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Why I Left the ‘Cult of Jim’

At first glance, the phrase “cult of Jim” probably conjures images of Jim Jones, the American founder and cult leader of the “People’s Temple.” For those unfamiliar, the story is as follows: in the mid-1950s, a 20-year-old man from Indianapolis began attending meetings of the Communist Party USA. He and his fellow communists were among those investigated during the McCarthy hearings. Filled with rage at the anti-communist mentality of most Americans, Jim began to examine ways he could win others to his side. After the infamous trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Jim reportedly mused upon this question and conclusion: “How can I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church.”

I am not a survivor of the People’s Temple. Instead, the “Cult of Jim” I participated in was none other than the one surrounding the popular Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin, S.J. Right now, he is the most popular (and divisive) figure in the Catholic Church here in America. Author of several New York Times bestselling books and boasting over 700K followers between Facebook and Twitter, Fr. Jim’s every word is broadcast to an extremely wide following.

I, at one point, was one of his most devoted followers, his biggest fan. Thankfully, I have escaped the cult following, leaving behind a group hell-bent on promoting heterodoxy within the Catholic Church. Here is my story.

* * *

I was a freshman in college when I first came into contact with Fr. James Martin, S.J. The year was 2012. As an 18-year-old living away from home for the first time, I, like many other college freshmen, was faced with a choice: free from the reins of my parents, do I party, drink, and smoke marijuana endlessly, or do I find an alternative means of self-exploration? Thankfully, I chose the latter. I got involved in my college’s campus ministry and quickly made friends. One day, during one of our campus ministry events, someone mentioned that James Martin was coming to give a talk on Catholicism. She showed me a clip from the Stephen Colbert’s show, and I was impressed that a priest made an appearance on such a popular, secular program. In preparation for his visit, we were all encouraged to read his book, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life.

I was hooked. Here, a priest was writing about God and spirituality in a practical, easy to understand, and even funny way. From there, my interest in Ignatian spirituality grew. I devoured Jim’s writings and even followed him on social media. He wrote it? I read it. He tweeted it? I retweeted it. He posted on Facebook? I shared it.

For me, James Martin was a much needed voice in what I perceived to be a very cold, conservative, and rigid Catholic Church. While many members of the USCCB warned against same-sex “marriage,” Jim tweeted a line from the Catechism (CCC #2358) encouraging us all to “accept” and “respect” the “community” (LGBT) of men and women afflicted with sexual attractions to members of their own sexes, along with people who believe they are members of the opposite sex. When certain Catholics went to Twitter, calling for the LGBT community to live a life of chastity, Jim responded by reminding us that they needed to be treated with “compassion, and sensitivity.” When Catholic bishops strove for “religious liberty” in the fight for marriage, Jim, once again, reminded us of CCC #2358.

Every day, he would tweet a 140-character reflection on the Gospel. I always looked forward to these tweets, because they helped summarize the Christian message in a concise way. However, as I got deeper into learning about the Catholic faith, some of the things he tweeted didn’t seem to add up. Every year, on Easter, he tweeted:

I had always been taught in my catechism classes that the Church was “born” on Pentecost with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Most recently, he suggested that Jesus was ignorant of His divine mission, something Fr. Thomas Petri, O.P. took up in the Catholic Herald.

When corrected, he accused his opponents of being Docetists.

While these tweets were troubling, I didn’t yet leave the Cult of Jim. It wasn’t until he posted a piece on America Magazine answering questions about the Martin Scorsese film Silence that I realized I was following a person with dangerous ideas. In it, he suggests that Jesus “asked” the fictional Jesuit Fr. Rodrigues to apostatize. Yes, you read that right. According to Fr. Jim:

Christ requests this contradictory act from his priest. It makes little sense to anyone, least of all to Father Rodrigues, who has assiduously resisted it for himself. Yet he does it. Because Jesus has asked him to.

When I read this, I froze. “If apostasy is a sin, and Christ asked Fr. Rodrigues to apostatize, then does that mean that Christ can ask us…to sin?!” Reading on, Jim apparently answered my question:

And for those who say that Christ would never ask something like that, ask yourself how the disciples felt when Jesus told them he would have to suffer and die.

I immediately closed my laptop and hung my head. I realized that Fr. James has a radically different Christology and moral theology from that of the orthodox Catholic Church, and that I needed to abandon my loyalty to him, or else risk a future where I revel in theological and moral error.

And so, what is the “Cult of Jim”? I argue that the “Cult of Jim” is a particular religious order within the “Church of Nice.” The cult is united not only in its members’ admiration of the “prophetic” Fr. James Martin, S.J., but also the broad liberal assumptions of what the Church should be – a place of “welcome,” a place where we don’t judge (even actions), a place where freedom, equality, and tolerance replace the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

The Cult of Jim uses buzzwords to respond to any of their critics. You don’t agree with women’s ordination? You’re “oppressing.” You argue (using the Church’s actual social doctrine) that completely open borders are not prudent? You must hate the “marginalized.” Using the liturgy as a prop, they immediately identify those who attend the traditional Latin Mass as somehow hating Vatican II – while forgetting what Sacrosanctum Concilium actually said. They see themselves as a religious vanguard, desperately trying to keep the 1970s alive – be it by encouraging guitars at Mass or by questioning the authority of Humanae Vitae.

But most importantly, the Cult of Jim is fixated on one particular issue: activism for sodomy, for sexual license, and for anti-reality proposition that males can become females and vice versa. You agree with the 2,000-year-old Catholic teaching on marriage and the family? You’re a “rigid,” “close-minded” bigot. Or perhaps you’re a self-hating homosexual:

The cult operates in the following manner: fight for liberal-progressive values; twist the Gospel; omit the “hard sayings”; reduce everything in the Gospel to a diluted, feel-goody sense of “love” (one that does not fit the Church’s definition of caritas); and rush to the social media scene to criticize Catholics who articulate the Magisterium’s position on the sinfulness of homosexual actions.

In his book, Dangerous Personalities, former FBI profiler Joe Navarro outlines qualities and personality traits of a pathological cult leader. Among the many he offers, some stand out: arrogance in behavior; an inflated sense of power, “one that allows him to bend rules and break laws”; boastful of accomplishments; and calls anyone who criticizes him an “enemy.”

Now I will ask: are any of these things found in Fr. Jim?

