out a bone every once in a while but his actions speak otherwise.
            2. Hitler made the trains run on time.

          • Ah yes, the red herring which is often served with bitter herbs and poisonous
            mushrooms chased down with rotten fruit, a delicacy befitting those of an unsound
            palate and a dreadful desire to share their diet
            Most surely the Vatican Chef embraces a false vocation, and would do well to depart
            the Kitchen for his culinary skills leave us with little confidence, save to cook a book!

          • We should award (posthumously) Stalin for his social justice efforts. To all according to their needs!

            I really don’t think you have been listening and generally following Jorge Bergoglio’s leadership, if you remain a faithful catholic. He wants to irreversibly change the teaching of the Church by using deception. Everyone who listens to him, knows this.

          • No, he rewarded the whole anti-life movement symbolically by honoring her and Emma Bonino. You truly are blind. May God have mercy on your clueless soul.

          • Joao Pedro, tragically many Catholics are now apostates—perhaps most. The Masons appear to have complete victory of their plans of destruction against the True Church. Except that they don’t know that they are already defeated. But try explaining that to deluded souls like “A Flower of St. Therese” and spend an eternity in futility. Here is where the Blessed Savior’s caveat to the apostles to dust off their sandals and go on to the next town applies.

          • There’s something totally repugnant in the way you think, I am sorry that I have to be so blunt.
            How can you support her migrant ‘work’ and dismiss the terrible fact that she is responsible, in a very active way, in the killing of innocent children. I cannot possibly believe that indeed you are ‘a flower of St. Therese’ by holding views such as these.

          • Who said anything about dismissing her sins of commission and why should we dismiss our sins of omission as well in failing to care for the corporal needs of our brothers and sisters.

            Turning away born humans fleeing persecution to rott is just as evil as butchering the unborn.

          • You cannot murder innocent children by the thousands and be humane in any sense! Stop making excuses!

          • Who says they are all fleeing persecution? An invasion needs to be recognized! Leaders have been blind to the danger.

          • Loving your enemy does not mean giving up your daughters and nations to them.

            STUDY the full wisdom of the Bible;

            Sirach 12:10-12

            10 Never trust your enemy,
            for like the rusting of copper, so is his wickedness.
            11 Even if he humbles himself and goes about cringing,
            watch yourself, and be on your guard against him;
            and you will be to him like one who has polished a mirror,
            and you will know that it was not hopelessly tarnished.
            12 Do not put him next to you,
            lest he overthrow you and take your place;
            do not have him sit at your right,
            lest he try to take your seat of honor,
            and at last you will realize the truth of my words,
            and be stung by what I have said.

            Wake up.

            What you call those “fleeing” are invaders.

            Enemies of the faith, enemies of the nations they have invaded.

          • RodH: Your quotation of Sirach 12:10-12 is the exact antidote we need today to the repulsive sentimentality used to conquer us, destroy us and debase our holy religion! May God bless you. This citation from Holy Writ should emblazoned on every tall building in the land.

          • Poor people are invaders. Right. You have all the means in the world to eradicate nations while poor people who have nothing to their names are dangerous. Just saying…

          • Poverty is not a virtue but a misfortune. And, yes, people of all sorts can be dangerous (as aggressive Muslims are), even if they are poor. As usual with you, Flower of St. Therese, your sappy sentimentality trumps truth, true charity, and common sense.

          • Typical liberal tactic of diffusing scandal from those they want to excuse by alluding to “our own sins of omission,” as if this hypocrite knew nothing of the great work for life done by countless Catholics (and many non-Catholics as well) every day or as if she knew each one of us individually. So, to distract from the monstrosity committed by Francis, she wants to dwell on “our omissions,” as if she knew us personally or what we have done or failed to do. Such dissembling induces vomit.

          • I’m only responding to yours because it’s the recent comment out of the whole dozen comments. If Catholics are truly concerned about abortion the

          • Francis is not a scapegoat—he is the sacrificing priest and it is the Church and souls he is slaughtering. But I will not continue to address your absurd comments as they do not merit response and it would be an exercise in futility to try to reason with someone infected with the illness which is liberalism (or Modernism in its ecclesial manifestation). God love and help you.

          • My comment about sexual perversion as the root cause of the abortion holocaust does not merit a response? Admit it. If Catholics truly care about abortion, there would be a boycott film industry that manufactures the corruption of youth. But of course, no one really cares about the root cause. What people care about is their political parties more so than church teachings. It’s convenient to demonize the Pope who supports a leftist political agenda, though caring for the poor and the refugees is the responsibility of the faithful in the same way as uprooting the sexual perversion that permeates the global culture should concern the faithful.

          • Totally on target, Veritas optima est! What this supposed “flower of St. Therese” clearly, and tragically, demonstrates is the extent to which heterodox thinking has made inroads in the Church, down to the common laity. Sentimentality and heresy, I fear, have won the day—and God alone knows why it is allowed.

          • I wouldn’t have too much expectation of ewtn neither.
            We have there some very good fighters as R. Arroyo (who is btw. really great). He, with other few little ones, are doing great job, but those who should and must speak (yesterday already are – cardinals and bishops.

          • Adolf Hitler advanced the cause of the downtrodden German poor in the East, too. And Benito Mussolini made the Italian trains run on time, no easy feat. Your reasoning is EXACTLY the kind of reasoning used by KKK members to laud the efforts of the Klan in assisting poverty-stricken southern Whites after the Civil War.

            In truth, I am in no way exaggerating. The man Bergoglio covers the Church in shame and degradation.

            I appreciate your attempted reconciliation of the irreconcilable, but you need to start reading the Pope. I have been preaching this to Catholics now for 4 years; READ the Pope. STUDY the Pope. If you do, you will realize the monstrous decisions this man has made and continues to make.


          • Wow blame the Pope for the abortion holocaust, right on. He is solely responsible for the corruption of the generations though these things existed way before his papacy.

          • Except that “care for migrants” has been defined as facilitating Muslim conquest and destruction of Europe and North America.

          • You sound like Judas rebuking the woman who broke the perfume over the feet of Jesus, anointing them. Read that Scripture perhaps some of the similarities will jump out at you, or not. Jn.12:1-8

          • Abortion trumps every other issue. Jesus came to us as our Savior in the flesh as a tiny zygote in Mary’s uterus. He was body and soul, absolutely united, not separate, from the beginning. And thus does every single one of us come into the world. The person who is YOU came into existence the moment of your conception. To kill any human being in their own mother’s womb — the very phase of your existence in which you are most dependent on the care and nurture of your mother, in a place, the womb, that God designed to be the safest place on earth — is not only a murder, but the worst kind of betrayal, the breaking of the strongest, most primal human bond there is, the bond between a mother and her child.

            To kill another human being is bad enough; to kill a child, even worse.
            To kill a child is bad enough; to kill one’s own child, even worse.
            To kill one’s own child is bad enough; to kill one’s own child in one’s own womb, is a horror beyond the power of all words to express.

          • “when obviously,”

            Is it? In her case, her abortion initiatives are positively linked to her refugee and migrant work: she believes that charity of refugees and migrants means that they MUST have access to abortion and birth control. It is not obvious that this is caring more for refugee and migrants than the rest of us: she might be trying to kill and limit their numbers because she doesn’t want europeans to have to share their stuff.

            I do not usually equate “care for the migrants, poor, refugees, and oppressed” with “kill their babies as a pre-requisite for aid”.

            Truly Catholics would provide aid for such people, usually by existing organisations such as “Aid to the Church in Need”, without the requirement to form a new NGO (increasing overhead costs) and without the funding of anti-catholic forms of birth control and abortion.

            She should not have received this honor.

          • Believable, but also very bold — in your face, spit in your eye, arrogantly bold, like Evil gets just before it trips over its big feet (and big mouth) and lands on its face.

            Or so I hope and pray.

            Enough of El Bergo. The Cardinals need to see themselves as a junta that overthrows the caudillo


          • I get the same feeling from this pope that I used to so frequently get from Obama: It was not enough for him to do wicked things, he had to do wicked things and RUB OUR NOSES IN IT.

      • If there was a citation, I’d be interested in reading it. It’s probably longer and full of more florid language than the one I would compose: ‘For services to Satan’.

      • If this award came with a citation, I’d be interested in reading it. I suspect it was longer and contained more effusive language than the one I’ve composed: ‘For services to Satan’.

        • How so, ‘he did nothing’?
          Have not seen Syria, the whole mid east, and ultimately europe overloaded with the islamic militants (kinda refugees). Of course he was (and still is) not alone in this. There are here also others, european masonic puppets,… but that’s another topic.

    • May God rebuke him! Francis has made this year’s battle to exclude abortion from our Irish Constitution rather difficult, I’d say. This gives the ‘green light’ to all the pro-abort ‘catholic’ legislators.

      • The Holy Father acts like an imposter and not Vicar of Christ!
        Has the devil taken hold of him?
        I know Satan has taken over certain Cardinals.
        Paglia is a Cardinal GONE wild!

        • Wait until the ‘New Mass’ is unveiled.

          “And he shall confirm the covenant with many, in one week:
          and in the half of the week the victim and the sacrifice shall fall:
          and there shall be in the temple the abomination of desolation:
          and the desolation shall continue even to the consummation, and to the end.” Daniel 9:27

          “When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was
          spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that
          readeth let him understand. Then they that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains:…For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be. And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:15, 21-22

          • The “abomination of the desolation” (in the holy place) of Matthew 24:15 is translated in some french editions of the Gospel by the “odious destroyer”.
            In my opinion the “abomination of the desolation” in the holy place is the entrenchment of the gay lifestyle through many homosexual clerics in the Vatican whereas the Bible says that “to lie with a man like one lies with a woman is an abomination in God’s eyes”.
            And the “odious destroyer” it is now very easy to figure out who he is since the last conclave.
            Then both translations are valid.

          • Absolutely right, Riccardo. And it is mainly due to the “Victorian ladies at high tea” in both the clergy and lay associations who are perennially prattling about their false charity and equally false obedience that we are in the situation we are in. May God hold them to the strict judgment they deserve. When all the cowards, many of whom now enjoy the traditional mass, were excoriating the brave and holy pastor of souls Marcel Lefebvre, the heretics were hard at work and using them to hurl calumnies of schism and worse against those of us attending the Mass of the Saints in rented hall, cemetery chapels, or basement oratories in private homes. And, no, I do not say this in bitterness for the Good God has blessed us with the crumbs of tradition that a perfidious hierarchy has now thrown at us—and for that and all His blessings we both speak the truth and joyfully bless His Holy Name, especially in this first month of the year dedicated to honoring the Holy Name.

          • Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre did what he believed he needed to do to save the Mass, and the faith.
            And…..JP ll, as pope, needed to do what he did……….to preserve the authority of the Church.
            Both men acted as each believed, in my humble opinion?

            And so with Divine Providence, perhaps the SSPX and those faithful Catholics who resisted the novelties, the
            name calling, being ostracized from their parishes and communities, have in fact, preserved the TLM, preserved the beautiful Catholic traditions, the faith. And one must truly wonder what great service the SSPX will be to many, many, many faithful and the Church, should Bergoglio become intolerable for many priests, as this pope is BENT on causing hell on earth.

    • Thanks Father
      I think abortion may be legalized in Ireland…
      This news puts a damper on 2018.

      May we have a good 2018 and not this anti life papal bull!!!!!

    • The more I study this the more I believe this is either fake or just an administrative goof. Lilianne Ploumen’s agenda is crystal clear: it’s pro-abortion. Read her wikipedia page and there are a few ho-hum achievements during her political career but nothing special or remotely, it would seem, deserving of a special award from His Holiness. And it’s obvious that abortion is what she’s evangelizing. Including for teenagers.

      Does the Holy See offer confirmations of awards like this? Like a press release?

      Perhaps this is the Holy Father trolling Catholic conservatives, but I am surprised this is not getting more press and will not be surprised if Simone Campbell and other ghoulish “Catholics” use this as a pretext to preach more eugenics.

      • “The more I study this the more I believe this is either fake or just an administrative goof.”

        Created or arranged in a way that SEEMS artificial and unrealistic? It may be contrived but it’s
        not “fake”. There is too much established historical evidence of this Pontificate to ignore this news
        or dismiss it’s impact and importance.

        We join the dots, we recall his embrace and praise of Emma Bonino. And all the rest of it…!

      • It’s not a fake, and if it’s an ‘administrative goof’ it was issued 23 days ago without a correction giving it enough time to do it’s damage to Ireland etc…

    • We’ve been here before, even under John Paul, who was in many ways a hero to this evangelical.

      Here’s the late, great Richard John Neuhaus, in the March 2004 issue of the magazine he founded, First Things:

      • “It hurts me when people say the Tablet is not really orthodox because it has always seemed to me that orthodoxy is the most daring and exciting thing there is.” So said Tablet editor John Wilkins upon receiving a papal knighthood at a convivial London ceremony attended by Archbishop Pablo Puente, the papal nuncio, and Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor. “The Tablet ,” Wilkins continued, “under both my editorship and that of my predecessor, Tom Burns, has been engaged in the search for true orthodoxy. It is so encouraging to have this recognition from the Holy See.” There is little likelihood that a papal knighthood is in the works for, say, Father Joseph Fessio, founder of Ignatius Press. That would be very controversial. Fr. Fessio is not engaged in the search for true orthodoxy. He thinks he has pretty much found it in the teaching of the Church. The Tablet has over the years been unflagging in its support for contraception, the ordination of women, and the moral acceptance of homosexuality, among other deviations from Catholic teaching. No matter. The papal nuncio described the Tablet as “a living laboratory of the marvelous reality that is the prophetic mission of the laity in the Church.” He went on to say, “Dear Mr. Wilkins, thank you for your work. Thank you for your search for ideas and new paths. Thank you for presenting us with new aspects of old themes. Thank you for encouraging us to deepen our thinking,” and so forth. Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor smilingly asked, “What shall I say about John Wilkins?” My question exactly. But he then went on to praise Mr. Wilkins’ “critical loyalty,” and so forth. Mr. Wilkins was made a Knight of the Equestrian Order of Pope Saint Sylvester I, an honor created by Pope Gregory XVI in 1841 and conferred in recognition of particular service to the Church. It does not come with a horse. According to venerable legend, Pope Sylvester (314-335) baptized the Emperor Constantine. My own view is that what is called Constantinianism was not entirely a bad thing. But those who think the word refers to the Church’s fatal accommodation to the establishment culture may see a certain fitness in the Pope Sylvester honor being given to Mr. Wilkins and the Tablet . Truth to tell, I know John Wilkins and he is a generally pleasant fellow, albeit a very confused Catholic. And judging by the papal nuncio’s remarks, one can well understand how he might have the impression that Mr. Wilkins and the Tablet have deepened his thinking.

      • Apart from his good work in “First Things” and personal probity, Father Neuhaus was a committed ecumenicist and therefore neither great nor orthodox from a Catholic position: ecumenism is the heresy of religious indifferentism already condemned by the Church before Vatican Council II.

        • Are you SSPX or FSSP?

          I don’t think an indifferentist would trouble himself to convert from Lutheran pastor to Catholic priest.

          Neuhaus wanted all Christians to work together, yes


          as do thoughtful evangelicals:

          “The Presbyterian Church in America commends the Roman Catholic Church for its principled opposition to some of our national sins and believes that it is altogether proper for the members of this church to be co-belligerents with Roman Catholics in these social and political endeavors.”

          but in the writings of his I’m familiar with, Neuhaus didn’t go with the version of ecumenism attributed to PF in LifeSite:

          On October 1, 2016, Pope Francis said that to “make efforts to convert” an Orthodox Christian to the Catholic faith “is a very grave sin against ecumenism: proselytism”. “We should never proselytize the Orthodox!” Pope Francis insisted.

          Neuhaus maintained that

          “…the Catholic Church…claims to be the Church of Jesus Christ most fully and rightly ordered through time. Or, to use the language of Vatican II, the Church of Jesus Christ uniquely “subsists” in the Catholic Church. She does not claim to be the Church exhaustively or without remainder. Other Christians are, by virtue of baptism and faith, in “real but imperfect communion” with the Catholic Church. As, conversely, Catholics are in real but imperfect communion with other Christians. The Council readily acknowledges that the signs of saving and sanctifying grace, including outstanding marks of holiness, are sometimes more evident among those outside than within the boundaries of the Catholic Church.

