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Help Fund OnePeterFive!

So it’s that time of year again. Fundraising time. Everyone out there with a Catholic website is asking for your help. It’s a little too cold for co-opting the ice bucket challenges, but the help is still needed.

We need you. We can’t make it without you. That’s not just hyperbole. There’s not enough left in the bank account to pay for more than a few months of hosting. Please help us not only keep going this year, but make it into 2015 going strong. I’d prefer to tell you what I have to say myself, so here goes:

You can find our “Donate” page here. (Note: this is our preferred method because there are no transaction fees deducted from the donation amount.)

You can find our GoFundMe page here.

If you love what we have to offer and want more, please help me build it. Together, we can make OnePeterFive a real contender in the online Catholic world.

(Please note: at this time, donations are NOT tax-deductible.)

Update: Due to high processing fees (almost 9%!) we are cancelling our GoFundMe campaign and processing all payments directly through the Donate Page of the 1P5 website

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