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Podcast, Fundraising Update, And Weekend Anticipation

bars-336714_1280Hey there, intrepid readers!

Today, I recorded a podcast with John Lillis, the founder of Lifeboat Coffee Company. Lifeboat is America’s premiere pro-life Coffee provider, sending a portion of all proceeds to a number of pro-life charities each year. They also provide the coffee we’re now selling at I talk to John about how he got into the coffee business, and where things are going for them as they continue to grow.

Our March fundraiser is now up to 40% of our goal, a huge uptick since the last time I posted. But we still have 60% left to go, and we’re way underfunded for the year. If you can contribute and would like to support our work, please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible contribution today.

Tomorrow is the anticipated release date for the long-awaited Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on Marriage and Family  – the pope’s document synthesizing the two-part, two-year Synod into final recommendations for the Church. Yesterday, I recapped what we know and predicted what we might expect. There’s a possibility that the document will be signed tomorrow but not published, in which case, we’ll have to wait for a final version. Even when that comes out, there could be a delay between its release and an official English translation. At an expected 200 pages, this one is going to be quite a hefty read, so we’ll keep our eye out for it.

And after what seems like a forver-long Lent, next week is Holy Week. We’ll do our best to edify and uplift, not just report the news. We hope you’ve had a spiritually profitable preparation for Easter.

Enjoy your weekend. And if you’re in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeastern United States, don’t freeze. (Rumor has it, we’ll be seeing some snow on Sunday.)

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