          • Dr. Grabowski:

            I “am” neither SSPX nor FSSP, as you strangely put it, so do not try to peg me in a neat category in order to attack the truth of what I said about the late Father Neuhaus. I am, quite simply, a traditional Catholic (as Catholics always were before the Council of Novelties) and attend the immemorial Mass (the return of which Father Neuhaus, as far as I can tell, never supported and should have as one of the surest antidotes against the Modernist heresy that is destroying much of the Church). I attend the diocesan traditional Mass and consider those associated with both of those fine societies as fellow Catholics (as opposed to those occupying many chanceries and even episcopal seats today); I rejoice in our common Faith, the one and only true Faith as the Church authoritatively teaches despite the surfacing since the Council of the condemned heresy of ecumenism. Father Neuhaus may not have been a brazen irenicist (I never said he was), but he certainly seemed to consider ecumenism—which all too often devolves into religious indifferentism or worse, actual apostasy, in many cases—a sacred duty now, and said so. That is false, and the Church, when She officially still taught the Faith without the compromises that ecumenical dialogue demands, taught us most clearly the dangers to the Faithful of such largely fruitless dialogue and forbade prayer with those who have indirectly called Christ a liar by denying any part of His revelation (one thinks of the Eucharistic Presence, one among many such heretical denials). This is not the place or the space to detail the many outrages against the Faith by those more concerned with a spurrious “unity” than with the Truth, which is Christ Himself; but they are numerous and documentable. Heretics and schismatics there have always been and there will always be, but pretending that what unites us is greater than what separates us, as the ecumenicists like to say, is not only false but a scandalous diminishing of the True Faith that injures both truth and souls. Father Neuhaus, a good and well-intentioned man without a doubt, nevertheless seemed in his writings to adhere to this new doctrine. He was wrong, just as he was regarding the much-touted “Catholic Moment” in American history—another example of the fatuous optimism that usually goes hand in hand with ecumenical delusions while it stands in sharp juxtaposition to the realism so integrally at the core of the Catholic Faith. In the One, True Faith—to which I trust and pray you belong, without delusions—Dr. Robert Carballo

          • S i r ~

            Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I wish I had more time, but for the moment, you wrote:

            “I rejoice in our common Faith, the one and only true Faith as the Church authoritatively teaches despite the surfacing since the Council of the condemned heresy of ecumenism”

            And I think you may be confusing ecumenism with indifferentism.

            The Council’s Decree on Ecumenism, Unitatis Redintegratio says that

            “Christ the Lord founded one Church and one Church only. However, many Christian communions present themselves to men as the true inheritors of Jesus Christ; all indeed profess to be followers of the Lord but differ in mind and go their different ways, as if Christ Himself were divided.(1) Such division openly contradicts the will of Christ, scandalizes the world, and damages the holy cause of preaching the Gospel to every creature…[The Lord of Ages] has been rousing divided Christians to remorse over their divisions and to a longing for unity. Everywhere large numbers have felt the impulse of this grace, and among our separated brethren also there increases from day to day the movement, fostered by the grace of the Holy Spirit, for the restoration of unity among all Christians. This movement toward unity is called “ecumenical.” …our separated brethren, whether considered as individuals or as Communities and Churches, are not blessed with that unity which Jesus Christ wished to bestow on all those who through Him were born again into one body, and with Him quickened to newness of life – that unity which the Holy Scriptures and the ancient Tradition of the Church proclaim. For it is only through Christ’s Catholic Church, which is “the all-embracing means of salvation,” that they can benefit fully from the means of salvation…”

            You write that

            ” the Church, when She officially still taught the Faith without the compromises that ecumenical dialogue demands, taught us most clearly the dangers to the Faithful of such largely fruitless dialogue”

            Maybe it’s often or sometimes “fruitless” because it’s not being done well or even correctly…?

            Unitatis Redintegratio says that

            “9. We must get to know the outlook of our separated brethren. To achieve this purpose, study is of necessity required, and this must be pursued with a sense of realism and good will. Catholics, who already have a proper grounding, need to acquire a more adequate understanding of the respective doctrines of our separated brethren, their history, their spiritual and liturgical life, their religious psychology and general background. Most valuable for this purpose are meetings of the two sides – especially for discussion of theological problems – where each can deal with the other on an equal footing – provided that those who take part in them are truly competent and have the approval of the bishops. From such dialogue will emerge still more clearly what the situation of the Catholic Church really is. In this way too the outlook of our separated brethren will be better understood, and our own belief more aptly explained.”


            “11. The way and method in which the Catholic faith is expressed should never become an obstacle to dialogue with our brethren. It is, of course, essential that the doctrine should be clearly presented in its entirety. Nothing is so foreign to the spirit of ecumenism as a false irenicism, in which the purity of Catholic doctrine suffers loss and its genuine and certain meaning is clouded.”

            You write:

            “Heretics and schismatics there have always been and there will always be, but pretending that what unites us is greater than what separates us, as the ecumenicists like to say, is not only false but a scandalous diminishing of the True Faith that injures both truth and souls.”

            Is it false to say, as Peter Kreeft does, that

            “Traditionalist and modernist Christians exist in both [Protestant and Catholic] churches, and the difference between them is far more important than the difference between Protestantism and Catholicism. Whether the Pope speaks infallibly ex cathedra and whether there are seven sacraments or two are far less important than whether Jesus is literally divine and literally rose from the dead.”

            You write,

            Father Neuhaus…was wrong, just as he was regarding the much-touted “Catholic Moment” in American history”

            Wrong or right, he does not come off as naive here:


            The Catholic Moment may be intellectual influence wherever it can get traction:


          • Dr. Grabowski:

            Yes, indeed it is false—and a serious injury against truth—to pose the false dichotomy of which level of the hierarchy of truth is more important than the other. Truth is one and has an indivisible integrity. That the divinity of Jesus is central to the Christian Faith does not diminish for one milli-second the central importance, on a different level according to the nature of the revealed truth, of, for example, the number of the channels of salvation (the seven sacraments) which Our Blessed Savior Himself established or any other truth revealed by God and authoritatively taught in conformity with Tradition by His Church. To obfuscate this point is sheer, and dangerous, sophistry. You, and Dr. Kreeft, seem to ignore the fact that Truth is one and indivisible—as the Church has taught immemorially: a person denies one article of Faith at the risk of the eternal welfare of his soul; one single denial makes one a heretic and therefore a dead branch on the tree of Christianity. That is Catholic teaching, even if Peter Kreeft is not comfortable with it; his level of comfort, or yours, with any Catholic teaching is totally immaterial. Dr. Kreeft is also wrong in saying there are Catholic Modernists in the Catholic Church—technically a heretic is not a living member of the Church and Modernism has been magisterially condemned in “Pascendi Gregis” (as well as in “Mirari Vos,” “Libertas,” and the “Syllabus of Errors”) as “the synthesis of all heresies.” So, even if they appear to continue to be members of the Church and even hold office—even high office—in it, heretics do not belong to her as in their free will they have rejected all or part of the Revelation of Christ as defined by the only Church He founded.

            As far as my being confused about the difference between ecumenism and indifferentism, you are quite mistaken. In practice (and even in theory according to some like Karl Rahner) ecumenism contains in it the seeds of indifferentism, as we see in practice daily with the outrages of false agreements and violence done to Catholic Truth in the name of a non-existent “unity” (in fact, the ecumenical project since the Council of Novelties in 1965) has created more and more serious disunity as orthodox Catholics will not have, rightly so, any of the betrayal of the Faith that is often part and parcel of actual ecumenical endeavors. A Modernist is not a Catholic but an enemy of Catholic Truth—an enmity freely chosen at that. This holds even if the Faithful are reduced to a minute number in this world.

            There is, I concede, an authentic ecumenism, and it is this: common collaboration, without pretending we share the same faith, in charitable and humanitarian efforts AND the ecumenism of return (much hated by the Modernist ecumeniacs who in their grovelling find it offensive and “triumphalistic”): the return to the Church by Protestants and schismatics that they or their ancestors left even when human corruption warranted indignation and action against the hierarchy (which is not the sum total of the Church). Charity demands that they be always welcome, respected as individuals, and rightly instructed rather than be robbed of the pearl of great price which is the Faith by pretending, out of a sinful human respect clearly condemned by Holy Scripture, as the ecumenical traitors do, that conversion is not necessary. In that Modernist betrayal is the real and monstrous lack of charity, as when they say now that the Jewish people do not need Christ or His revelation. That is the true anti-semitism.
            A glorious and recent example of this ecumenism of return is the creation of the three ordinariates in the UK, the US, and Australia for the return to the One True Church of former Anglicans/Episcopalians. That is a true and palpable ecumenism that Benedict XVI gave us in “Anglicanorum Coetibus,” not the watery sop of diocesan and national ecumenical endeavors which are in fact nothing but a waste of time, money, and a brazen betrayal of the Faith. Father Neuhaus and Dr. Kreeft can sophisticate all they want, but their explanations do not change for a moment the dismal reality of the results of the ecumenical project before our eyes; in fact, their dissembling, however well-intentioned and learned-sounding, puts their souls and the souls of others at risk and harm the true and already existent unity of the Church. Father Neuhaus has already given an account for this and so will Dr. Kreeft—and I, for one, pray that the Great and Just Judge shows them mercy. And, finally, as to the utopic “Catholic Moment” of the late Father Neuhaus: It never even came, as there has never been a period less influenced by the salutary effect of Catholic social teaching and doctrinal truth than the past half century: gay “marriage,” almost universal cohabitation instead of marriage, rampant abortion, the rise of satanic affronts in public spaces, widespread and now-accepted immodesty and vulgarity, craven corruption of the young even in their schools, widespread lying and distortion in the media, political chicanery of all sorts on a daily basis, debased preaching and teaching in churches and schools that have become centers of agitation for Cultural Marxism, all bowing to the idol of the Zeitgeist, and accelerated social division and violence with the alarming progress of the hatred engendered by identity politics—should the list go on? It easily could. So to talk about a “Catholic Moment” in the USA at this point in its history is almost obscene, and certainly ludicrous.
            I wish you “pax et bonum,” but I am afraid that you and I will never agree as we do not share the same Faith. In Christ, Dr. Robert Carballo

          • S i r ~

            I thank you for giving so generously of your time…

            You say that “Truth is one and has an indivisible integrity” and yet as a Roman Catholic you do not seem to accept any authority to any statements or actions of the second Vatican Council?

            I think neither your diocesan priest nor the ones at this site, nor the FSSP ones up in Harrisburg are going to sign onto this theory (even if they must reject many subsequent developments done in the name of the Council) so perhaps you’re SSPX at heart.

            Karl Rahner aside, it’s seems not the theory of ecumenism, but the practice in some or many quarters that seems to disturb you. The question is, when and where did I or Neuhaus say or imply that Catholic ecumenical outreach or other undertakings should be done with other than a “return” in mind, or that Modernist Protestants, as distinct from believing ones, could or should be viewed as fellow Christians, as separated brethren?

            Nor was Neuhaus in anyway utopian in discussing a “Catholic Moment”. Indeed, in his magazine he would often cite the most egregious examples of the trends you outline. He did believe that his beloved Church had the answers to these problems, saying,

            “Through encyclicals and other teaching documents, John Paul II has…in obedience to the spirit and the letter of Vatican II, addressed each of those questions [human sexuality, technological control over genes and minds, relations among world religions, changes in historical consciousness and cultural pluralism, and the meaning of individual freedom and democracy] comprehensively, repeatedly, with formidable intelligence and persuasive force.”

          • You, Dr. Grabowski, seem very intent on classifying me (“you must be SSPX”) as if that were the issue at heart or as if that were some horrible stain. Quite the contrary, if I had any official ties to the SSPX as a layman I would be proud of it. I am, I repeat, a traditional Catholic and would certainly attend the masses and receive the sacraments from the fine priests of the SSPX if convenient or necessary: they are Catholics, despite the calumnies hurled by the real heretics and schismatics against them and their holy founder for four decades. And this is none of your business; it is an immature and trite ploy to debate your indefensible positions. You might profit from knowing some of these SSPX men: real Catholic priests who are not afraid of the liberals or of denouncing the dangerous fantasies introduced by Vatican Council II that they espouse. The rejection of Vatican II novelties is not limited, however, to the SSPX as increasingly more serious scholars and non-SSPX clerics and laity realize the violence done to justice and truth during that council, a council that its very architects declared was pastoral and as such—being non-doctrinal except for the traditional doctrines it affirms and which all Catholics accept—does not bind the Catholic conscience. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the proof of widespread devastation in the Church, mostly as a result of the Council’s novelties regarding ecumenism (as I said before, condemned before the Council by the Church herself) and the scandalous about-face regarding religious liberty (a de facto rejection of the doctrine of Christ’s social kingship). This is undeniable except for people whose new religion is ecumenism.

            It makes no difference to me whether the diocesan priests or the Fraternity of St. Peter priests love the Council and its destructive ecumenism or not—that is between them and their consciences and God. I know for a fact that many reject these novelties as much as I do. But one thing is for sure: you do not know where they personally stand on these thorny issues, so you should abstain from assuming they disagree with me or I with them; it is the sin of presumption and, frankly, quite unimportant. We have to agree with the Church’s traditional teaching, not with any innovations even if they come from council or pope. Those who reject such traditional teachings are the ones who must justify their change, possibly in reality a change of religion. So, please save your implicit tactic of creating a sense of isolation to intimidate in an argument (a favorite tactic of liberals and leftists, who certainly are not seen as allies in this blog): it may work on weaker minds, but not on mine.

            Your defense of Father Neuhaus “Catholic Moment” is your choice and I respect it as it is historical and does not touch on matters of Catholic truth but rather of historical analysis; but to say that what the good father meant was that “his beloved Church has the answers” to the evils of the day is rather silly—the Church has always had those answers for all kinds of historical moments; his use of the phrase is indeed utopic in view of how far our present reality—our “moment” in history—is from any significant salutary Catholic influence on society at large. We are living in apostate times, not a “Catholic moment.” Even the very ecumenical Pope John Paul II said as much.

            You may continue, good sir, to try to label me all you want—someone you do not know—but your intentions, which at first I considered honest and stemming from good will, seem murkier to me now. They smack of the ad hominem attack unjustly used against those who defend tradition against innovators and entrenched heretics by those who have no argument; it is implicitly the accusation of the canard of “schism.” Those who break with the past, the glorious past of the Holy Roman Church, are the ones in schism, real schism, not the SSPX or anyone else who defends tradition. Since I cannot longer believe your exchange is done in good faith, I must cut it off from my side now as I have much better things to occupy my time. I wish you well, but I do not wish to waste time, that precious commodity, on a futile discussion (like much that has to do with ecumenism) with someone I can no longer believe is interested in a reasonable, fair discussion. As I wished you before: Pax et Bonum. Dr. Robert Carballo

          • My understanding is that the SSPX stands outside the Roman Catholic Church, which (again, in my understanding) officially counts believing, baptized Protestants as fellow Christians, even in the FSSP which was happy, with the permission of the local Bishop, to officiate as a lady of my acquaintance wed an evangelical, a marriage that (they say) counts for her as a sacramental union, she is viewed as married “in the Church.” That could in theory all be wrong, I’m just trying to understand where the lines all fall, who says so, and why.

            I’m sure I say a lot of silly things, on this forum and elsewhere, but that the pro-life movement brought a lot of previously mutually hostile people together around Catholic ideas like Natural Law in a nation founded to secure Creator-endowed unalienable rights, to me, that looks like a Catholic moment, as does the growing influence of Thomism among thinking evangelicals


    • Stop acting like Pope Francis approves abortion. You’re ignoring the fact he’s been vocal in all his speeches about being pro-life. Receiving that medal was because she was part of the delegation who visited Vatican. See the correct article in National Catholic Register and not this fake news propagated by those who wants to divide us. This is fake news!
      You all need to go to Confession for all the evil that has left your mouth and minds fkr bashing the Pope.
      Praying for enlightenment for all you guys.