Countless times, people have tweeted to Fr. Jim, asking him to clarify his views, and countless times, he has chosen not to. Like many cult leaders, he dodges and deflects any criticism. He has a loyal band of supporters (mostly in their 50s and 60s) who will attack anyone who disagrees with him. His Facebook posts are filled with comments of support, thanking him for standing up for the “marginalized” and praising him for his “open-mindedness.” Whereas he will delete any comment standing up for orthodoxy, he curiously has nothing to say when people mock and ridicule 1,700-year-old dogmatic language:

Recently, a Jesuit friend of mine told me that this had been a long time coming, that Jim has protection in the Vatican and from his superiors, and that several orthodox Jesuits (many of whom are younger) are shut down every time they try to fraternally correct him. In others words, he is untouchable. Being a New York Times bestselling author and one of the most popular Catholic figures in America, it comes as no surprise that anyone who opposes him faces the wrath of America Magazine and his loyal group of followers.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I do not, in any way, condone calumny and slander against a priest of Jesus Christ (or any Christian, for that matter). I am not supportive of hate speech in the slightest. But there is a major difference between hate speech and truth-telling. The Gospel demands that we admonish the sinner and call out error, while, of course, remaining charitable. However, Fr. Jim regards anyone questioning his authority and worldview as “rigid,” “dangerous,” and “ultraconservative.” His recent blasting of the Theological College, CAFOD, and the Order of the Holy Sepulcher for canceling his scheduled lectures betrays his agenda. After all, for a guy who wrote an entire book on Jesus, wouldn’t he have thought to listen to our Lord’s words in Matthew 10:14? “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” That is a far cry from “If anyone will not welcome you, use your massive social media following to criticize him.”

In retrospect, I am partially grateful for my experience in the cult. It taught me, among other things, that if my values are aligned to the world’s, my values probably aren’t reflecting the truths of the Catholic faith. That said, I am still concerned and deeply troubled.

I wish Fr. Jim well, and I pray for him. I hope numerous Catholics come upon his earlier writing and enjoy an introduction to Ignatian spirituality as I did. But I warn my fellow Catholics: read and follow him at your own risk. He relishes ambiguity, and he will lead you down a path of heterodoxy and heteropraxis.

Feel free to respond to this. Just remember: two post limit, and no ad hominem.

224 thoughts on “Why I Left the ‘Cult of Jim’”

  1. Wow!
    Thanks Felix for letting us hear your testimony. This Fr.Martin SJ needs a lot of prayer !
    I hope he reads this . You may be the reason for his conversion away from heresy.

    • Good comment. Whenever I hear the word “complex” I smell obfuscation. The Faith is completely simple – the most ignorant can understand the simplicity of loving God and what Jesus did for us on the Cross, and why He did it.

      Complexity can come through a study of theology, and philosophy but these are not necessary for a complete understanding of the Faith. Otherwise we could have no children as Saints – and we do. The Faith of the early martyrs was necessarily simple as we had not opened up more complex thought through our Saint writers and philosophers. Let’s not be fooled. Those like Martin who try to fuzz up the truth are doing Satan’s work.

      • I want to make it clear, as a seminarian who has completled philosophy and is in theology. The statement “complexity can come though a study of theology, and philosophy” is somewhat not correct. “Complexity” can come through these if the philosophy and theology are not sound, but if you receive sound philosophy, in light of truth, which philosophy is supposed to be, and is Christ Himself, as which He stated, you can very easily see theology that is not sound. Proven by this article.

    • Right. The sole purpose of sexual activity is procreation, the propogation of the species. All of nature testifies to it. When God commanded the creatures He made to be fruitful and multiply He implicitly forbade all the sins of the flesh beginning with those that prevent, terminate or are physically incompatible with having offspring: birth control, abortion, infanticide and homosexuality.

    • Most of the current (last 50 years at least) crop of the so-called educated Jesuits don’t understand the simple. Or, possibly, they are merely the Devil’s handmaidens.

  2. This has become a type of game. The man is well known for heterodoxy and leading others into confusion. What he is doing is harmful and scandalous. We need to stop parsing and caviling with him. Speak the truth to him and about him.

  3. excellent article thank you so much….

    This quote near the end caught my eye “He relishes ambiguity, and he will lead you down a path of heterodoxy and heteropraxis.” …I am living it as I belong to a Jesuit parish…

    • Yes, ambiguity is the mark of Modernists. Beginning is High School in the 1960s, I struggled for years with books and teachers of religion which seemed “not quite right” but could not put my finger on what was wrong. Kudos to this young man for figuring it out so quickly.

  4. It’s all about sex. It always is. Nothing more than genital urges cloaked in a faux theology.

    There’s nothing new under the sun.

    • And in this man’s case it’s about being popular and loved. He doesn’t care about Christ, nor the people with disorders, nor you or I: he cares only about himself.

      He’s also a coward who is incapable of intelligent debate. He never offers a reasoned refutation, just insults and ad hominem attacks. When he needs to talk he doesn’t answer onepeterfive, he calls his Canglican buddy Colbert.

      • I remember as a little kid growing up my next oldest brother yelling at me when I got hurt playing ball or whatever, before he even asked if I was seriously hurt; “Don’t be a fag!”

        It was the Prime Motivator NOT to “be a fag”.

        Now my brother would be shipped off to some re-education farm where he could indoctrinated by a fag. Which is exactly what is happening to our whole culture.

      • Spot on . I tweeted and asked him Is Sodomy a Sin in your Eyes . I never got an answer . I know I will never get an answer . This is a man who has called Faithful Catholics Homophobics a Bull SH–T word . He is a disgrace .

        • This sick, faggot is a traitor of Catholic Church, much worse than Judas. I bet he could have been an organizer of sodomitic sex orgy in Vatican recently. St. Michael, please come and cleanse the Church.

          • While I agree with the sentiment and might use the same language in other more places, please keep your language a bit more temperate here. It is possible for children to be reading this.

      • Sodomites always make things ambiguous so they could prey and seduce the innocents. This fag priest has used his talent of writing to lure admirers into sins. Finally God has stopped and exposed him who has shown his tip of his horn.

        • You are equally in error. People who sin are God’s creation. Praying for their conversion brings about conversions. Refusing to pray for them is a mortal sin.

          • He is not in error. Sodomy is a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance. You are right, though, that we need to pray for their conversion and to refuse to pray is indeed a serious sin. Be careful not to lay accusations where you do not know for certain they should be laid. Dankin may very well be praying.

          • O RLY??? You actually read my comment that way? Seriously?? There’s no way I was claiming that sodomy is not a sin, so you’re coming out of left field with that one. Your last bit of advice applies to yourself here.

          • Righteous anger is appropriate for sins of sodomy. His reaction was untempered (with inappropriate language which is why I deleted it) but the sentiment was reasonable. I was hoping to reach a reasonable compromise between the two positions, both of which are accurate.

