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1P5 Podcast – Episode 6



ON TODAY’S EPISODE: A roundtable discussion with 1P5 contributors Elliot Bougis and Scott Broadway. Battling Cardinals heading into the Synod on Marriage and Family; Synodal expectations; Previous Vatican statements on communion for the divorced and remarried; The questionable rehabilitation of liberation theology.


Relevant Links from Today’s Episode:

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off: The Danger of Weakening Catholic Marriage

1998 CDF Instruction on Communion for the Divorced and Remarried

Quas Primas (Encyclical on the Social Kingship of Christ)

Notre Charge Apostolique “Our Apostolic Mandate” Given by Pope Pius X to the French Bishops, August 15, 1910


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OnePeterFive Podcast
OnePeterFive Podcast
1P5 Podcast - Episode 6

4 thoughts on “1P5 Podcast – Episode 6”

  1. I am still only midway through the podcast but I wanted to say something about the NFP and making having children easier.

    I think traditionally, there was a framework that did support having children while also encouraging moral living (not NFP of course because that is fairly new). Today we see

    1) Putting down or belittling of those who try to live moral and upright lives by associating them with groups like the Pharisees. Most try to portray people who strive for perfection and holiness in their spiritual lives as Pharisaic and those who continue to live in sin as the ones whom Jesus actually approves of more (by twisting every situation in the gospels where Jesus spoke to a repentant sinner by omitting mentioning the fact that the person is repenting).

    2) Destruction of ties with extended family. Traditionally, at least the parents of one of the spouses would usually be either close by residing in the same home. So there was some help given by the grandparents in raising the grandchildren when they are young (which is when it is the hardest). It also meant that society did not need retirement homes where old parents will spend their final moments alone and in loneliness weeping over not being able to see their grandchildren. At times, even families of siblings will be close by so even their assistance is available. In this way, everyone was connected much more tightly and society functioned more fluidly. We have destroyed that and now we are faced with new problems that don’t really have any organic solutions. The organic solution was what we had before.


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