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My Final URGENT Appeal for Your Help

I am absolutely amazed that we have come so far in our fundraising campaign, but we’re still short.

1P5 is the website for Catholics, built by Catholics. Whether it’s analysis of current events or theological explorations of the teachings of our faith, we’re providing a perspective on the Church that is unique in today’s world. 

But the only way we can continue to do this work is through your generous contributions. We don’t have big donors. We don’t have outside funding. We have hundreds of regular Catholics, just like you, who keep us going, month by month, donation by donation.

And right now, we really need your help!

We’ve outperformed expectations in every area this year — except fundraising. And right now, we’re in serious trouble: We still haven’t reached our end of year goal of $60,000. We haven’t hit our fundraising goals even once this year. If we don’t get a boost soon, we’re going to run out of steam.

This is a personal appeal for me because this is my full-time job. It’s how I feed my family and keep the heat on. And it’s how I live the apostolate that God put on my heart, and feed thousands more. If we can increase our revenues and continue our growth, we’ll be able to do more and more to aid the cause of the Church in these maddening times.

Amazingly, not all Catholics see these times as maddening. In fact, they don’t see much wrong at all out there, either within or outside the Church, even as the Holy Father blesses same-sex couples and huge numbers of formerly active Catholics watch Mass on television from home.

But we — and you — have been given eyes to see. It is our job, together, to help drop the scales from other people’s eyes.

We do that together through OnePeterFive. We built the structure and do the day-to-day labor, and you, out of your generosity and shared sense of mission, provide the funding to power our engines. Together we’re awakening those who slumber, and we’re doing our part to help restore the integrity of Holy Mother Church.

Please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible gift today. And if you can’t contribute, please pray that we’ll find others who can. Share this post. Ask your friends and family. Help us to meet our monthly fundraising goal (for the first time ever) and start building a better future for our apostolate.

As you consider your gift, please keep in mind these five things:

  • We need your help meeting our end-of-year goal.  Please hit our donate link (you can do so here).
  • If you prefer not to donate online, you can do so by mail by sending a check to OnePeterFive at PO Box 5284, Manchester, NH 03108.
  • If you can make your donation recurring it would be a great blessing to us, because that gives us flexibility at the beginning of each month. To make your donation repeat each month, just click that option on the donate page here.
  • No donation is too large, but no donation is too small. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of readers, so even a single dollar from a lot of people would go a very long way.
  • We are a U.S. tax-exempt organization, so for many of you, the donation you make today will be tax-deductible (as allowed by law).

T. S. Flanders
Holy Innocents
4th Day of Christmas

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