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Church Militant: Exposing the New York Archdiocese’s Gay Mafia

Despite what should be a natural synergy between our organizations, I’ve had a frustrating relationship with the folks at Church Militant. I don’t know, nor have I ever interacted with, Michael Voris. I’ve had unpleasant run-ins with certain influential members of their organization. My essay insisting that Catholics have a duty to criticize the errors of a pope (using their editorial policy to the contrary as a launching point) and my calls for reasonable, non-incendiary rhetoric towards the SSPX has earned me persona non grata status with their gatekeepers. They no longer link to our articles. They have banned me from their comment boxes (and their heavy-handed moderators have done the same to countless others who ask probing questions). Not a few of their former readers and subscribers have turned to support our work instead after similarly frustrating experiences.

But Church Militant has the resources and staff to do the kind of journalism that other large Catholic media outlets should be doing, but won’t. And I’ve long held the belief that good information and reporting should get the credit it deserves, regardless of the source. I refuse to be limited by our disagreements when there is a fight going on for the soul of the Church.

With that caveat out of the way, I believe the work that Church Militant is doing to expose the infiltration and control perpetrated by the “gay mafia” in the Archdiocese of New York is absolutely essential. I’ve been hearing rumors about this for years — open secrets about horrifying conduct that nobody will go on the record with. This video with an anonymous employee of the Archdiocese is one of the most important things I’ve seen come out in recent years. It’s a must watch. If we want change, people must come forward and expose the truth:

Subsequently, Church Militant has brought to light just how high up in the hierarchy the perverse corruption reaches:

Sources from within the New York archdiocese are revealing that a corrupt homosexual network reaches into the top ranks of the New York archdiocese, involving the priest personnel office, the communications director, the vicar general, and even the former archbishop of Baltimore, Cdl. Edwin O’Brien — and that Cdl. Timothy Dolan is aware of much of this and does little to stop it.

According to sources who have spoken with on the record and anonymously, Msgr. Greg Mustaciuolo, the vicar general and the second most powerful person in the New York archdiocese, has reportedly long been aware of Fr. Peter Miqueli’s embezzling of hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as his gay lifestyle with prostitute Keith Crist. Additionally, sources claim he has known for decades about other active gay priests in New York, and that he works to protect them and shelter them from the public eye — and that Dolan has him in place in large part for this purpose.

“Well, it’s not secret among the clergy in the archdiocese of New York that Msgr. Mustaciuolo is in fact the protector of Peter Miqueli,” said a source in the archdiocese who goes by the alias “Bob” to protect his identity. “That’s a very well-known fact that has been established.”

Even more, multiple sources from within the archdiocese have confirmed with that Mustaciuolo is an active homosexual, and that he himself is allegedly protected by Cdl. Edwin O’Brien, former archbishop of Baltimore, former archbishop for Military Services, and current grand master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

O’Brien’s relationship with Mustaciuolo stretches back to when O’Brien was rector of St. Joseph’s Seminary in Dunwoodie from 1985–89, when Mustaciuolo was a student.

Mustaciuolo was given the nickname “Pet” by fellow seminarians, a moniker with a double entendre: He was the lone seminarian chosen to walk O’Brien’s Labrador, but also one with an especially intimate relationship with O’Brien — one that has continued to this day. Sources go further to claim this relationship was sexual in nature.

Multiple sources have also confirmed O’Brien had special relationships with Fr. Peter Miqueli and his gay-for-pay prostitute boyfriend Keith Crist, who would chauffeur him from the airport when O’Brien flew in from Rome (when he was rector of the Pontifical North American College) to offer Confirmation Masses at Fr. Miqueli’s small, isolated parish in Roosevelt Island — an unusual act for a cardinal of such high rank.

In another report published yesterday, it was revealed that Fr. Gary Mead, the director of Instructional Television (ITV) for the archdiocese of New York, was arrested in 2007 in a “gay sex sting” in a men’s restroom.

I am convinced that the infiltration of the Church by active homosexuals lies at the heart of much of the corruption we see in other areas of theology, and it’s certainly not limited to New York. You can look straight to Rome to see these influences. The case of Msgr. Battista Ricca, who is on our impossible-to-keep-up-to-date watch list of questionable Vatican appointments. There, we related that Ricca,

whom Pope Francis appointed as his “eyes and ears” within the Vatican bank reform process and made head of his residence, the Domus Santa Marthae, was revealed to have had a string of homosexual affairs over his 15 years as a Vatican diplomat, including one with a captain of the Swiss army with whom he lived during a diplomatic post in Uruguay in 1999; another situation in 2001 involved his being caught in a compromising position in an elevator with a local “rent-boy” known to authorities. By all appearances, he remains in his positions following these revelations.

Some have speculated that Pope Benedict’s investigation into the “gay mafia” in the Church was what brought the backlash that eventually led to his ill-health and abdication. To my knowledge, nobody outside the most controlled Vatican circles has ever seen the 300-page report that was delivered to him shortly before he resigned.

The truth on all of these matters must come out. May God bless the efforts of Church Militant to make that happen.

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  1. Michael Voris claimed many times that part of the gay lifestyle includes molesting kids. Now he comes out as having lived a gay lifestyle most of his life… scary implication.


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