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1P5 Podcast – Episode 9



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ON TODAY’S EPISODE: Steve addresses the growing concerns that he is really the puppet of a shadowy cabal of moneyed interests. Plus: Ann Barnhardt stops by the show to talk shop: the damage done by the synod, the leadership style of Pope Francis, the dominance of stupid and evil people, the fear that keeps Catholics from speaking out about what’s wrong in the Church, and the strange apology of Michael Voris for reporting the news.


In-Depth – Links from Today’s Episode:

Ann Barnhardt’s Blog

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OnePeterFive Podcast
OnePeterFive Podcast
1P5 Podcast - Episode 9

18 thoughts on “1P5 Podcast – Episode 9”

  1. Regarding the fear that keeps Catholics from speaking out about what’s wrong
    in the Church, I would submit that it’s not fear, per say. It is, rather,

    I picked up on the criticism that those of us who go about our everyday
    lives without speaking or writing about what is happening to the Church, despite
    wondering and having concerns, are stuck in a state of paralysis because we
    have been conditioned to be obedient (or because we are caught up in an
    obsession with worldly pleasures and entertainment). There is truth to this, I
    think. But isn’t it also the case that obedience is a great virtue? It is one
    of the vows taken by most religious, and the act of obedience itself is not dependent upon
    virtue existing in the one who demands it. In his time on earth, Jesus showed
    us examples of obedience to both the religious and secular authorities of
    the day.

    It seems to me that there is not a lot that can be done by the laity, who are
    not charged with the administration of the Church, besides prayer (especially
    the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and fasting. Our Blessed Mother, herself asked for them! And if the laity is not willing to do those two things, then there doesn’t seem to be much value in speaking and writing about these present sorrows of the Church. I share Ann’s concern for souls, as should we all, but I don’t clearly see the connection between speaking about the evils aiming to destroy (which we know they cannot) the Church and helping our Lord to save souls. When the laity speak out, do they not just add to the confusion and lack of clarity that some in the hierarchy are causing? Is it our business as laity to analyze, or is it our business to be obedient and charitable (like lambs to the slaughter) and go on teaching and practicing what we know to be the Truth? Please help me understand your point of view. Where am I going wrong? Maybe the whole thing is that we are not passionate enough in prayer and fasting to save souls, and therefore the outcry about what is happening in the Church is needed to drive more ardent prayer and fasting?

  2. If you have not yet heard this Podcast with guest Ann Barnhardt, then you are in for a treat. I love it when smart straight-talking ladies lead the way showing by example the manliness needed to rise above the crisis in both the church and the world. See it, name it, confront it. I kept hearing all my own wimp impulses being challenged, but true charity gives courage. While speaking up and out on the corruption that has risen to the highest levels in the church, Ann Barnhardt still managed to leave me feeling encouraged. This is no time for denial, to barricade ones’ self inside a bunker mentality.

    “We’ve had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that the world is rotten because of silence.”
    – St. Catherine of Siena

  3. Linked from Ann Barnhardt. Refreshing podcast, Steve doesn’t take HIMSELF to seriously. (Like the accent) Like Ann when she speaks the unvarnished truth. She ought to stop practicing this selectively, like when she fails to address WOMEN’s part in all this for at least the past 50 years.
    Tired of men being scapegoated and Women made to appear more virtuous than they are. They are not, by a long shot. Behind every man there countless women influencing them married or not.

    Like Voris but he is fast becoming a cult of personality at least it seems to me.
    Very good podcast Steve! But I don’t care if you or any one else agrees. I care about the truth all
    of it.

  4. I heard somewhere that there needs to be 33 specific things in the Mass for the maximum Graces to flow from it. Those things have been either changed or eliminated from the Mass over the past 45 years and hence a minimum of Grace and the attendant consequences. Some Feedback.

  5. Enjoyed this a lot.
    I take exception to Ann’s comment that when the asteroid hit, that nobody stood up against it, er, something like that. This is one aspect of the misunderstanding by those who did not live through it….They just don’t get how many people that DID stand up to it, the priests, religious, and bishops that were bullied mercilessly to heartbreak and actual death. The writers like Von Hildebrand, Davies, Hertz, faithful Jesuits – even Ottaviani – who fought the changes as well as they could. Those parishioners who fought pastors as their churches were wrecked and gifts of previous generations thrown in the trash. I have so many examples, witnessed much myself. That generation fought, indeed, and consider how much better a grasp of the Faith existed then too – how much deeper the grief and shock was. But the battle was already prepped for by progressives, the script written, the plan to overcome the many by an evil few was wrought in a most astonishing way. As with all major catastrophes in the Church [and the Old Testament], the people never want it, and the betrayal is always by the hierarchy.
    I admit that there are no personal histories written of those times. So how could anyone know what really happened? How I wish someone would interview the 70, 80, 90 year olds that we still have with us and get that story. We have it better now than they did.

    • Amen, Tina. And t hanks from a veteran of 50 years of standing up against it. Catholics nowadays have no idea how bad it was from 1965 until mid-JPII and even til now.

      • oh I lost my dad in Saigon. He was a civilian POW working for AID captured by the Commies. Died in a malarial coma and declared dead after a couple of years. so we had a little of that Vietnam tragedy stuff going on too.
        So when we got back from Vietnam, having to leave my dad behind us because we didn’t know where he was and the Americans were evacuated as Johnson escalated the war…bam! The Church goes crazy. What horrible destabilized times those 60s were. [As if the distorted music wasn’t enough to make you mad.]
        Rick my heart goes out to you. I am acquainted with many having your experiences.

  6. Jim, you say “This is no time for denial, to barricade ones’ (sic)
    self inside a bunker mentality.” And what do we hope to accomplish
    by crying out? Once we have seen it and named it, in what effective way shall
    we confront it? And what gives us the right to confront it? The Church
    is not a democracy. God established a priestly hierarchy of shepherds and,
    ultimately, He will feed His lambs; feed His sheep (or NOT) by way of it.
    Our duty, as followers of Christ, is to hope and trust and pray and fast and be subject to
    those in authority over us, when it comes to the Church. Blessed are the poor in spirit. Jesus
    showed us that true charity yields humility and obedience, as well as
    courage. I am an old woman who spent most of my life speaking the
    way Ann does, until very recently, when I have come to the conclusion that it
    was possibly sinful for me to do so and definitely ineffective, as Tina pointed out.about those who stood up after the asteroid hit. So, I am just playing Devil’s Advocate, here. Tell me why I shouldn’t think this way?

  7. I love Ann.
    Truth is important.
    Truth is as important in spiritual matters as truth is important in mathematics and physics and sciences, generally.
    The love of God is the love of truth, imo.
    The love of truth is loving God.

  8. Steve:
    Thank you for arranging for, and then sharing this conversation with Ann
    Barhardt at 1P5. I “enjoyed” it very much (perhaps “related to” is a better
    descriptive) and it was very rewarding to listen in to a conversation between
    two “straight shooters”. The link below, from Rorate is to an article there,
    that includes a reference to Ann’s quote attributed to Cardinal Cajetan: “We
    must resist the Pope who publicly destroys the Church”. Its a very excellent
    article that I wish Michael Voris could come down to earth and read, but absent
    that is well worth anyone else reading once or twice.

    friend Steve, from Wisconsin


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