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Free Online Conference Will Expose Population Control Enthusiasts Operating Within the Church

Catholic experts from around the world are preparing to deliver a major blow to the population control enthusiasts who’ve found their way into prominent posts in the Vatican.  From October 17-19, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Fr. Shenan Boquet, Steven Mosher, Riccardo Cascioli, Ettore Tedeschi, John Henry Westen and many others will be joined by thousands of participants in this first-of-its-kind, online event.  Registration for the event is completely free at

For several years now, faithful Catholics have become increasingly concerned about the growing presence of population control enthusiasts being given positions of prominence at Vatican events.  For instance, in May of 2014, just months after Pope Francis announced his intention to publish an encyclical on “human ecology,” the UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund) reported that Pope Francis “committed the Catholic Church to support the SDG [Sustainable Development Goal] efforts.”

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations is nothing short of a population control program, thinly disguised as a poverty-reduction program.  Goal Three of the Sustainable Development Goals claims to seek “Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.”  However, one of the objectives listed for achieving this goal is, “By 2030, ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services, including for family planning, infonnation (sic) and education, and the integration of reproductive health into national strategies and programmes.”

Goal five is even worse.  The stated goal is to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls,” and the last listed objective under this goal is to “ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights as agreed in accordance with the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and the Beijing Platform for Action.”

One of the main architects of the SGDs is prominent population control promoter, Jeffrey Sachs.  Sachs, who has maintained a steady presence in the Vatican over the past 4 years, has written several books promoting population control, saying things like, “In countries with legal abortion services, households have a lower-risk and lower-cost option.” Sachs even claimed that “Legalization of abortion reduces a country’s [total fertility rate] significantly … and also reduces maternal mortality.” In fact, prior to the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals, Sachs was the head of the Millennium Project, where he was responsible for the publication of a document titled, “Access to Safe Abortion: An Essential Strategy for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals to Improve Maternal Health, Promote Gender Equality, and Reduce Poverty.”

Jeffrey Sachs and his anti-population and grossly anti-Catholic agenda will be discussed on Day 2 (October 18) of the International Conference on Population Control by Riccardo Cascioli, Director, La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana.

Of course, one can’t mention Jeffrey Sachs without also discussing his primary financier, George Soros.  A 2007 article by Vanity Fair explains:

One of Sachs’s biggest supporters is the financier and philanthropist George Soros, who recently donated $50 million to the Millennium Villages Project. (The project is a partnership among the U.N., Columbia, and Sachs’s own nonprofit organization, Millennium Promise.) According to Soros, whose foundation gives away between $350 million and $400 million a year, investing in Sachs offered an attractive “risk-reward ratio.” “Even though it’s a large amount of money, $50 million, I thought there was really little downside,” Soros told me. “As a humanitarian action, it was a good investment on its own But if it succeeded, then of course you would get a reward that would be way out of proportion to the investment made.”

Soros’ connections to many other prominent figures who have moved their sphere of influence into the Vatican’s outer walls will be discussed, also on Day 2 of the conference by child advocacy attorney, Elizabeth Yore.

Other topics for the conference include the following:

  • “The Shake-Up and Breakdown of the Pontifical Academy for Life” by Judie Brown, president of American Life League
  • “Environmentalism and Climate Change as an Avenue for Population Control” by Steven Mosher, president of Population Research Institute
  • “Changing the Catholic Climate at the Pontifical Academy for Science” by Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, former president of the Vatican Bank
  • “Population Control in Africa and Asia: Blueprints for the World” by Fr. Shenan Boquet & Brian Clowes, of Human Life International
  • “Foreign Aid as the Engine Behind Population Control – USAID, Gates Foundation, and International Catholic Aid Corruption” by Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute
  • “United Nations and Its Agencies of Population Control: UNFPA, UNDP, UNDG, and Development of Policy” by Dr. Philip Njemanze, Medical Doctor, Clinician and Researcher
  • “Population Control in South America” by Raymond de Souza, president of Sacred Heart Institute
  • “Tracing the Teaching of JPII and Francis on Population Control” by John Henry Westen, Editor in Chief of LifeSiteNews.Com
  • “What Is Population Control, Who Are Its Proponents, and How Does It Hide in Lofty-Sounding Programs?” by Brian Clowes, Director of Research at Human Life International
  • “Christian Life and Martyrdom” by Bishop Athanasius Schneider

