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OnePeterFive Contributing Editor Teaches Course on the Magisterium

A few months ago the St. Paul Center launched Emmaus Academy, an interactive Catholic education resource produced by Scott Hahn and other top scholars.

Our own contributing editor, theologian Dr. Mike Sirilla, taught his first course here on the Magisterium. In it he unpacks the principles contained in that fundamental article at OnePeterFive “The Morality of Correcting the Pope.” He draws from the Holy Scripture, modern scholarship, and multiple Magisterial texts to address the various distinctions necessary to achieve a balance between an excessive hyperpapalism and a rebellious, impious attitude toward Church authority.

One of the most insightful parts comes when Dr. Sirilla unpacks the third point of the professio fidei, showing how the translation of “religious submission of mind and will” is not a good one, and a broader definition is called for regarding non-definitive acts of the Magisterium.

I encourage readers to join the Emmaus Academy to benefit from Sirilla and other good scholarship at the St. Paul Center. I’m grateful this resource has come into use to benefit the faithful for successive generations.

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