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German Schismatic Way Responds to the Holy See “With Irritation”

As we reported yesterday, a welcome rebuke of the German Schismatic Way was released from the Holy See, making clear that schismatics and heretics “find themselves separated from the entire ecclesial body, they weaken, rot and die” (quoting His Holiness). In response, the German lay organisation Zdk issued a statement the same day.

First, it should be understood that the Germans’ Der Synodalen Weg is a joint effort between the German bishops’ conference and this powerful lay group Central Committee of German Catholics (Zentralkomitees der deutschen Katholiken, abbreviated with the acronym ZdK). This lay group is dominated by the Modernists who push for the “kneeling before the world” agenda we discussed yesterday.

For example: a few days ago the head of ZdK, Irme Stetter-Karp, made a statement (in the context of the Dobbs decision) saying that abortion needs to remain available for women. In response, Maria 1.0 issued a statement calling for her resignation. The source who gave me this information tells me that all orthodox Germans hate ZdK who leverages their power to push their agenda to the danger of souls and society.

So what did Zdk say to the Holy See? Full statement is in German here and English translation here. Initially, their statement appears to reassure the Holy See that Rome “emphasises what we have already committed ourselves to,” in terms of submitting their resolutions to the Roman Pontiff and participating in the Synod on Synodality of His Holiness.

This may be a way to wash their hands of any wrongdoing, while Rome, by means of their “rebuke” also washes their hands of what comes next. The German Synodalen Weg could pass a resolution to remove those “cruel” passages against sodomy from the New Catechism, and they pass this along to the Holy See, which does nothing and allows the Germans to publish a new catechism, just like the Dutch bishops did shortly after Vatican II. The Germans could claim they submitted this to the Holy See, and Rome can continue their nice-words-and-no-action approach to heretics and wolves in shepherds’ clothing.

But ZdK’s statement ends with a much less submissive stance:

Since the beginning of the Synodal Way, the Presidium has endeavoured to find direct ways of communicating with the Roman authorities. In our opinion, this would be the place for such clarifications. Unfortunately, the Synodal Presidium has not yet been invited to a discussion. We regret with irritation that this direct communication has not taken place so far. In our understanding, a synodal church is different! This also applies to the way of communication today, which astonishes us. It does not testify to a good style of communication within the church if statements are not published by name.

I’m reminded of Cardinal Richelieu’s defiance against Urban VIII, which was tolerated because Pope Urban was a corrupt Francophile. Pope Francis, who appears to be a corrupt Germanophile, might replay the same routine with the same disastrous consequences. When Pope Urban sided with rebellious France, he betrayed the whole Counter-Reformation and the Council of Trent. Now the German Schismatic Way is hoping to achieve all the Modernist dreams of the Hans Küng and other heretics.

Let us give thanks that as it was then, so it is now: Jesus is King and will fight for His Bride, no matter what happens next. Let us place our trust in Him, pray for our enemies, and fight the good fight.

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