The conference is broadcast online, so anyone with an internet connection can participate, and most importantly, it’s free to attend.  This is an event you don’t want to miss.  Be sure to register your spot at

42 thoughts on “Free Online Conference Will Expose Population Control Enthusiasts Operating Within the Church”

  1. Perhaps Mr. Paul Ehrlich can lead by example and dismiss himself from any more living space on
    planet Earth, after all by his own judgement he is a contributor to the very ” problems ” he generously
    informs us of.
    Insane are the hands that grind the mills of hell…!

  2. “Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer.” — St. Francis of Assisi

  3. As a woman, it sickens me that NEVER is the discussion on male sexual proclivity. NEVER do I hear about male sexual responsibility to “curb the urge” to stay pure themselves. When we hear about sterilization, birth control, they are speaking about women. This is not to minimize the rise in female promiscuity either, but let’s face it NO ONE addresses the need of male responsibility.

    This is nothing but eugenics that has by passed rulers and leaders and is not going directly to the people to enable their death cult to fly under the radar. Iceland is celebrating the near elimination of Downs Syndrome. What no one speaks about is that it is through abortions not some medical achievement. Yes this world is sick, vile, evil, and if we are not living in the end times, it makes me shutter to think how much worse it can get.

    • I encourage you to read what I wrote above. Men are responsible and women have aided them via the Feminist Ideology that has destroyed the West.

      • Are you implying that women are to blame for the state of the world? That this current issue discussed in this article, eugenics, population control is caused by women? Could you at the very least define the overly broad and pejorative term “feminist ideology”? It is difficult to separate or find intent when feminism contains basic rights like working, owning property, voting, whether to marry, everything that each person should be able to determine for themselves, to other so called feminist issues like birth control, abortion. I find your comment, unless explained more clearly, to place blame ultimately on women, and gives men the poor old misguided soul effect. If we, both male and female, want to change the tide on ideologies that strike at the very soul of what is good and evil then we need to work together equally to expose this death cult growing across the globe. This will stall and fail when people and groups cannot seem to just come out and explicitly state behavior and beliefs that are the issue and hide behind undefined and broad categorizations like feminist ideology. There should be no fear in spelling this out clearly, because many, like myself, believe the devil is in the details or the glory is in the truth.

        • Sorry sister, but yes, a large part of the blame does fall on women. Just the way it is.

          You said “the glory is in the truth” but to paraphrase a famous line in a movie……“Truth……… can’t handle the truth!!” (Jack Nicholson, “A Few Good Men”).

          • So I am not going to get a definition of feminist ideology? People cannot delineate what that comprises and what that does not? Are people grouping all women into a category with those who protest for the right to abortions and birth control, who march in protests wearing Pu**y hats, and free the ni**le shenanigans? Are ALL women so fallen and depraved that some groups have now lain the blame on all women for the ills of society and especially the topic of this article?

            As far as not handling the truth, why can you not provide me with an answer to my question. Instead of the overused quote noted.

          • Correct. You are not going to get a definition of “feminist ideology” because its meaning is generally well understood. Except by the deliberately obtuse, the bereft illiterate and the aggressively belligerent.

            You clearly have a problem with the term. We don’t. So why don’t you give us your understanding of the term and we’ll critique it.

          • Why are you afraid to define it? I’m not looking for a fight just an understanding as to what people are actually using this term to mean. Is the term used for all forms of feminism where women are to only have children and stay at home thereby denying the basic ability for women to take care of themselves or are people using it strictly for such topics as contraception and abortion? It’s a simple question.

          • It is not so difficult to explain.
            Feminism is when a woman holds all the rights of her femininity,
            but when she wants, or when she needs it, wants to be treated like a man.
            This ideology as all ideologies can never bring any good. Certainly not in the long term.
            As we can see now the fruits of it, for the part, in the form of genderless – multigender – reversible gender craziness.
            In fact, it can be said that feminist ideology, is a forerunner of gender ideology.

