We Know that God is on Our Side in This Fight

It’s hard to believe it’s been over three months. Three months of praying. Three months of pondering. Three months of pleading with Cardinal Cupich to give us back full access to the Latin Mass.

In February, when the Cardinal’s ban of the Traditional Latin Mass on first Sundays and some Holy Days went into effect, hundreds of lay people from across Illinois and the surrounding states gathered in front of Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Chicago for the first ever Rosary Rally for the Latin Mass. Our goal was simple: to pray a public Rosary together, with the intention that Our Lady touch Cardinal Cupich’s heart.

In March, we stood outside the cathedral again. There was a notable sadness on the faces of the crowd this time – perhaps even a slight sense of discouragement as we realized that this wouldn’t be a “one-and-done” effort.

Today, however, I noticed something different. I not only saw over one hundred people again joyfully praying the Holy Rosary together and singing hymns. I saw people determined to keep coming back, no matter how long it takes for the Latin Mass to be given full freedom in our diocese.

One young man who just recently started attending the Latin Mass explained to me that he loved the beauty, tradition, and unity he has seen among his parish, and “two months later it immediately starts getting attacked. So, that’s why I’m here.”

A young woman from Wisconsin made the long trek down to Chicago. “I’m here because I believe we must protect the traditional Latin Mass at all costs. A step in the wrong direction could affect all of us.”

As the sun peaked through the clouds at the close of the Glorious mysteries, I looked across the sea of people at one of my friends who had also attended all three rallies, and we shared a smile. We know that God is on our side in this fight.

Sometimes I wonder, and perhaps sometimes we all wonder: for how many months we will have to sacrifice our first Sundays to come to these Rosary Rallies? Is this all really worth it? But when I’m here outside the Cathedral, praying the Rosary in a very public way, that feeling vanishes. I know that there is nothing more beautiful, and nothing that helps me grow more in my faith, than the majestic beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass. And there is no better place I’d rather spend my Sunday than praying for the full freedom of the “most beautiful thing this side of Heaven” in my diocese.

As a pro-life activist, I’ve attended, spoken at, and organized dozens of rallies. But I never dreamt I’d have to attend a rally like this. God has a purpose in all He does, though, and we were chosen for this time and place for a reason. Right now, that reason is to defend the highest form of worship.

Consider joining us on May 1st for the fourth monthly Rosary Rally. To paraphrase Archbishop Sheen: It’s not the bishops, it’s not the priests – it’s the laity who will save our church.

For more information, see the May Rosary Rally Facebook event page.

Photo credit: Xavier Boudreau

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