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Mass of the Ages Episode III Premier

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Editor’s note: OnePeterFive contributing editors and writers Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Dr. Mike Sirilla, Mark Nowakowski and myself will be present at the Chicago premier in a few weeks. We look forward to meeting OnePeterFive readers in person! -TSF

We are excited to announce that the third and final installment of the Latin Mass trilogy Mass of the Ages: Guardians of Tradition will premiere on March 9th at the historic Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.

It will also screen in a few other cities and be available for free on our website and the Mass of the Ages YouTube channel starting March 19th.

This is the capstone film of a documentary series that is four years in the making and has been viewed by millions, introducing many to the Latin Mass for the first time.

We traveled all over the world gathering this stunning footage collecting stories in various parts of Africa, France, Italy, the UK, Mexico, and all across the United States.

Cameron O’Hearn, writer and director, describes Episode III in a sentence:

After Pope Francis restricts the Traditional Latin Mass a group of mothers set out to walk from Paris to Rome on a mission: deliver thousands of letters begging him to reverse his decision.

Guardians of Tradition follows these mothers as well as other experts and heroes of the Traditional Catholic Movement to paint a picture of where things stand in the Church as well as the effects of various responses to the ongoing liturgical revolutions.

You will experience the excellent and stunning cinematography you have come to expect from Mass of the Ages, as well as interviews from Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Dr. Scott Hahn, Fr. Joseph Fessio, Leah Darrow, Patrick Madrid, His Eminence Cardinal Iñiguez Sandoval, Trent Horn, Martin Mosebach and many more.

Despite the grim outlook that many have for the Church in the coming years, Cameron is optimistic and shares a hopeful message:

I firmly believe that the Traditional Latin Mass is the solid foundation of faith for our confused world—a treasure that must be shared. Mass attendance around the world is on the decline, but traditional masses are overflowing. I believe the next generation will see a growth of traditional parishes like never before. That’s why I founded Mass of the Ages; with the mission to introduce the world to the richness of the Traditional Latin Mass through the powerful medium of film.

The theatrical premiere on March 9th is open to the public, and complimentary tickets are available at

For more information and all other inquiries, please visit

See you in Chicago!

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