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Excellent Video Explains Mass Ad Orientem

Gabriel Castillo of has produced a video (the latest in a series, it appears) about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered ad orientem — facing liturgical East, towards Our Lord.

Beautifully produced, it is one of the most succinct and persuasive testimonies I’ve seen to why this liturgical posture is so important to reverent worship. If you’ve got someone in your life whom you’ve tried to explain this to who has never quite caught on, try sending them this. If you have a pastor whom you’d like to convince to give it a shot, again, there’s something here for him.

This is a fantastic piece of of filmmaking and liturgical instruction. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

5 thoughts on “Excellent Video Explains Mass Ad Orientem”

  1. While I agree that this video is done very well, both in style and content, I would offer one suggestion to the filmmakers: the use of Extraordinary Form footage might suggest to some that ad orientem cannot be accomplished in Ordinary Form Masses. Much as we consistently fight the argument that Latin cannot be used in a Novus Ordo Mass, we must be clear that ad orientem is preferable in both forms of the Mass as well. Let’s work carefully to differentiate between the forms when advancing the cause for ad orientem worship in Ordinary Form. It should be easy enough to find footage. I recommend St. John Cantius parish in Chicago as an exemplar of ad orientem in both forms.

  2. Where can I purchase this Video? I want to give it to a couple of Priests. I tried ordering from the Catholic book & Gift shop where I work and the purchaser never heard of it nor could she find it. Please let me know where I can get this, thanks!

    • At the moment, I think it’s only available online for free. If you follow the link at the beginning of this article to the website that it comes from you can look and see if they have any contact information. Sorry I don’t know more.

  3. Sent to everyone I know. If everyone in this forum does this, we can create awareness and perhaps move people to petition their priest to do so.


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