          • Would you consider it fair to say that men hold all the rights of masculinity? I don’t even really understand what you mean by “holds all rights to femininity” Is this about abortion?

            I’m not sure what it means to be treated like a man either. Is this about working, making decisions?

            Gender ideology has nothing to do with feminism, it is it’s own issue. Just as there are women who identify as male (if one believes in gender identity to begin with), there are just as many men who identify as female. I will state that alt-left feminism supports the notion of gender ideology but so too do most progresses of either sex.

            If feminist ideology is indeed the forerunner of gender ideology, then so too one could say that civil rights is the forerunner to all of this.

          • Well, lets define ” civil rights ” then….
            a man unless called to be single as a layman, Priest, Brother religious, or has some form of disability
            is incomplete ( given his natural state ) without a woman and vice versa….

            Equality as they call it is a false virtue, is a Fish equal to a bird? The answer is no, Fish can’t fly and birds can’t swim
            neither is superior to the other.

            Complementarity is the natural order in the relationship between man and woman, any deviation is subversive and
            undermines the natural role of both. Feminism loosely defined creates division between the sexes and attacks the
            very notion of Family and faith simply by asserting ” rights ” based on false notions of equality. Its one of the errors
            of communism.

          • Reading Fr. RP’s original post, it’s perfectly clear to me (and probably everyone else) what he means by “feminist ideology”. It couldn’t be clearer.

            He’s talking about the ideology which sees the care of the home and the raising of children as millstones around the necks of women from which they must be freed as a matter of urgency. It’s as clear as day.

            Now your turn. Present to us the tortured logic behind all the bellyaching.

          • So you are including all women who desire to not only raise children and work, but those who choose not to have children. remain single and work. So this by your interpretation is any woman who is not staying home and raising children.

          • Frankly, as I have pondering all this I wonder if this is nothing more than the masculinity movement disguised as discrediting any and all aspects of feminist ideology up to and including wanting more than cooking and cleaning.

          • You suffer from issues foreign to your natural instincts as a Woman, this is the fruit of decades of social-engineering
            by the father of lies to divide and supplant the natural order with individuality and pride.

          • What are my natural instincts as a woman?

            So was I suppose to marry anyone who came along? What if no one did (which they did not). Maybe God had different plans for me than marriage and children. If God wanted me to marry and have children there would have been someone available. I have been a celibate catholic woman, and therefore must provide for myself. I even entered religious life, left because they were nuts. If I needed to wait on a man to do and take care of me, I would still be sitting at the softball field waiting 40 yrs. Many forget that the heart of the equal rights for women were based on our need to break free from men and husbands who did not treat us properly. Being denied, abused, taken for granted, lorded over everything that men today feel they need to reclaim. What about women who ended up widowed with children? What were they suppose to do? Find another man, kill herself working in a low wage job and raising a family. Frankly, the ability of a woman to work and make a living wage is a necessity for the survival of family.

          • We have free will throughout our lives on this earth, you made some revealing comments about your journey of
            which I have no business commenting upon, suffice to say we all carry a cross.
            May I say that we must look to the greater good of society and the natural order as it protects society as a whole.

            And avoid projecting our own personal histories and experience as a cause to rally others to an uncertain future,
            given the twisted wreck that society is becoming as a result of the so-called sexual revolution let us quietly suffer
            our personal issues with the courage Our Lord asks for…..WE ARE CALLED TO BE SAINTS

          • Celibacy is an admirable vocation, if that is one’s calling. However, it’s one thing to chose celibacy as a discernment of God’s will in one’s life and quite another to spurn marriage and children as an impediment to material well being, comfort, worldly success and pleasure. It’s one thing to remain single due to the nonappearance of a suitable spouse and quite another to remain single as a result of seeing marriage as nothing more than a means of male oppression and female enslavement.

            The latter is “feminist ideology”.

          • The “masculinity movement”?? Ahhhhh……now that really does demand a definition.

