On the Road Again

Many of you have probably noticed that I’ve been more quiet than usual lately. That’s because my family and I are moving again.

Some of you might recall that I moved West in 2016. There were family matters that needed tending to out in the Arizona desert, and after making multiple trips across country to try to deal with them from afar we decided to set up shop here for a while.

Well, we’ve done about all we can here, the lease on our house ends at the end of February, and we decided it’s time to head back home to Virginia. I’m currently in the middle of packing, selling items we won’t be bringing with us, and loading up our U-Haul pods for shipment next week. Then it’ll be a week on the road and taking the time to settle in on the other end.

I will be checking in here when I can, and if possible, I’d like to write a bit from the road, but moving 8 people, a dog, and two cars across country is a time-consuming affair.

In the mean time, our intrepid (and recently-married!) associate editor, Drew Belsky, will be holding down the fort in my absence. This is a great time for you to send in your submissions if you’d like to see if writing for 1P5 is for you. Interested writers should send pitches or completed document drafts to submissions (at) onepeterfive (dot) com.

(For those of you who support our work through mail-in donations, the current Arizona address will continue to work until we get a new mailbox set up on the other end.)

Thanks for your patience as we make this transition.

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