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The Infrastructure for the Immanent Reign of Antichrist

Above: Sermon on the Deeds of the Antichrist by Luca Signorelli (1450–1523).

We know from René Girard, and personal and historical experience interpreted through an honest lens, that if one is not under complete obedience to Christ, one is under obedience to Satan in one idolatrous form or another, but with a common denominator of scapegoating, for the latter is the inexorable form that rejection of the Gospel takes. Scapegoating is the complete counterfeit and antithesis of Christianity: The scapegoater is “saved” by hating the evil in another and loving the good in himself (as evidenced by his righteous hatred), while the Christian is saved by hating the evil in himself and loving the good in another, namely, Christ and his neighbor. Socially and politically, scapegoating takes the form of trauma-based, ideological brainwashing (to produce the fear and hatred of the designated evil) and coordinated, ritual, sacrificial violence (to liturgically purify oneself and the world of the designated evil). Add to this the most advanced diabolical technology of power, a power serving the authority of a multitude of ideologies, which are all mere denominations of the meta-ideologies of Luciferian Freemasonry and Talmudic Kabbalah, and occult sorcerers, perfect psychopaths, with God-hating ideologues wielding this power at the very heart of the system and obeyed mindlessly by thousands of ruthless, self-serving, and virtue-signaling bureaucrats strategically placed, millions of lesser functionaries who have internalized the commands of their oppressors, and the billions rendered defenseless against and thus ineluctably swept up in the global scapegoating contagion. And what you have is the complete infrastructure for the immanent reign of Antichrist, who will rule the world with his demonically empowered accusing finger, which no merely human power will be able to resist.

What has allowed this Antichrist infrastructure to be built; this “return of the Strong Gods” of Moloch, Asmodeus, and Baal; this resurrection of the pagan occult system of sexual debauchery and human sacrificial scapegoating, the worship of power wielded on behalf of itself? In a word, the corrupted element of the Catholic Church has allowed it. Jesus Christ conquered Satan’s kingdom and the power of sin that had made it regnant and invincible, replacing it with the Holy Spirit, the power of Grace, and His Mystical Body, but it was up to the baptized to preserve, defend, and extend this Divine Kingdom throughout the world unto the end of time. Satan’s kingdom was definitively conquered, but the war was not over. The struggle to extend the Kingdom against Satan and his minions, both within and without the Church, culminated in medieval Christendom, which successfully repressed, marginalized, and disempowered the enemies of the Gospel through its universal and loyal recognition of the authority of the Church and the wielding of power in obedience to it, with the Popes serving as the ultimate katechons, restraining the power of Satan on earth.

Fast forward eight centuries to the year 2020, when the world witnessed the occupier of the papal throne authorizing the cessation of the Church’s Holy Sacrifice during Holy Week, the source and summit of all Reality and hence all Authority, in mindless obedience to the Great Lie and in obeisance to power with no authority. The whole world woke up one day and found itself imprisoned in a global totalitarianism the likes of which had never been seen. Instead of commanding the faithful to reject unequivocally this murderous hoax and psyop requiring the world to worship fear, reject truth, hate their neighbor, and deny the authority of reality, thereby serving its unique charge as the Katechon saving the world from itself, the Church committed treason against her Lord, her flock, and the unbaptized, who are now creating a Hell on earth in rebellion against the Logos. As Father Mawdsley urges us in his new book If You Believed Moses, we must pray especially for the conversion of the Jews.

And it’s the same treason of the evil, Christ-hating Bergoglio and all the antichurch bishops and priests and laity who now constitute the Body of the Devil hiding in the Church, who are causing, not only by not restraining but also by actively promoting, the abominable evils unleashed after the inauguration of the Great Scamdemic Lie:

  • The now completely unrestrained spiritual and moral lawlessness and upside-down world of child sexual mutilation defined as loving affirmation and malicious rape-thirsty pedophiles characterized as heroes and role models for children
  • The installation of the groundwork for genetically destroying most of the world’s population with the rest living under complete mental and physical enslavement in Hunger Games silos euphemistically named “smart cities.”
  • Aggressive and mendacious military attacks based upon outrageous lies and using gullible nations’ young men as canon fodder to trigger nuclear war at the behest of a global criminal mafia, all propagandazied as “freedom and democracy.”

The Church must, before it is too late, name and condemn those malicious ruling groups of the unbaptized, including especially in elite positions of power who reject the Torah and Jesus Christ and impose this rejection on Christian population. We need an all-out evangelization campaign, not useless “dialogue.” The Catholic prelates and laity who are traitors to the Church must be unmasked and excommunicated. We must present a strong, courageous, manly, authoritative Church, tempered by genuine compassion and humility, to the world, so that men of good will recognize in us their Lord. Our Lady of Fatima told us that the world would be chastised by the persecution of the Church, and I think we can see now what this means. The world needs to be rescued from itself by the Church, but the traitors within, as well as the cowardly, worldly, scandalous, and lukewarm, have rendered her all but unable to bear witness to the Truth and restrain the world’s evil, let alone save it.

The antichurch from within (“progressive” Catholics) and the Beast from without (the WEF, WHO, CDC, UN, American Deep State, the Oligarchs installed in every country, the Freemasons and Kabbalists, etc.) are making war on the faithful remnant, and it is going to get much worse. See the truth, pray constantly, live in the Divine Will, and speak the truth with courage in love. Only when the Church is the Church and not an ape of itself will the world be saved from its malice against God and its self-destructive insanity. But right now, the Church is damning, not saving, the world.

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