            Let’s see if you can provide one. You’ve been stomping through this thread demanding a definition of “feminist ideology”. Your turn. Whaddya got?

            Tell us all about “the masculinity movement”. We’re waiting……

          • I have come across a few articles here and there on line specifically calling it a masculinity movement by the sponsors and advocates for it, hence the term. As far as I can understand it, and I have not researched it much, is the perception that men need to reclaim the traditional definition of what it means to be masculine. Masculinity for the most part can be defined to various degrees from basic heterosexuality as the bare minimum all the way up to and including the domination of all under their “care/control”. It maintains that men have the last say on every aspect of family life, women are to have children and raise them, women cannot work, wife and children must rely exclusively on the man for all needs in life. Women must not do “manly’ things and only partake of womanly chores which include maintaining house and home. If purchases must be made it is only under the discretion of the man. It is an ideology that is the mirror image of what they themselves fear from feminism.

            If women are to work, having careers in which education is a must and time to gain experience, men seem to think they are taking over, becoming manly rather than using her God given intelligence and gifts. Women who make their own money/income whether smaller or larger than men/husband it is wrong they are being manly. If a woman desires to learn skills for her own benefit or others that are especially male oriented like car repairs, trades, hands on types of work, she is being manly. What people who hold to this way of thinking is that women are partaking in these tasks out of necessity, out of curiosity, out of basic need of learning something new. The masculinity movement seems to be threatened by this and I do not understand why. This is not about usurping men, this is about getting things done.

            What I would really like to see myself, is why masculinity is so tied to traditional roles? In their desire to “reclaim” something they feel they have lost or are losing why can’t they reinvent themselves instead. What real truth is there to live a life bound to a wife who is there because she out of necessity has no other choice? Would it not be better to have two people who love each other, each having their unique gifts and talents to bring to the marriage where either one can do what the other cannot. That raising a family together makes children healthier and whole as the both share all the duties.

            What this thread has revealed is that there is a crisis in some men who are having an identity crisis. If the measure of a man is no longer just about income, work, and having children I think men have a hard time defining who they are. They feel they lack power, but what has happened is that there is no loss of power just the loss of domination and subjugation which made life difficult for women. What no one in the movement is doing either is allowing themselves to say, why do I feel this way about my masculinity, if I am feeling miserable, negated, how has masculinity impact those as well. I personally do not judge a man’s masculinity on their job, income, whether they can build a house or not. For me a man, like a woman, is by default who they are and each has their own equal worth, intelligence, gifts. I think no less of a man who cannot do traditional manly tasks but I do want a man who is caring, helpful, supportive, wise, and righteous. Women do not want/need a king of the castle, they want someone to walk through life with who is devoted as she is so that when trouble or hard times come they can lovingly support and lift each other up.

          • What this thread actually reveals is that you have a problem with the male identity as does the feminist movement in general. Your shrill reaction to the term “feminist ideology” was precisely because you embrace it, in part or in toto, as you reveal in the above post. Thanks for finally coming clean.

            I imagine you also have a problem with Scripture which says: ” Wives, be subject to your husbands, as it behoveth in the Lord.”
            [Colossians 3:18]. This is anathema to feminist ideology.

          • If I have such a “problem” with the male identity then I would not be working for the past 30 yrs in a male dominate trade business. The men I work with do not feel threatened by me working side by side, making contributions for the betterment of the company, and yes there are moments I laugh too at some of their crude jokes. They even come to me if they have a question they think I may be able to answer, as I do to them when a question arises. As I do not want to be dominated by anyone, so too do I feel no need to dominate anyone else. I feel sorry for you and others whose hatred of women is so pervasive they do not have the ability to see our value and contributions, or believe that anything women do somehow takes away from their own value.

          • Ahhhh…..I was right. The feminist ideology shows itself. We “hate” women. Got it.

            Talk to us about St.Paul and his words to the Colossians which I posted above. Was he a “hater” too?

          • Yoikes

            Ponder this statement, if Women by the mass decided abortion is no longer tolerable and must be made illegal. There is no force on earth that would stop them. They have the political, legal, voting power and cultural empowerment to do so…full stop

            and no men would be able to stop them.

