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Our Marriage is Over. I Want a Divorce.

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Chapter 21


Malthus my boy,


I had my doubts about you, Malthus, and throughout this process I did not think you would secure the family as you have. But, you have surprised us all and now stand in a victorious position as master and commander of this family. Since your recent triumph I have been celebrating heavily, and we will one day celebrate even harder when the members of this family descend deep into our pit. You somehow managed to dislodge your head from your posterior cavern and follow my instructions to the letter. I must admit, watching you carry out our last plan was some of the most effective and dynamic destruction I have ever had the pleasure to see. You orchestrated every single aspect exactly as I would have, and you even found a way to add your own personal flare. I suggested you have the children present for the display, but you went a step further and even had the mother bring the children into the mayhem. She presented good old dad as a villain—superb.

The look on the young girl’s face when it was in fact she who was prompted to prod her father about his perverted video habit…Well, I will never forget that pain and anguish, it is a highlight of my career. Think: the girl used to look up at her father, but now she cannot even look at him. He reacted just as I suspected and proved himself to be a sullen weasel, incapable of boasting of his crimes with any gusto. He had not even the courage to lie out of self preservation. With the mother sobbing and the girl breathless with disbelief, you engineered a perfectly timed offensive of self-hatred and instant thoughts of suicide in  the father. Magnificent! All the while the son stood there, unsure of what to do, feeling as if he should do something yet incapable of saying a word. You assessed his interior disposition perfectly and saw that minuscule crack in his resolve, giving you just enough room to sew a perfectly placed seed of doubt. “How is this happening to our family if I have prayed so hard?” he thought. Brilliance! Clearly I have taught you well. The mother shrieked and went on and on about divorce. The husband emasculated himself even further by breaking down into tears, squealing like a pig being slaughtered. He was so pitiful in that moment that I had to look away, it was too nauseating to even pay attention to the blabber that came out of his mouth.

Parents are the whole world to their children and when we facilitate the destruction of the parental unit, well, we may as well be splitting apart the foundations of the earth on which they stand. The Enemy created this ghastly unit as a way to raise and protect more offspring. Once we get rid of the parents, then the way is open to devour the tender little ones like so much juicy meat. At the moment when their marriage shattered, a thousand demons were instantly racing toward the children. That titillating sight never gets old.

And what happened next was the most delightful thing of all, touching on our old nemesis. Late into the evening of the marital schism, the boy angrily went to confront his father in his basement abode. The young man may have been frustratingly pious, but he is still a teenager, and therefore always susceptible to volatile outbursts. He had it in his mind that he would “tear a strip” off the old-man, but instead he found him in a dead-sleep, no doubt from the healthy portion of liquor he was accustomed to drinking in the evening. As you know, rage is a vehicle for a sort of unholy pleasure if we guide it correctly. There is such a thing as righteous anger, very rare amongst the humans nowadays, but the boy did not have nearly the level of self-control needed to keep his anger holy. He was in a destructive mood, and he needed to break something. As he saw the man lying there, a drunken adulterer, he imagined harming his father for just a brief moment in time. He was horrified with himself, but he also felt a touch of exhilaration at the power he had in that moment over the man he now blamed for the escalating downfall of his family life. The first instance of patricidal hatred was involuntary, and therefore not a sin, but the second instance was exquisitely volitional and he enjoyed the feeling. As he stood there staring at the sad excuse for a man that is his father, his heart raced and his breathing grew frantic as he imagined ways he would beat the man into a pulp. You understood well the implications of this moment, and saw a chasm in his defences due to the commission of his first grave sin in some time. Beside the lifeless body of the fallen patriarch, sat his open computer. The son was so consumed with his rage when he entered the room, that the white-noise of his hatred hid the bestial sounds bellowing forth from the device. As he caught his breath he noticed the sound and turned his attention to the screen and saw it all. With surgical precision you pounced on this opportunity to redirect his hatred of his father inward; the poisonous seed of self-abuse was planted deep into his mind. He then committed another mortal sin—he did not look away. I rejoiced when I found out he had fallen! Keep pouring the shame and self-hatred down upon him like so much acid rain to melt his sentimental piety. All you need to do now is convince him that he can’t resist and that he is too evil for confession. They practically damn themselves if they believe that. Then the evil images can be embedded deep within his psyche and eventually destroy his intellect that once had faith, causing him a complete loss of all light of reason. We’ve done it so many times to the great damned souls from sins of the flesh which is an ideal conduit to Atheism. It’s like clockwork.