      • Thanks for mentioning the NCRegister article, which I just read.

        “Diplomatic protocol” is no excuse. The awarding of this medal to this woman, after all she’s done in the last 11 months, is a scandalous abomination. The New Testament makes it abundantly clear that the Church’s whole raison d’être — “our one job” — is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Gospel of life and love. To throw that witness underfoot like so much trash for the sake of “diplomatic protocol” is obscene. The award could have been pointedly withheld from Ploumen in order to jar her and encourage her to repent. Or else, they could have just skipped the whole awards thing, and not given any awards to anyone in the delegation.

        The whole affair makes me nauseous, as does the eagerness of some to excuse it. Jesus said that those who lead astray “the little ones” — those who are not mature in their faith — would be better off with millstones tied around their necks and thrown into the sea. We have a lot of people crying peace when there is no peace. As the prophet said, woe to those who call evil good!

      • It is you, John, who needs confession very badly for defending the indefensible more than the truth—the essence of papolatry. If at times Francis speaks against abortion (and not often, by the way) it is because part of his modus operandi is to speak out of both sides of his mouth to disorient—textbook classic Modernism: not quite YET at the stage when they can deny openly the doctrines they don’t believe in, they occasionally give it tepid lip service while sending potent signs and messages that contradict it. In honoring a renowned abortion advocate, individually or as part of a group, Francis is sending the signal—as he often does without shame and with some dexterity—that the agenda of the honoree is being honored, even if not specifically the center piece of her activism: abortion. Papolatry is a perversion of the loyalty and filial love we owe the Vicar of Christ; it is in essence turning the papacy into an oracle, something the Church has never once taught (certainly not in the definition of papal infallibility at Vatican I) and which is repugnant to both Catholic faith and reason. Papolatry is, in fact, the most blatant disloyalty to the Pope imaginable, as Leo XIII observed when he cautioned us that the pope needs neither our lies nor our flattery. Stop pretending that all is well: that is the real fake news, John.

  7. »Ne treba zdravima liječnika, nego bolesnima! Ne dođoh zvati pravednike, nego grešnike.«

    Čitanje svetog Evanđelja po Marku:
    U ono vrijeme: Isus ponovno iziđe k moru. Sve je ono mnoštvo grnulo k njemu i on ih poučavaše. Prolazeći ugleda Levija Alfejeva gdje sjedi u carinarnici. I kaže mu: »Pođi za mnom!« On usta i pođe za njim.
    Kada zatim Isus bijaše za stolom u njegovoj kući, nađoše se za stolom s njime i njegovim učenicima i mnogi carinici i grešnici. Bilo ih je uistinu mnogo. A slijedili su ga i pismoznanci farizejske sljedbe pa vidjevši da jede s grešnicima i carinicima, rekoše njegovim učenicima: »Zašto jede s carinicima i grešnicima?« Čuvši to, Isus im reče: »Ne treba zdravima liječnika, nego bolesnima! Ne dođoh zvati pravednike, nego grešnike.«
    Riječ Gospodnja
    Mk 2:13-17

    Arkadije se povukao u samoću da se razmišljanjem, molitvom, jačanjem volje i pokorom pripremi za eventualno mučeništvo. Znao je dobro da je čovjek od naravi i prepušten sam sebi veoma slab i zato je tražio snage od onoga koji je jedini može dati.

    Svoje imanje i svoja dobra dao je na upravu povjerljivom prijatelju. Kad su mjesne vlasti primijetile da ga nema kod propisanih žrtava bogovima, poslale su vojnike u njegovu kuću da ga dovedu na žrtvovanje. Kako ga nisu našli, uhvatiše umjesto njega upravitelja njegovih dobara. Ta je vijest doprla i do Arkadija. On se odmah vrati iz osame, prijavi sucu, tako da njegov prijatelj ne mora trpjeti umjesto njega. Rekao je sucu: “Ako moj prijatelj leži u zatvoru umjesto mene, molim te, otpusti ga jer on je nevin!

    Ovdje sam dobrovoljno i spreman sam položiti račun.” Sudac se obradovao zbog tolike plemenitosti srca pa mu je odvratio: “Ako se sada odlučiš da žrtvuješ bogovima, oprostit ću ti tvoj bijeg.” Arkadije odgovori odlučno i neustrašivo: “Što? Zar misliš da će Božji sluga iz straha da ne bi izgubio ovaj bijedni život prestrašiti se i počiniti idolopoklonstvo?” Sucu se tako jasna riječ učini kao prekršaj protiv cara i države, koji se moraju poštivati kao kakva božanstva, pa zapovjedi da Arkadiju odsijecaju ud za udom. I odmah ga pograbiše krvnici da na njemu izvedu tu okrutnu i nečovječnu presudu.

    Arkadije je stenjao trpeći nepodnosive muke, povremeno gubio svijest, ali se nije dao slomiti. U srcu je molio snagu od Gospodina da ostane vjeran do konca. I krvnici su slušali kako govori sam sebi: “Sretni udovi, sad ste mi tek postali pravo dragi i dragocjeni, je odsada doista pripadate Bogu budući da ste mu prineseni za žrtvu!” Posljednjim silama obratio se i sakupljenom narodu: “Vi, gledatelji ovoga krvavog prizora, znajte da su sve muke malene za onoga čiji je pogled upravljen na vječnu krunu!” Nakon tih riječi sveti je i neustrašivi mučenik preminuo. Njegova smrt bila je i njegova pobjeda.
    Delades ursprungligen av Biblijski citati za svaki dan – 4 kommentarer
    »Ne treba zdravima liječnika, nego bolesnima! Ne dođoh zvati pravednike, nego grešnike.«

    Čitanje svetog Evanđelja po Marku:
    U ono vrijeme: Isus ponovno iziđe k moru. Sve je ono mnoštvo grnulo k njemu i on ih poučavaše. Prolazeći ugleda Levija Alfejeva gdje sjedi u carinarnici. I kaže mu: »Pođi za mnom!« On usta i pođe za njim.
    Kada zatim Isus bijaše za stolom u njegovoj kući, nađoše se za stolom s njime i njegovim učenicima i mnogi carinici i grešnici. Bilo ih je uistinu mnogo. A slijedili su ga i pismoznanci farizejske sljedbe pa vidjevši da jede s grešnicima i carinicima, rekoše njegovim učenicima: »Zašto jede s carinicima i grešnicima?« Čuvši to, Isus im reče: »Ne treba zdravima liječnika, nego bolesnima! Ne dođoh zvati pravednike, nego grešnike.«
    Riječ Gospodnja
    Mk 2:13-17
    Delades ursprungligen av André D’aléo

    12 Gennaio – Preghiera alla Vergine del Sorriso.
    O Maria, Madre di Gesù e madre nostra, che con un chiaro sorriso vi siete degnata di consolare e curare vostra figlia Santa Teresina del Bambin Gesù dalla depressione, restituendole la gioia di vivere e il senso della sua vita in Cristo Risorto, guardate con affetto materno tanti figli e figlie che soffrono di depressione, disturbi e sindromi psichiatriche e mali psicosomatici. Gesù Cristo curi e dia senso alla vita di tante persone la cui esistenza a volte è deteriorata. Maria, il vostro bel sorriso non lasci che le difficoltà della vita oscurino la nostra anima. Sappiamo che solo vostro figlio Gesù può soddisfare le ansie più profonde del nostro cuore. Maria, attraverso la luce che sboccia dal vostro volto traspare la misericordia di Dio. Il vostro sguardo ci accarezzi e ci convinca che Dio ci ama e non ci abbandona mai,
    e la vostra tenerezza rinnovi in noi l’autostima, la fiducia nelle nostre capacità,
    l’interesse per il futuro e il desiderio di vivere felici. I familiari di quanti soffrono di depressione aiutino nel processo di guarigione, non considerandoli mai attori della malattia con interessi di comodo, ma li valorizzino, li ascoltino, li comprendano e li esortino. Vergine del Sorriso, ottenete per noi da Gesù la vera cura e liberateci da sollievi temporanei e illusori. Curati, ci impegniamo a servire con gioia, disposizione ed entusiasmo Gesù come discepoli missionari,
    con la nostra testimonianza di vita rinnovata.

    Recitare 2 Ave Maria in onore delle due lacrime di gioia che sono scivolate sulle guance di Santa Teresina del Bambin Gesù quando è stata toccata dal Sorriso della Vergine.

    • Dear Susana,

      Thank you for your posts to 1P5, however most of our readers do not understand Croatian, could you please run it through the google translator first for the benefit of our readers. If you want to keep the Croatian text feel free to, but please include a rough translation as well.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.5.224….0.4JuYVDsH4O0

      May God Bless You,

      Fr. RP

      • She is talking about the saint of the day, saint Arcadius and daily Gospel readings:

        “Every day new sacrileges were committed; the faithful were compelled to assist at superstitious sacrifices, to lead victims crowned with flowers through the streets, to burn incense before idols, and to celebrate the enthusiastic feasts of Bacchus.

        Arcadius, seeing his city in great confusion, left his estate and withdrew to a solitary place in the neighboring country, serving Jesus Christ in watching, prayer, and other exercises of a penitential life. His flight could not be long a secret; for his not appearing at the public sacrifices made the governor send soldiers to his house, who surrounded it, forced open the doors, and finding one of his relations in it, who said all he could to justify his kinsman’s absence, they seized him, and the governor ordered him to be kept in close custody till Arcadius should be taken.

        The martyr, informed of his friend’s danger, and burning with a desire to suffer for Christ, went into the city, and presenting himself to the judge said: “If on my account you detain my innocent relation in chains, release him; I, Arcadius, am come in person to give an account of myself, and to declare to you, that he knew not where I was.” “I am willing,” answered the judge,” to pardon not only him but you also, on condition that you will sacrifice to the gods.” Arcadius replied, “How can you propose to me such a thing? Do you not know the Christians, or do you believe that the fear of death will ever make me swerve from my duty? Jesus Christ is my life, and death is my gain. Invent what torments you please; but know that nothing shall make me a traitor to my God.” The governor, in a rage, paused to devise some unheard of torment for him. Iron hooks seemed too easy; neither plummets of lead, nor cudgels could satisfy his fury; the very rack he thought by much too gentle.

        At last imagining he had found a manner of death suitable to his purpose, he said to the ministers of his cruelty, “Take him, and let him see and desire death, without being able to obtain it. Cut off his limbs joint by joint, and execute this so slowly, that the wretch may know what it is to abandon the gods of his ancestors for an unknown deity.” The executioners dragged Arcadius to the place, where many other victims of Christ had already suffered; a place dear and sweet to all who sigh after eternal life. Here the martyr lifts up his eyes to heaven, and implores strength from above; then stretches out his neck, expecting to have his head cut off; but the executioner bid him hold out his hand, and joint after joint chopped off his fingers, arms, and shoulders. Laying the saint afterward on his back, he in the same barbarous manner cut off his toes, feet. legs, and thighs.

        The holy martyr held out his limbs and joints, one after another, with invincible patience and courage, repeating these words, “Lord, teach me thy wisdom:” for the tyrants had forgot to cut out his tongue. After so many martyrdoms, his body lay a mere trunk weltering in its own blood. The executioners themselves, as well as the multitude, were moved to tears and admiration at this spectacle, and at such an heroic patience. But Arcadius, with a joyful countenance, surveying his scattered limbs all around him, and offering them to God, said, “Happy members, now dear to me, as you at last truly belong to God, being all made a sacrifice to him!”

        I’d like to add it is providential to have this saint’s feast in January as remedy, as he rather had his limbs cut off than burn incense to false gods.

        On the other hand our Pontifex has no problems with encouraging those atrocities in January’s intentions.

        Suzana saloma,

        Bozji blagoslov!

        Saint Acadius, ora pro nobis!

      • Sant ‘Hilary av Poitiers, biskop och kyrko

        13 januari – Extra minne

        Poitiers, Frankrike, 315? – 367

        Hilary föddes i Poitiers i Frankrike, omkring 315, var en hednisk som sökt livets mening först i Neo-platonska läror, då – efter läsningen av Bibeln – i kristendomen. Noble markägare, gift med ett barn, strax efter dopet hyllades biskop i Poitiers. Han kämpade Arian kätteri genom hans verk, den mest kända av dessa är The Trinity. “Han fördjupade sina studier under sex år i exil. Han återvände till högkvarteret hade som medarbetare i framtiden biskop i Tours, St Martin. Han dog 367 . Pius IX proklamerade honom en doktor kyrkan. (Avvenire)

        Etymologi: Ilario = gay, glad, från latin

        Emblem: Pastoral Staff

        Martyrology: St. Hilary, biskop och läkare i kyrkan, höjt till kontoret av Poitiers i Aquitaine, Frankrike, under kejsar Constantius anhängare av Arian kätteri, staunchly försvarade hans skrifter den nicenska tros på treenigheten och gudomlighet Kristus och han var därför förpassas till fyra år i Phrygia; Kommentarer också komponerat firade Psaltaren och Matteusevangeliet.

        Det fanns en tid då de flesta av män i kyrkan förlorade sin tro, trodde de att de var katoliker, men i själva verket följt allvarliga teologiska fel, så deras tro var skadad och avledas.
        För två århundraden, från IV till VII, Arian kätteri rasade i öst och i väst behandlas av Monaco och teolog Arius, denna teori ansåg att den gudomliga naturen av Jesus var väsentligt lägre än den för Fadern och Ord Gud var inte evig och oskapade. Även Arius var bannlyst och hans lära fördömdes, Arianism länge, blir den officiella religionen av det romerska riket under regeringstiden av Constantius. “Hela orb med att erkänna stönade Arian förvåning” skrev St. Jerome: misstaget, som synd, alltid stönande.
        Fel och synder idag är utspridda överallt, även i kyrkan; Detta tillåter inte fred eller i det naturliga livet och inte heller i det andliga livet. Hur då nekas hela Kristi gudom, förnekade i dag att treenigheten är den ende sanne Guden för alla människor, inte försöker att gå med dem i den katolska kyrkan, men i en utopisk allians av olika religioner.
        Den 13 januari kommer att bli ihåg ett helgon och doktor i kyrkan som var nödvändigt, med några av sina bröder i episkopatet, för att återställa ordningen i den teologiska tänkandet och för att återvända till sanningen: St. Hilary av Poitiers (367 310ca.- ), mästare av tradition mot Arianism. Även Liberius, att finna sig till den politiska makten av kejsaren Constantius stod bakom ariansna. Syftet med Costanzo var att förena imperiet under ariska tänkandet, men hindren kallades St. Athanasius i öst och St. Hilary i väst: biskopen av Alexandria och biskopen av Poitiers emot den med styrka och beslutsamhet, men genom mildhet av välgörenhet och helighet.
        Han sade Benedictus XVI på den allmänna publiken av den 10 oktober 2007: “En del gamla författare tror att detta anti-Arian vändpunkt i Gallien episkopatet var till stor del beror på styrkan och mildhet av biskopen av Poitiers. Detta var just hans gåva: att kombinera styrkan i tro och ödmjukhet i mellanmänskliga relationer “.
        Denna europeiska, far till kyrkan, var en Defensor Fidei av oerhörd mod och perfekt konsistens, och ägnade sitt liv för att skydda och rädda tron på gudomlighet Jesus Kristus, Guds Son och Gud som Fadern, som skapade det från början ‘evighet. Glesa News på dess existens, riklig teologiska verk han har gett till kyrkan och till historien. Den Gallo-romerska och hedniska aristokratisk familj, fick en fast litterär utbildning, gift och hade en dotter som heter Abra. Passionate filosofiska forskning, upptäckte han kristendomen och konverteras. Han hyllades biskop i Poitiers mellan 353 och 354 och tog honom under hans skydd St. Martin, framtiden biskop i Tours.
        Bland hans många skrifter finner vi kommentaren på Matteusevangeliet: de äldsta i latin. I 356 deltog han i synoden av Béziers i södra Frankrike, “synoden av falska apostlar”, som han kallade det, eftersom det ledde från tråd Arian biskopar, som krävde att kejsaren i förvisning av biskop Hilary. Under sommaren samma år var han tvungen att lämna för Phrygia (i modern Turkiet), som domineras av Arianism. Men kunde han stå emot och här försökte han återupprätta kyrkans enhet på grundval av den raka Faith formulerats av rådet av Nicaea (325).
        Med denna avsikt skrev han sin mest kända dogmatiska arbete: De Trinitate. Hemma (360 eller 361), påverkan av hans undervisning utvidgas långt utanför landets gränser i Gallien, hela Empire: St. Hilary var en kristen som inte böjt till kraften i världen, men för Guds rike .

