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Hilary White Sums Up the Latest SSPX Developments…

as only she can:

This from Bishop Fellay:

And in fact, Rome is offering us a new body. At the head, a bishop. This bishop, chosen by the pope, with (from) three names, which a presented by the Society and taken in the Society. This bishop will have authority above (over) the priests. Above the religious who want to be members. And above the Faithful. All Sacraments, (to) the Faithful (who) will belong to this body, will have the strict right to receive all the Sacraments from priests of the Society. All Sacraments, Marriage included. The bishop will have the right to have schools, seminaries, ordinations. Even to make new religious congregations. And accept inside, other who would like to join. It is something like a super diocese.Autonomous from the local bishops. In other words, for you, no change to what you have now. The only thing, it will be with the recognition that you are Catholics.

You can imagine that… that will create a lot of conflicts, with the local bishops. You can easily imagine that. So we have to remain prudent there. But in itself, you cannot imagine anything better, than what is offered there.

And such a thing that you cannot think, that’s a trap.

Yes, I can.

It’s not a trap.

Yes, it is.

And if somebody is offering something like that, it can be only because he wants good to us.

Ummmm…This is Francis we’re talking about, right?

Right? Because we know that means that no, he doesn’t.

When, in the entirety of the last three-something years, has this man ever shown the slightest hint that he wants anythinggood for anyone?

He wants the good of Tradition,

Sorry, your excellency, but… are you on drugs?

Have you been living in a parallel universe where the man on Peter’s throne is not a manifest heretic, narcissist, Marxist-Peronist lunatic who has spent the last three+ years doing everything he can to destroy the remains of the Catholic Faith within the Church? A lying, blaspheming megalomaniac who has made himself a mortal enemy of Christ, His Blessed Mother, all the angels and saints? Because if you have, I’d like to know how you got in there so I can get there too.

he wants Tradition to say, spread in the Church.

Sorry, but …

…are you mad?

It is impossible to think that such a thing could be invented by enemies.

No, it really isn’t. Not even a bit.

The enemies have many other ways to crush us down. Not that.

Not if they can’t get to you. Which right now they can’t. But if you take the deal, they can.


Perhaps the most striking thing she says is found in this simple image, which I’ve put in bold:

Now, the Romans don’t care about us little guys, but they REALLy want to get rid of the Traddie and quasi-traditional and even “conservative” priests (and whatever bishops might be interested.) Anyone who will stand up and say no to the programme.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we just voluntarily got rid of ourselves? That would clear things up for them and their Big Plans for the rest of the Church right? Because right now it’s just that teeny weeny rump of priests, one or two bishops and a couple of cardinals who are putting the blocks in front of the wheels, making all manner of trouble.

Then what? Once the gig is up, and the Communion for divorced and remarried, or women priests or holy gayness is all set up as the pinch of incense, force the entire pack of us to go along or get out.

What do you do when you’re sweeping up something in your house? Broken glass, say? You first sweep it all up into a little pile, making sure not to leave any little bits lying around.

Go read the rest. 

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