To our continued pleasure, the mother has proven serious about the divorce and is fomenting insurrection against the father with each passing moment. Whatever longing she may have had for heavenly things is gone. She is now a snake full of venom, a fire-breathing dragon hell-bent on destroying every aspect of the man. I must say she evokes a certain excitement in me. As the Church approaches that awful feast commemorating the tongues of fire, her mouth continues to spew flaming darts of belittling insults and castrating calumnies. You need not guide her in the slightest, she is a culmination of feminist rage and self-righteous egotism. She has even begun bashing the man to her friends and has started sharing ridiculous messages on her internet groups, droning about independence and girl power. Women are so predictable these days, years of usurpation and self-aggrandizement has led them to justify all their pitiable decisions by vomiting slogans about “empowerment” and “self-discovery.” Mark my words, now that the strict measures of their state shutdowns are lifting, she will spend night after night drinking wine with her closest companions, while they justify her every decision and the dissolution of her marriage. “You finally have a chance to make your own way,” they will say, and “you are a strong and independent woman, you won’t be held back now.”

I do love the nonsense the females tell each other to condone all manner of imbecility. They have swallowed the lies we have transmitted for decades through the mouths of our most precious she-devils and popular psychologists on television broadcasts. They actually believe that divorce is sometimes “healthy” for their children, and that they can remain friends with their former spouse. She definitely will make her own way now—she will make her way into a life of increasing loneliness and despair, and we will make our way deeper into her. Furthermore, her apparent independence is one of our greatest assets; she is now independent from any stability and therefore will become easily dependent on whatever supposed panacea promises to fix her problems. The New Age philosophies with which she has heretofore only dabbled will offer her a plethora of self-help books that effectively trick the minds of hoards of females, with pseudo-religious psychological lunacy. She has no real money to speak of, and therefore encouraging her to ruthlessly annihilate her husband throughout arbitration will be a breeze. Even better, she may convince herself that a way to find temporal happiness will be to “have a fling” with a man she finds attractive. In reality any sexual dalliance with a strange man will only plunge her into a deeper and more fruitful depression.

Given that the husband is unemployed without any real prospects, he will be forced to move in with his parents. Multigenerational living used to be normal for the humans, and it was in fact a problem for our purposes as the family unit was thereby strengthened. However, a grown son living with his elderly parents in today’s world is seen by many as a humiliating shame. No doubt the mother will do everything she can to scuttle any attempt of the children spending significant time with him, and he will therefore be utterly alone and isolated. Lick your lips Malthus, he will be your dinner guest.

The way things stand, it will be hard for the children to blame anyone other than their father for the dissolution of the family. His are the most visible transgressions, and the children are not privy to the private resentments both parents harboured for some time. It is useful to escalate their blind allegiance to the mother, because although it will deepen a bond between her and the children, eventually they will see she is as much to blame as anyone. Give it a few years, in time they will see how pitiful she is. So often in these divorced families there is an undulation between parental allegiance as conflicts illuminate varying personality flaws at opportune times.

Due to the virus it seems the schools and all youth activities are effectively closed until autumn. This is excellent. Their current schooling is a bore, and there is very little they can do to socialize outside of the home. There will be no escape and no support for them for the foreseeable future. Even their grandparents are off limits as the mother barred the children—who are not ill in the slightest—from visiting the elderly. I say, more souls have died alone as a result of the hysterical reaction to this never-ending flu season than perhaps any other time in human history. I recently read a report that contained promising statistics demonstrating the exponential rise in Christians dying with the priests locked out of the hospitals and nursing homes. And to think, even many of their bishops are compliant. To say this era has been a triumph is an understatement.

A year from now the previous lifestyle of the family will be but a painful memory; a painful memory that you should continually exploit. The father will undoubtedly be living in some cheap apartment building, struggling to find a job that pays as his last one did. The mother will have to downsize to a smaller home as well, and relocate to a place she does not like. She will of course convince the children she is happy, but it will be a lie. The children will either abandon their faith entirely, or keep some lukewarm milquetoast version that will inevitably decay through an adolescence full of mortal sin. We have word that the school teacher who so greatly influenced the boy is no longer with the institution, so there is no longer a worry of any education that would please the Enemy. Even better, children who watch their parents sever the family into pieces are rarely emotionally stable. This means that it is a matter of time before they latch on to some ill-advised behaviour that builds a habit of vice. The lack of a father in the home almost always results in girls becoming victims of poor relationships. As for boys, they often build up anger that turns them into delinquents of some sort. Their school performance will suffer, and their pleasure seeking behaviour will increase. Do what I say and each miscreant will go into the divorce as one sort of child, and come out as our sort of child.

I could go on, but you get the point. You have won Malthus, well, I have won through you, and without me you would be shrieking in agony for our amusement. There is no need for me to continue corresponding with you as often as we have, you can now have your fun and finish the job in your own time and manner. You now have at your disposal a number of humans to torment and guide on a slow and gradual descent into the fire. Even a devil capable of the blunders you have demonstrated would have a hard time failing to harvest this crop. I have heard rumblings that I will be assigned a new apprentice very shortly, and therefore will need to devote my time elsewhere. I will inform the relevant authorities that you are now on your own. As is customary, I will check in with you in a few months, but you must inform me if anything changes between now and then that requires a higher level of expertise. That being said, do not bother me with trivial matters that I have already explained.

Enjoy yourself Malthus.


Until next time,



To be concluded next week.

Editor’s note: this serialization is from the novella Lockdown with the Devil.

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