        Författare: Cristina Siccardi

        Detta far och doktor i kyrkan föddes i Poitiers, nell’Aquitania, mot 315, med en distinkt hednisk familj, som gjorde honom ge ett fast litterär och filosofisk utbildning baserade neo-platonska. S. Ilario i samma avhandling De Trinitate exponerar hur skakad av problemet med vårt öde, om han har hittat ett tillfredsställande svar i hednisk filosofi, men bara i prologen Johannes evangelium, där det sägs att Ordet kom ner från himlen han ger till dem som får makt att bli Guds barn.
        Hilary var vuxen när han döptes, gift och far till en dotter, Abra. Det är inte osannolikt att hans strama liv och brinnande biskopen av staden har summan av hans kyrka med några heliga ordning. Det är säkert, dock att när han dog, han lyckades i episkopatet Ilario och försökte praktisera vad som senare skulle skriva: “. Den helighet utan vetenskap är inte användbart i sig när du lär, är det nödvändigt att vetenskapen ger mat till tal och att dygd tjänare prydnad till vetenskap “(De Trinitate, VIII, l). Lockade av ryktet om honom, St. Martin, vänster, milisen, skulle han komma till skolan gå med på att ta emot ordination exorcist.
        “Den Helige Shepherd snart tvingade av omständigheterna att kämpa så ihärdigt mot Arianism att betraktas Athanasius i väst.” Många biskopar inte acceptera läran om Nicea (325) av consubstantialityen av Guds Son med Fadern, utan föredrar att lära ut att det var precis så. Constantius, son Constantine, låtsades att ta emot sina idéer från hela riket vid äventyr av exil. För att försvara ortodoxin St. Hilary kanske kallats till Paris 355, en enhet som exkommunicerade Valente och Ursacius, ambitiösa domstols biskopar, förföljare av Athanasius och Saturnino, Primat i Arles. som hade delat deras våld. Han och hans medbrottslingar, uppmuntrat av likgiltighet som Julian, guvernör i Gallien, var tvister teologer, som samlades i Beziers. Genom beslut av Constantius, Hilary fick ta del, men efter att ha vägrat att ansluta sig till kejsarens religiösa politik, deporterades till 356 i Frygien. Biskoparna i Gaul, mestadels ortodoxa skulle inte att en inkräktare ta besittning av kontor Poitiers. Under sin exil på St. Hilary han i själva verket, brev rikta sin kyrka.
        I Mindre Asien gjorde han inte förbli overksam. Han utnyttjade tiden att komponera sitt mästerverk, The Trinity i 12 böcker, för att studera på djupet problemen i öst med vidsynthet, och försöka få felande till Nicene tro. “Jag har inte betraktas som ett brott, skulle han senare säga att han hade haft diskussioner med dem, ja, medan vägrar dem gemenskap, skriva in deras hus av bön och hoppas att du var tvungen att vänta på dem till förmån för fred, när vi öppnade dem ett sätt att lösa sina misstag genom botgöring, en vädjan till Kristus genom nedläggning av antikrist”. (Adv. Costant. 2). Samma oro för medlings manifest i De Synodis bok skriven för att informera biskoparna i Gallien när det gäller flera av de östra tros.
        Hans exil varade i fyra år, då i 359, Constantius kallade ett råd på Rimini för västerlänningar, och en annan till Seleucia nell’Isauria, för orientaler. Ilario han välkomnas och kan utsätta den nicenska tros, men harmonin nåddes inte för illvilja av många. Efter den heliga synoden gick han till Konstantinopel för att komma från Costanzo får diskutera offentligt med Saturnino som varit orsaken till hans exil, och att stå i rådet som hölls sedan i den kejserliga staden för att kunna försvara den ortodoxa tron på myndighet de heliga skrifterna. Som svar Costanzo skickade honom tillbaka till Poitiers uppeggade av Arians, som att bli av med obekväma motståndare, hade målat honom “som en såningsman av oenighet och stör öst”.
        En Poitiers Hilary mottogs i triumf. Så snart han hört talas om hans återkomst, St. Martin anslöt sig till honom från hans reträtt på ön Gallinaria (Albenga) och under ledning av sin lärare grundat Ligugé äldsta kloster i Gallien för att neutralisera åtminstone delvis de sorgliga effekterna av kätteri.
        Ilario ibland gick för att besöka eremiter att följa deras regler och delta i deras låtar. Det är känt att han var den första kompositör av psalmer i väst för att motverka aktiviteten poesi arierna.
        Den politiska situationen, under tiden hade förändrats avsevärt sedan maj 360, när soldater stationerade i Paris hade skrek kejsaren Julian. Hilary passade med beslutsamhet och måtta att samla provinsiella synods för att bekräfta de ortodoxa biskoparna förblev lojala och ringa tillbaka dem som hade undertecknat av okunskap eller rädsla för felaktiga eller äventyras formler, såsom rådet i Rimini. Avsättningen av Saturninus i Arles och Paterno Périgueux markerade nederlag Arianism i väst. Död Costanzo (361) gav ett avgörande slag mot den ariska överlägsenhet i öst, eftersom biskoparna återkallades från exil, och året efter St. Athanasius kunde uppbåda i Alexandria den berömda “råd av bekännare” och framgångsrikt anta dämpningen av bishopen av Poitiers.
        S. Ilario tillsammans med St. Eusebius, biskop i Vercelli, kämpade han bra för två år Arianism i Italien, och försökte att köra från hemmet i Milano, Auxentius att rådet av Paris i 361 hade anathematized. Dessa, i 364, vädjade till kejsaren Valenti, fästa dekreten av Rimini rådet gjorde han prenumerera många biskopar och anklagar sina motståndare för störande religiös fred. Dessa överväganden imponerade kejsaren som höll Auxentius på plats, nöjd med en tvivelaktig trosbekännelse att han närvaron av tio biskopar och högre tjänstemän. St. Hilary, beordrades att lämna Milan, skrev han Contra Auxentium att avslöja den hycklande återhållsamhet honom och behålla integriteten i tron bland folket.
        Hade drog sig tillbaka till sitt stift, helgonet kunde ägna sig åt sina favorit studier och kommentarer om Psaltaren, så länge som det tog död 1-11-367. Hans reliker brändes i 1562 av hugenotterna. Pius IX 1851 proklamerade honom en doktor kyrkan.

      • »Ne treba zdravima liječnika, nego bolesnima! Ne dođoh zvati pravednike, nego grešnike.«

        Čitanje svetog Evanđelja po Marku:
        U ono vrijeme: Isus ponovno iziđe k moru. Sve je ono mnoštvo grnulo k njemu i on ih poučavaše. Prolazeći ugleda Levija Alfejeva gdje sjedi u carinarnici. I kaže mu: »Pođi za mnom!« On usta i pođe za njim.
        Kada zatim Isus bijaše za stolom u njegovoj kući, nađoše se za stolom s njime i njegovim učenicima i mnogi carinici i grešnici. Bilo ih je uistinu mnogo. A slijedili su ga i pismoznanci farizejske sljedbe pa vidjevši da jede s grešnicima i carinicima, rekoše njegovim učenicima: »Zašto jede s carinicima i grešnicima?« Čuvši to, Isus im reče: »Ne treba zdravima liječnika, nego bolesnima! Ne dođoh zvati pravednike, nego grešnike.« Riječ Gospodnja
        Mk 2:13-17

        2018-01-13 0:19 GMT+01:00 Disqus :

  8. OnePeterFive Rebuilding Catholic Culture. Restoring Catholic Tradition.
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    Evolved from a Can of Worms: Evolution and the Culture of Death
    Hugh Owen Hugh Owen January 12, 2018 6 Comments
    It was Veterans’ Day in Washington, D.C., and evolution was the farthest thing from my mind. I had accompanied my friend, Fr. Jack Murphy, an Army veteran, to provide prayer support for him and for other veterans who were standing up for life at a D.C. abortion mill. A large group of pro-abortion hecklers had turned out to harass us, and the police cordoned off the parking lot and forced us all into one small area. A young man in his twenties held up a poster of a preborn child with the caption “Does this look like a blob of tissue?” Two young women who looked like college students mocked him. “Didn’t these people take high school biology?” one of them asked the other. “If they knew anything about evolution, they would know that the fetus isn’t human until the third trimester.” The other said something about the baby in the poster going through “the fish stage.” Another woman added that the souls of the “fetuses” were better off being aborted, since they would be reincarnated in better circumstances.

    A Radical Rejection of God’s Revelation

    It took many years for me to realize how many of the lies I heard that day derived whatever credibility they had from evolutionary theory. The denigration of the unborn child as pre-human, embryonic recapitulation, and the rationalization of reincarnation – not one of them could endure the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it had been proclaimed by the Fathers of the Church. Yet such falsehoods thrive in the miasma created by the unsubstantiated claims of evolutionary theory.

    All forms of evolutionary theory require a radical rejection of God’s revelation about the creation of Adam and Eve. Genesis speaks of God forming Adam’s body from the slime of the earth and breathing into it the breath of life. Moses also speaks of God forming Eve’s body from Adam’s side and presenting her to him as his help-mate. The fathers and doctors of the Church held that God created the body of Adam together with his soul, not the body before the soul or the soul before the body. Summarizing the patristic doctrine, St. John of Damascus wrote:

    From the earth He formed his body and by His own inbreathing gave him a rational and understanding soul, which last we say is the divine image[.] … The body and the soul were formed at the same time – not one before and the other afterwards as the ravings of Origen would have it. [1]

    The Fathers rejected not only the idea of the pre-existence of souls, but also the notion that Adam’s body was formed before his soul, or that a human body could pre-exist a human soul. According to St. Gregory of Nyssa:

    [A]s man is one, the being consisting of soul and body, we are to suppose that the beginning of his existence is one, common to both parts, so that he should not be found to be antecedent and posterior to himself, if the bodily element were first in point of time, and the other were a later addition[.] … For as our nature is conceived as two-fold, according to the apostolic teaching, made up of the visible man and the hidden man, if the one came first and the other supervened, the power of Him that made us will be shown to be in some way imperfect, as not being sufficient for the whole task at once, but dividing the work, and busying itself with each of the halves in turn. [2]

    Sacred Scripture teaches that Jesus was a man like us in all things but sin and that He was already fully human in the womb of the Blessed Virgin a few days after the Incarnation, when His Mother visited her cousin St. Elisabeth. The Sacred Liturgy affirms the full Humanity of Jesus from the moment of the Incarnation on March 25, just as it affirms the sinless humanity of the Blessed Virgin from the moment of her Immaculate Conception. Thus, the Church’s teaching concerning the first Adam and the first Eve perfectly complements her teaching concerning the New Adam and the Second Eve. In both cases, a human body and soul were created together, not the soul before the body or the body before the soul.

    This teaching on the creation of Adam and Eve has been the common teaching of all of the fathers, doctors, popes and councils since the time of the Apostles. However, recent popes, while not abrogating that teaching – which would be impossible – have held back from affirming it unequivocally for one simple reason. Since Darwin, they have been afraid to rule out the possibility that natural science might discover irrefutable evidence for human evolution.

    In one sense, their hesitancy is understandable. It appears to follow from the Augustinian principle (affirmed by Leo XIII in his encyclical Providentissimus Deus) not to deviate from the plain and obvious sense of Scripture, except when reason dictates or necessity requires. In Humani generis, Pope Pius XII asked Catholic scholars to weigh the evidence for and against the hypothesis of human evolution, while defending many elements of the traditional interpretation of Genesis. To this day, the holy father’s request has not been heeded by the community of Catholic scholars, although there are three reasons why this request should long since have led to a definitive rejection of the human evolution hypothesis. The first reason has to do with the limitations of natural science, the second with the actual state of the scientific evidence, and the third with the obvious harm that this hypothesis has done and is doing to souls.

    Three Reasons to Reject Human Evolution

    Nowadays, it seems unfashionable in many circles to suggest that natural science has limitations. But the Catholic doctors who laid the foundation for the positive development of the natural sciences during the past 800 years recognized and articulated these limitations. The spirit of the great medieval doctors is well expressed by the twelfth-century French scholastic philosopher William of Conches, who wrote:

    I take nothing away from God. He is the author of all things, evil excepted. But the nature with which He endowed His creatures accomplishes a whole scheme of operations, and these too turn to His glory since it is He who created this very nature. [3]

    Implicit in this enthusiastic attitude toward the scientific investigation of nature was the understanding that the origin of the order of nature and of the natures of living things could not be explained by natural processes, or, to use the words of St. Thomas Aquinas, “[i]n the works of nature, creation does not enter, but is presupposed to the work of nature” [4]. Thus, St. Thomas and William of Conches knew for certain that the origin of human nature – the creation of Adam and Eve – lay beyond the sphere of natural science. While natural scientists could learn many things about the structure and functioning of the human body, it was obvious to the medieval doctors that scientific research could no more shed light on how God formed the body of Adam from the dust of the earth than it could shed light on how Jesus changed water into wine at the wedding of Cana. The great doctors distinguished between the order of creation, when God created the different kinds of creatures by His Word, and the order of providence, which began only after the creation of Adam and Eve.

    Modern natural science has almost completely abandoned this distinction between the order of creation and the natural order, or the order of providence. Ironically, however, 21st-century natural science has amply confirmed the reasonableness of this distinction. For example, in the field of genetics, natural scientists have learned a great deal about the transmission and variation of genetic information, but no scientist has observed the spontaneous appearance of a new genetic program, such as would be needed to produce a new organ, like an eye or an ear, in an organism that lacked such an organ. Instead, 21st-century genetics has revealed that, far from evolving or increasing in functionality, genetic information degrades and devolves over time, at a rate that, in the words of one geneticist, places “a limit on the length of vertebrate lineages” – a limit much lower than the ages assigned to them by evolutionary theory [5]. Indeed, the discoveries of 21st-century genetics have been fatal to all current hypotheses of human evolution, as they demonstrate that it would be impossible for a common ancestor of chimpanzees and men to acquire the necessary “beneficial mutations” without acquiring a greater number of deleterious mutations – a number that would lead to extinction long before human evolution was achieved!

    In short, not only does the hypothesis of human evolution collide with the unanimous teaching of the fathers of the Church and with nineteen hundred years of authoritative magisterial teaching, but it has also come into fatal conflict with the findings of natural science. Indeed, there is no doubt that if the balanced examination of the evidence called for in Humani generis were undertaken today, the hypothesis of human evolution would be rejected.

    Embryonic Recapitulation: Devaluing the Human Embryo

    Tragically, most Catholic intellectuals have not had the opportunity to study the evidence against evolutionary theory and continue to embrace the theory in spite of the harm that it has done – especially to respect for the pre-born child. Faith in the truth of the evolutionary hypothesis has repeatedly led scientists and medical researchers to believe that organs of the human body that have no apparent function are “vestigial” and expendable. The full extent of the danger inherent in this unsubstantiated assumption emerged soon after the publication of Origin of Species with the popularization of the concept of embryonic recapitulation by Darwin’s disciple, the German medical doctor and professor of anatomy Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919).

    Darwin had argued that similarities in structure among diverse life forms indicate that they all evolved from a common ancestor. According to Haeckel, the existence of similarities in embryos of various kinds of organisms proves that the higher life forms “recapitulate” their evolutionary history before birth and that they had descend from a common ancestor. To make this “proof” more compelling for his contemporaries, Haeckel doctored drawings of the embryos of fish, salamanders, chickens, turtles, rabbits, pigs, and human beings to exaggerate their similarities and minimize their differences [6]. Although Haeckel’s fraud was discovered and exposed during his lifetime, the evolutionary hypothesis demanded common descent, and the concept of embryonic recapitulation continued to exert a profound influence on the study of embryology for many decades.

