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The Consecration of Russia: Too Little, Too Late

Photo: consecration of Russia by Pope Francis, March 25, 2022. By Diane Montagna. 

Perhaps this will be seen as one of those negative Traditional Catholic spiels. Perhaps I am a pessimist at heart. For everyone it seems is on board with the conversion prayer for Russia, including the SSPX. Perhaps however I am only a realist while also believing in devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the rosary, and the five first Saturdays.

The words “consecration of Russia” always seem to elicit a hopeful response among conservative/traditional Catholics. Unfortunately the expected outcome of the papal consecration of March 25, 2022 may not in fact be achievable. The conversion of Russia to Catholicism would likely have the opposite effect to that envisioned at the time of the Fatima message. If she were to become truly Catholic as this would clearly impede the Great Reset, provoking the west to target and vilify Russia even more than it currently does.

The time to consecrate Russia has long passed. The Virgin informed Sister Lucia to ask for it in 1929. The proper performance of that prayer was not done in a timely fashion, and so the wrath of God was poured out, as prophesied, in the Second World War. And while She subsequently appeared in 1952 and stated She was still awaiting the Holy Father to do the consecration, one has to wonder if the effectiveness had a time limit, especially with the Church’s path since Vatican II. This might be hinted at especially when Our Lord told Sr. Lucia: “He [the Holy Father] will do it, but it will be too late.”[1]

When one ponders the reason for the request and reflects on the errors of Russia that needed to be mitigated, it is obvious that those errors are now worldwide and thus cannot be stopped from spreading by Russia’s conversion. Nor is Russian hegemony the overwhelming threat to world peace that it was prior to 1960. Just as it would have been absurd to consecrate France after the French Revolution, so it may be incongruous to try to stop the errors of Russia from spreading long after they have already done so. Louis XVI did consecrate France, but it was too late at that point. And this is exactly what Our Lord warned about in the apparition at Ranjo in 1931 to Sr. Lucia:

Like the King of France they will repent of it, and they will do it [the Consecration of Russia], but it will be late. Russia will have already spread its errors in the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The Holy Father will have much to suffer.[2]

The Social Kingship of Christ was part and parcel of the Catholic Church’s approach to the world when those requests were made. Consider that in the Pope’s consecration prayer there is not a single mention of establishing the Social Kingship of Christ, the only hope for true world peace, as Pius XI said (Quas Primas) and long abandoned by the Church hierarchy since the time of Vatican II. Instead there is reliance on the godless unity of nations now infested with the errors of Russia. The invasion of the Ukraine is not a manifestation of the errors of Russia, as the Ukraine has already succumbed to those errors.

Many articles and even books have been written concerning the errors in question. However a cursory examination of the Communist Manifesto is all that is necessary to confirm that almost the entire world has also succumbed.

Christ is not allowed in the public forum and is not the basis of law or morality. The state usurps parental rights. The biological family unit is not championed while same sex marriage, transgenderism, abortion, and contraception are promoted. The economic structures are for all intents and purposes controlled by the corporate influenced state and promote profit even to the exclusion of familial integrity. Public education/indoctrination is essentially universal. The press is controlled by the corporate state often pushing propaganda and mislabeling or suppressing truth as misinformation. This is why, for example, Fr. John Hardon could state accurately in 1998 that “The United States of America is the most powerful Marxist country in the world.”[3]

In 1929, and in 1952, this described Russia. In 2022 it more appropriately defines the West.

In fact, at this time Russia is the nation more reflective of the Social Kingship of Christ. It has abandoned many of the precepts of the Soviet state that were contrary to Church teaching and denounced many of its previous atrocities. And while it is not Catholic and, as all nations, is in some ways corrupt, at least a Christian religion is promoted by the state, families are supported, abortion and divorce are discouraged and diminishing, and public promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism are prohibited. This sounds more like the U.S. circa 1950. Which country needs consecration at this time?

Pope Francis seems to favor an overwhelming Humanism that dictates his papal decisions at the expense of Catholic Tradition, or more simply the loving of man more than the loving of God. This, accompanied by the Liberalism inchoate before the Council, has come to full flower in the Church after Vatican II and would be incompatible with a truly Catholic state,especially in light of the lack of support and in fact dismantling of the Catholic states with at least the tacit support of the hierarchy and even the pope. How can the conversion of Russia to a Catholic state make sense when the Vatican would not even actually support such a state?

The papal intent with this consecration does not therefore appear to be to convert Russia to the Catholic faith, as this is never mentioned in the prayer or in the build up to it, but rather to promote peace and humanism through the New World Order. That is the implicit or perhaps explicit message in his prayer and fully in concert with current papal actions. Does it not strike anyone else as bizarre that the reason for Pope Francis to call for the consecration of Russia, which most within the Church insist already occurred, is the occasion of the Russian invasion of Ukraine which has nothing to do with the spread of atheistic Communism?

So continue to pray for the world, spread devotion to the Blessed Virgin, and work that the Social Kingship of Christ be established. But do not expect the effect of the Fatima message to be realized by this consecration, which may be defective in intent and form and too long delayed. Pray also that Russia’s incipient return to Christianity, and eventually Catholicism, not be destroyed by the Great Reset. The devotion to the Sacred Heart has been established in the Church, even though the consecration of France was not done to avoid the wrath of God. In the same way, even though the consecration of Russia has been too little too late (even before this most recent version), the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will indeed be established, and her triumph will come in souls and society as prophesied.


[1] Sr. Lucia letter to Fr. Gonçalves, May 18, 1936.

[2] Fatima in Lucia’s own words, Vol. I, ed. Fr. Louis Kondor, SVD. 9th ed. (Postulation Centre, Fatima, Portugal, 1995), 234-235.

[3] John Hardon, “The Influence of Marxism in the United States.”

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