Why Are Pius XI Documents Missing from Vatican Website? (UPDATED)

It appears that Pope Pius XI’s documents are missing from the Vatican website where they were once stored. We walk you through just one of the missing documents, the link for which is still available through Google.

Since the (somewhat impromptu) video below was made earlier today, we did some more digging, and it appears that the documents of other popes are still there going back to Pope Clement XII. Pius XI is the one missing page in the list.

Pope Pius XI was a staunch opponent of the kind of ecumenism the Vatican now favors. He also wrote about the Social Kingship of Christ. Could this be why, or is this just an IT error?

A snapshot of the Pius XI page on 10/17/16 shows that it did exist. Here’s the video of what we saw when we went looking:

UPDATE – 10/20/2016: It appears that the works of Pope Pius XI have returned to the Vatican Website. Whatever the reason for their temporary absence, we’re glad to have them back.

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