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New Film Shines a Spotlight on the Crisis in the Vatican

Editor’s note: the following is from Paul Stark, Director of the forthcoming film, The Vatican Deception.

There’s a new feature documentary film coming to theaters on January 18, 2018 called The Vatican Deception. It’s a powerful investigation into the past century through the lens of the Fatima prophecies, and it offers insights into the current crisis in the Vatican, how the crisis is linked to key global events, and why there’s a battle in the Vatican to conceal the prophecies. Those who know the story will see many familiar themes compiled in a comprehensive documentary designed to captivate the experts as much as those who know little or nothing about it. The film also reveals to anyone trying to make sense of these turbulent times that if you look back on all the natural disasters, terrorism, mass shootings, fraud, violence, greed, and “wars and rumours of wars” (Matt. 24:6) in the context of these prophecies, you get a sobering perspective on why the world appears to be spinning out of control.

What’s astonishing these days is how many people have never heard of the prophecies about the three secrets of Fatima. It’s astonishing because back in the 1950s, everyone knew about them. They were popularized in the media when Warner Bros released a Hollywood feature about them, and the Fatima film was nominated for an Academy Award in 1953. The world knew about the first two secrets of Fatima that were published during World War II, and the world awaited the revelation of the mysterious Third Secret in 1960. But the moment Pope John XXIII came into power in 1958, there was silence. The prophecies and the missing text fell into obscurity, and today, most of the world knows nothing about them. The world’s most remarkable mystery disappeared…but not entirely.

There are those adherents to the Roman Mass who preserve the memory of these prophecies with special respect. On this conflict – between those who preserve the secrets of Fatima and those who suppress them – rests the fate of humanity, according to the prophecies of Fatima, because its outcome will determine whether the world will suffer unimaginable calamities or enjoy a remarkable period of peace. It is therefore reasonable to ask: if such prophecies have a flawless track record about earlier predictions, and if they predict future global devastation, and if they have given us a message about how to protect ourselves in these times, is it not paramount that we all should know about them, whether or not we choose to accept them? The Vatican Deception provides sufficient testimonies for its audience to answer this question for themselves, beginning with an illustration of the historical context for these prophecies, then leading us into a comprehensive investigation that reveals why these prophecies are so relevant today.

The documentary’s production spans over seven years and two very different popes, and it features more than four years of research. The heartbeat of the documentary is one individual and his battle with the Vatican. It tells the story of his mission to promote the prophecies of Fatima and the incredible efforts to sabotage his work. Through the struggle of one man, we come to understand that something monumental is taking place – something that might best have been summarized by Pope Benedict XVI, who read the Third Secret of Fatima. As Cardinal Ratzinger, he gave us a chilling glimpse into the hidden message of Fatima when he did an interview with Jesus Magazine, published on November 11, 1984. In this interview, he was asked the following question:

“Cardinal Ratzinger, have you read what is called the Third Secret of Fatima [i.e., the one that Sister Lucia had sent to Pope John XXIII and which the latter did not wish to make known and consigned to the Vatican archives]?”

In reply, Cardinal Ratzinger said: “Yes, I have read it.”

The response was so frank that it provoked a further question: “Why has it not been revealed?”

To this, Ratzinger replied: “Because, according to the judgement of the popes, it adds nothing to what a Christian must know concerning what derives from Revelation – i.e., a radical call for conversion; the absolute importance of history; the dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore of the world. And then the importance of the ‘Novissimi’ (the last events at the end of time). If it is not made public – at least for the time being – it is in order to prevent religious prophecy from being mistaken for a quest for the sensational. But the things contained in this ‘Third Secret’ correspond to what has been announced in Scripture and has been said again and again in many other Marian apparitions, first of all that of Fatima.”

What Cardinal Ratzinger said here is no insignificant thing! How did such an explosive statement become so forgotten?

The Vatican Deception provides a comprehensive examination into the details, and what it unveils is arguably the most important story of our times. And despite its ominous themes, it provides a message of hope. Ultimately, in the story of Fatima, there is a remarkable answer that mitigates the horrific devastation it predicts.

The film’s movie trailer and details can be seen at

62 thoughts on “New Film Shines a Spotlight on the Crisis in the Vatican”

  1. It might be that the Rosary rallies in Poland and Ireland are the beginning of the fight back. We need to not lose impetus. Maybe if all of us who say the Rosary add a decade a day that others will start to say it too, it will snowball.

