Closer Than We’ve Ever Been

I’m a content guy, not a fundraiser. I’m good at the part of my job that gives our work away for free, and bad at the part that actually pays the bills. We’ve been really struggling to make ends meet, and we’ve fallen short of our monthly fundraising goals during every single month of 2015.

Last Saturday, I sent out a fundraising letter, and I was overwhelmed with the response. We went from less than 50% of our monthly fundraising goal on Saturday to 73% as of this writing. This is the first time we’ve ever brought in more than 70%. 


That thermometer is looking healthier than ever!

And the personal notes I received from people were so encouraging and kind. They mean a great deal.

I’m humbled and incredibly grateful for our audience. You are engaged, you are supportive, and you really want to see us succeed. You are all in our family rosary intentions at the Skojec house.

Today, I’m going to ask again: if you haven’t donated, please consider doing so. We need less than $3,000 to hit 100%. Will you help push us over the top so we can head into 2016 with confidence in our ability to tackle the challenges heading our way?

If just 4% of our audience for the month of December gave 1 dollar each, that would put us over the top. If a hundred people gave $30 each, we’d still hit the mark.

These are reachable numbers. This is doable. The goal is in striking distance.

As my wife could certainly tell you, I always like to share the good things I have and I hate asking anyone for anything. Coming to you for the support we need to make this a viable business is, hands down, the hardest part of my job.

But it is a part of the job. We have nine days left in the month. Nine days to hit our goal. Nine days for you to get that last-minute tax writeoff for 2015.

Will you help us cross the finish line?

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