    According to Jane Oppenheimer in her work Essays in the History of Embryology and Biology, Haeckel’s influence on embryology was considerable, “act[ing] as a delaying rather than an activating force[,] and … was stifling to immediate progress” [7]. One of the leading lights in the study of embryology in the twentieth century, Gavin R. de Beer, wrote that “Haeckel’s theory of recapitulation … thwarted and delayed the introduction of causal analytic methods into embryology,” since “if phylogeny was the mechanical cause of ontogeny as Haeckel proclaimed, there was little inducement to search for other causes” [8]. De Beer’s observation implies that Haeckel’s influence had come to an end by the 1950s – but this was far from the case. To this day, biology textbooks all over the world argue that similarities among embryos of fish, amphibians, reptiles, humans, and lower mammals constitute evidence for the evolutionary hypothesis. Typical of examples too many to cite is the caption that accompanies drawings of embryos of various life forms from a widely used American biology textbook published in 2002. Entitled “Embryonic development of vertebrates,” it states:

    Notice that the early embryonic stages of these vertebrates bear a striking resemblance to each other, even though the individuals are from different classes (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals). All vertebrates start out with an enlarged head region, gill slits, and a tail regardless of whether these characteristics are retained in the adult. [9]

    Although Haeckel’s distorted drawings do not accompany this caption, the statement gives the impression that human embryos – as members of the vertebrate phylum – possess gill slits. But this is patently false. The pharyngeal arches in human embryos have no connection with gill slits whatsoever; rather, they develop into the outer and middle ear, and into the neck bones, muscles, nerves, and glands.

    Moreover, after the discovery of DNA, confidence in the truth of the evolutionary hypothesis led many evolutionary biologists to predict that similar body parts in diverse organisms would be controlled by the same genes. This, however, proved to be false, as embryologists have discovered that the realization of the same body plan – such as five-digit extremities – in diverse organisms (such as whales and humans) is controlled by different genes and is achieved through totally different embryonic pathways [10].

    Indeed, not only did the idea of embryonic recapitulation lead embryonic researchers down the wrong pathways – it has also led to a denigration of the unborn child. All over the world, abortion advocates have used the alleged similarity between human and lower animal embryos to trivialize abortion in the early stages of pregnancy. For example in Germany, pro-abortion activists (emphasis added):

    … skillfully exploited the disunity of the German Catholic intellectuals to bring their demands for the legalization of abortion to the legislature. … Karl Rahner … wrote in Naturwissenschaft und Theologie (brochure 11, page 86, 1970): “I think that there are biological developments which are pre-human, but these developments are still aimed in the direction of man. Why cannot these developments be transferred from phylogeny to ontogeny?” [11]

    With these words, the most influential theologian in the German-speaking world formulated a Haeckelian evolutionary rationale for abortifacient contraception and abortion long after Gavin de Beer had claimed that Haeckel’s influence had disappeared. In reality, in the “year of Darwin,” the implicit message of most high school biology textbooks is still clear: human embryos pass through a “gill slit” stage. These are “developments in the direction of man,” to use Fr. Rahner’s phrase. Therefore, to accord the human embryo the dignity of a human being from conception is biological nonsense.

    In reality, of course, the development of the human embryo is quite distinct from that of the other vertebrates in Haeckel’s drawings, and there is no empirical evidence to support the claim that he passes through any stage that is not fully human, in the biological sense of the word. However, Fr. Rahner’s misguided faith in evolution continues to erode the faith of Catholics in the humanity of the unborn child.

    An Abortionist Meets St. Thomas Aquinas

    Ours is not the only period in Church history when the conventional wisdom of Catholic scholars has been influenced by a false hypothesis in natural science. Soon, the Catholic Church will celebrate the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas. Anyone the least bit familiar with the writings of St. Thomas knows how deeply he revered the Word of God. However, with regard to the time of human ensoulment, St. Thomas allowed Aristotelian natural science to overshadow the plain sense of the Word of God. Under Aristotle’s influence, St. Thomas wrote that human life begins forty days after fertilization. In contrast, the Eastern fathers of the Church, who spoke the language of Aristotle, were much less likely than St. Thomas to let “the Philosopher” determine their interpretation of God’s Word. St. Maximus the Confessor exemplified the attitude of many Eastern fathers when he held (in II Ambigua 42) that Jesus was a man like us in all things but sin and that therefore His assumption of our humanity from the moment of the Annunciation signified that we, too, become fully human from the moment of our conception.

    The international pro-life community rightly rejoiced over the recent conversion of Serbian abortionist Stojan Adasevic through an apparition of St. Thomas, but scant attention has been paid to Adasevic’s interpretation of St. Thomas’s heavenly visitation. Educated in communist schools, Adasevic had been thoroughly indoctrinated in evolutionism and had regarded the unborn child in the womb as nothing more than a blob of tissue. Before his conversion, Adasevic performed 48,000 abortions, as many as 35 per day. Then St. Thomas Aquinas came to him in a dream and showed him the souls of the unborn babies he had aborted. Although he resisted at first, Adasevic finally renounced abortion and embraced Christianity. He became Eastern Orthodox, but he also studied the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas and was struck by the Angelic Doctor’s mistaken views on ensoulment. The former abortionist then concluded that the saint might have visited him “to make amends for his error” [12].

    Nowadays one often hears that such and such a holy priest or bishop or even pope believed in evolution, so how could it be a dangerous doctrine? But Adasevic’s visitation suggests that if even a saint and doctor of the Church could be wrong about a hypothesis in natural science – with deadly results – how much more could modern Church leaders be deceived by a more far-reaching theory, with far deadlier consequences?

    The High-Stakes Debate on Origins

    There is a lot at stake for the pro-life movement in the origins debate.

    If God created the first man and woman body and soul from the first moment of their existence – and the “new Adam” and the “new Eve” body and soul from the first moment of their conception – then we can confidently hold that:

    – Human life is sacred from the beginning.

    – Abortion at any stage is murder.

    – The human soul is the form of a particular human body.

    But what if a subhuman primate could “evolve” to the point where it could “receive” a human soul?

    This would mean that the same body that housed a human soul was the body of a modified brute whose animal soul was replaced by a rational human soul. This would seem to give plausibility to reincarnation – the transmigration of souls – and to the equally pernicious idea that ensoulment takes place at some point after conception.

    What if the “parents” of the body that became the “fine tuned” body of Adam were themselves “brutes”?

    This would mean that the bodies of brute animals would be deserving of honor as the ancestors, in a real sense, of all mankind and would give credibility to Peter Singer’s proposal to give chimpanzees the same legal rights as human beings.

    What if the body of the first human being was the fruit of the sexual union of two brute animals?

    This would mean that human sexuality comes up from the lower, irrational animals, rather than down from above, as a finite reflection of the love of the Most Holy Trinity.

    What if the animal ancestors of Adam and Eve (and of us all) practiced promiscuity, polygamy, polyandry, or adultery?

    This would mean that such behavior is “natural” and certainly not to be condemned as a crime “against nature.”

    On the other hand: What if the common message of all of the Church fathers, doctors, popes, and council fathers in their authoritative teaching on the creation of Adam and Eve were boldly proclaimed from every pulpit in Christendom?

    Then the faith of all Catholics in the dignity of the human person from the first moment of life would be strengthened, and it would no longer be possible for Catholics to use evolution to trivialize abortion and sexual perversion as some do now.

    Therefore, the time has come for the pro-life community to recognize the strong link between evolution and the culture of death and to work and pray for a restoration of the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation.


    [1] ST. JOHN OF DAMASCUS, On the Orthodox Faith 2:12.

    [2] ST. GREGORY OF NYSSA, On the Making of Man 28-29.

    [3] Quoted in THOMAS WOODS, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization (Washington, D.C.: Regnery, 2005), p. 87.

    [4] ST. THOMAS AQUINAS, S.Th. I. q. 45, a. 8.

    [5] ALEXEY KONDRASHOV, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 1995, 175:583.

    [6] Cf. MICHAEL K. RICHARDSON ET AL Anatomy and Embryology, “There is no highly conserved stage in the vertebrates; implications for current theories of evolution and development,” Vol. 196, No. 2, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, 1997, pp. 91-106.

    [7] JANE OPPENHEIMER, Essays in the History of Embryology and Biology, MIT Press, 1967, p. 154.

    [8] GAVIN DE BEER, Embryos and Ancestors, Third Edition, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1958, p. 172.

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    [10] GAVIN DE BEER, quoted in “Homology: A Theory in Crisis” JONATHAN WELLS and PAUL NELSON (accessed 3-08-09).

    [11] ALFRED HAUSSLER, The Betrayal of the Theologians, Human Life International, 1982, p. 2.

    [12] In fairness to the Angelic Doctor, if St. Thomas were living on Earth today, he would be the first to reject the Aristotelian view of ensoulment in light of the scientific evidence – just as he would be the first to reject theistic evolution, on theological and scientific grounds.

    • Thank you very much for sharing this article. As a former medical researcher, I considered myself more informed than average on matters of biology and genetics. But there have been recent discoveries in genetics that I did not even know about until I read this article. What an eye-opener! I went to the link, read the article, and am sharing it on it on Facebook and Twitter since I think it is a very important article. Lots and lots of insights, both biological and theological. Again, thank you so much for alerting us to this.

    • HaHaHa!!!

      For an Englishman to cite the old Happy Days episode!

      And right you are, too!

      Someday I hope we can meet, Simon!

      Rod Halvorsen

    • Simon, I see that phrase often, but I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what it means. Please tell me what is the reference? (A dumb grannie)

      • The show Happy Days was a popular TV show that became increasingly silly and the final nail in it’s coffin was an episode in which a character named “Fonzie,” while water skiing, jumped over a shark. It was so incredibly stupid that now, whenever anyone does or says something so outrageous that he loses all credibility, you say, “He jumped the shark.” He is no longer someone to be taken seriously.

      • Don’t feel bad, Barbara. I never understood it either. Someone had to explain it to me. I actually saw this TV show when I was young, and probably saw the very episode described below. And yet I still didn’t know what the phrase meant. You are not dumb; you are simply someone who doesn’t watch much television. And there is nothing dumb about that!

  9. I can’t read this article. The headline alone makes me feel physically sick. All that is going through my head is “it can’t be. It can’t be. It can’t be”. We may well be long past the stage of not being able to understand why the Vatican hasn’t been reduced to rubble by a thunderbolt of incredible magnitude. We’ve had bad popes before. But John XXII’s heresy etc is as nothing to this stuff. Is it possible? Can it be? That a valid pope can do this? If previous heretical popes threw hand grenades, this one is letting off a nuclear arsenal. The sheer magnitude is overwhelming. Please God! Stop him!

    • He will, Chloe. Keep the Faith and pray for PF (I know it’s hard).

      Try these:

      Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Adorable Face of Thy Beloved Son for the honor and glory of Thy Holy Name and for the salvation of all men.

      N.B. Our Lord Himself said that one can offer His Holy Face for any intention.

      Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and all the instruments of His holy Passion, that Thou mayest put division in the camp of Thine enemies, for as Thy Beloved Son hath said: “A kingdom divided against itself shall fall.”

      May the Most Holy, Most Sacred, Most Adorable, Most Mysterious and Unutterable Name of God be praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified in Heaven, on earth, and in the hells, by all God’s creatures, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.

      (The feast of the Holy Face of Jesus is on Fat Tuesday on the TL calendar.)

  10. I was reading something yesterday about the bold attack on Humanae Vitae by a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, and was shocked at a thought that came to mind that had to have been suggested by Satan. The thought that I had was toward God, and in a very brief flash accompanied by anger, I thought, “You said you wouldn’t abandon your Church!” I rejected the thought immediately, and all through my rosary this morning I instead had the thought, “I”m sorry, Jesus. I’m sorry for the priests who don’t love you. I’m sorry for the men who are directly attacking Your Church. I’m sorry for the caricature they are making of the Church, just as the soldiers made a caricature of you in your Crowning with Thorns.” I intend to pray that prayer often this year.

    For some reason, God is allowing evil men to finally take their best shots at destroying the Church, shots they’ve been wanting to take for decades. I’m comforted by a book I read this Advent called Go to Joseph. The author, Fr. Gilsdorf, says that St. Joseph experienced his own Gethsemane from the time he learned about Mary’s pregnancy until he was told the truth about it in a dream. Joseph did not understand what was happening. He knew that Mary was pregnant, would most likely have been told she was not raped, yet he would not believe that Mary had been unchaste. There was no way to humanly reconcile those two thoughts, so all Joseph could think was, “I don’t know why this is happening, but I will not stop believing in Mary’s goodness.” Fr. Gilsdorf, writing years before this pontificate, said that we can do the same when we see bad things happening in the Church. “I don’t know why this is happening, but I will not stop believing.” God is in control. He knows why He is allowing this. The gates of hell have not and will not prevail against the Church, no matter how hard God’s enemies try to make hell prevail.

    • Very profound insight Shar. I had never heard that before. It’s such a contradiction… like being asked to have faith without reason. A painful and difficult place to stand without extraordinary grace.

      I teach 6th Grade Catechism and have always told the students to stay close to the pope and the bishops united to him in order to stand with the Magisterium. The simplicity of this notion is gone and I don’t even know how to teach this anymore. Where is the rudder? Where is the rock to hang on to? It takes the faith of St. Joseph to hang on now. What can I tell them to hang on to now that the rock is slippery? Praying for discernment.

      • Oh, eladDVF, I know! We used to be able to say, “The Church has always taught…” but now you have to say, “Until 2013, the Church had always taught…”. It’s heartbreaking! I think our saving grace comes from the “leadership’s” ignorance of how Church teaching is really changed. They come across as such clowns, I’m sorry to say, that I don’t believe history will take them seriously. What they are doing is deathly serious, but they won’t be taken as serious teachers of the Faith or guardians of the truth by any stretch of the imagination.

        • “Deathly serious” is exactly right. These “errors” are not just academic. Real human lives, and real human souls, are at stake.

      • The Church of course still teaches those things but Rome has lost the faith and a vast majority of bishops have as well. The sheep are scattered. You will however find sound teaching anywhere in the world if you align yourself with the SSPX. They are impeccable in the preservation of the Faith because they reject Vatican II. Lawler, Schneider and all other faithful Catholics of influence must see this. There is no other solution. It’s right there before our eyes really.

      • Hi Margaret. Go to Joseph was published in September, 2009. The author is Fr. Richard Gilsdotf. I found it on my bookshelf when I was looking for another one for my Advent reading. This short book has been a blessing to me and has been a great help in meditating on the Joyful Mysteries. St. Joseph isn’t just a quiet background character anymore.

  11. I would like to see actual video if the pope, indeed gave her this award. I know he’s far afield in serious ways but this, it would seem, would be all the proof the bishops need to take appropriate action.

    • There are only about ten bishops in the United States who would not give this Ploumen woman Communion. There are only three or four such bishops in Europe.

  12. ItsJESUS or HELL

    1 v
    TURN FROM YOUR SINS AND UNBELIEF! Turn to Jesus! He is God! You must be born again! This is spiritual rebirth! Ask Jesus to give you the Holy Spirit! Be saved from burning in hell! The pleasure of sin is temporary! Hell is forever! WATCH THE VIDEO! Catholicism, Islam, Atheism, Agnosticism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness doctrine, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and more are false! DON’T BE A FAKE CHRISTIAN!
    THE LAKE OF FIRE!!! Do you dare watch?
    Delas offentligt
    Profilbild för Michelle Ezell Benning
    Michelle Ezell Benning
    See in the eyes of our Lord sin is sin if you lie, steal, murder one sin is no greater than the other. Our Lord Jesus tells us all sin is forgiven in Jesus name. But sometimes we want to play God and tell our brethren that they will burn in hell for different sins listed. Remember Christ died for the unjust. He said I will snatch you right out of the the devil’s hand for I intend for NONE OF MY LITTLE ONES TO PARRISH. SPEAK AND WITNESS MORE OF HIS LOVE THAN HIS RATH. HIS LOVE IS BEYOND MAN’S KNOWLEDGE

    • You are deceived, Suzana. This video quotes Scriptures, from Revelation.
      Where was the Bible for the first 400 years of Christendom? I’ll tell you: It was in the heart of the first Christians-the Catholics, under the first Pope, Peter, and all subsequent Popes. After that, it was compiled from Christian writings by the Catholic Church.