          • I don’t recall the OP, but going by my response, his error is refusing to pray for conversion for sinners, and possibly expressing a certainty that they are going to hell. We don’t know who goes to heaven or hell unless the Church canonizes them. I always respond to those claims with the words I used in this thread.

          • There are 4 sins mentioned in sacred scripture that specifically cry out to heaven for vengeance. They are, in order of gravity: murder, sodomy, oppression of the poor, and defrauding a worker of their wages. Not all sins cry out for vengeance. These 4 do.

    • Was it you who put it so perfectly here? “All heresy begins below the belt.”
      If it wasn’t you, it was someone else, and I use it on a daily basis.

      • GKC once wrote (and Bishop Sheen quoted him) that a man who says “I don’t believe in the Eucharist” really means “I don’t believe in the Sixth Commandment.”

        I’d bet that if anyone did a study of all the persons who started heresies (e.g. Arius) you’d find that they did not believe in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.

        • I have a terrible feeling that if one started a poll of priests, bishops, etc. that let them stay anonymous, and asked if they believe in the Presence in the Eucharist, they would say “no”.
          You just get the feeling sometimes that some priests and bishops think we in the pews are quaint believers in things that aren’t necessary to believe any more.
          I also get the feeling sometimes that pro-life groups and people in the Church are merely tolerated rather than supported. All the enthusiasm of the Church right now is going to “immigrants”–meaning illegals and unvetted others. If only, years ago, the Church had been this fired up over abortion, instead of forever trying to be popular, so they can sit with the cool kids at lunch, like Dolan with Hillary at the Al Smith Dinner.

          • Dolan is another one who is far from being a Catholic. The only thing Catholic about him is when he receives money from the collection Box . A true Apostate.

          • Most priests and bishops are like the establishment in Washington, D.C., who hate the traditionalists (the constitutionalists).

          • Follow the money. That is, the literally hundreds of millions of Federal dollars the USCCB and its pet charity bureaucracy has raked in for “resettling refugees.” Certainly some of this legitimately goes to real refugees, but much goes to illegals and to faux refugees who are really economic migrants. If the bishops started getting Fed tax money for shutting down abortuaries, you can bet they would suddenly become staunchly pro-life in both word AND deed.

          • There was an anonymous poll of priests in a German diocese a couple of years ago. As I recall, around 35% of priests said that they did not believe in the Real Presence. Which raises the question, are their Masses valid as the intention to ‘confect’ the Sacrament must be present when a priest celebrates Mass. If a priest thinks that this is impossible, how can he have the required intention?

          • That was settled long ago — as long as the priest follows the formula, the consecration occurs, regardless of his character or beliefs. Worrying about it risks falling into a heresy.

          • Do I remember correctly : The three requirements for valid consecration are matter, form and intention ? Any missing – invalid.

          • Do you know about the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano? The priest doubted, and the Host bled. This shows that his intention didn’t matter.

          • Might be where you are, Factory_Hag …. just tonight at Adult Continuing Formation, my parish priest said he’s sometimes criticized by parishioners for not making eye contact or noticing new clothes/fashions when he’s administering Holy Communion, because he’s adoring our Lord in his hand, in every Blessed Host. He was blessed with an aural locution calling him to the priesthood, from a very lukewarm background, and experienced a great conversion. The younger generation of priests are very solid in the Faith. Pray for them!

      • My latest tactic in debate is simply to ask my opponent which of the Church’s sexual teachings he disagrees with. I recommend it, because there are no reasons to oppose the Catholic Faith (since it is true) – there are only *motivations*. Apart from anything else, this saves a lot of time looking up obscure references to old heresies, or St Thomas on the arguments for the existence of God etc. Just talk about what you’re really talking about: typically contraception and sodomy (but I repeat myself).

        • Actually Henry did agree that the Eucharist was present at Mass . Also the story goes that on his deathbed he screamed for a Priest ( a real Catholic Priest ) alas , What does it Profit a Man Etc .

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey in and out of this cult, and showing us that it is indeed a cult. Fr. Martin needs much prayer. If only more of his devotees would realize he is selling a cult of confused sexual ideology and nothing less.

    • Before prayer, he needs to laicized. Pronto.
      His continued presence in active ministry is the equivalent of allowing a witch doctor to practice surgery. The malfeasance, cowardliness of the hierarchy, from the pope through the American bishops, and his Jesuit superiors is stomach turning.
      James Martin has to go.
      Mournfully, he is only the tip of the iceberg.

        • I assumed he was in NYC.
          It doesn’t make any difference, who in the USCCB isn’t boldly heterodox appears to be a shameless coward. I’ll cut some slack and say discrete — discretion and prudence are not to be underestimated. Some, gratefully, are brave.
          But not in NYC or DC.

          • James, you are correct. I had thought D.C. because of his affiliation with Amerika Magazine (intentional spelling), but both are headquartered in NYC. Not sure why I thought they were in DC. I still wish his boss would be forcibly retired. 🙂
            By the way, have you ever seen the way that rag describes itself? The sheer arrogance is stunning. No surprise.

        • Cardinal Wuerl is 76 years old (turns 77 this November), so he’s 2 years over the retirement age of 75.

          On the other hand, a number of cardinal/archbishops have stayed in their jobs well beyond 75 (e.g., Cardinal Egan in New York, Cardinal Bevilacqua in Philadelphia, Cardinal George in Chicago). I suspect that, given Cardinal Wuerl’s theological bent, it would take a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or some terminal cancer or some such dread disease for this Pope to accept his resignation (which, by canon law, is submitted to the Pope when a bishop turns 75) and name a replacement.

  6. Jim Jones the cult leader who caused the death of almost 1,000 people, and . . . Fr. James Martin, S. J., editor of America “rag”-azine? Wah? Huh? Is this man, Felix Thompson, serious? Talk about total associative “character assassination” . . . and, on a PRIEST no less!

    To paraphrase Joseph Welch’s famous statement to Joseph McCarthy (mentioned above):

    “Until this moment, Mr. Thompson, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. Let us not assassinate this Priest further, Mr. Thompson. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?”

    • It is worse to kill the soul than to kill the body. How many thousands of souls may be endangered by someone with this kind of media clout?

        • He has ruined his own good name. He is a jerk who never engages in discussion, he just turns to calling people “haters”. When he is thoroughly rebuked he simply responds by saying “I’m not a theologian”. In our words he selectively quotes scriptures, often without any regard to context.

          • Qua a human person, he has a “good name,” and deserves to have it kept that way.

            It is not for anyone else to decide, for whatever reason, that he no longer deserves it. To take that away from him consciously and with intent is called: a “sin.”

