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Hispanic Thanksgiving for Colonialism Day

In our modern epoch, we see the tactic of the Freemasons (and later the Marxists) is in writing ideological historical narratives designed to make Catholics ashamed of their history. Using textbook Communist tactics, these enemies of Christ find some real grievance somewhere in Christendom past or present, and then magnify and exaggerate this beyond all reason, in order to enflame emotions and provoke violent iconoclasm against the Monuments of our forefathers.

To fight against this on this important holiday in the United States and Canada, at OnePeterFive we celebrate “Thanksgiving for Colonialism Day” with our two contributing editors:

But in the midst of “Hispanic Heritage Month,” this gives us an opportunity to promote our series against the Marxist hatred for Hispanic (Catholic) culture: Hispanidad.

Today let us give thanks for Christopher Columbus who, under the patronage of the Spanish monarchy, brought the Holy Gospel to these Americas! Today is a great day of rejoicing for all Americans (North and South) under our Empress, invoked under her title in Mexico and Spain alike:

Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico City, pray for us!

Our Lady of Guadalupe of Extremadura, pray for us!

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