      The Catholic Church is the One, True Faith, the Bride of Christ, which is why we are fighting to protect Her from the ravages of the devil, who is in all-out assault. The keys of the Kingdom were given to Peter, and Christ made him the head of His Church, and the other apostles bishops. (read Mt.16:18-19)

      Stop obsessing with Revelation, and start at the beginning of the Bible. And study your history.

      • I checked her posts and they all seem pretty Catholic to me, so I think that her lack of English hurt her with this one and she didn’t realize what she was posting. So, for now, I’m letting it go and considering it an aberration. However if more appear…

        • I didn’t see the post, but I am saying “Good Call, Father RP” cuz ya gotta admit, it is getting hard to separate the honest Catholic critique from Protestant condemnation of what is going on………

          • She had posted a video from what I can only imagine was an Evangelical site that warned of hell, which was poorly made, however the writing at the bottom of the video lumped Catholicism in with Atheism, Buddhism, Islam etc.. as all being false religions.

        • In the post I responded to, she lumped Catholicism as one of many in a list of Fake Christians. That raised a flag for me, and together with the video, prompted me to respond. But I notice this post has since been removed. Maybe it’s not what she meant to say.

          • I removed it. I saw the same thing you did. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt that she cut and pasted and her English isn’t so good.

      • Suzana saloma
        13 jan., 23:25

        Fortsatt höga halter akrylamid i vissa chips
        Fortsatt höga halter akrylamid i vissa chips
        5 kommentarer
        inga +1:or
        inga delningar
        Delas offentligt
        Profilbild för Armando Almeida
        Armando Almeida
        Chips are unhealthy for us.

        10 min
        Profilbild för Armando Almeida
        Armando Almeida
        Som kan orsaka cancer.

        5 min
        Profilbild för Suzana saloma
        Suzana saloma
        +Armando Almeida all swede eat most in europe 10-100 bad substance found no use tell swede still use EAT????????????

        11 sek
        Profilbild för Armando Almeida
        Armando Almeida
        Kroppen känner inte igen skadliga eller syntetiska ämnen och släpper ut antikroppar som attackerar cellerna och orsakar cancer. Tidigare var maten naturlig och det nämns inte om cancer.

        26 sek
        Profilbild för Suzana saloma
        Suzana saloma
        +Armando Almeida svensken oförbätterlig talar om snacks och godis läskskatt som i norge normän handlar istället hos svensken????????????

          • i agree with you sister i m against nowonder so many Catolic decived im with Saint Paul 2 pope, Benedict witus 2 same side polish Jan Pawel2 Amour Letia for family???????????????? God bless you!Remember the Holy Rosary is a weapon.

            islam said muslims are not afraid of Roman Catholics but they are afraid of the Holy Rosary weapons.

            Adjutorium nostrum + in nomine Domini. Our help + is in the name of the Lord. ( From the Latin Mass.)

            croatian in dom war 91-95 left all nothing taken never take anything not croatian honorare civilizisteed nation if they do no Croats and Croatia 2018

            But Samuel said:
            “Does the LORD so delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices
            as in obedience to the command of the LORD?
            Obedience is better than sacrifice,
            and submission than the fat of rams.
            For a sin like divination is rebellion,
            and presumption is the crime of idolatry.
            Because you have rejected the command of the LORD,
            he, too, has rejected you as ruler.”

          • Remember the Holy Rosary is a weapon.

            islam said muslims are not afraid of Roman Catholics but they are afraid of the Holy Rosary weapons.

            Adjutorium nostrum + in nomine Domini. Our help + is in the name of the Lord. ( From the Latin Mass.)

            croatian in dom war 91-95 left all nothing taken never take anything not croatian honorare civilizisteed nation if they do no Croats and Croatia 2018

            But Samuel said:
            “Does the LORD so delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices
            as in obedience to the command of the LORD?
            Obedience is better than sacrifice,
            and submission than the fat of rams.
            For a sin like divination is rebellion,
            and presumption is the crime of idolatry.
            Because you have rejected the command of the LORD,
            he, too, has rejected you as ruler.”

    • Suzana,
      Please do not post anti-Catholic comments on this site, as it clearly violates the posting guidelines established by 1P5.
      Thank You,
      Fr. RP

      • none soever im not working against My faith im Catolic by cristening this circulates on web i dont like, from hbqt lobby they given St Georges medal

        • You may not know this, but the post you made with the Video condemned Catholicism as a false religion. Which is why I deleted it. I t actually lumped the Catholic Faith in with Atheism and Islam.

        • Maybe you should face the fact that you posted an anti-Catholic Video with a written message that proclaimed Catholicism as a False Religion? Which I have already pointed out to you…Eh?

          • reason posted because i dont like lobby pro abortus im against, very sorry if i disturb you, i see you hack on me, you notice only other faults, easier that way instead of seeing, own, read if you dont like, click next i do, im to strong in my faith to mind other business, torns in eye, i am writing own taughts, txt not mine, but true i post it here on Disqus for hearing other thinking, forgotten me, dont read, please, i write for them who wants to understand- openminded, God bless you brother????????????????????????????✝✝✝????????????????????

          • Give it a rest. I already said that I gave you the benefit of the doubt via your Anti-Catholic Post. The question remains, why do you keep revisiting this when I already let it pass? I gave you the benefit of the doubt and all I have said is please don’t post anymore of those. And, here you are telling me that I hack on you and only notice others faults.

            Being anti-Pro Abortion had nothing to do with your Anti-Catholic Post: Period. If I posted an anti-Catholic video/commentary that lumped the Catholic Church in with Atheists and Islam then I would hope others on this site, especially the moderators, would notice and call me out on it.

            This is the last time: I am a moderator on this site and it is my business if people post anti-Catholic crap. Let it go or you will be banned, and it will not be because I am against you but simply because you refuse to listen to the rules of this website.

            I have been more than patient already.

  13. This is really pushing the envelope. If this was baseball, this would be what they call a “purpose pitch”; a high, inside fastball, designed to intimidate. El Lider Maximo is sending a message to the “rigid” dissidents, “doctors of the law” and the perpetually irritating guerilla blogosphere that the regime will do whatever it damn well pleases, up to and including honoring abortionists and there aint nothing anyone can do about it!

    Francis is raising the stakes and flaunting it. There’s a clear message here folks. It’s one which we knew was coming and this confirms it in spades. The message is; “Humanae vitae is toast.”

  14. This is our Pope.
    He is deliberately giving the finger to every conscientious Catholic in the world of time, and in Eternity.
    He condemns himself.

      • Indeed, I’ve been to Haiti. I’ve traveled extensively and lived in Africa.

        Other words could have been used, but the “Anglo-Saxon” term he used isn’t exactly inaccurate….

      • Trump, in a private conversation, merely said (or perhaps he didn’t; Dick Durbin is, after all, a practiced liar) what I’ve heard others say in dozens of private conversations with me; it’s coarse shorthand for what we all know to be the case. Francis doesn’t stop at outrageous comments. He matches his comments with equally outrageous episcopal appointments and totally outrageous exhortations like Amoris laetitia. His own private cursing (reported in The Dictator Pope) is kept secret, never directly quoted by the sycophants who regularly surround the pontiff. Tale-tellers like Durbin don’t last long in the Bergoglian Vatican.

    • He really is.

      A Godless apostate in the cloak of a Pope, screaming “F… You” to God, Christ, the seeking agnostics, the wondering Protestants, the questioning, the crying-for-momma-soon-to-be butchered babies, the Catholic-friendly Anglican Archbishops, the converted Muslims, the fertile and courageous Catholic mothers, the Blessed Virgin, St John the Baptist, St Thomas More, St John Fisher and every man jack among us who has given up women and friends and money for the faith of our Jesus Christ and the One True Catholic faith.

    • He is giving the finger to every slaughtered baby in the womb and he knows it.
      He knows what he is doing.
      He is giving the finger to every faithful Catholic who stands for life and the family, purity, virtue.

      Such evil.

        • If he attempts to, I pray the crowd chants “, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino,PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino, PloumenBonino” till he tucks tail and goes home in shame.</B?

          • I agree he cannot be shamed, but he could be publicly exposed and denounced—and dictatorial cowards like him cannot stand that.

          • These grave scandals and his complicity in heresies must be publicly exposed and refuted by a cardinal or two or three or even four, would be so appreciated.
            But, do be prepared. A malignant narcissist does not go down quietly, He will retaliate and that is when
            the great suffering of many will occur. However, one should never despair, for it will be upon each of us to
            give glory to God as we simply stand. God shall give us what we need, when we need it, for that moment.
            Let us rejoice and be prepared to stand with Christ should it come to this.

      • Yes, CS, you are totally correct. He is not only a heretic but a coward. He does not yet dare contradict the Faith directly (except in a footnote in “Amoris Letitia”) but incessantly sends signs and covert messages that undermine the very Faith he is duty-bound to teach and defend. What a miserable and cowardly heretic, living his whole life off the Church he hates and is now trying to destroy.

  15. Remember these days, my fellow Catholics. This era of the busy, little Bergoglio, unless the return of Our Lord is near, will fill volumes upon volumes of history and scholarly studies. We already know many of the villains, but there will be heroes as well, and it is likely that we already know who some of them will be. But we, the unnamed pewsitters, will be noted as well for how we respond and react to this accelerating assault on the Holy Faith. Much will depend upon how resolutely we refuse to compromise with the gathering wickedness, and how much we support the emerging heroes who rise to stand against the evil.

  16. NO doubt Frank is the ULTIMATE wolf in sheep’s clothing. This brings a whole new theme to the sign I will be carrying for our Pro-Life March.

        • Sorry for the complete irrelevance of this, Donna, but I’d be grateful if you can find a moment to tell me what on earth your flag is? The top half is from the French royal standard, and the bottom half seems to be the flag of the Whites in the Russian Civil War. Individually, all very good, but do they combine to mean something else? I’ve never heard of a Legitimist French Division fighting in Russia, but maybe that’s just my ignorance.

  17. It never ends. The “Quisling” of Catholicism, Pope Francis, has hammered another nail into the coffin of the Church. May God’s judgment upon him come quickly.

  18. “Vox Clamantis” from FishEaters here:

    Fellow Catholics, read the above and combine it with “Pope Francis Shows His Hand” from Life Site News:

    Read this article from Crisis Magazine that explains how Amoris Laetitia undermines not just marriage, but all of moral theology:

    Read “The Dictator Pope,” by Marcantonio Colonna:

    Spread word about all this. Please. If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #IAmMarcantonioColonna (FishEaters’s Twitter #IAmMarcantonioColonna “Moment” page here: ) Get all this information out to fellow Catholics. Tweet @ them individually so they’ll get your messages. Use Facebook. Use email. Use Youtube. Talk face-to-face. We must “go SS Athanasius and Catherine of Siena” here and stand up to Pope Francis and his agenda. We have to let him know that we know what he is doing, and we have to try to prevent other Catholics from falling for apostasy.

    On Candlemas (Februrary 2), Catholics plan on praying the Rosary for the purification of the Church. Please consider joining in:

  19. St. Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    and do thou,
    O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
    by the power of God,
    thrust into hell Satan,
    and all the evil spirits,
    who prowl about the world
    seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

    • Full version of the Saint Michael Prayer of Leo XIII

      O Glorious Archangel St. Michael, Prince of the
      heavenly host, be our defense in the terrible warfare
      which we carry on against principalities and powers,
      against the rulers of this world of darkness, and
      spirits of evil. Come to the aid of man, whom God
      created immortal, made in His own image and likeness,
      and redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the
      devil. Fight this day the battle of the Lord, together
      with the holy angels, as already thou hast fought the
      leader of the proud angels, Lucifer, and his apostate
      host, who were powerless to resist Thee, nor was there
      place for them any longer in heaven. That cruel, that
      ancient serpent, who is called the devil or Satan, who
      seduces the whole world, was cast into the abyss with
      his angels.

      Behold, this primeval enemy and slayer of men has
      taken courage. Transformed into an angel of light, he
      wanders about with all the multitude of wicked
      spirits, invading the earth in order to blot out the
      name of God and of His Christ, to seize upon, slay and
      cast into eternal perdition souls destined for the
      crown of eternal glory. This wicked dragon pours out,
      as a most impure flood, the venom of his malice on
      men; his depraved mind, corrupt heart, his spirit of
      lying, impiety, blasphemy, his pestilential breath of
      impurity and of every vice and iniquity. These most
      crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall
      and bitterness the Church, the Spouse of the
      Immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her
      most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself,
      where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter
      and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world,
      they have raised the throne of their abominable
      impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the
      Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.

      Arise then, O invincible Prince, bring help against
      the attacks of the lost spirits to the people of God,
      and give them the victory. They venerate Thee as their
      protector and patron; in Thee Holy Church glories as
      her defense against the malicious power of hell; to
      Thee has God entrusted the souls of men to be
      established in heavenly beatitude. Oh, pray to the God
      of peace that He may put Satan under our feet, so far
      conquered that he may no longer be able to hold men in
      captivity and harm the Church. Offer our prayers in
      the sight of the Most High, so that they may quickly
      conciliate the mercies of the Lord; and beating down
      the dragon, the ancient serpent who is the devil and
      Satan, do Thou again make him captive in the abyss,
      that he may no longer seduce the nations. Amen.

      V. Behold the Cross of the Lord; be scattered, hostile
      R. The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered, the
      root of David.
      V. Let Thy mercies be upon us, O Lord
      R. As we have hoped in Thee.
      V. O Lord, hear my prayer.
      R. And let my cry come unto Thee

      God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon
      Thy holy name, and we humbly implore Thy clemency,
      that by the intercession of Mary, ever Virgin
      Immaculate and our Mother, and of the glorious
      Archangel St. Michael, Thou wouldst deign to help us
      against Satan and all other unclean spirits, who
      wander about the world for the injury of the human
      race and the ruin of souls. Amen.

      Pope Leo XIII, 1888
      Raccolta 1933

      Makes you think doesn’t it?

          • But he says, “they have raised…” Was he speaking prophetically even though he speaks of a past event? And wasn’t Papal infallibility literally dogmatically defined within 50 yrs of his Papacy? Doesn’t that seem like a horrible idea, if a recent Pope had received a vision that a false authority would be set up in the Petrine See? I would have said, “ I dogmatically declare that this is what you should do if there comes to be an obviously false authority set up in the Petrine See…”

          • Yikes, I just realized that I am mistaken and that Pope Leo XIII was Pope just following that decree. That dogmatic decree wasn’t the throne? No, I’m sure I just don’t understand.

          • I hope you don’t get mad at me Father because I’m fairly certain you’re not a fan of this source. I found this from Rev. Cekada and to me it made sense.
            3) The Future? The Past! The passages in question, please note, were not written in the future tense, as one would expect for a prophecy. They were written in the past tense, and thus referred to events which had already taken place in 1888.

            (4) Crafty Enemies? Revolutionaries! To whom, then, do the passages refer? One has but to look to the situation the Pope faced in Italy in the late 1880s.

            The “crafty enemies” of the Church who “laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions” were none other than the revolutionaries who (as we have seen above) invaded the Papal States and despoiled the Church’s properties.

            (5) Throne of Impiety? The King of Italy! And the “throne of abominable impiety“ raised up in “the Holy Place itself, where there has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of truth for the light of the world”? This was the throne of the King of Italy, set up in the Quirinale Palace.

            Prior to its seizure 1870 by the excommunicated King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel, the Quirinale was the principal papal palace in Rome. It was the customary location for papal conclaves. It was also one of the places where the pope had held court, sitting, of course, on a throne — the “Chair of truth for the light of the world.”

            When the 1888 prayer was composed, the throne of a usurping and excommunicated monarch then stood in this palace which had been stolen from the the pope. So — throne of impiety!
            Link here:

          • I’m aware of that, and even considered mentioning some of the above, however it also stands to this day because what is unfolding now did not start now, but even before those events took place. See Pius IX syllabus of errors.
            And Leo had a vision and locution that left him crumpled on the floor. And these prayers came out of those supernatural events, not just the political ones.

