Erotic Poet and His Buddies Get the Cardinal’s Hat

Above: Vatican City – August 27, 2022: Pope Francis holds the Ordinary Public Consistory for the creation of new Cardinals in Vatican City. Vatican Media. 

The college of Cardinals, like the “Office Formerly Known as Holy,” is not of divine institution.

It gradually emerged in the early and middle periods of what I term “First Christendom” in my book (commonly known by the pejorative “Middle Ages”) as a result of various papal ends, and it eventually became a central piece of Vatican bureaucracy.

And like all pieces of the Vatican machine, it can be used for good or bad ends, depending on the good or bad actors pulling the strings in the Eternal City.

Since Paul VI, we’ve seen an effort to change the college especially by adding more cardinals and altering the voting rules. As of this writing, Pope Francis has created 121 new cardinals. And who is on the list of the latest to receive the red hat? Tucho “Heal me with your Mouth” Fernández.

The enemies of Christ will ever strive to use the Church’s mechanisms to support their ends, because they believe, in their pride, that they can thwart the plan of God, even by mocking Him by using His Church.

Remember the last consistory? That elevated the corruption of Robert McElroy and the liturgical iconoclasm of Arthur Roche.

And so, ever the Dictator Pope of Surprises, His Holiness has chosen the erotic poet, head of the Office Formerly Known as Holy, to be another Cardinal in that college not of divine institution. What about the others?

We note in particular Archbishop Christophe Pierre, the Francis-enforcer in these United States, a country in which Trads are particularly targeted by the Vatican Iconoclastic regime. Pierre has been what Fishwrap calls “a staunch defender of Francis in the U.S., where the hierarchy has often been reluctant to embrace the pope’s pastoral priorities.”

Another notable is Jesuit Bishop Stephen Chow Sau-yan, S.J., Bishop of Hong Kong, one of the successors in that see of the great Confessor of the Faith in our time, Cardinal Joseph Zen.

Predictably, this Jesuit (consecrated bishop of Hong King recently in December 2021), is a supporter of reconciliation with the Communists, inviting the Communist bishops to visit his city. This would seem to be an important appointment for the Francis regime, which, by all appearances, has cut a deal for filthy lucre with the Chinese Marxists to shore up the Vatican’s failing finances. Maybe in a hundred years, when all the archives are finally opened, we’ll see just how much money was flowing from Beijing to Rome as a result of this nefarious deal. But whatever the case, Bishop Chow is obviously a complete departure from the policies of Joseph Zen, who loves the Latin Mass, rebukes Pope Francis publicly and is the author of
For Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent: On the Situation of the Church in China.

We note as well Archbishop Robert Francis Prevost, prefect of the Dicastery for the Clergy. At his current post, Prevost helps the Pope appoint bishops worldwide. If you’ve done your required reading about the Third Pornocracy, you know that the Freemasons and other enemies of Christ in Paul VI’s Vatican used Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio to control the appointments of corrupt bishops worldwide.

This is how the Third Pornocracy propagates itself through successive generations. This corruption has infected the Vatican at least since the time of Cardinal Rampolla under Leo XIII, and despite many good men who have lived and died fighting this evil in the Eternal City, the corruption remains, and gets worse.

But the appointment of bishops is one of the key pieces of their power, so it makes sense for the Dictator Pope to elevate Prevost as well.

OK, so we’ve got the Dicastery for the Destruction of the Faith? Check.

A Yes-Man in these United States? Check.

Communist Chinese corruption? Check.

Worldwide episcopal yes-men? Check.

Veteran Vatican commentator John Allen comments:

It’s not just the number of cardinals Francis is creating which lends itself to the impression that this is a pope in a hurry to get things done. The profiles of the new Princes of the Church named by Francis also seem intended to bolster his legacy, and that right soon.

Allen notes other Francis allies such as Bishop Américo Manuel Alves Aguiar of Portugal, former member of the Portugese Socialist party, as well as rush-job appointments like Jose Cobo Cano of Madrid (who was installed bishop only yesterday!) and Protase Rugambwa of Tanzania (who is still waiting to take over for his predecessor!).

The Dictator Pope is storing up his treasures here on earth. This is his legacy of unending revolution world without end, through the #schismaticway of synodality. 67% of all Cardinal electors have been appointed by Pope Francis.

Nevertheless we need to remember something: a corrupt college of cardinals also elected Joseph Ratzinger. CWR notes Archbishop Marchetto as an appointment who is, despite being too old to vote, a conservative cut from the wool of Ratzinger. We may yet see a surprise out of this mess.

Or we might also see things get worse.



T. S. Flanders
The Seven Holy Brothers, Martyrs

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