      • Was he proven right on his unnecessary character assassination of Fred Fisher – who was quite deliberately left off of Joseph Welch’s team of attorneys in Washington, DC for the Army-McCarthy hearings after Fisher had disclosed his previous membership in the Lawyers’ Guild?

        Read the full transcript of that particular hearing. And note that McCarthy had quite deliberately and recklessly reneged on a deal agreed to before the hearings began, whereby he would not bring up Fred Fisher in the hearings in exchange for Welch et al. not pointing out majority counsel Roy Cohn’s lack of a military record (he never served in the Armed Forces).

        • He only brought up Fisher, because Welch was browbeating Cohn. Welch himself told the NYTimes 6 weeks earlier, that Fisher was a member of the National Lawyers Guild, a recognized front group for the Communist Party. Attorney General Herbert Brownell called the organization “the legal mouthpiece” of the Communist Party. The House Committee on UnAmerican Activities termed it the party’s “legal bulwark.” In the early years of World War II, the NLG proved it was hardly a consistent supporter of civil liberties by supporting President Franklin Roosevelt’s internment of American citizens of Japanese ancestry. In recent years, the NLG has supported Palestinian “rights,” performed legal work for the “Occupy” movement, and in 2003 a leading NLG lawyer, Lynne Steward, was even convicted of conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists.

    • Matthew, it is interesting to note, that you only draw attention to and dispute the validity of Felix`s comparison of Fr Martin to Jim Jones and do not debate the issues of heterodoxy and heteropraxis he highlights. Surely the latter is more important!

      • Mr. Thompson connects the Priest, Fr. James, to the mass murderer, Jim Jones. It is uncivil, uncharitable, and shameful — no matter what one thinks of Fr. James’ theology.

        • Uh….in spreading his lies and heresies instead of truth, he is doing something far worse–for those around here who believe in Christ and God…ahem– then killing people: he is leading people to eternity in hell.

    • Welch’s little tantrum was staged, rehearsed, and totally bogus. McCarthy had “exposed” a Communist whose membership in the Party was already well-known and documented.

      BTW: The following is the number of people who were FALSELY accused of membership in the Communist Party by McCarthy: ZERO.

      • You’d better re-read the transcript of that particular hearing again – ALL of it.

        Fred Fisher was never a member of the Communist Party USA – but, while a law student at Harvard, he had been a member of the Lawyers’ Guild, which turned out to be a Communist-front organization. As Joseph Welch said earlier in his statement to Sen. McCarthy – and he had to re-start FOUR times before Sen. McCarthy finally listened with both ears – all of the members of the Hale & Dorr legal team were carefully vetted before the hearings opened for any questionable associations, past or present, and when Fisher freely admitted his past membership in the Lawyers’ Guild, the decision was made to leave him in Boston, and off the team of lawyers in Washington.

        What’s more, a deal had been struck between the majority and minority legal teams and senators before the Army-McCarthy hearings opened, whereby the Republicans would not bring up Fred Fisher in exchange for the Democrats’ not bringing up the fact that lead majority counsel Roy Cohn had never served in the military, which WAS quite germane to the discussion. And Roy Cohn realized that Sen. McCarthy had done so, as Cohn was on the witness stand when McCarthy uttered his unjust, unjustified, and unjustifiable smear of a lawyer who was not even in Washington, DC as part of the Democrats’ legal team.

        I have also seen video of that particular several minutes of that day’s hearing, and Joseph Welch’s statement was most assuredly NOT a tantrum in any way, shape, or form. You are characterizing it as such because of whose ox is gored: namely, “the junior Senator from Wisconsin,” who first came to public prominence in the 1940s via his defending the absolutely indefensible actions of the Nazi soldiers who murdered quite a number of Allied prisoners of war at Malmedy-sur-Glance during the Battle of the Bulge. He clearly had overreached when verbally abusing Gen. Ralph Zwicker, a hero of the same World War II battle, when, during Gen. Zwicker’s testimony before the Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations, McCarthy called him “a disgrace to the Army” and “unfit to wear the uniform of a general.”

    • The association might be a stretch, but I think Fr Martin does a sufficient job of assassinating his own character without the help of anyone else.

    • Matthew, the parallel is valid. Jones caused the death of 1.000 people and Father Martin with his heterodox teachings is going to be the cause of spiritual death for many. Remember what Christ said, “Fear not those who destroy the body. Fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in Gehenna.” Read your Bible and study your catechism.

  7. I agree totally with you, I was following him on Facebook, then I started to realized that ” he is above” Catholic teaching, and how defensive he gets when corrected. I am just sorry the Pope appointed him to be a consultant on Communications for the Vatican, I wonder why.

    • Why do you think? This pope is a politician – everything he does is strategic. The fact that the “Cult of Jim” is allowed to proliferate at the rate ii is should give you a clue. The rot has spread from the head down. Thanks to Felix for calling attention to his “lived experience”!

    • It’s very curious that he goes so much farther than Pope Francis will allow yet still escapes rebuke. For all his flaws, Francis has spoken clearly against sodomy being recognized as marriage and the Transgender lunacy yet Martin goes far out on the Leftist line on both…

      Who is Martin’s backer?

      • That’s the problem with Francis and his whole culture.

        It’s one thing to state with parsed words the “teaching of the Church”. Great.

        But it’s another thing to let stand total doctrinal mayhem and thus encourage those who do NOT affirm Church teaching and those who seek to change it.

        Such a state if affairs calls into question just exactly what the Pope really believes.

        • That’s just it, Francis has many obvious faults and it seems obvious he at least tacitly agrees with Kasper on communion for the “remarried” for example, but Francis was not at all ambiguous about sodomy being recognized as marriage or about the idea of choosing gender or it being taught to children.

          • The latest lunacy is that people report Francis wrote a book and had the foreword written by one of the “Gender Theory” followers.

          • But he still allows sodo-mites to be together and have the sames rights as a true married couple. Homosexuals cannot be together for any reason.

    • Have you seen statements and interviews of the new head of the Jesuits? The Pope REALLY likes him. Fr Martin is a man after both their hearts.

  8. One has to wonder why he seems so fixated on the subject of sodomy. Most men, whether lay or ordained, find the mere thought of it revolting.

      • Of course, we don’t know this and can’t and won’t unless and until he fesses up, something I think rather unlikely. That said, I understand the basis for thinking this. Many remember the cases of Weakland and dozens of other clerics who were soft on sodomy for decades but who never mentioned any personal proclivity toward it. Nevertheless, the rumors circulated about them long before their affliction became public record.