      • Father, is there anything to this warning from Non Veni Pacem?
        “Lastly, a word of caution. This is truly a weapon of Spiritual Warfare, which is a very real thing. It’s more real than the room you’re sitting in and the chair you’re sitting on. Get that through your head. It’s not something to be messed around with. In this prayer, which is used in exorcisms, you are engaging with creatures whose intellects are orders of magnitude greater than your own. Make the Sign of the Cross before and afterward and adopt a military bearing.”
        I read this prayer sitting curled up on the couch while the TV was playing and I’m almost certain I made the Sign of the Cross only bc I normally do, but I failed completely to adopt a military bearing. If you could say a little prayer for me, I’m not cut out for engaging w/creatures at all. TY

        • I remember hearing a sermon in the Sensus Fidelium series on you tube, where the priest said that there was a Leonine prayer to St. Michael that is now forbidden to the laity. Is this one above the one he was talking about? I have tried so many times to go back and find the sermon in which the reference is made but I can’t find it. I seem to remember that he mentioned it being suppressed during the 1980’s. When Cardinal Ratzinger was prefect for the CDF. But that nobody knew much about it.

          Later, I saw another presentation on you tube, by Fr. Ripperger, mentioning something similar. I think he was referring to this same Leonine prayer, and also, like the other priest, that it is now forbidden for laity to recite it. But the date he gave for the suppression was something like the early 20th century. If anyone can help in this matter, I would appreciate it. It is confusing.

          • This is not that prayer. The Leonine Prayer that the laity are not allowed to use is the Exorcism of a Place, it is not the above prayer.

          • Why not just use the one we say after Mass (Tridientine) then there is no danger of overstepping into exorcism territory? Satan is indeed clever. I would avoid the longer one – not because I’m superstitious but I don’t want to have ‘anything to do with direct prayer about Satan’ The shorter version, in my humble opinion, fits the laity a bit better and is easier to remember and say often.

          • Sorry, but your being ridiculous. This isn’t a rite of exorcism and the short version also is a direct prayer against Satan.
            I pray the short one all the time, multiple times per day. I posted the fuller version to help people to pray it as well and to open their eyes a bit as to what the prayer is saying and what it means.

          • Thank you, very much, Father. I was really worried about this.The presentations didn’t clarify what was being referred to. At first I thought it was the short St. Michael prayer we say at the end of Mass, which seemed almost unbelievable. But I am glad to find out that neither it (nor the longer version you mention) is the forbidden one. What a relief! Again, thank you for your clarification! I can’t help but wonder why they even needed to forbid the laity from something that we had no business doing anyway.

          • What a strangely timely post, but evidently, as Fr. RP notes, the above is not a forbidden prayer to the laity. I’ll stick with my short version unless I say it in Church with the Priest though.

          • I believe you decision is very smart. People think very easily too simple about the PRAYERS, as the prayer is just the prayer… If that was that way, what then is the prayer of a faithful one worth?
            We must be very strong, which means that our hearts and minds must be clean of the smallest impurity,… especially if we plan to start a serious spiritual battle against the demons themselves!

        • That “warning” sounds melodramatic to me. You cannot put yourself in peril by reading a prayer. You were reading it somewhat casually–primarily to become informed. That’s perfectly legitimate.

        • The long version that Father RP shares here is also proposed for frequent use by Father Zuhlsdorf. We can be assured that they would not make it available were it to offer danger.
          Be not afraid!
          “Come to the aid of man, whom God created immortal, made in His own image and likeness, and redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the
          Almighty God created us for great things. We cannot be timid.
          I often think of the courage of the young saints, Agnes, Dominic Savio, Francisco & Jacinta, Therese. Such courage.
          Be confident in God’s desire to uphold us always

        • Well, when you pray this prayer as with any prayer you should be composed and focused on what you are doing, so not while busting suds in the sink 9slang for doing the dishes) etc…

          However, I think that Non Veni might be confusing this prayer with the Leonine Prayer of Exorcism, which should only be prayed by priests, as it is a Rite of Exorcism.

      • Father, this seems to be indicating that the hierarchy – the Church at the top- will be infiltrated and that the Pope will be compromised. Would this be your take? I know we read this (and I bought 2 Riccoltas trying to find the actual original version) …. and was truly stunned. The 2 sentences we say normally do not do justice to what Pope Leo XIII wrote. Can you imagine if this prayer, whole and complete, was recited after every Mass?!!

      • It sure does.

        What really makes me think is that the Church dispensed with the prayer with the institution of the Novus Ordo Mass.

        • Actually, it was suppressed prior to the Novus Ordo in 1964, by Paul VI (of unhappy memory) along with the last Gospel in the Low Mass.

          • Atila Sinke Guimaraes’ “In the Murky Waters of Vatican II” (volume I of his “Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani” series) is good; as is Michael Davies’ 3 – volume “Liturgical Revolution” series—of
            which “Pope John’s Council” is probably pertinent to your questions. It’s been decades since I read him, so don’t remember if volume 1, “Cranmer’s Godly Order” is necessary backstory.

          • You might find this a truly interesting read Rod. As earlier suggested by Raghn.

            “The liturgical “reforms” of Pope Paul VI included not only the wholesale destruction of the traditional Mass, but the tampering with every aspect of liturgical life including the Liturgy of the Hours (Psalter, Biblical Readings, Hymns, Chants, Intercessions), the Litany of the Saints, the Sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Penance, Extreme Unction, Marriage, and Holy Orders), Blessings, Pontifical Rites, the Church Calendar and Sacred Music.[93] By a miracle of grace, only the devotional of the Rosary was spared from mutilation.”

          • I was in a Catholic grade school at the time. In seventh and eighth grade (1969-71), our religion teacher was a nun who had us begin every class by meditating, to get our brains into their “alpha waves” of consciousness. We spent many days listening to and discussing the then-hit musical “Jesus Christ, Superstar” — a work in which Judas is presented as a hero, and Jesus as a tormented soul unsure of his mission. At First Friday Mass, some of the girls were selected to do “liturgical dance” up on the altar while the music from “Jesus Christ, Superstar” was playing over the loudspeakers.

  20. My dream, if the Cardinals do not learn their lesson. The name of the new pope is announced. When the assembled throng hear that it is a Bergoglio crony, the booing is deafening. By the time he emerges on the loggia, Saint Peter’s Square is empty. Time to resign!

      • It really wouldn’t.
        They are totally oblivious — at best.
        We are regarded as mere ignorant naives. And expendable.
        There are ample funds available. They can go on for the long haul without another dime coming in. This is the evil of clericalism — privilege and prestige substitute for service. Maradiaga, Kasper, Marx, Schoenborn, Cupich… Bergoglio — real princes alright.
        They just can’t wake up.

  21. Our Lord judges all of us when we die. We know our fate, heaven or hell. I am praying for the Holy Father to change and repent for his sins. Giving a pro abortion fanatic an award from our Holy Church sends the wrong message that abortion is ok. This will lead many souls to hell. The Holy Father does not seem to understand his grave responsibilities as our Shepherd. Our Lord will hold him to account. Please pray for the conversion of Pope Francis.

  22. Francis is truly EVIL. How any person of good will is unable to see that is beyond me. My only possible answers to that are that 1.) they too are evil and are part of the act, or 2.) they have been subdued by Francis’ demonic influence and are simply in a sort of daze. I’m told that can happen sometimes- that otherwise good people sort of go into a fog in the presence of evil and seem indifferent or complicit. I think I remember reading somewhere that Hitler had that effect. Anyway, what a strange time we live in that the Pope is an enemy of the Faith.

    Even still, certain people will still try to spin Francis as orthodox- not the secular media, mind you, but the so-Called Catholics who seem to think the Church is all about one man that is not Jesus Christ. To them, he is still “the people’s pope,” and they will continue to adulate about his humility, charity, and mercy.

    • Quite sickening eh? This is one aspect that wrenches my insides, how ANYONE who calls themselves a Catholic can ever defend this guy??!! At this point he is indefensible……TOTALLY.

      • Be careful then, of those who defend this recent statement by Bergoglio or attempt to minimize, or refuse to comment.

        It is as ” black and white” as it can get.

  23. Ever more shocking, scandalous and evil. The Pope is signaling support for intrinsic evil! What is going on here??? The World will applaud him, but what about the Flock, the Church Our Lord has entrusted to the successor to St. Peter?

  24. Appeasement always leads to this: total conquest. This is what happens when Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests do nothing in time of emergency. Resistance having been found absent, the tyrant goes for it all. Total conquest.

    And they remain, stroking their chins, as the “pope” punishes faithful Catholics, and honors abortionists, perverts and homosexuals. “Another day, perhaps”.

    Time to take a stand fellas. This is the big one.

    • Perhaps the cardinals and our ” schismatic minded, preoccupied friends” can go and watch the film, ” The Darkest Hour”, a marvelously executed film about Winston’s Churchill stand in going after Hitler.

      Hopefully, because most Catholics don’t give a darn about the Church, except when it enforces Church teaching, which is nada these days; many Catholics have no idea of this recent scandalous and harmful behavior of Francis.
      BUT……I wonder how many rebellious and homosexual p;riests/ bishops do; and see this as a further ” green light” for
      further heresies to come about.

      • Time to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and loyal defenders of Holy Mother Church, no matter the personal cost.

        This moment in time does not define the Catholic Faith. This is an aberration. The long line of continuity is true. This aberration is not. And by defenition, all aberrations from the Deposit Of Faith are evil.

  25. Num 10:35 — Moses said: Arise, O Lord, and let thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate thee, flee from before thy face.

    Ps 73:22-23 — Arise, O God, judge thy own cause: remember thy reproaches with which the foolish man hath reproached thee all the day. Forget not the voices of thy enemies: the pride of them that hate thee ascendeth continually.

    Ps 67:2-3 — Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered: and let them that hate him flee from before his face. As smoke vanisheth, so let them vanish away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.

    Ps 68:2-4 — Save me, O God: for the waters are come in even unto my soul. I stick fast in the mire of the deep: and there is no sure standing. I am come into the depth of the sea: and a tempest hath overwhelmed me. I have laboured with crying; my jaws are become hoarse: my eyes have failed, whilst I hope in my God.

  26. A few minutes ago I was reading Mme Vollmer on how the sodomists are taking over the Church and that most comments were to the effect that Pope Francis was conniving at this. In view of Pope Francis’s frequent denunciations of abortion I wondered how long it would be before his actions began to belie his words. Well I have now had the answer within minutes.

    • It’s not just the Pope.

      He reflects the exact ethos that has described CATHOLICS in the USA {at least the USA} for decades. They are against abortion “in theory” but in practice prop up, fund, support and defend full-term abortion on-demand with their unequivocal support for the Democrat Party.

      The Pope is a simple symbol of what a “Catholic” is to the fairly-observant non-Catholic world. He simply reflects the scandalous nature of “Catholicism” to those who do not know really what the Catholic Church teaches. As far back as 1958, then-Father Ratzinger said the Church was full of “pagans”. Evidently, it appears to be yet today.

      A friend I have tried to lead to the Church has said one of the main reasons he wants nothing to do with the CC is that he volunteered in pro-life work for many years in a predominately Catholic city and almost no Catholics were involved in that work. He has no respect for the Catholic Church because he sees no connection between the “on-paper” “theoretical” “teachings” of the CC and the beliefs and actions of Catholics. So he says. It is so often difficult to argue with him.

      Sadly, my wife’s and my experience was similar before we converted. My wife volunteers as an advocate at a crisis pregnancy center. This is the ONLY crisis pregnancy center serving two communities and a vast geographical region that includes two universities. Of the 24 staff, she and ONE other volunteer are Catholics.

      Anecdotes to be sure, but my Protestant family has many more similar anecdotes. And it hurts the Church.

      The Church is, as we all know, in crisis. Bergoglio is merely and simply a reflection of the disgusting state the Church has fallen into over the years. My adopted family is dysfunctional. I love my adopted family, but I cannot lie and pretend that things are “OK” and we just have a sort of errant leader for the moment.
      No, we do not. We have a leader who reflects exactly what the Church as an institution has become.

      Catholics: This lewd old wretch will die relatively soon. When he does and his corpse is rotting in the dirt of Vatican Hill, the problems will not be dead and moldering with him. “Statements” like that issued by the Kazakh bishops are valuable declarations of war but they are not documents of the enemy’s surrender.

      The fight is only yet being discussed. We need bishops who will rise up and fight, but we have instead, a crowd of Bergoglio’s.

      Bergoglio IS the Catholic Church. It is up to us to replace him with Jesus Christ.

      • Agree with all of this, as you know already. Only, I wouldn’t say Bergo is the CC. It must be said; Bergo is REPRESENTING himself as the CC. And of course, there are other ones too, more or less awful so-called prelates. And btw., those kind of mannshaft, they’ve been there for over six decades.

        • Thanks. Yes, you are right.

          I changed it to mean what I actually intended it to mean. Catholics who believe need to be bold and stand up for Christ and not be intimidated by Protestants or the rot that our pathetic leaders display for a watching world.

          Right now, the non-Catholic world has no idea WHAT the Catholic Church stands for except maybe communism, universalism and Islamization.

          We need to take back the ground lost to the sodomites and the communists. Not sure how, but in my personal life I don’t have to shut up when the issues arise. And I don’t. 🙂

          • The Holy Rosary and a child like trust in the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary are our surest weapons (and defence) against the present evils that we face.

  27. Another week, another disgraceful act by the bishop of Rome.
    Do not waste a heartbeat on what this man says or writes or preaches.
    Simply observe his actions. His actions tell all. Bet on it.

  28. This woman is a heretic and excommunicate due to her support and funding of the murder of preborn humans. Her honoring by Francis ( also the murderer Emma Bonino) and his implicit recommendation to the Faithful, makes him an accessory after the fact to her past deeds and an accessory before the fact to her continued evil. Do the same rules as to heresy and automatic excommunication apply to him? The souls of future generations are endangered by this man and his sycophantic followers. Have we no significant group of Catholics to combat him and call him out. Most seem subservient, or in agreement, with his program.

    • Sorry, Parrish. This “pontificate” only excommunicates those who believe and live the faith, as in Don (Fr.) Alessandro Minutella. I’m sure there will be many, many more to follow.

        • I probably should have said “seeks to excommunicate” because I’ve read they were seeking two excommunications for him. Not sure of status. Hopefully someone here will bring us up to date on that. The point is: that’s what Bergoglio is trying to do, excommunicate the faithful and award/put into power the evil.

          • Ok. Thanks for replay. Then he is NOT excommunicated! Otherwise we will hear that very directly. Your second sentence; Bergoglio is doing nothing else all the time, of course never with official acts, as he do all other evil things in the same way, that talk about (false) ‘niceness’ and ‘mercy’, but is doing opposite of that. We have a dozens facts and evidence about that in the time of his so-called pontificate.

      • An apostate and honorer of child murders excommunicates those who hold and teach the Catholic Faith. He is beloved by most who still occupy the pews. So sad.

    • Emma Bonino is perhaps the worst mass murderer in the history of the world.

      Specifically picked for honors and laud by the “pope”.

      His choices are consistent.

  29. Watch PF offering a sacrilegious ‘tango mass’ when he resided in Argentina as a priest. Go to; Pope Francis tango mass condemned by Pope St. Pius X . Its on Utube videos

  30. Time to speak up loud and clear: I am not legalistic, rigid, super-traditional or any of the other code words the cafeteria catholics use for those of us who are calling things out for what they are. I am a faithful Catholic who understands her faith, who has read the catechism, who has a real relationship with Our Lord. MY FAITH IS ADULT!!!!! And so is my thinking: This Pope is a terrible “vicar” of Christ’s church on earth. I do not believe he is being led by the Holy Spirit of God.

      • Right on.

        Many Catholics have become Calvinist/Muslim in their interpretation of “God’s Will”.

        “If it happens, it must be God’s Will”.


        Free will is not “free”, it is the second most expensive gift God gave us.

        • Indeed!
          About those infidels and all others similar with their stupid way of thinking: “If it happens, it must be God’s Will” – it is really so sad to see that indeed, many Catholics are thinking just that way!?!
          It is actually unbelievable! That they at least are not in state to think about possibility that some things, certain things our almighty Lord the God just simply – PERMITS! Because of respect to our free will He gave to us. But then are the consequences of the free will completely for the free-willer(s) too! And surely not for God.

