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The Ins and Outs of Catholic Culture Today: A List

At the beginning of every year, the Washington Post publishes “The List.” The List is a pop culture guide to what is “in” and what is “out” in the new year. To get the most benefit from The List, it helps to have some degree of cultural “wokeness.” I wondered what a such a list for Catholic culture might look like. This is what I came up with.

Redpilling Gaslighting
Rome Abu Dhabi
Multiplication of Loaves & Fishes Sharing of Loaves & Fishes
The Ten Commandments The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
Mortal Sin Accompanyment
New Evangelization New Humanism
Altar Girls Deaconesses
The Blessed Mother Mother Earth
The Catholic Church The Catholic Party
Peoria Rochester
The Catholic Church in China Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association
Kissing the Fisherman’s Ring Photo Ops with the Fisherman
Continuity New Paths
The Holy Spirit The Zeitgeist
A Man for All Seasons Pope Francis: A Man of His Word
The Hypostatic Union Intermittent Divinity
Abortion Seamless Garment
The Tiber The Amazon
Damnation of Souls Annihilation of Souls
Papal Charities Papal Investments
Body and Blood Bread and Wine
Jesus Christ Abraham
Assisi Richmond
Clerical Sex Abuse Clerical Sex Abuse

Should we even be talking about “Catholic culture”? Does not Catholicism, with its beliefs and moral requirements, exist outside of, and exert an influence on, all worldly cultures, without itself being just another culture? The reality is, however, that those presently in control of the institutional Catholic Church have lost sight of, or deliberately blurred, this distinction. The evidence for this argument is all around. The above list is only some of it.

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