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Donate Link Back Up and Working


Thank you to those of you who wish to support our work here at 1P5, and who let me know today that the donate link on the page wasn’t working today.

Among the various minutiae of running a website is the need to change date-specific links — like monthly fundraisers with specific financial goals — at the end of each month. I forgot to throw the switch yesterday, so we were donationless all day today.

If you do want to support us, you can do so here. A new month, a new goal.

For our existing benefactors (and all of our readers), I’ve submitted an intention to remember your deceased family members and friends at the various masses which will be said for the souls of the dead tomorrow at the Priory of the Annuciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. These intentions will be placed upon the altar as the masses are offered.

Thank you all for your continued readership, prayers, and support!

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