            Yet abortion remains….

            Feminism is Cancer and is destroying the West. There is NO question about this.

          • Thank you ever so much for at least giving me an indication of what the term feminist ideology means. Just because I am a woman does not mean that I support every single issue. I do however believe that women should have equal opportunity to be able to provide for herself, find work that is meaningful in any field she decides, as well as an equal voice in marriage if she chooses to marry. In other words the freedom to be whomever she strives to be. Conversely, I do not support the alt-left vision that is contrary to my beliefs as a Catholic/Christian.

            Those in positions in the church, in groups, society, like to use the term feminist ideology in such a broad sense that most women have no idea what is meant, nor whether to support those who use the term like a battle axe. As you can see, even when asked for the definition everyone seems to scatter afraid to come out an state what they believe. Then again is it very “catholic” to use words that have so many various definitions that if polled few would agree to the same meaning. Thank you again.

  4. I want to encourage all 1P5 readers to sign up for this conference and don’t worry if you can’t be present for all of the presentations, watch and listen tot he ones you can and encourage others to do the same. Are goal should be to crash the internet with so many registrants watching that lag and down time are the norm.

    I wish I were being allowed to present a talk for this event! (no, I was not shut out, I just didn’t know about it until recently) as I would speak on the destruction of the family through the Feminist Ideology, which has promoted absolute selfishness based on pyscho-emotional fulfillment via egotistical materialism as mankind’s objective end. The rise of Socialistic Communism and Islam is the direct result of the West’s stupefaction due to the embrace of the Feminist Ideology which promotes a material world of comfortability first mentality. In the Church this has been achieved through the false premise of universal salvation and God’s desire for us to be Happy, which we are told, is based on our subjective material level of comfort in this world. This is furthered via education (civil and alas, also in most Church Faith Formation programs) and entertainment and news media which promotes a euphoric emotionally driven philosophical psychology, which is itself, is based on a radically selfish ‘me being fulfilled as I define fulfillment’ in this world objective.

    The Feminist Satanic influence has destroyed our civilization and corrupted the Church, confusing and desecrating the minds and hearts of countless men and women. Women are lead to believe that their happiness (their fulfillment) is to be found in their worldliness and not in their maternity and men are lead to believe that their happiness (their fulfillment) is to be found in fulfilling woman’s desires for themselves in the material world, and that Children interfere with this as they require selflessness and sacrifice. The Feminist solution is to sterilize the womb which, of course, promotes man’s sexualization of women, and woman’s loss of identity which leads to emptiness and the greater seeking of fulfillment via material psycho-emotional satisfaction. Which, of course, does not satisfy and leads to further depravity and psychological/emotional distress which, in turn, feeds itself on the continuous destruction of their very nature via Feminism. And this, of course, furthers the depravity of men who, in turn, seek to assert themselves in an over aggressive manner (machismo, which is itself, an over response to the lack of femininity in woman and effeminacy in men) or to invert themselves and become effeminate (which of course furthers woman’s dissatisfaction, which she because of the feminist ideology, leads her to greater aggression and selfish assertion and that of course furthers the destruction of the masculine etc…)

    This world is not our home! We Christians are strangers and sojourners here and are on pilgrimage to Heaven. Our objective is to follow the Commandments of God, of which the first is: Be fruitful and Multiply.

    Anyway, I encourage all 1P5 readers to sign up for this event.

