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Here We Are at the End

It’s not a coincidence that the shortening days of a coming winter coincide with the last days of the Church year. It’s here, at the dark end of the year, that we reflect on the dark end of the world. The times prior to Christ’s return will be frightening, the readings remind us, full of wars and chaos, followed by a fierce and inescapable judgment. This especially in the traditional Roman Rite, which is Advent Uncensored.

But the truth is that there is good news in all this.

Of course, it doesn’t seem like good news, because it’s hard news, this tearing away from sin and illusion. It hurts. But that’s what Our Lord does for us, what the Church does for us, what the rhythms of the liturgical calendar reveal: by the grace of Our Lord, through the Sacraments of the Church, we face the darkness and walk through it into Light.

This is our mission at OnePeterFive: to wrest souls away from a path that does end in death and bring them into the light of truth. We don’t do it with sunshine and roses. This is what got us into such trouble in the first place, what led so many to be “meh” about being Catholic.

Here we don’t dumb anything down, and we don’t fuzzy anything up. We give people what they deserve and what the Church proclaims – the cauterizing clarity of the truth that saves souls.

We’re all about the hard teachings: that Jesus is truly and fully present in the Eucharist, that we will each of us face judgment at the end of our lives, and that it is possible for souls to spend eternity in hell. That while we are alive, we are called to live out the Gospel and share it in a world that is programmed to hate us. And these hard beliefs and practices of ours don’t make us hard—they make us holy.

So, it’s no surprise that this mission isn’t the most popular one for advertisers to support. But I know that we can come to you and tell it like it is: we need your help to keep our bold and life-giving articles available.

This content – which is always free to read – is uniquely tailored to inspire you, but also to motivate you, to give you what you need to share the truth, to rescue the lost souls in your family, and your friends, who have drifted away or run away from the Church.

Bottom line is that here, at the end of the year, we need $60,000 to keep going in the first half of 2023. That’s all, really – it amounts to $10,000 a month for staff costs, hosting, technical fees, accounting, writer stipends, and so on. And I need your help, as a faithful reader, to cover it.

Will you please make a tax-deductible gift to OnePeterFive today? Ask yourself: Have you been blessed this year by our work? Can you sponsor a week for $2,500, or a full month for $10,000? Or can you donate a Christmas gift of $250 or $500?  Or $10, $15, $25, $50, or $100?

What would help most is if you could become a monthly donor to OnePeterFive by choosing that option on the drop-down menu here. Our monthly donors are absolutely critical to providing the stability we need to continue our work. They’re our angels.

May God bless you all abundantly and protect you and your families from every harm. And thank you so much for your readership and support.


Timothy Flanders


P.S. Please bring the light of Christ to many more readers in 2023 with your most generous gift possible. We can’t do this without you.


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