        • I don’t know…personally I think this has more to do with him seeing himself as some sorta prophet than his sexual proclivities

          • I don’t disagree one bit. Even if it we knew for sure his sexual proclivity, what would that say about his fallacious arguments? Very little. We would still be forced to refute his error point by point by citing the constant teaching of the Church concerning sodomy and related offenses against the Commandments.

      • “…So it was just that Sodomites, burning with perverse desires arising from the flesh like stench, should perish by fire and sulfur so that through this just punishment they would realize the evil they had committed, led by a perverse desire.” Pope Saint Gregory

      • As Rick said not just undifnified, it’s perverted.

        And might I add: grotesque, ugly, sick, revolting, disease causing, deadly.

          • Saint Bernardine of Siena was a famous preacher, celebrated for his doctrine and holiness. Regarding homosexuality, he stated:

            “No sin in the world grips the soul as the accursed sodomy; this sin has always been detested by all those who live according to God.… Deviant passion is close to madness; this vice disturbs the intellect, destroys elevation and generosity of soul, brings the mind down from great thoughts to the lowliest, makes the person slothful, irascible, obstinate and obdurate, servile and soft and incapable of anything; furthermore, agitated by an insatiable craving for pleasure, the person follows not reason but frenzy.… They become blind and, when their thoughts should soar to high and great things, they are broken down and reduced to vile and useless and putrid things, which could never make them happy…. Just as people participate in the glory of God in different degrees, so also in hell some suffer more than others. He who lived with this vice of sodomy suffers more than another, for this is the greatest sin.”

          • I pray Father will read the lives of the saints+ When you read Joseph Sciambra’s articles, they prove what St. Bernardine of Siena said is true.

    • It’s almost certain, and in this day and age this is true for most, that he either knew people or had family members who were same sex attracted. Whether or not there are other reasons for his fixation, that alone is enough for him to have a concern on some level, and it being a hot topic in the church right now is another. Why he feels it’s his particular calling to discuss it almost exclusively is the only mystery. Clickability, perhaps.

      • Personally, I know at least three people who suffer from this malady; I am responsible, at least in part, for bringing one into the Church, a conversion from the Protestant heresy. I learned of their sickness circuitously in all three cases, and under no circumstances would I ever discuss this affliction with them or with anyone else. My hope and prayer is that they receive the graces necessary to resist the temptation. The problem with Martin is that he not only discusses the disorder, he applauds it and rejects any suggestion there might be something wrong with this degrading sin. I ask myself what we would think of a man who spoke repeatedly in glowing words of necrophilia or pyromania? Or, to take the example of a currently hot topic, who regularly and publicly slavered over the subject of mass murder?

      • Fr. Mike Schmitz openly discusses his brother’s same sex attraction (with his brother’s permission), because it’s a struggle, his own cross to bear as he seeks to draw closer to God by living in chastity. He can’t be a priest because he recognizes his disorder, so he won’t hide it. Pray for him, because he’s a witness to the healthy way of living with a disordered attraction. I don’t know if he’s a member of Courage.

    • My younger sister has good “gay-dar” for faces in photographs. Her accuracy is uncanny. Without knowing this man or that he is a priest, she commented from Martin’s photo that “he looks gay.”

      • My wife says she has a sixth sense about this kind of thing too. For now, for prudential reasons and to avoid sin, I still think it is best to concentrate on Martin’s many extravagances with the Church’s teaching, his studied ambiguity with regards to the same, and his unfair attacks on those who criticize his strange pronouncements. If it turns out later that in fact he is a sodomite, that will only help explain what was going on here. But his scandalous affirmations are what concern us at the moment, not his predilections, whatever they may be.

      • God is so merciful that He gives some people some good senses to recognize the disguise of evils for protecting themselves from dangers. Like many young kids they can pin point the faggot right away.

  9. I’m terribly sorry to have subscribed to America Magazine. In no less than 48 hours the publication divides by challenging the pro-life movement, about the 2nd Amendment. Disgraceful, then later I noticed the same magazine seeking new subscribers. As for Fr. Martin, he needs a healthy dose of humility. As for bathroom issue, unless Fr. Martin menstruates, my advise is to please back up, respect my right to privacy and all of your sisters in Christ and stay the hell out of the ladies room.

  10. FANTASTIC, ARTICULATE ARTICLE. Thank you so much for saying it so well and summing up the concerns with Father Martin so concisely…..

    You are exceptionally clear-headed and clear-sighted at such a young age. You must be living a faithful Sacramental life….I like to say that grace gives us “X-Ray vision”. God bless you!

  11. That a twenty-three year old man would have the perception, the analytical prowess and the skill to articulate so clearly this particular facet of the fraudulence running rampant in the Church is indeed heartening. The principals and framing of the phenomenon utilized here are easily applicable to the cohort working out of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, the Jesuit Curia and a fair number of clerics generously peppered round the globe.
    What would be ever more so heartening would be that this perfectly balanced critique be offered by a member of the hierarchy, who apparently are either too busy, too ignorant, too faithless, and/or too fearful to call James Martin to account. Just what about him makes him immune from the correction and punishment he requires?
    What is it about him?
    The Church is gifted to have a courageous and perceptive young layman such as Felix Thompson. God reward you, sir, and be very mindful of where you tread. Such candor is not much appreciated in ecclesiastical circles – particularly when it is so pinpoint accurate.

  12. Shucks, I had a couple really snazzy remarks about him because I truly find almost everything he writes to be offensive..but I caught myself and will simply say..he is a catholic priest..he is one of God’s ordained.. if he is leading souls to perdition..there is nothing I can write more powerful than that…God knows all..He will be his judge..

  13. All I can say is that “Jim” is an astute, masterful Overton Window framer and pusher. His craftmanship in building (conversation entrapping) Overton Windows is nearly flawless; his athleticism in pushing said dialogue windows down the road – compelling the Church’s institutions to construct their mansions and hovels around them – is near genius.

    Give him that.

    Except, such flawlessness & genius are born of disorder and sin. The same disorder that is worm-holed into the timber of his much celebrated bridge, soon to creak and crack under the weight of Truth – whose Law (we are assured) will tear his handiwork asunder, tumbling its debris into the ravine below.

    • Wow! What a picture you paint with your words! I can see that worm-holed bridge on the verge of crumbling and tumbling down!

  14. Such a sickness has infested our Church for so long, and now its ugly head is rearing for all to see.

    Dogma is vanishing………before our eyes………….The Church no longer stands for faith and morals………….she is empty.

  15. Read Malachi Martin’s “Windswept House” if you want to start seeing the picture of what is actually going on, and to a large extent what has already happened.

    • Excellent post. If I may, I’d like to add The Jesuits, The Keys of This Blood (both non-fiction) and Vatican (quasi-fiction), all by Malachi Martin.

