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In the Manner of Gideon’s Army

I need your help, dear reader, for this work we’re about here at OnePeterFive.

It’s that simple. And urgent.

We’re short of our fundraising goals for this spring, and we are in critical need of your gift to make it. Please make your gift today so that we can remain here, where our voice is unique and desperately needed.

To tell you the best way to help, let me share a story…

You know about the great judge of Israel, Gideon. He started out but a fearful farmer, “least in my family,” threshing his wheat at the bottom of a winepress out of sight from the raiding Midianites. An angel appeared to him, saying: “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor” and the adventure began.

First, there was the series of testing and proving: the food on fire, the broken altar, the dry fleece. Finally persuaded that the Lord would be with him as he promised, Gideon amassed a large army to rise up against the Midianites.

But God had other plans: He deftly peeled off most of the men until Gideon was left with a mere 300 to fight multitudes. Through clever tactics, and sparked by the blow of Gideon’s trumpet, this small band tricked their enemies into fighting each other. The battle was won, all the invaders routed, and to God – not man – went the glory.

So why do I recount this tale today? There are many lessons to be drawn from it – of testing angels and spirits, of trusting in God against all odds, of God’s mighty will. And there’s more.

OnePeterFive blows the trumpet for the glory of traditional Catholicism. We hold our home on the internet, surrounded by enemies of thought and spirit. We don’t know how God will use us, little as we are, to win the battles He calls us to; but we trust that He will.

It’s in this spirit – of an abandoned confidence in God against all odds – that I come to you with my request.

Here at OnePeterFive we are a haven of intellectual communion, of spiritual solace, for traditional Catholics. Our little family is small in number compared to those wandering in darkness with no faith, and the many, many believers who strive for holiness yet wonder if there is more to their Faith. (There is.)

We publish our articles free of charge so there is no barrier for finding and sharing our content on social media, linking from newsletters, or forwarding in an email. We are here to be discovered, to help lead the way for searching souls to the glorious traditions of the Church.

It’s common for quality online publications and news services like ours to put all or a portion of their content behind a $10 per month paywall. We don’t do that, even though our content is well worth it.

But we do have costs. We need to pay our bills and pay our writers.

So I’m asking you to join our own Gideon’s army, where small equals mighty.

What if, instead of a monthly $10 subscription, you were to make a monthly donation of $10 to OnePeterFive? You would not only continue to get access to this great content yourself… but you would support our outreach to the many souls in search of beauty and of truth.

Your small gift can be so large in impact!

Monthly donations are critical to our ongoing operations: They provide income we can plan on and help us focus every month on quality content (rather than on fundraising).

Will you please consider a $10 gift per month? Maybe you can stretch to $20 or even $50?

I can’t tell you what’s right for you to give, or how generous you can be. All I can do is ask for your help. I’m sounding the call!

I would happy with a large army – but I know what God can do with a small one.

Please pray and please join us with your monthly gift, of any size. Whatever you can contribute, know how very much I appreciate it.

I hope you will join our army by signing up for a monthly gift to OnePeterFive today.


Timothy Flanders
Rogation Monday


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