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The Glass is Half Full!

635891798176670878-1214980745_GlassOK, at the moment, the glass is more like 39% full. (The fundraising glass that is.) But close enough for optimism’s sake, and thank you to all those who have already contributed in August!

Will those of you who have not yet made a contribution help us to meet our goal? We did it last month and I know we can do it again!

Every little bit moves us toward the magical status of “paid all the bills” and out of the less-than-magical status of “put the phone on silent because the collectors keep calling and I don’t know what to tell them.”


If you are unable to donate, I ask you to pray that others can, and to pray for all of our benefactors (financial OR spiritual) and their intentions. We are, as I’ve said before, a community. And we’re all stronger together than we ever could be separately.

Thank you as always for your support!

7 thoughts on “The Glass is Half Full!”

  1. Sorry for this off topic comment, but there is no way to address this issue. Why are comments being closed off after a relatively short time? As soon as I start reading an article and go to make a comment, it is already closed and the article is only a day old. It’s not even a lot of comments either. Being able to discuss faith issues with people is one reason religious sites get a lot of views and comments. When there is no longer the ability to comment, and repeatedly so, I and I am sure others start to lose interest in reading opinion pieces. I hope the ability to continue to comment on faith issues remains available longer than a day or two. There are so many interesting points of interest in these articles, its rather disheartening to not be able to raise new points, or reinterpret in a different view.

    • If you’re talking about articles that went up yesterday, they’re reposts of old articles from 2 years ago. The comments have been done for 2 years and starting it up again can be a horrible mess to moderate.

      • Thank you for explaining it to me and it is very reasonable answer. It just seems that too many religious sites no longer want to offer commenting and that is a shame. Especially considering Catholics do not have a real venue to discuss their faith issues to a wide and diverse group.

        • I’m actually glad you brought this to my attention. I didn’t realize that the comments on those had been closed. I’ll look into getting them re-opened, and pay closer attention to future reprints.

  2. I’m planning to help when I can. I’ll know where We’re at after the 25th. So keep that in mind. My wife and I benefit greatly from everything you do… Immensely!

  3. I’m going in now to donate…….Sorry Steve, I usually get it to you sooner, but have been waylaid with work……I benefit greatly from your site, and am SOOO appreciative of all you do, as I’m sure most of us are!!! Praying that you reach your goal soon!! This is one of the VERY BEST Catholic sites online, so I am praying everyone chips in and gives what they are able. God Bless you, Steve, for all you do!!

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