      • Malachi Martin long ago predicted that the NWO would though the Vatican freemasons get a pope elected who would be a modernist in accord with progressive thinking. Satan of course is the ultimate cause of this. The organisational church would be left in place, but it would be “hollowed out” from the inside. The pope he described sounds very like Pope Francis.

  16. The key takeaway line describing all liberalism, from its infancy to its current manifestations:

    freedom, equality, and tolerance replace the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity

    From theological liberalism in protestantism to philosophical liberalism in the Endarkenment to classical liberalism in American & French revolutions to socialism & Marxism to cultural Marxism, different applications of the same maxim.

  17. I expect I am not the only one amused that the term “hetero” features several times in an article regarding Father Martin.

  18. The unfortunate result of playing by Martin’s Anglican/Episcopalian play book is many Parishoners stop coming and stop donating. Can’t he see what the LGBT army has wrought on Protestant churches?

    • The “bare ruined choirs ” of the USCCB are already obvious, si requiram monumentum, circumspice. The Catholic Church in The USA is in collapse and guys like Martin and Dolan are just interested in getting their hands on the filthy rich endowments.

  19. I would like to know if the author of this fine piece now finds any signs of trouble in Father Martin’s first popular book, “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life.”

  20. One aspect of Fr. Martin’s presence on social media that draws little attention is collection of followers. The people who comment approvingly on his posts often express heterodox or heretical positions. Some actively oppose the Church. Regardless of what Fr. Martin believes that he is communicating, his audience is hearing advocacy for heresy and sin.

    If I made a statement about doctrine, theology, or dogma, and my statement was met with cheers from enemies of the Church, I would hasten to clarify: “No, that’s not at all what I meant.” (In fact, I’ve had to do that on occasion when my explanations that capital punishment is sometimes permissible have been met with calls for its wide use). But I haven’t seen Fr. Martin dropping in to his comments to correct (liberal) heresy. I haven’t seen him say “yes, we must be compassionate toward homosexuals, treat them with open arms, and respect them for the crosses they bear, but marriage is only between a man and a woman.”

    Heretics and enemies of the Church see Fr. Martin as an ally, advocate, or at least a cat’s-paw. That does not mean that he’s a heretic or an enemy of the Church, but it should cause him to reconsider his messaging.

    • Yo! Did you see the comment by Fr. RP? Fr. asked for no ad hominem attacks against Fr. Martin. We have to hate the sin but love the sinner.

      • I don’t know who Fr. RP is, and I made no ad hominem argument. I simply stated the truth. One knows a tree by its fruit, and this tree is wicked. There are many horrific things over which one should worry as relating to James Martin – Jesuit – but me calling him a serpent ain’t one of them.

        • This is the comment by Fr. RP:

          Fr. RP
          a day ago
          I would like to thank Felix for this welcome contribution to the Truth and encourage all 1P5 readers and commenters to consider leaving off the ad hom attacks on Fr. Martin (one does not need them, for Fr. Martin is his own worst enemy and disavows himself from the Catholic Faith of his own volition on a regular basis), they do not further the cause of Truth, they only muddy matters and give ammo to the enemies of Truth.

          Fr. Martin is still a priest. As I also posted on this thread, we have to speak the truth in charity. All of us – you, me, Fr. Martin, everyone – are going to have a lot to answer for on Judgement Day.

          O Lord, I believe and profess that Thou art truly Christ, the Son of the Living God, Who came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the first…

          Divine Liturgy, Prayer Before Holy Communion

          • Again, I have no idea who Fr. RP is. Calling James Martin – Jesuit – a serpent is, in my estimation, the very essence of speaking truth with charity. Charity does not require we not mention awful truths when doing so can warn others of great danger. This is just such a case.

            So, who IS Fr. RP?

          • Fr. RP is one of the moderators at One Peter Five. He is steadfast in his faithfulness to the Catholic faith and he speaks the truth with charity. He is well-regarded here. I look to him as a man of God and someone who is truly holy. That does not mean he is correct in everything he says (no one is) but I think he gets most things “right”. We are living in unprecedented times. I believe each of us are trying to do our best in the midst of chaos and confusion (i.e., diabolical disorientation). It is tempting to lash out at the “good priests” in our justifiable anger against he “bad priests.” But that is just the thing we should not do. The priests who are trying to live the out their vocation to the Catholic and Christian faith and be loyal to our Lord are suffering terribly and I don’t think any of us should add to that suffering.

          • Well done, Susan. We need to pray for all priests, and especially hard for those who seem to be leading others astray. We all must face the Just Judge.

          • I’ve not lashed out at an “good priests” as you insinuate and it is wrong for you to do so. James Martin – Jesuit – is not a good priest.

  21. Father Martin is using the gambit of so called compassion as a ploy to get standing or recognition to a group that has no standing or recognition in the Catholic Church.

    The LBGT community has the same credibility as the NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) community or the Bestiality community, etc.

    Deception and confusion are the works of the enemy of a person’s soul. A Catholic has the Scriptures, the Catechism, etc. to learn and practice the truth.

    “Whoever does not hate error, does not love the truth”.  – G.K. Chesterton

    “Take away the supernatural and what remains is the unnatural.” – G.K. Chesterton

    Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions. – G. K. Chesterton

  22. “Fr.” James Martin, layman in a priest costume, has led many astray. The silence from the Vatican and Francis speaks volumes.

    • Oh no, he is all priest. Ontologically, pathologically and ideologically.
      CDS — clerical derangement syndrome. Narcissism on steroids.
      “I think therefore I have revelations yet unknown to mere mortals.”
      The laity have their own problems.

      • It is to note that Martin SJ is a close friend of Stephen Colbert, an extreme left wing American celebrity with a pornographic mouth. Colbert poses as a comedian but today in Soviet America that means someone who viciously attacks anyone who supports a moral country. Colbert has been campaigning along with his mentor Hilary for an all out war with Russia, of course , people like Colbert could not beat their way out of a wet bag, they are congenital wimps but they want other people’s children to go to war. Martin is the champion of sodomy whom Colbert worships.

    • Wrong. He is ordained and he is a priest. His heterodoxy does not remove the indelible mark left on his soul made upon his ordination to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ. And this makes matters all the worse for him and those who follow him.

      And if you are implying that he is not a priest because he was ordained according to the Ordinary Form then you are seriously in error and are in danger of heterodoxy yourself. Even the FSSPX acknowledges the validity of priestly Ordination according to the Ordinary Form.

      If this is simply an ad hominem then it too is wrong.

      The silence of Pope Francis and the Vatican does speak volumes on this subject with that we are in complete agreement.