  2. From the article:

    The response was so frank that it provoked a further question: “Why has it not been revealed?” To this, Ratzinger replied: “Because, according to the judgement of the popes, it adds nothing to what a Christian must know concerning what derives from Revelation – i.e., a radical call for conversion; the absolute importance of history; the dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore of the world.”

    If we take the line “it adds nothing to what a Christian must know concerning what derives from Revelation” in the sense in which Ratzinger offered it, we might just as well say that all the Marian apparitions over the last 200 years can safely be ignored because, by definition, they add nothing to what a Christian must know from Revelation. However, this misses the point spectacularly. The point of Our Lady’s apparitions is to warn us of the urgency of our conversion to Christ, the misery of our current situation and the dangers which threaten us if we continue along our current path. It is precisely to warn us that we are ignoring Revelation at our own peril. That is why the Third Secret should have been published when Our Lady requested. The point is not to add anything to Revelation. It is to bring us back to Revelation’s essential message.

    IMHO, the current crisis, the monster called Francis and the Vatican II trainwreck all had their genesis in the Church’s miserable response to the Virgin’s requests at Fatima. When the Church began to procrastinate over the Consecration of Russia and John XXIII tossed the Third Secret in a drawer and said “this does not concern this pontificate” (or something similar), it demonstrated a species of faithlessness in God’s protection and providence for which we are now being roundly chastised.

  3. “There are many Catholics who know all about the prophecies of Fatima, of Medjugorge, etc., but who have never read the Book of Ezra.” Since I cannot remember the quote exactly, I had to paraphrase this comment from my Scripture prof of a few years ago. In other words, we have Divine Revelation, the Word of GOD, which we are obliged to believe. Why, then, the neverending focus on the appearances of Our Lady, which we are not obliged to believe? Of course, it was amazing condescension on the part of Our Lady and of God Himself to accommodate themselves to our lassitude at Fatima, but do we really need the Third secret Fatima to jolt us into the prayer and fasting for sinners that she requested there, in 1917?

    The world is awash in sin, and the United States in particular has been a primary vector of sinful “lifestyles” and the culture of death. If we have any familiarity with Scripture at all, do we have any doubts what is very likely to happen to a country that has not only killed upwards of 50,000,000 of its own unborn, and has exported the culture of death, a culture of extreme sensuality, wherever it could throughout the world? The world is rushing toward nuclear war and even in the Catholic press we find this dynamic ascribed to Trump. He may, in the end, be an instrumental cause, but only that.

    Scripture throughout is simply permeated with the notion that sin brings punishment. And at this point it is so overwhelmingly obvious that we surely no longer need to be the least bit curious about the Third Secret of Fatima, for its contents are easy enough to infer both from events and their trajectory.

    Yet, will we repent, we Catholics and Christians? Will we throw the secular media out of our homes? Will we pray and fast for sinners as Our Lady requested? Don’t hold your breath, for to us it is perfectly obvious who should repent: the Others, particularly abortionists, movies producers, homosexuals, etc., etc. As for us, have we done anything wrong?

    • “And at this point it is so overwhelmingly obvious that we surely no
      longer need to be the least bit curious about the Third Secret of
      Fatima, for its contents are easy enough to infer both from events and
      their trajectory.” Well said.

      • If the murder of children — and not only that, but OUR OWN children — and not only that, but our own children when they are MOST vulnerable, innocent, and dependent on us for protection — is not a sin that cries out to heaven, then I don’t know what is.

        Interestingly, procured abortion is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible. But I believe that is because to a Hebrew, to a Jew in Biblical times, deliberate abortion simply was not even thinkable. I remember the story told by an American missionary in Africa. She told me that when, a couple of decades ago, she was telling some of her African friends — “primitive” villagers in a remote area — about the widespread abortion going on in her own country, they did not believe her… not just about the scope of abortion, but about its very existence. They simply could not get their heads around the idea of a mother killing her own baby in her womb.

        • Thirty years ago, a friend of mine told Cardinal Jaime Sin, just before an event the Cardinal was to attend, that Ted Kennedy would be there, and that Kennedy was pro-abortion. “But that’s impossible! He’s a Catholic!”

          • Of course, by that time Teddy was also a drunkard and a murderer (or, at least, had committed manslaughter). Like all Joe Kennedy’s sons, he was mostly pro-Kennedy.

