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The Evil Images of Demonic Pornography

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Chapter 15


Malthus my boy,


I just received your message, and I thought it wise to send you a quick note. My mouth has not watered this excessively in quite a while. You see, a fish rots from the head, and now that you tell me the father has succumbed to that moral leprosy, we stand a better chance at trapping the family. I knew he would eventually break, there is no real defence that these humans have in the world they currently inhabit if they do not rely on the Enemy. Every man will yield to the temptation of pornographic debauchery if given enough prompting and encouragement. Your man may have taken longer than some, which was frustrating, but he is now happily frolicking in the playground of the damned. The world of pornography is a veritable theme park of demonic amusement, which means your task just became considerably more achievable. Your day’s work will now offer many more consolations.

Have you ever observed the marine animals called sharks? Well, the humans are fascinated with them and devote entire television efforts to their study. The sharks really are the most ferocious predators of the oceanic kingdom, and they operate from a cold-blooded instinct that cares only for consumption of the lower animals on the food chain. When the humans who are interested in them wish to capture or attract one, they use a substance called “chum.” Chum is a combination of fish parts, including flesh, skin, bones, guts, and most importantly—blood. The material is thrown into the water from the deck of a boat, and almost immediately the blood spreads throughout the water, stretching a few feet in every direction. Sharks can sense any amount of blood in the water, and chum attracts them like a marine narcotic. Within a short time, any combination of sharks will be found around the boat as they thrash and bite voraciously, lusting after every crimson drop.

Now, I know what you are thinking; the chum must represent the pornography and the shark must represent the man who is attracted to it. You are mistaken. The chum is the man, and the sharks are us. The moment a man utilizes the pornographic device, he is nothing more than a carcass with his guts split wide open for all of us to see. It is he who throws himself out into the deep and murky waters of our vast ocean of death. Pornography use is spiritual and moral suicide and invites legions of our confreres in for as long as we’d like. The greatness of this particular sin is that his body stays healthy, while his soul disintegrates. Therefore, we can convince him to kill himself spiritually over and over and over again. If we are lucky, we will have this man in our teeth for repeated feasting at all hours of the day. Once the dam of resistance has been breached, we have all but won. These obscene creatures accelerate very quickly into the world of video perversion, and many of them even frequent this most unholy devil worship multiple times per day.

We will have this man in a state of compulsion that rivals any drug user you could imagine; but even better than using physical drugs, he will again show no external signs of decay. To the outside world, he is just an average man staring at his computer or mobile screen, sitting in a cafe or boardroom, or on a train. You could walk down a path in a city park and unknowingly walk by a man—and increasingly more and more females—gazing at the venereal images while we drink their souls dry like a vampire. The humans are mistaken when they say vampires do not exist, because they are more real than they could imagine. Perhaps their popular media have portrayed them in a wholly fictional manner, but each man becomes his own self-sucking vampire when he partakes in such noteworthy activity. He may as well be slitting his wrists and offering us a straw. I am tingling with excitement.

This truly is a turning point in our endeavours, your chances at succeeding have just increased exponentially.

Until next time,



PS: The children are nonetheless still a problem. I expect results in this area quickly.


To be continued next week. 

Editor’s note: this serialization is from the novella Lockdown with the Devil.

Photo by Bernard Dupont: The Shallows, Gansbaai, Western Cape, South Africa.

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