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On Pragmatic Theologians


O practiced hand of theory, ever taking
paths that lead to “useful,” even making
knowledge of divine like kit instructions
turning points of dogma into functions:

Away! and take your scheming sermons with you.
I will not hear conclusions that your myth drew.
For I seek wisdom, truth, illumination —
but you say truth depends on situation.

Fall in the arms of God, and you will see, then,
That pragmatists are worse than any heathen,
For to have seen, but still “explain” God’s graces,
is like a pen that writes and, just as fast, erases.

Yet there is hope for all (for God is gracious)
no matter how wrong-headed or fallacious.
For I once thought as you — but I was youthful,
and now know only truth makes something truthful.


Spring 2012

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