      • My understanding is that laicisation is, of itself, neutral: the divestment of all one’s rights to exercise the functions of his ministry. In the last 50 years it has seemed that far to many priests and bishops have voluntarily chosen to walk away from the priesthood. I hope that that Is what you are disputing when you say “Wrong?”

        Again, my understanding of forced laicisation—or defrocking—-is that it occurs when a priest has engaged in some sort of misconduct: either in personal immorality or for or for teaching doctrinal error. I assumed that it was to that that Nicholas was referring.

        If you still say “Wrong,” then by what criteria do you believe a priest IS legitimately defrocked? And if this Father Martin is incorrigible in his heretical parsings, is he not a candidate or close to it?

          • OK, I see; although, again, I took him to be speaking in cynical metaphor when he called Father Martin a “layman in a priest costume”—as if one were to call a sheep who acted like a wolf, a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Like a RINO Republican.

      • Sorry Father, you have to be Catholic to be a priest. Martin is a progressive and progressives are not priests. No one should be receiving the sacraments from him.

    • He will be a priest for eternity; either in heaven or in hell.

      That is the way it is.

      Now, would I seek him out for Confession or for Mass. NO. In fact, I would avoid him at all cost, as I am not spirituality strong enough to engage him in a debate, etc.
      But, if he were the only priest to give a dying woman Confession………….I would.

      I, too, am angry with Father James Martin. But, I will hold those far more accountable, who have not corrected him, and have permitted him to live in heresy and preach it. It is overall, extremely sad and sorrowing.

  23. Mo Rocca, public homosexual, was lector at Pope Francis’ “mass” in New York City. But poor, old, naïve Francis just didn’t know any better. They tricked him, right?

  24. I would like to thank Felix for this welcome contribution to the Truth and encourage all 1P5 readers and commenters to consider leaving ad hom attacks on Fr. Martin, they do not further the cause of Truth, they only muddy matters and give ammo to the enemies of Truth.

  25. Thank you for a very well written article. You have put into words what I have been noticing for a while. I’m going to share this to a few people I know. God bless you and your journey. And yes continue to pray for James.

  26. I wonder why Most Rev. Robert McElroy, Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego, is still a loyal follower of the Cult of Jim – Bishop McElroy has written the Forward to “Jim’s” latest book.

  27. Steve, I don’t know why I even bother to post this, but I shall:

    And so, we see a brave and courageous, articulate young man, testify to the damage that is being done by this priest, who has full
    authority, full cooperation from the Vatican and from bishops throughout the USA.

    And now I see, bishops and Catholic theologians from around the USA are to meet in Boston to discuss how to implement the A.L.
    The notorious list, which will not surprise, can be found easily.

    How many young people are being led to astray?
    I am a mother, and I protect my children. I thought the Church was a Mother as well and is to protect her children?
    I thought and believed the prelates were supposed to protect the teachings of the Church so as to protect sheep?
    Is that not what Christ commanded?


    These prelates place too much importance on themselves. Speak and RISK, if not for their own souls, then for the souls of the children.

  28. Perhaps time will prove Fr. Martin’s aspirations to be futile and damaging. Perhaps. But I submit for your prayerful consideration a question: how will this pseudonymous article, and the venomous comments below that denigrate Fr. Martin, build up the Church or attract others to Christ? Wrath and detraction remain, I believe, serious matters of sin.

  29. Has anyone considered a novena on behalf of this man? And on behalf of other high level prelates who would twist the teachings of Christ and of His Church?

    I have a few books written by James Martin, prior to A Bridge Too Far. His books were well written and accessible. I would have recommended him as an author. Not now.

    This man has multiple talents. That he would use his talents on behalf of promoting darkness, I have no words, only sadness for him and the souls he leads astray.

  30. “I wish Fr. Jim well, and I pray for him.” I don’t wish him well. I wish him lots of pain and suffering, the kind that will wake him up and bring him back to the true God. And I pray, as St. Paul taught, that he would be turned over to Satan for this purpose.

    • I think he is already in the hands of the adversary. The trick is to bring him to that awareness. If his ecclesiastical superiors were not as reprobate in the administration of their responsibility as he is in his moral comportment he might actually be on his way to that awareness.
      But he isn’t.
      He is digging the limelight.
      What a pitiful creature. And the absence of an ecclesiastical correction is an even greater scandal than he is. Pope Francis, his Jesuit superiors, his local ordinary stink with the stench of this individual’ aberrance.

  31. Good article.

    “Jim tweeted a line from the Catechism (CCC #2358) encouraging us all to
    “accept” and “respect” the “community” (LGBT) of men and women”

    One of the many lies from this crowd is that this group of people (a very vindictive group of people, as a holy priest once told me) is a “community”. It’s no such thing.

    • I have come to the same conclusion about this LBGT+ “community.” Vindictive but off what? Slavery? Jim Crow laws? Genocide? Stealing of land? No equal pay?

  32. His God is Lucifer. He twists the REAL Gospel to suit his own perverted ideology. The real Christ is PURE, Sinless and Holy. Since only one of the scriptural passages condemning Homosexuality was put in the Novus Ordo Missal, (the other 8 were edited out) the world forgets the Truth. When he comes face to face with Our God, whom he should be serving, not clowning around. grinning into cameras, serving the unfaithful and morally justifying the impious, he will know the difference between the God whom is TRUE and the false corrupted Christ that is not. Fr Martin’s Christ is not the real one. Our Lord Jesus Christ would not merge with sinners unless they sought Him out in true repentance realizing their formerly carnal lives were leading to the death of their souls. Christ abhors sin, and will not inhabit where demons dwell. For Him to dwell in US, we must purge ourselves of our wickedness and from blaming HIM because His Testament was not perverse.

    Many of these types of Clergy seek communion with the world. They fail to understand that Sin displeases God, so they preach a different Gospel in which God says it is okay for us to remain as we are – as long as we are open to a trusting relationship with Him. This is not God at all! That is a false view mankind has developed of Him, possibly since the 60’s when the Hippy Movement began and certain blind egg heads merged Our Lord with the gurus and forgot the true Christ who founded a HOLY Church on the Rock of St Peter. In these days of base reasoning, many young people lose their identity during teenage years, and instead of having it proved to them that God exists, they get down on their knees before the false intellectuals and atheists (and Blind Guides) who dare to deny the REAL Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and swear that the eternal Hell that Our Lord Jesus mentioned in the Gospels so many times, is just a figment of a cruel Church’s power struggles over the weak faithful.