    God Bless,

    Fr. RP

    Feminism is

    • Very well said father! Thank you. God bless you too.
      Surely feminism is a Satanic invention! Because of feminism, women have started to act and behave and at the and almost become a men. And accordingly to that behavior of females, inevitably, men began to act, behave, think, speak like women. Children with such brainwashed parents in such societies has no chance to grow up as a healthy male and female children, which should later become a healthy man and women. Without a good role-model in father as man and mother as women, children (of few generations already) became easily a victims of the secular assault of Satan’s servants. Attack to all humans with main purpose to destroy the family through the loss of perception of gender.
      So, when this evil was promoted and accepted (by the secular states and their leiders with each day more and more, and on many different fields and levels) and when such topsy-turvy lifestyle became usual on the big scale, around the (especially Western) World,- after that just a generation or few later we’ve got what we now have and deserve: All kind of perversions which are all for a lot of people just ‘normal’. Just to mention one very bad example, the facebook way of promotion genderism trough the 73 different genders!
      The very basis of satanic deception called feminism can be found in other satanic ideologies, and there it is actually grounded. We can think here on many ‘ism’s’ like revolutionism, socialism, liberalism, communism, etc …
      By all of them (ideologist of such ideologies), consciously and deliberately misusing of words such as freedom, equality, fraternity … which is a product of the masonry which is especially expressed in the time of the French Revolution, wel known as “egalite, fraternite, liberte”.
      With a extra bonus which we have in our very recent history, where we still live in, known as the word “mercy” in conjunction with God, are the main weapon of Satan and his minions in the last century, or two.
      In other countries which were and still are poisoned with communism, and Marxist ideology, the essence is the same. Just the their ideologically phrases like: “fraternity and unity” and “freedom of the people”, are slightly different…

    • Hear hear, Father! Well said!

      Politics is downstream from culture. The culture of Western Civilization has been corrupted. The Church, who was supposed to be a bulwark against the corruption of culture, was instead corrupted by the culture as well. It is extremely important for all of us, if we value our souls and the souls of our children and grandchildren, to FIGHT! We must take back the culture.

      This is furthered via education (civil and alas, also in most Church Faith Formation programs and Schools) and entertainment and news media…

      Hollywood is currently undergoing massive unrest and destruction. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. However, we each need to make sure we do our part to kick them while they are down. Destroy what we can of the Satanic culture machines, and then fight to replace it. If we want to fix our culture, we need to fight in the culture, and provide those things that are essential that are currently lacking.

      What conservatives are willing to conduct hostile takeovers of the media enterprises, including Hollywood, and replace them with something that teaches truths and values? What can we do?

      Make art, make entertainment, that teaches values, models masculine and feminine roles, demonstrates sacrifice, and shows the fruits of good and evil. Anything the left does, we can do, and do better. But we have to devote ourselves to it, learning new skills, and dedicating time, effort, and money.

      Horror movies are an extremely popular genre in cinema. I can’t stomach them myself, but I know lots who do, and many who have been corrupted by it. Catholics can out do any horror movie with true tales. Think “The Exorcist” but on steroids. Let’s make horror movies showing the fruits of demons and demonic posession. We’ll educate folks, and probably destroy the horror genre at the same time.

      A new project Vox Day has in the works is a line of comic books, Alt-Hero ( and I know there are many here who don’t care for the alt-right, and I think that is a mistake. The alt-right is fighting the culture war, and doing so with a very pro-Christian stance and message. For crying out loud, one of the heroes will be a character named Soulsight, presumably with the ability to see the state of individual’s souls. They have Chuck Dixon, a longtime and very popular Marvel and DC writer working with them, and they aim to destroy the current LGBTQ-whatever social justice crap that has taken over modern comics and replace it with something better.

      Sorry, Father, didn’t mean to hijack your message with all of that. My point it, yes, you’re absolutely right, and we need to get out there and fight! Grab a whip, and wade in! This world is not our home! Thank God for that! Jesus wasn’t nice. He spoke the Truth. He never put someone’s personal feelings above the Truth.

      • I hope I will be doing my part! I am currently working on a novel which is partly inspired by Revelation, and current events, which I intend to self-publish. (No publisher is going to touch this with a 10-foot-pole, and I’ve self-published 4 novels already.) I am not going to claim any divine inspiration or anything of that sort, but the idea came to me when I was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year. I’ve come to feel that this is something I must get out there while I am still alive. Since storytelling is my special talent, and I know that sometimes fiction can actually get people thinking about something in the way that preaching at them cannot – completing this novel and putting it out there has become sort of my own personal crusade.
        Hey, it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. 🙂

  5. So, “social justice” Catholicism isn’t really about helping the poor? Like the original betrayer, these modern-day Judases treat helping the poor as merely a front to make their evil intentions appear as good. They would do well to remember that there are more ways to interpret scripture than the literal one. Jesus’ words “woe to that man by whom the Son of man shall be betrayed: it were better for him, if that man had not been born” could well apply to those who, as they rob from the apostolic purse, say with Judas “Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?” As Jesus said, the poor we have always with us, and the Catholic Faith is available to them as it is to anybody else. These traitors to the Faith (and yes, Francis may well be among them) force those who know better and who can afford it to travel great distances to reverent Masses. The poor and uninformed, however, are left with the wolves.