          • Old Joe raised ’em to be moral cretins. Took ’em to prostitutes and so on. I know we’re not supposed to “judge” whether individuals, but some people so obviously deserve it that it is hard not to make that conclusion.

        • To Jews in Biblical times children were considered a great blessing and a sign of God’s favor. Now they’re a psychologically debilitating illness, a medical inconvenience and a threat to personal liberty.

          • Except when wanted–which of course can be controlled by stopping the pill, not aborting, IVF or whatever have you–are commodotized. They are considered a “right”.

            There’s a sad commercial I saw the other day that shows the logical inconsistency of people in our times: a woman finds out she’s pregnant and is thrown a “clump of cells” shower by her friends complete with a cake that has written in icing “Congratulations on Your Clump of Cells” and later another woman is signing “Go to sleep glob of indeterminate tissue” to her clearly pregnant stomach.

            I saw a woman who supports abortion absolutely break down into hysterics when a friend of hers lost a baby at 21 weeks. My wife and I actually had to walk away from her without consoling her because we both wanted to ask why she was so upset about a lump of cells being expelled from her friend’s body.

        • My and wife have two children: a beautiful seventeen month old daughter with us here on earth and a baby of indeterminate gender who died before my wife was even sure she was pregnant in Heaven. We have since found out the miscarriage was likely caused thanks to an overactive thyroid, but every medical remedy for that puts an unborn child in grave danger of miscarriage or birth defects. Even the least worst option (which we are about to pursue) means that we cannot have another child for at least another 2 years. My wife has accepted the situation with the patience of a saint, but I know she suffers greatly not being able to have more children, at least temporarily.

          The thought that women (and the men who impregnate and then pressure them to have abortions) just throw their unborn children away in the most violent way possible perplexes and infuriates me.

      • I think Sr. Lucy said something about the third secret becoming evident from the events themselves that take place. That seems to be what is happening.

    • Have I done anything wrong? Yes. Are my sins tantamount to abortion, producing or starring in pornography or committing homosexual acts (e.g. Sins that cry out to
      Heaven for vengeance)? No!

      God does not potentially annihilate mankind for venial sins like lies or losing one’s temper or gluttony. Biblical texts regarding cataclymsimic chastisements such as the Deluge, Sodom and Gomorrah and the destruction of the Temple are brought about by perversion and denying God, killing Him in the form of Christ’s crucifixion.

      We must repent and be penitent, pray fervently and keep God’s commandments. But please do not try to equate homosexual acts with being distracted during prayer or abortion with wasting time at work or adultery with being too quick to anger. Some sins are worse than others and we are supposed to object to sin wherever we see it. I am not going to keep my mouth shut about the disgusting things going on in the world just because I sometimes anger too quickly or have one too many drinks once every three or four months.

      • Well, I take your point . . .to an extent. Of course, the peccadilloes of a good Catholic or Christian are not at all equivalent to the seven deadly sins either in the guilt they incur nor the punishment they bring down. Nevertheless, our indignation at the situation we see all around us does have an ironic aspect. The tongue clucking, the indignation, the revulsion at the Babylon we see rising up around us day by day is endless. Of course we should speak out, protest, demonstrate. And yet by and large we Catholics and Christians have fully co-operated in our own corruption, especially in the seduction of our own children.

        For the past sixty years, the Catholic family has typically spent three to fours a day being de-evangelized by television. Against this the bishops, pastors and fathers of families (on the whole) have done nothing, and I mean nothing. And over the course of this period the industry has been walking down our morals very deliberately. At one time I was researching industry periodicals and saw a quote from a high-ranking TV executive that said something like this: “We are trying to move the country to the left about 4% a year” and he meant morally to the left. Well, they have succeeded. At one time I was very energized about this and was trying, on this basis, to persuade Catholic families, and especially fathers, to ditch their TVs. Yet, eventually I realized that everyone essentially knew this and had decided that they did not want to give up anything in order to keep their children from being corrupted.

        Of course, all this applies mutatis mutandi to other secular media, too, newspapers, magazines, the internet.

