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The Crux of the Current Cross

Who could imagine that the faithful Catholic would now be carrying this cross — a cross certainly no heavier than that of our beloved martyrs before us, yet a cross so seemingly unique in all salvation history?

There is a de facto schism, a schism that has been going on for years, a schism brought on by the pope and his ilk. As for any liberal/socialist, what they accuse others of is really what they are guilty of themselves. So let the faithful Catholic fear not “schism.” We the faithful are on the right side of Christ, the right side of salvation history. The dubia-snubbing and Amoris Laetitia were just the warm-ups. The heresy about to be promulgated by the Amazon Synod will likewise be couched in snake-like terms.

Canon law mandates that the vicar of Christ guide the clergy and faithful in the truth of the Faith. Why have the clauses of Canon Law dealing with a heretic pope not been addressed by the hierarchy? The answer is so many of them are so very like-minded, so very like-hearted. But what of a good and faithful non-sodomite bishop who aligns his heart with that of Christ? Does canon law give him no authority? Maybe not. The onus for carrying Holy Mother Church on in salvation history, in light of this canonical quagmire and the associated sodomite infestation of the Vatican and priesthood, now rests on those few remaining faithful laity and clergy.

Indeed, the sodomite smoke of Satan is flaming away in the Vatican, and in many if not all dioceses in the United States and throughout the world. One way to promote a rebuilding of Holy Mother Church would be for just one faithful bishop, anywhere, to publicly effect the immediate termination, laicization, resignation, or elimination from priestly office of any and all homosexual and homosexualist priests in his diocese, including the resignation of the bishop himself if the shoe fits. (As an aside, what would happen to such a diocese that would immediately decimate its number of priests? It would flourish!) A full public confession by Theodore McCarrick would have a similar cleansing effect. However, no such confession from McCarrick or any one of these myriad homosexual clerics shall be forthcoming.

Let us fear not the “schism,” de facto or not, that has been in effect for nearly the entirety of this current occupancy of the Chair of Peter. (How remarkable of him to now use the term!) We the faithful followers of Christ, hoping for help from sanctifying supernatural grace, welcome this, our unique current cross in salvation history. We lift high this cross and are honored by it. We speak the truth of the Heart of Christ, always faithful to the timeless teachings and doctrines of Holy Mother Church.

In a sense, we the faithful are now back in the catacombs. Holy Mother Church is now small groups of Catholics faithful to all Church teachings and doctrines, worshiping God in prayer and sacraments, confessing our sins to sinful men with the forgiveness of those sins as Christ assured us, saying our rosaries, striving to be Christ-like. Yet we are now fatherless without the teaching authority of Rome. We pray for all those souls who are perpetrating this horrific evil of apostasy and heresy. We pray that their souls may one day enjoy the Beatific Vision.

Fear not our being named “schismatics.” If such a term existed in Christ’s time, would not the term have been ascribed to Him? We are in good company. He carried His Cross in the perfection of the God-Man. Now it is our time. Holy Mother Church is being reborn again with Mother Mary as our guide.

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