    Such people, losing their fear of Hell, get egged on to sin, believing that because they feel okay about it, that they can not possibly be dying in their sins. Such dangerous Priests are these, such perverters of the true Scriptures, when they come face to face with the TRUE Christ, their false view of themselves will be stripped from them and each sin they failed to confess will play over and over in their minds for eternity. How can they go to Heaven? They chose Hell, by preferring their own Gospel and a God built in THEIR own image, when we should have TRUSTED Him, and allowed for us to be recreated in HIS.

    So perfect is He, that sin displeases Him and should we fail to cast it out – He will deny us the Heaven he promised us, because instead of Our Lord the Father of TRUTH we preferred the apostate, the Father of Lies.

  33. “He relishes ambiguity, and he will lead you down a path of heterodoxy and heteropraxis?” Reminds me of another Jesuit.

  34. I continue to be amazed that so many of my well-educated (or so I thought) long-time friends constantly re-post Fr. Martin’s bizarre statements and then comment on how much they admire him.

    Here is my bathroom story: I had to use the one-stall restroom at my local Chicago Public Library only to discover that the signage had been changed from Women to male/female–AND the lock was removed! Same thing with the Men’s room. (There was a partition between the sink and the toilet, but still.) I answered my call of nature as fast as possible, but couldn’t help but think how humiliated a teenage girl would be if a male barged in on her, even if he profusely apologized and left.

    I talked to the librarian about my concern, and she said others had complained also. But they were instructed to conform to a city directive. I hope parents of young children express outrage–YES , Father Martin, this is a big deal.

    • I live in Chicago and I sometimes frequent CPL to get some homework/reading done. Where is this city directive? (Main branch has locks.)

  35. Our Lady of Fatima told the children that more souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason. This priest in sheep’s clothing is leading people to Hell. Pure and simple.

  36. Someone gave me “My Life with the Saints” when I was in college; I think I got through the first 20 pages…. you can’t give what you don’t have…

  37. This is a sad and silly article.

    In an era when ISIS is selling Christian women and children as sex slaves, the Catholic Church is shrinking by the day, and fewer and fewer in the West identify as Christians, the author is straining on gnats.

    Obedient Christians demonstrate a sense of perspective and focus on basics, like 1 Corinthians 1:23, Micah 6:8, and 2 Timothy 2:23

  38. Far better than any book or pamphlet written by Father M… another book written by a Jesuit – namely, CATHOLICS AND THE NEW AGE, by Father Mitch Pacwa, SJ. In it, he debunks New Age spirituality and writes of the Catholic truths to be found in TRUE Ignatian spirituality.

  39. I always tell my son. When Christ judges you, you will stand alone. Your friends won’t be see or heard. They can’t defend your actions or theirs and there won’t be any consolation. You will be entirely and utterly alone. Fr Martin must truly examine His Conscience and be reminded that Christ is Lord and He alone holds the keys to Life Eternal.

  40. Out of all the minority groups, why on earth does the LGBT+ need to be handled like they’re glass? Seriously. I say this as someone who use to support same-sex “marriage” and was once an advocate for “equality.” You’d think they’re desperate for … something.

  41. Just read this article. Excellently articulated. Most frightening though, is the comment, “that Jim has protection in the Vatican and from his superiors”. James Martin SJ, is “consulter to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications”. Pope Francis does not know about this man’s proclivities to preach against Catholic doctrine? Pope Francis is also Jesuit. As a youth, I was a fan of “God’s Marines”, now the order gives scandal to the church militant. Witness not just James Martin, but the administrations of almost all the Jesuit universities, Georgetown, Boston College, Creighton University, Fordham University to name just a few, all of which are “off the rails” regarding teaching church doctrine to their respective student bodies. It is up to we the members of the church militant to call out the scandals that our church hierarchy continuously propagate. Thanks to Felix Thompson (no matter this being a pen name) for having the courage to write articles like this. Also, thank you 1Peter5 for this website. Deus vobiscum.

  42. Martin’s definitive self-discredit for this Catholic was the image of his televised introduction of metal band Metallica with the double-handed sign of the horns, all the while wearing his ecclesiastical dress.

    Put him in the Greeley file.

  43. Why won’t the Vatican take a look at this priest and have him defrocked? He lies and tells others they are wrong. May God have mercy on his soul.

  44. Offer the Sacrifice of the Mass through the merits of the Holy Face of Jesus in reparation for the sins of priests who are tempted. Pray this before Mass: Eternal Father, I offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, through the chaste and loving hearts of Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph her spouse, united with my two wedding gifts for Your Beloved Son, my Lord Jesus: all my love and my free will, united to the merits of His Holy Face, in reparation for the tins and sacrilege of tempted priests. I trust that You will pour out graces for their repentance and conversion, making them ardent and fervent in faith, hope and love; and I know You will use them to draw more souls to Yourself. I trust in Your mercy and compassion, O Lord. I adore You. [Try to spend at least 15 minutes adoring our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle before Mass, perhaps praying one of the Angel of Fatima prayers: I believe, I adore, I hope, and I trust in You. I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not trust in You.]

  45. Okay, here’s my theory: these so-called “priests” who are cool, tolerant, and … BTW … oversexed in odd directions… want Catholics to relax their standards of morality (so these guys can TOTALLY come out in the open and celebrate their long-poorly-hidden depravity). That’s why, I think, the highest levels in the Church are (fallibly) relaxing ‘rules’ on who can receive sacraments and in what varying states of mortal sin: so that we, when the time comes for their grand mardi gras “coming out” announcements, will look the other way as well. Guess what, padres — those of you who have betrayed Christ and his Church teaching publicly cannot be trusted , in things little or big. You’ve scandalized us as faithful Catholics. See ya, fellas. When you repent, and do it publicly, we’ll take another listen to ya.

  46. Oh and one more thing: don’t waste postage sending us Peter’s Pence collection requests. Be the shepherds you should be, and we’ll be the supporters we should be.

  47. More people go to hell by sins of the flesh than any other – true nothing new under the sun here, except the sun rarely shines any more

  48. Scandolous that such apostatesy cino clergy like Martin , Paglia ,Tobin nj., Cupich ,McElroy,Roisica Fagoli ,Dolan ,Vann ,McGrath ,Radcliff and Paglia are in.the clergy let alone promoted by the Vatican. ………Founders of Jesuits , Xavier ,Loyola and Father Marquette must be spinning in their graves or in heaven at the sorry excuses for Jesuits cino clergy running loose here and at the Vatican no less.

  49. Lest we give in to the temptation to tar the whole Jesuit order with the brush with which Fr. Martin is being tarred, i just want to say in my experience I have met many orthodox and holy Jesuits, men trying to live their life according to the Gospel and the teaching of Mother Church.


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