        So now, after many years of bringing their children to Sunday Mass, of sending them to parochial school, of saying the family rosary now and then, they have children and grandchildren among some of whom are homosexual, some who are cohabiting, some who have divorced and re-married, most of whom whom have left the faith, and in looking over this shambles Catholic parents say to one another, “We did everything we could!” Did they? In fact, they permitted their children to be scandalized by the hour, day after day, year after year. The priest had an hour on Sunday to sanctify his people and instruct them, but did not protest vociferously against their being secularized the rest of the week. Nor should he have needed to, for it was perfectly obvious. The children were handed over to advertisers, to sit-coms, to sex and violence and materialism. And now we wonder why we have a vocations crisis. O, it’s a big mystery alright. It is a mystery, too, why we have the moral chaos all around us, which moral chaos is heavily populated by and even heavily promoted by ex-Catholics, who instead of being formed in the faith were corrupted in their own homes.

        Yet, we have done nothing wrong. It is the others. If only they would repent!

        • Yes, a big yes, to this comment. When I look back on my own life I see that there is no one responsible for the shambles in my own family but ME. Every time any Catholic compromises the Faith in the smallest way the evil grows. Multiply that by about a billion and what we see around us is the result.

      • Sister Lucia commented about this once. I can’t look up the quote right now, but her words were something to the effect that when political leaders of a country are endorsing evil things, when they’re elected, the entire populace is held responsible, for putting/keeping them in office.

        • I think we get the leaders we deserve and immoral, poor leadership can is a chastisement of all of society. I find it hard to believe, however, that we all get blamed for the poor choices we have with regard to leaders. Christ himself commanded us to spread the good news, to be salt and light and leaven, but he also told us that we are to shake the dust off our sandals and walk away from people who will not listen or amend their ways.

          Ergo, I don’t think every single person in this country is being held responsible for the leaders we have. There are a lot of very good, holy people working toward heaven and nothing else.

  4. I have the feeling that John XXIII (and others) refused to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart because “let not Thy Will be done, Lord, but mine.” It recalls the Grand Inquisitor from Brothers Karamazov. In any event, what B XVI said is no doubt true, but note well that the radical call for conversion, the absolute importance of history, and so forth *are no longer being taught to the faithful* – Revelation is no longer being taught, it’s immanentizing the eschaton these days. What terrible mistakes our shepherds have made regarding Fatima, even my beloved Benedict. I wonder how many realize this now?

    • Thank you for mentioning Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor! I have been thinking of that image/story SO OFTEN lately!! Glad to know someone else is, too. Dostoevsky was Russian Orthodox, very hostile to the Catholic church based in Rome, and his villain was obviously meant to be the pope. But in our own time, it would seem that THIS pope really does fit the bill.

      • While it’s true that Dostoevsky was hostile to Rome, I don’t think he meant the Grand I. to be a polemic against the Roman Church. Remember, the tale is being told by Ivan, and it comes right after Ivan tells Aloysha that he rejects God and His creation because he believes it to be built on a foundation of suffering. The G.I. is like the corollary to this rejection – if you reject the Cross (suffering) what remains but to take up Satan’s 3 temptations and rule people through their stomachs and pleasure and lead them down the broad, easy road to perdition? The Inquisitor is speaking for Ivan. A lot of churchmen in D’s time began to feel this way – probably also in the Orthodox church – but certainly in our own too and now, today, they rule the roost. Few ever talk of sin, suffering and redemption, it’s all social justice and good works projects. It’s not just Francis, I’d say many bishops and priests are embarrassed by things like Fatima, prophecy, rosary crusades and so forth, and would rather talk about their latest capital campaign to build a shelter or new school or whatever. The Grand Inquisitor perfectly captures the mentality of the majority of modern clergy.

    • The first time I read that story of the Grand Inquisitor was an excerpt that Fr. Vincent P. Miceli included in his book on The Antichrist