  6. I signed up. In most of the world total birthrate is now catastrophic low–below 1.8 children per woman. The real problem is not too many people; it is too few.
    Now, It is not a surprise that the Vatican would be supporting de-population initiatives just as they do not generally speak about sexual morality except for implying approval of deviant behavior as Pope Francis seems to do. As regards Catholic teaching about sexual morality the Catholic Church has largely been in a state of corruption since Vatican II when the Church decided to become Protestant even now with their own apparent 1930 Lambeth Conference (approval of birth control).

  7. Wait……wasn’t there some prominent member of the hierarchy who recently said to a bunch of reporters that Catholics……“don’t have to breed like rabbits”!

    Who was that now…………….??

  8. Children have become so expensive, only the poor can afford to have them. Sadly that is the stance of many a catholic high school and college.

  9. Feminist Ideology — whatever does that mean? How would one recognize it? Is there a definition somewhere? I think folks are bantering about a “label” that means very different things to very different people. Dorothy, we are not in Kansas (1950s).

    Many families cannot make it financially without both parents working. Many jobs are now part-time and contract work. I am not talking “luxuries” here; I am talking about food, clothing, shelter, medical care, transportation, basic necessities.

    Are women now to blame for the off-shoring of jobs? For the importation of low paid professionals from other countries via HB1-visas (and the lay off of more expensive American workers)? For open borders and refugee invasion? Are women to blame for governmental policies that reward an unmarried woman with multiple baby daddies for each baby she has? (The more babies, the more benefits.) I am concerned that people see the problem without tracing the problem to the roots.

    As for population control: has anyone read the book of Revelation lately? War, pestilence, famine, natural disasters — all of these are at our collective door-steps. I truly believe we are living in the end times and September 23rd was a road marker for Revelations 12. As for Francis and Friends embracing and welcoming population control experts: I want to know: How does a stream flow with both salt water and fresh water? What fellowship does light have with darkness? or good with evil?

  10. Do not be hoodwinked by the most deeply cloaked tool of the globalist NWO, Those who own and run it are rigidly committed to adulation of the Bush family and their associates. Anyone questioning the virtue and patriotism of the two Bush presidents is suspended.

  11. I find something vaguely disturbing about this entire topic. Should a woman be allowed to own property? drive a car? work outside the home? have a bank account? inherit property? vote? earn the same pay as a man for the same work/ same job? be excluded from certain professions? go to college or university? is it acceptable for a woman to be a secretary, a teacher, a nurse and/or a librarian but it is not acceptable for a woman to be a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant and/or an entrepreneur or business owner? Are there roles or jobs a women or men should not be encouraged and/or allowed to do? For example, a woman does the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, and childcare and the man cuts the grass, does maintenance and repairs on the car, fixes the siding on the shed, and fixes the leaky faucet? If one crosses these boundaries, then one is a feminist?

    I am not sure what world everyone else grew up in, but I will be ever grateful for a father who patiently showed me how to do woodworking, plumbing and auto repair and a mother who taught my brothers how to cook, clean, sew and do the laundry. Now granted, I may not like fixing the brakes on the car, but I know how to do it and I know what is entailed and how to negotiate with the guys at the auto repair shop. (I won’t be taken advantage of because I am a woman and damn! if that training didn’t come in handy recently when an auto repair shop wanted to sell me all new tires when I didn’t need new tires!) I get the idea of men and women being complementary. I get the idea of natural inclination and ability. I get the idea of personal preferences and liking certain things. And I think folks are walking a really fine line here. Like I said at the beginning, there is something vaguely disturbing about this entire topic.


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