OneVaderFive: We Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

Something I try to avoid here are the internecine squabbles that crop up from time to time between members of the Catholic blogosphere. When I do have criticisms of other writers, I usually try to restrict it to my own analysis of their commentary, and the ideas contained therein. It’s a delicate balance, because when it becomes personal or insulting, as can often be the case, it damages the credibility of everyone involved. (And as the oldest of six children with three younger brothers, I all too easily fall back into a sort of bullying juvenility. Old habits…)

There is a certain quarter of the Catholic Internet, however, that has apparently become obsessed with me and our work here. Readers have been alerting me to these posts — some of which even use my name in the title for extra punch — and there must be half a dozen of these little diatribes and counting in just the past few weeks. I can’t say I’ve read more than one or two of them. Mostly, these are written by a couple fellows without many readers who appear to imagine that drumming up such a conflict might garner some interest in their blogs.

I have no interest in playing that game. We work too hard to earn our traffic here by squandering it on folks who want to build their own audience by tearing us down. That said, they’ve done something I have come to appreciate. It appears that in an attempt to be funny, they’ve taken to calling this website “One Vader Five”.

I have to admit, I like it. It has a nice ring to it. And of course, the tagline that comes immediately to mind is just too perfect: “We find your lack of faith disturbing.”

Since I’d hate to see creativity like this go to waste, I made some alternate branding collateral for anyone to download and use on their social media profiles or websites. There’s a full logo:


And a 1×1 icon for your various profile images, if you’re so inclined:


Also, if you’re feeling particularly evil, you may now access this website by going to I’m sure the guys responsible will use this whenever linking to us. (You’re welcome!)

(And before you ask: yes, no doubt I’ll also be making some merchandise available in the future.)

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