  5. When we view matters from a position of management as I experienced as Chief of Chaplain Svc at a VA medical center they assume variations prev unseen. I trust Benedict XVI’s judgment as he stated why he hadn’t revealed the Vatican “deception”. I’m freer than the Pontiff to express my opinion on the content of the Fatima Secret. It appears to reference the long held opinion of some that in End Times heresy and persecution of the faithful will stem not from without the Church but from within. Specifically from the top as one Cardinal now deceased had said. To be succinct from a Roman Pontiff. Before he died Cardinal Caffarra was convinced that the letter he received from Sr Lucia that the Final Test would be Satan’s assault on the family. He added that we are now living in that final phase. We see this in the growing comfort of the Vatican with homosexuality and same sex marriage. And with the latest controversy on communion for D&R and the Pontiff’s affirmation by inclusion of controversial letters into Acta Apostolica. I’ll end my take on the Secret with St Hildegard of Bingen’s Scriva in which she describes in her vision Mother Church struggling to give birth. A birth that emerges from her bowels envisioned as a dark demonic head with flaming eyes. The difficulty Benedict foresaw in revealing the secret if indeed it does relate to a Roman Pontiff is understandable because we have no way of knowing with certitude who it is. Although many have pointed to the present Pontiff. He certainly has given us cause for grave concern. Nonetheless he may soon disappear and a new Pontiff elected. Satan may be bidding his time. What is essential is that we hold fast to the Apostolic Tradition and refuse this Pontiff’s machinations to repudiate that Tradition. In that we can do no wrong and we please God alone.

    • “The difficulty Benedict foresaw in revealing the secret if indeed it
      does relate to a Roman Pontiff is understandable because we have no way
      of knowing with certitude who it is.” Very good point, alas.

    • I have the impression that there will not be another Pope after the ultimate disaster embodied by Bergoglio. How is it possible to think a new pontificate after the Argentinian flood? This man, as he self defined the man of “the end of the world”, is the man of the final crumbling of everything, the horrible monster of Hell, the one who will almost oblige the Almighty to put an end to the unlimited shame on earth with His flaming Sword.

      • It seems Riccardo it is as you say. I only hope and pray for recovery of the Church which at this stage may be irreversible. The Catholic Catechism states at the Final Judgment Christ not the remnant of the Church will expose and vanquish the Antichrist and Satan’s unprecedented spread of evil. That is more evident today than crises in the past because it is the Church itself that is being suffocated [clerics who remain oblivious and silent] and besmirched [the delegates of the Imposter in the Vatican] by evil within.

        • I sometimes try to imagine, how should a new Pope, a new honest and truly Catholic one, come out to the crowd gathered in St Peter Square to tell something… Catholic!
          “Well, dear brothers and sisters, well… There have been troubles in the last years, you know… Ehm… My predecessor, ehm, ehm, you know, he was… COUGH!… ehm he was… Not such a good Pope, let’s say… Someone even thinks he was an… Ehm, well, maybe the Antichrist, you see, and… Well, yes, indeed, you know, he surely had a nice smile, but… Really, I don’t like to say such things to you, he was so telegenic and open-minded, sure, sure, but, well, Our Lord in the Gospels had a different point of view on many subjects, and… Me too, of course, even if I don’t really mean to be rude, but, ehm, I can’t accept, I can’t fully accept his teachings about family, ehm, and about homosexuality [here, after ten minutes there will probably be a kind of blitz intervention of the Italian Police arresting the New Pope, immediately declared Enemy of Mankind and put in jail and the key thrown away, so:end of the dissident new pontificate!!!!]
          And here my sad imagination stops before falling into total depression!

          • In the manner of #6 (“The Prisoner”). faithful Catholics are increasingly considered: Unmutual.

        • The Lord Himself has given a preliminary response to the Church and the world, which – having been ignored first by Francis and then by both secular and religious media (including 1Peter5) – is to be revealed on Christmas Day in a blog on the web. Watch for a forthcoming YouTube promotion about the Barque of Peter

      • Ummm…no. He’s really not. He could be so much worse. At worst, he is paving the way for someone far more wicked and less blatantly so, like the first demon who is cast only for the vacuum to be filled with seven demons.

  6. To this, Ratzinger replied: “Because, according to the judgement of the
    popes, it adds nothing to what a Christian must know concerning what
    derives from Revelation – i.e., a radical call for conversion; the
    absolute importance of history; the dangers threatening the faith and
    the life of the Christian, and therefore of the world. And then the
    importance of the ‘Novissimi’ (the last events at the end of time). If
    it is not made public – at least for the time being – it is in order to
    prevent religious prophecy from being mistaken for a quest for the
    sensational. But the things contained in this ‘Third Secret’ correspond
    to what has been announced in Scripture and has been said again and
    again in many other Marian apparitions, first of all that of Fatima.”

    LOL, then why bother with any private revelation?

