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October Fundraising Update – 90% to Go!

We had a great month in September, rallying from a serious deficit to exceed our monthly goal. But we’re officially at mid-month today, and we’ve only just scraped across the 10% mark of what we need to finish the month in the black.

A huge thank you to those of us who pushed us through September and have donated again in October. We see the same names again and again, and we are eternally grateful!

As I say every month, our donor base keeps this apostolate in business. But did you know that out of over 1.7 million readers who have come to enjoy what 1P5 has to offer, just 1,390 of them have supported us financially? 1,390 people have kept us alive, and have allowed us to become one of the most influential and most widely-read Catholic websites in the world. We can never offer them enough gratitude for what they have done.


If you have never made a contribution to our work, would you prayerfully consider doing so today? If you’re here, you know the value of the Catholic insight and analysis we provide. Please know that we simply can’t do it without your help.


We also understand that times are hard for many people. We know you’re struggling too. Every donation of $10 or $20 is a huge step in helping us to meet our financial goals. And if for some reason it’s simply impossible for you to do so, we ask again for your prayers that we will obtain the resources we need to pay all of our debts and satisfy our pressing obligations — and to continue to do more and better work than ever.

Our Lord says in Matthew’s Gospel, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” I’ve referred to this before as the “Matthew 6:33 Principle,” and I stand by it. We strive every day to do His work, to seek His Kingdom and righteousness, and we hope and pray that He will send His instruments — instruments like you — to see to our temporal needs.

Please help us to meet our financial goal this month. Thank you and God bless you.

1 thought on “October Fundraising Update – 90% to Go!”

  1. Steve, the question is: What are the requirements to achieve continuous financial commitment to 1P5?
    —Being a serious committed conservative or traditional Catholic.
    —Grave concern about the current state of the Catholic Church especially Pope Francis.
    —A belief that many people will go to hell because the Church has stopped being Catholic.
    —etc. To be filled in by other readers.

    The next step would be to survey readers to find out who there are and their level of concern about the Church.

    Assume three level of commitment from Not Very, Moderate, Over the Top.

    Identify Over the Top folks. Enlist them is some kind of 1P5 Society having certain benefits. Get them to commit X amount $ each month.

    Say lots of prayers for guidance.


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