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Ep. 38: The Podcast Returns

The podcast is finally back! In the first show of the fall, Steve tackles the thing that seems to be weighing on everyone: what a difficult year it has been. The challenges, the crosses, the unexpected suffering. The incredible turmoil in the Church.

We’re tired. We’re worried. We’re almost out of punches. But there’s still so far to go.

Steve also reveals what he thinks God’s big plan is here — at least the broad outlines, and why this should give us hope.


16 thoughts on “Ep. 38: The Podcast Returns”

  1. Different topic, but what happened to Hillary’s article on the Beguines? It fell off your home page, and I had to hunt for it. Glitch?

    • It’s still there. If you go to the featured section of the website you’ll see left and right arrows in the text box. Just click left or right to cycle through those stories.

      I may need to make a video showing how the navigation works on this.

      • I would sugest a small numerical [1][2][3]…[n] beside the “Featured” in the description of the articel. Or super-imposed on the top left corner of the articles immage, would make it obvious for the reader that there is more to see there, and easy for the reader to know he has gone through all n articles in the “featured” rotation.

  2. Steve I listened to the whole of your podcast – very, very good. You’re right – we keep watch and continue to document everything that is happening – and while we’re doing it we will not flinch and will continue to trust that God will put things right (with our co-operation if and where He deems necessary). Am looking forward to your next podcast.
    God Bless in Jesus and our Mother Mary

  3. Just an FYI, it doesn’t look like this episode was pushed to iTunes Podcasts. It didn’t come up in my feed & I don’t see it on the main podcast listing. I’ll listen on here in the meantime 🙂

  4. Thank you Steve, for having the fortitude to ‘fight on’ for Christ in His Church. Is it difficult? You bet it is! But…….are we building the spiritual muscle necessary for the real war? Absolutely!!!!!

  5. You will find that anyone with a great faith is suffering in a major way, as little co-redeemers in imitation of Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix. God will intervene, using the Warning and Miracle.

  6. Steve- it’s great to hear you back on the podcast again, thanks for your renewed effort and look forward to the future episodes to which you hinted. As you said in the podcast, we all need a friend who both understands and can humor us over the daily repulsion that we get from the almost daily church news. Given I don’t have such a friend, you provide that same sense of understanding common goal through not only the podcasts (which I find incredibly inspirational in their own sense) but through your work with 1P5 in general.

  7. Steve while listening to your podcast today it occurred to me that Pope Francis engaged in a bit of progressive bait and switch. He has remove from the 6th Commandment and given us a new corporal work of mercy – care for the environment. To progressives it appears to be an even trade.

  8. Thank you Steve. You have hit the nail on the head. You are correct in describing the phenomenon affecting the Faithful since I guess the devil is focussing on the small group who aren’t carried away by the tsunami. I would like to suggest that we don’t give up with those people who have their hands over their ears. Fatima isn’t something the Francis has said much about …

  9. Steve, I’ve listened to most of this podcast, and first let me emphasize my prayers of support and union with you, and all of the innocent in this world who are suffering heavy crosses.

    However, your analysis of the current crises (like so many I hear from traditional ranks) is limited and blinded because it is still trapped in that false dichotomy between the left and the right. I’m afraid the full Truth, the real Truth, lies unexamined and unpacked like giant, elephant sized packaging to which such hair splitting preoccupations renders many blind.

    The reason why some say Amoris Laetitia hasn’t changed anything, is because it hasn’t. These are the people who DID take the time to simply read it in full context in its entirety. No where does it say that those who have discarded a “valid” marriage to knowingly enter into a state of sin can receive Holy Communion. This papal document only references or references to the increasingly common situation where couples have entered into their first valid marriage – but it is not yet regularized by the church, as JPII did in his documents on the family. Plus, impetus has ALWAYS been on the priest to provide the sacraments unless he can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt someone’s personal and public culpability (“obstinacy”).

    Step away from the Fake News Steve, from both the left and the right. We all have an obligation to get our facts as “unadulterated” as possible.

    Because this issue is an (intentional?) distraction from greater dangers facing the church. Why is 1P5, for example, not discussing other canons which have been in effect since the Didache, that automatically excommunicate and deprive all powers of OFFICE from ANY prelate who commits or supports in anyway child abuse?

    Why are other Catholic media outlets like Life Site News not discussing this, spending time instead, on issues of “the dangers” of letting young girls wear spaghetti straps?

    Loss of office, in this case, is intrinsic to the act, not a result that goes into effect by any formal judgement of excommunication against the prelate.

    I realize this podcast is already months old, but the visible hierarchy has been shuffling pederasts around for many,many years, and just recently Francis reduced the censures against them even further, in a formal statement. This is so unconscionable ALL other faults he may have pale in comparison.

    You speak of those unwilling to look at, reflect upon 1P5, and the uncomfortable truths it presents, but what about those who find comfort for themselves and their families in Sunday mass and confession but are (or because of this are) very unlikely to want to notice that the Holy Communion they receive may be invalid?

    I’m speaking to you about this because you have access and skills with media many do not, and therefore a responsibility in my mind to make best use of your gifts.

    Pederast Bishops or Bishops in anyway connected to cover up of child abuse cannot ordain. Invalid priests cannot effect the Sacraments.

    Therefore, your statement that only GOD can fix this crises was correct, but I long for the time when Godly fathers like yourself and Godly, outspoken mothers will be brave enough to face the fullness of truth – what Truth actually is – because pederasts don’t just come in liberal shape and format.

    The most dangerous abusers are the hidden ones, brute masculine homosexuals who disguise themselves as traditional, intellectual elite and have infiltrated ALL traditional sects with and outside of the church. The one’s you’ve mentioned are not exampt.

    Our children need to consider that this may already be the three days of darkness, because many stars (bishops) have already fallen from the sky (lost office.)

    If you do not realize that the visible hierarchy has become just an organized child abuse cult by now, you cannot flee with your family “to the mountains” as scripture directs. All we really have left (or can access with certainty) is spiritual Holy Communion, direct Sacraments of Desire and the Rosary now.

    As for me, I prefer to live in the real world despite its ugliness, than any false reality so I can “sleep” through a war. This is where the Body of Christ always lies, with the eagles who “read” and “see” what most do not, from the height of mountain tops. In Jesus alone I trust.


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