  7. In my humble opinion I think this movie is not going to help the traditional movement. The trailer seems to have Malachi Martin speaking – a very dubious figure in Church history, among others not named, and a cranky woman demanding to know ‘who ordered this’. The message of Fatima is a message of hope, but many have created an almost cult like following about the Fatima message based not on prayer, and reparation, but on knowing what catastrophe – nuclear war, antichrist,etc – the Blessed Mother was trying to tell us about, and what the post VII Popes have been hiding from us.
    The amazing thing is we already know what the Blessed Mother was trying to tell us – pray the Rosary, do penance, make reparation. Unfortunately some people like sensationalism and those things previously mentioned are definitely not sensational. God does not work in sensational ways, from what I gather God usually works in mysteriously quiet ways that are more often than not overlooked.
    Living in fear is not God’s plan for mankind, “Be not afraid” “Fear is useless” and I really think Jesus meant it.
    Jezu, ufam Tobie!

    • Kathy:

      I am not a textbook traditionalist as I attend NO Mass–LRM is not a possibility due to distance. But I consider myself to believe in the pre-VII Church an despise what the Church has become thanks to liberals radicals.

      That said, Malachi Martin may be controversial but how much of what he discussed has come to pass? The total profanation of the Mass, a pope resigning, liberals ramming through a leftists agenda, satanists and homos running the Vatican, the Vatican trying to align itself with a possible NWO/one world government of elites. Hair raising stuff to be honest. Like him or not, he certainly predicted and/or disclosed a lot of prescient “stuff”.

        • If you listen to his–I think–last interview with Art Bell, he talks about a cabal of liberal bishops that would try to force JPII to resign, that they hated him. They never forced JPII to resign, obviously, but his successor and very close number two/intellectual collaborator did resign.

          Was Pope Benedict XVI “forced” to resign? He says not and I’ll take him at his word. Yet there are other stories floating around about Obama/liberal bishops threatening to shut down Vatican banking operations if he didn’t resign.

          Either way, it’s astonishing to think of him talking about a pope resigning. Who in the last 300 years imagined a pope resigning? It had happened once in 2000 years prior to BXVI. And we certainly know how much both the secular left and leftist churchmen despise(d) BXVI, especially following the speech at Regensburg.

    • “The trailer seems to have Malachi Martin speaking…”

      I have personally spoken to Father Malachi Martin when he was alive, and I didn’t hear his voice in the trailer. It opens with the voice of Father Gruner.

      • Try listening to the voice at :35 seconds into the video. ” … whom we know, in their intimate lives, don’t believe a damned thing” (speaking of bishops, presumably).

    • Every saying has its counter-saying: “Be not afraid” balances “work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Those who take their faith seriously, however sinful they may be, ought to “be not afraid.” Those who don’t ought to be very afraid.

      In his “Ascent of Mt. Carmel” St. John of the Cross says that no man knows, at any given moment, just how deserving of God’s wrath he may or may not be. “Be not afraid,” then, is as much a challenge as it is a reassurance. We have to trust that we have a reason, based on our own actions as well as on God’s promise, to “fear not.”

      It is precisely in order that we may have faith and that we may “be not afraid” that Our Lady warns of catastrophes to come. It is certainly legitimate to say that we should do things like being prayerful and making reparation simply for their own sake—but we all do our best “works” under pressure. Knowing what’s coming, ahead of time, gives us the courage to hope that our works are pleasing to God. We can look and say “Ah, that’s why that’s happening” instead of seeing nothing but random chaos. Knowing that there is a purpose is a hope-instilling experience.

      We do have a right, then, to know what is coming.

    • I think God is very sensational. How about changing bread into his Body and Blood, the Virgin Birth, Jesus Himself, miracles, creating heaven and earth, Noah and the flood, etc.

      Malachi Martin was a very good man defamed by the same worldly forces supporting Vatican II.

      • All I really know about Malachi (Maoilseachlainn “devotee of St. Sechnall”) Martin is that of the books of his that I read, while good in the info they present, they were crazily wordy — they could have been reduced by fully two-thirds by any editor (I’m an editor so I notice this stuff). It was as though he was paid by the word. FWIW.

        • Thanks. Malachi seems to have his finger on corruption in the Church well before anyone else. He was a prophet for our times. Everything he said appears to be coming true.