          What I can say here also is the fact, that the so-called simple minded law educated or even uneducated faithful Catholics 5 -6 decades ago, were maybe uneducated, but they were obviously filled with the grace, with the true Spirit. While the ‘faithful’ Catholics of last 2 decades are very and highly educated, linguistically and technically well-formed, but they are just unfulfilled by the true Spirit, or (then well often) even worse, – they became the victims of the FALSE SPIRIT.
          But the real issue IS: – they call themselves still (a good & faithful) Catholics, and even the ‘teachers’, ‘ theologians’,… etc!

  31. What is it with prelates from the pope downwards (though given the award of a pontifical honor to this creature, perhaps that should be “from the pope upwards”) and their traitorous fêting of pro-aborts? Rhetorical question, of course.

    Twice in the last 12 months, parishes not too far from me have commemorated the anniversaries of their church buildings and both have invited the locally elected political representatives, renowned for their rabidly pro-death views and actions. I emailed one parish priest and asked him if there was anyone, literally anyone, whose views were so abhorrent that they would not be invited to a church event. I’m still waiting for an answer. (I also told him that I hoped one of those present, which included six priests and the cardinal, told the pro-abort politician to at least wash the blood off their hands before tucking in to the vol-au-vonts).

    For the regime currently occupying the Vatican, the siren call of worldly power and acclaim drowns out the screams of the unborn.

  32. It is not the Catholic Church that recognizes Ploumen with this honor, but rather Pope Francis himself who recognizes her contribution to supporting his own personal leftist agenda. In other words, if the roles were reversed and he was a layman, he would be doing what she is doing – raising money for and forming NGOs for the promotion of abortion and homosexuality. So basically he is awarding himself. She is his mirror image. The result is Francis subliminally saying: “I award me!”

    • But Pope Francis is not just a laymen, he is the Pope, the leader and defender of the One, Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.
      His recognition of Ploumen is scandalous beyonds words for the Catholic Church.
      Old Bergoglio is not just a leftist…….if only he were. He is so much more than that……He is awarding Satan.

  33. Friends, this has been a long time coming, very long, but it’s here now, in our faces, “out, ’bout, and proud”, as in spit in your eye bold. Check out:

    For some detailed background, and then read Edward Pentin:

    This is El Caudillo Bergo’s “New Approach”. But in a sense, he’s doing us a favor too: he’s making his removal all the more obviously necessary and all the more easily done.
    That is, if the cardinals have the stuffing in the their chests to do it. (All they have to do is pray to the Holy Spirit and he’ll give ’em plenty of courage.)

  34. His words are problematic but his actions, such as his appointments, shout louder than any words of his intentions and who he really is. God have mercy on The Church, Us and The Man who sits on the Throne of Peter, the Seat of Moses.

  35. Leftists love awarding each other honours and medals. It’s all quite incestuous.

    Francis is pro-abortion or rather ‘abortion-tolerant’ in the context of “helping the poor.” Judas also was quite the virtue signaller.

    As we’ve seen, the Ends justifies the Means from Francis to Mueller.

  36. “I love humanity; it’s just people I can’t stand.” – Pope Charlie Brown

    “I HATE people I don’t like.” -Pope Mel Brooks (“The Twelve Chairs”)

  37. Whatever! This article is misleading!Does the Pope have the time to handpick and research the recipients of this award or a coadjutor Bishop for my diocese ? Of course not. He has people working under him to take care of the nitty gritty details. I’m pretty sure there’s a board behind the rewarding process and guidelines as well.

        • It is the Pope’s service to the Church to uphold the perennial Magisterium of the Church as specifically stated in Pastor Aeternus, the document from Vatican I which defined the nature of papal infallibility. “The Holy Spirit was not given to the Roman Pontiffs so that they might disclose new doctrine, but so that they might guard and set forth the Deposit of Faith handed down from the Apostles.”
          With supreme responsibility comes supreme submission to the authority of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity – Almighty God – whose revelation ceased with the death of the last Apostle.
          The pope is the Vicar of Christ, not His replacement.
          To the extent that any pope does not understand that, misunderstands that, deliberately misrepresents that truth he is the one in dissent. He is the one who diminishes the papacy. The person who occupies the Chair of St. Peter is consigned to serve the perennial Magisterium of his collective predecessors. He is mandated to pronounce his communion with that Magisterium. He can go deeper, but he cannot contradict. He can magnify, but he cannot metamorphosise. His vocation is to articulate the papacy – the Chair is the locus of unity, its occupant
          cannot be the source of discord emerging from dissent from Holy Scripture and its interpretation provided by Apostolic Tradition in the perennial Magisterium.
          His personality, notions, musings, feelings are only of any use if they serve the office of the Chair, otherwise they are useless dust — at best. He is to be the servant of the servants of God.
          Papolatry does not substitute for the authentic submission required to be rendered the successor of Saint Peter. During the current pontificate it appears to be employed by those afraid to face the truth of what is transpiring, or worse yet, those who applaud the deconstruction of Roman Catholicism which has kept them on the moral leash.
          What impels you?

    • Of course he does. That is what awards are for.

      The Pope knows who this woman is and he knows who Bonino is.

      And he knows that the UN Sustainable Development goals promote worldwide abortion and contraception.

      How do we know this? Because the Vatican has issued lame criticism of the SDG’s…and then goes on to promote and support them anyhow.

      Pope Francis says:

      ““The dramatic reality this whole situation of exclusion and inequality, with its evident effects, has led me, in union with the entire Christian people and many others, to take stock of my grave responsibility in this regard and to speak out, together with all those who are seeking urgently-needed and effective solutions. The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the World Summit, which opens today, is an important sign of hope. I am similarly confident that the Paris Conference on Climatic Change will secure fundamental and effective agreements. Solemn commitments, however, are not enough, although they are certainly a necessary step toward solutions.””

      Supporting UN Agenda 2030 and the UN SDG’s and then saying you don’t support the promotion and funding of world wide abortion is an oxymoron. It is like saying you support the United State form of government but you reject the Executive Branch. It doesn’t work that way.

      Until the Vatican breaks with the abortion committed UN on these issues and goes its own way, the Vatican is supporting abortion. Regardless of the weak attempts at politicospeak to the contrary.

      Our leaders are NOT stupid. They know all of this. But it is fun to hobknob with the “in” crowd, after all.

      • *rolls eyes* spare me the lecture on how the Pope is with the UN on abortion promotion. I read his encyclical on climate change where he stated abortion isn’t the solution as well as his numerous homilies on the demographic winter in western nations.

        I stand by my comment earlier. There’s a board or there must be a committee behind the rewarding process because we all know that the Pope isn’t all knowing, despite the fact that we all think he is superman, sits down, and starts pulling names out of the air.

        • Really, you have no idea what you are talking about. Or you think the Pope is nothing but
          blithering idiot.

          Sorry, I have more respect for him. I believe he knows exactly what he is doing.

          So you’ve read “his encyclical on climate change”.


          An encyclical on climate change.

          While millions of babies are being butchered, he writes about global warming and praises as “one of Italy’s greats” the abortionist Boninio. And is now given credit by the pro-euthanasia crowd for giving them a victory for legalized murder in Italy. Not a peep from him in condemnation of the bill. Not a single movement started by him to stop it. Nothing.

          What’s his beef with Italians?

          The Pope is not a moron. He actively supports the secularist work of the UN. He promotes Agenda 2030. The Vatican was full well informed of the previous iteration Agenda 21. There is no confusion.

        • It’s the translation. It’s his subordinates. It’s that he is from Latin America. It’s the mean old press. It’s …

          Lol. Too funny.

      • I do think there’s a possibility that in the matter of the UN, the pope could be sincere, just tremendously naïve. He would not be the first clergyman I’ve seen who continues to hold this silly fairy-tale Pollyanna view of the UN as a force for good in the world.

        • They have evidently decided that abortion is a thing that is not going to go away, so we might as well get used to it and make friends with the abortionists.

          This “accompaniment” in secularism without the prophetic call to Jesus is a hallmark of Catholic culture.

          In doing so the Pope and the Vatican SUPPORT abortion. Period.

          Doesn’t matter WHAT they “feel” about it. They are supporting it, propping it up.

          This is modernism at its most base and evil.

          We have been warned.

          Modernism is not just a collection of ideals, or personally-held beliefs. It is not just esoteric doctrine, disputes about angels and pinheads.

          It is the murder of babies, the celebration of divorce, the defense of adultery, the chaotic advancement of godless atheism, the horrors of Islam and the immorality of Protestantism.

          It is the Bergoglio Pontificate.

    • You’re right! The pope has no time to approve Ploumen being given this award. Just like he had no time to meet and praise Ploumen’s southern European doppelgänger, Emma ‘La Bicicleta’ Bonino. Twice.

    • They are the ones who in schism.
      It is they who openly defy Church teaching and persecute those who remain faithful to God’s Laws and His teachings.
      I wish that was the balcony of a ship these characters were on and we could send them far out to sea on a deserted land, never to be reckoned with again.

      • The brotherhood of Man. They may (besides, serving themselves!) “seek to serve Mankind” and believe not in
        The Truth of God, Satan, and the FALL of Man, but they most surely ARE already out to sea, far out in deep and
        dark oceans spiritually, in their rejection of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, True Man and True God!

        And indeed perhaps (some of their ilk ) feel privy to some “secret knowledge” about existence itself, shared in their
        private councils but IF so, it is the lies of the Father of LIES!
        How sad, how hideous, how tragic and painful such considerations may and do affect our souls.

      • Consistently credulous, kept in the dark unawares, and spun like a top
        without feeling dizzy.

        That sounds more like a naive mushroom who enjoys amusement park rides….
        I’ll “go out on a limb” here, I don’t think so!

        • Rod, clarity is almost always impeccably achieved by looking at the “small things.” It’s a gesture like this one which speaks volumes. The “big things” are usually too well orchestrated to yield that kind of clarity. The natural reaction of any priest worth his salt would be to be edified by an altar boy with his hands folded. To bring attention to his “hands being stuck” should not even have occurred to him.

          Sorry: I originally posted this in the wrong place.

        • Yes.

          As small a thing as some may feel this to be, this cut me to the bone. it was one of my turning points. It was a scale that fell off my eyes.

          • Rod, clarity is almost always impeccably achieved by looking at the “small things.” It’s a gesture like this one which speaks volumes. The “big things” are usually too well orchestrated to yield that kind of clarity. The natural reaction of any priest worth his salt would be to be edified by an altar boy with his hands folded. To bring attention to his “hands being stuck” should not even have occurred to him.

          • Exactly. The only thing I would ever do is fold my hands with him, or if his were pointed down, would be to smile and take his hands in mine and point them up and tell him we are reaching for God who is above us. And then either pat him on the head with a big smile or congratulate him on his humble service of the Lord. But never to tell him his hands were stuck. It isn’t funny and it betrays the truth of what PF thinks about faithful and traditional servers and Whom and what it is they are serving.

        • I never saw this before. I had read of his sarcastic and mean spirited statements against orthodox priests and knew was not a fan of the TLM, to say the least. But this is little vignette speaks volumes.
          What a nasty, nasty, nasty thing to do to a pious child.

      • In the first place, I find that hard to believe. In the second place, even if it were true, it would be his responsibility to get a grip.

  38. Sickening, as many newsitems are in the last few years. This has to stop! Bishops, priests, pray for courage and go for it. Preach the Gospel, preach the Commandments of God, for Heavens sake. Not some political correct nonsense, you have the responsibility of saving as many souls as you can. Do it, now!

    • One of my best servers is a young man with Downs Syndrome. His joy is to serve at the Holy Sacrifice and I find great joy in his Holy and devout service.

  39. As with a growing number of commenters to this page, my own instant reaction to the election of Mr. Bergoglio was one of intense dislike and distrust—a reaction I expressed at “The Catholic Thing” well before they discontinued their comment section.

    And since that response was for a man of whom I knew absolutely nothing, I couldn’t make up my mind initially whether it was some sort of unprecedented divine inspiration—or a deeply subtle temptation from the devil. Unfortunately most of his subsequent actions and statements have confirmed my instincts.

    This papacy is an utter disaster. But I have to say that I find it far more a matter of deep dismay and disgust rather than quaking fear. To the extent that I am fearful, it is on behalf of family members, friends, fellow parishioners and the general faithful, the vast majority of whom are far too busy earning livings and raising families to be able to follow what to them are the arcane vicissitudes of the Church.

    We are not deceived, I think. Otherwise we wouldn’t know enough to oppose the tyrant so passionately. We do so on behalf of those we love—as João Pedro, just below me, And so we mourn. Yet, even in the lamentation, there is hope…


  40. Bishops and Cardinals have been embracing and slobbering on pro-aborts for over 40 years, and giving them Communion, under four Popes before Bergoglio, and nothing ever happened to any of them–except promotions.

  41. We should not forget that all people who are actively and publicly promoting abortion are excommunicated ipso facto latae sententiae.
    Then the Pope just awarded an excommunicated woman by a prestigious Catholic Order.
    And nobody cares in the Church.
    “Humanly speaking the Church is lost” (Words of the late Cardinal Achille Lienart on his deathbed).

    • I think there might be two errors in what you have written here. First, I think that the latae sententiae excommunications were only for procuring completed abortions; secondly, didn’t the present Holy Father very unwisely remove even that penalty?

      From what little I know of Lilianne Ploumen, I am sure that excommunication would be merited, always assuming she’s Catholic in the first place.

  42. Here’s what she is being awarded for:

    African Development Bank (AfDB), Ex-Officio Member of the Board of Governors
    Asian Development Bank (ADB), Ex-Officio Member of the Board of Governors
    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Ex-Officio Alternate Member of the Board of Governors[14]
    Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), Ex-Officio Member of the Board of Governors
    Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), World Bank Group, Ex-Officio Alternate Member of the Board of Governors[15]
    World Bank, Ex-Officio Alternate Member of the Board of Governors[16]





    God save the Catholic Church.

    • Thanks for the information, Rod.
      I suppose it is possible that the Pope and others see these banks and agencies as good causes accomplishing good things. But as I wrote above, I believe that all the “good deeds” in the world can not outweigh the deliberate killing of a child in his/her mother’s womb, unless the killer repents.

  43. A timely reminder!
    A picture tells a thousand words, THIS is what we are talking about! THIS is what they support and though HIS Justice is delayed,
    for THE MERCY OF GOD IS SO GREAT!! we do DESERVE destruction because of THIS homage to HELL!! And I have
    NO DOUBT that as “humanity” WE WILL PAY DEARLY!!!

  44. If the pope gives her this honor he agrees with her outlook & her actions. He is in agreement with her, obviously. As the 3rd secret of Fatima in part states; the apostasy begins at the top. Pray for him but do not follow him.

    • I came to the love the Church most fully, with my heart and my whole being, as I watched his funeral on television.
      I came to understand the love of suffering for Christ alone through John Paul ll and to love others as Christ loves them.
      It is a great burden to be the leader of the greatest entity on the face of the earth.
      Mistakes made by this pontificate? Yes. But, he gave the Church, he gave humanity so much and how quickly they all have forgotten!

      Thank you for this. I do not know the language, but I thank you for the photo.

  45. Pope Francis is not only acting like the devil, he is looking like him, i.e, shifty, angry, suspicious, ingratiating, duplicitous.

    • That surprises no one. At least, me not.
      But, he had no knowledge about that.
      The question is, while he have knowledge about that now, can we hear any disagreement form him about that act?
      All that kind of ‘safe talk’ is not helping much. Nobody.

  46., After you have completed your recitation of the Most Holy Rosary, please pray the following:

    Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy
    Hail our life, our sweetness and our hope.
    To Thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve.
    To Thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears.
    Turn then, Most Gracious Advocate, Thine eyes of mercy towards us,
    and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus.
    O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.

    V. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.
    R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

    Let us pray. O God, Whose only begotten Son, by His life, death and resurrection has purchased for us the rewards of eternal life; grant, we beseech Thee, that meditating upon these mysteries of the most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we may imitate what they contain, and obtain what they promise. We ask this through the same Christ our Lord. Amen