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EXCLUSIVE Cardinal Walter Kasper with Raymond Arroyo – World Over – 2015-06-04

18 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Cardinal Walter Kasper with Raymond Arroyo – World Over – 2015-06-04”

  1. The exception would become the rule. We only need to take the example of Holy Communion in the hand.

    • Me too! Actually I was ‘shocked’ at the hard ball interview from Raymond on EWTN. He wouldn’t give the ‘good Cardinal’ an inch, and caught him in a couple of discrepancies and had to ‘refresh’ his memory. Next part of the interview is next week. Had to make Mother Angelica proud. I remember a few of her quips where she relentlessly took ‘Bishops’ to the woodshed. She just doesn’t tolerate dissent within the Church very well:)

  2. Letting the reports speak for themselves:

    The Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi has said that Kasper’s thinking is in tune with the pope’s. – A Revolution on Marriage – in Rome?
    By AdministratorMONDAY, MARCH 3 2014

  3. The irony: As if there aren’t enough annulments in the US to go around.
    The statistics are interesting. In 1968 there were in the U.S. a total of 338 annulments. In 1992 there were no less than 59,030, that is one hundred and seventy-five times as many. Another interesting figure. The total number of annulments in the Catholic Church world wide in 1992 was 76,286, which means that no less than 75% of all annulments were from the U.S., that is from a little over 5% of the world’s Catholic population. Moreover, not only do one in two Catholic marriages here in the States end up with a divorce, but one in five is officially annulled, 90% of the demands for annulment being successful. What do these figures tell us about the seriousness of such annulment processes, especially when the vast majority are granted for purely psychological reasons, namely lack of maturity, as if young age were sufficient to render one incapable of entering into a life long contract?

  4. In my opinion, there seems to me to be an effort by some bishops to make exceptions to all of the teachings of the Church. They seem to believe that the bishop and priest have an authority above God whose Truths never change even though the mores of societies do. They seem to be interested in remaking the Sacraments into merely subjective rules that differ from person to person, effectively destroying them. They also seem to be more sensitive to modern man’s rejection of sin as a reality than to the truth that it is sin, unrepentant sin, that is the primary cause of all of the ill’s of the world..

  5. I like Cardinal Kasper. I have read the short book or paper he presented on the marriage question and I know the CC process for annulment, because I have gone through most of it. I understand why Catholics do not want the marriage process to change in the CC.
    But in my heart I side with Cardinal Kasper and just listening to him in this video makes me side with him even more. The Roman Church at some point turned, as Pope Benedict said, towards the legalistic ways of the Roman Empire; if you speed, and are caught, you get a ticket. But is this Gods’ way? Jesus talks much about the Jewish Law and its very strict and unforgiving ways and Jesus brought a new way; the way of love and of the heart and the Holy Spirit.
    Arroyos interview was not a good interview, as Arroyo was like a CBS interviewer, and a Godless one at that. Arroyos had an agenda and would not let the Cardinal speak, cutting him off many times. This is the same thing one of the books about Cardinal Kasper did. I was going to buy the book taking the opposite view, but the book started out telling a flat lie about what Cardinal Kasper said. I did not buy the book.

    • Read what the scripture says on divorce and remarriage. Jesus was strict about that. Any playing around with sacraments leads to confusion and ongoing more changes to legalize almost anything. Annulment is the only way to take care of these cases.

      • The Orthodox Church is at least as authoritative as the Roman Catholic Church; after all, most of the books in the bible were written by members of the Orthodox Church and the books in the bible were decided upon by the Orthodox Church, with Rome being one of the seven Churches that agreed with the list.
        The Orthodox Church allows for divorce and remarriage, but requires some process of repentance.
        That is good enough for me, since I am not Roman Catholic.

        • I am not concerned with what the Orthodox churches do. It is their business and also they have had a more liberal view on divorce and remarriage all along. I would like to know how they explain the verse where Christ says that divorce and remarriage is wrong but I do not have a quarrel with the Orthodox. They have not had major changes all along like the catholic church has had since the sixties. When you have been hit by major changes, it is a lot harder to accept. If it just concerned annulments or divorce, that would be one thing but there are so many other things that liberals have pushed on us that I just cannot accept. So I go with the conservative branch. Also, the Orthodox know how to stay out of the news and out of the issues with secular governments so you don’t get attacked here like other churches do. In the middle east, you are attacked by the muslims but here in the US, you know how to play a low profile which makes liberals pass you over and go after the other people like catholics and evangelicals. Maybe the catholics should have done that, I don’t know. Arguing religion does no good and goes in circles. I think it is better for people to find their nitch and go there instead of fighting with each other. I do not feel at home in a liberal church but I love the fssp parishes. I fit right in there. The only true union will be in heaven, not on earth. Free will prevents union here on earth with all different ideas. I say, find your place and go there. A one world religion would be the church of the devil because it will have only liberals in it and all the others will not be a part of it.

          • It is best to follow God. The Orthodox Church has not changed because it has stuck to the teaching of the early church leaders and fought the battles against false teaching.
            The Roman Church has been changing for 1,800 years, the changes did not start with V2.
            The Roman Church is a combination of Gods word and thoughts of man.
            The reason the Orthodox Church has a more “liberal” view, as you call it, is because God forgives our sin, all of our sin.
            God gave us the “ten commandments” and intended that we not break any of them, but if we do, and ask for forgiveness, we are forgiven. Same goes for Marriage.

  6. It is interesting that Cardinal Kasper says that there are many on “my side”. Why does he think he has a side? Should he not be seeking the will of God?

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