    • I do not think one can ignore the very clear warnings of Our Lady that if man did not amend his ways then catastrophes would follow. If one reads the earliest written accounts of Fatima written in 1917 our Lady said in July that she could calm the war if people prayed the rosary. In Dr Formigao’s written account of his interrogation of Jacintha on 19th October 1917 he quotes her as saying that Our Lady said:

      “I come here to tell you that they should not offend more Our Lord who is much offended, that if the people mended their ways the war would end; if not, the world would end. ” (Documentacao Critica da Fatima Document 15 page 141 of Volume 1)

      That is a clear warning of possible total destruction of the world. How often have we been near a nuclear holocaust since then and still are with North Korea?

      What I find interesting is the Our Lady hinted that the first World War might end very quickly in October 1917. This was at the time when Pope Benedict XV was trying to arrange peace talks with a peace proposal in August 1917 which unfortunately did not have the required effect. Was Our Lady hoping in October 1917 that he would be listened to? In the end some the Pope’s ideas were followed when peace was restored but his proposal that there should be NO compensation demanded from the Germans was ignored. If only that had not been ignored we might have avoided the economic collapse of Germany which sowed the seeds of WWII.

    • Then why did Jesus tell us not to fear them who could only kill the body, but rather to fear Him who could cast both body and soul into Hell?

      If God did not want us to be afraid of what we should be afraid of, then why did Jesus speak so much about fearing Hell? Did He make a mistake about God’s plan for mankind?

      There are people who, knowing they are in the path of a hurricane, pack up and move to safety. There are others who do not fear, stay, and throw a hurricane watching party. This rarely ends well.

      Fear, like all other emotions, was created by God, and is His gift to us for where and when we need it.

    • There is a problem with what you write here. Assuming there were dire warnings in the Fatima messages, I would think it prudent to know them. After all, if we know the remedies provided by Mary, why wouldn’t or shouldn’t we know the consequences of not applying them? Sometimes to convince the victim of appendicitis that he needs to undergo surgery it can be wise to tell him what will happen if he foregoes the knife.

      • Exactly. Look at the early consequences of not listening to Fatima, WW II. It is the height of imprudence to ignore heaven’s requests. WW3 will be worse. Russia will invade Europe again. Communism will return.

  8. I am a cradle Catholic born in 1963, and attended Catholic Schools from grades 5-12 and through a BS in a Jesuit School. I have absolutely no memory of anyone covering the Fatima apparitions either in CCD classes through 4th grade or during my Catholic School education. I only came to it after falling away ( a common result of a Jesuit University education) and reverting, with my wife’s conversion, after accidently (???!!!) taking a copy of John Hardon’s Catechism out of the public library when she expressed interest in what it meant to be a Catholic. I seem to remember saying “I don’t really know, but he is a Jesuit, this is probably ok.” Oh how ignorant (and blessed) I was!!!

    the same time period we were told repeatedly that the lives of the saints were “pious fiction, not to be taken seriously”. “miracles don’t occur except in the minds of the believers”. I suspect in the new world of “nobody can possibly live up to the tenets of Catholicism”, the examples of saints, people who could and did live up to the tenets of Catholicism, would have been embarrassing.

  9. The release of the ‘Vatican Deception’ is a most auspicious moment which we must welcome and support.

    Pope John XXIII did a great disservice to the Church and humanity when he chose not to fulfill the will of the Blessed Virgin and God by not releasing the 3rd Secret.

    Instead he followed the promptings of Modernist/Progressive/Masonic Cardinals and theologians and inaugurated Vatican II which has to go down as the worst disaster ever to befall the Church in it’s entire history. There is now little of the true Catholic faith remaining as the Church has become nearly wholly Protestantized.

    If one asks for proof look no further than Pope Francis who epitomizes the worldly and political secularism in the Vatican II Church which is now denying the very teachings of Christ on marriage and other moral subjects.

  10. “What’s astonishing these days is how many people have never heard of the prophecies about the three secrets of Fatima”

    I was hanging out with a group of young Traditional Catholic men one night and the conversation turned to Fatima. I was shocked that I (probably the least Traditional among them) found myself explaining the secrets of Fatima to one of them, who is currently discerning a vocation to the priesthood.

  11. The response was so frank that it provoked a further question: “Why has it [The Third Secret] not been revealed?” To this, Ratzinger replied: “Because, according to the judgement of the popes, it adds nothing to what a Christian must know concerning what derives from Revelation – i.e., a radical call for conversion; the absolute importance of history; the dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore of the world.”

    I know some people would like to use this to throw Pope Benedict under the bus, but has it ever occurred to anyone that in that statement he actually revealed the Third Secret?


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