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1P5 Podcast – Episode 16: Sodom’s Revenge

Listen above, or download it here.

On today’s episode, Steve talks about the rising tide of homosexual perversion, and the failure of most of our shepherds to address it – leaving us to do it for them.


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OnePeterFive Podcast
OnePeterFive Podcast
1P5 Podcast - Episode 16: Sodom's Revenge

7 thoughts on “1P5 Podcast – Episode 16: Sodom’s Revenge”

  1. Excellent podcast!!!!!!!!!!!!! You speak so much of what is in our hearts. We are trying to move to a safe haven before it’s too late, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Front Royal, VA. Our hearts have been there for at least 4 years. Selling our house here in Delaware is the stumbling block. Until it sells, we can’t move.

    • Ummm….maybe not but did you happen to catch Raymond Arroyo last night on “World Over” with his interview of * Kasper? If not, you need to watch it. It was pretty much a hard hitting interview. I wonder if they are finally starting to wake up over there?

  2. wow wow wow. How my heart LONGED to hear the truth of what you just said. I have known for at least 20 years now that I have been preparing and suffering for…….something….. Something that smells EXACTLY like what you are talking about. There IS no place for us to escape to. No New World a’la the Pilgrims, etc. There IS no freedom for Christians in this globalized world. So gird your loins Christians and look to our Captain for battle plans. He is coming soon. God Bless you Steve. I will pray for your family and your ministry. Regards.


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