Peter Kwasniewski’s New Book on the Liturgy Now Available!

In our recent podcast, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski mentioned that his latest book, Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness would soon be available.

And now it is.

Subtitled, Why the Modern Age Needs the Mass of the Ages, the book will focus, as you might expect, on the importance of the Traditional Latin Mass in the life of faith.

From the publisher, we get the synopsis:

The traditional liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church is a highly formal ritual unfolding in layers of elaborate gesture, rich symbolism, whispered Latin, and ancient plainchants. “Experts” after the Second Vatican Council were convinced that such a ritual was irrelevant to “modern man.” To the shock of some, the delight of many, and the surprise of everyone, the old Latin Mass (and much that went along with it) has tenaciously survived during the past half-century and become an increasingly familiar feature in the Catholic landscape. What are the reasons for this revival, especially among the young? And why is this development so important for the renewal of Catholicism?

Peter Kwasniewski offers a lively account of the noble beauty and transcendent holiness of the traditional Roman liturgy, which humbles us before the mystery of God, stirs us with its pageantry, carries us into sacred silence, and bears us to a world of invisible realities. He contrasts this priceless treasure with the rationalistic reforms of the sixties, which yielded a Catholic liturgy severed from its own history, inadequate to its theological essence, unequal to its ascetical-mystical purpose, and estranged from its cultural inheritance. His conclusion: if there is to be a new springtime in the Church, the widespread restoration of the traditional liturgical rites will be at the heart of it.

Peter is a regular 1P5 contributor, a sacred music composer, a very sharp theologian who knows more about the liturgy than anyone probably should, and a friend. I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book to add to your collection. It won’t be a disappointment.

You can get it right now from Amazon – and if you like it, I encourage you to review the book there. There’s a single grumpy and incredibly biased 1-star review from someone who takes issue with the premise without ever addressing the case Peter makes. The book deserves better.

Peter has also asked me to share an announcement about

an upcoming concert of my sacred choral works, including several premieres, to be sung by The Ecclesia Choir under the direction of Timothy Woods. The concert will held at St. John Cantius Catholic Church in Chicago on Sunday, June 25, at 3:30 pm.

Get more information and a look at the program at New Liturgical Movement

A preview of the work is here, and it’s absolutely stunning:

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