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Chapter II

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Malthus my boy,


I have received the dossier on your specimens, and although it was tardy and should have been handed in sooner—do not let that happen again—it is informative enough for now. Alas, the father does not as of yet have a habit of utilizing sexualized imagery for his own purposes, however, there is still time and much else with which to work. It seems that this family is typical of their age. What they now call the “Western World,” which is in reality the remnants of Christendom, is filled with this sort of affair. As usual, we have for ourselves the statistically normative unit of two parents and two children, no doubt the result of neutering.

I tell you, the fact that we worked so hard to foment a sterile spirit of neutering into their world has for us proven to be both positive and negative. On the one hand, the fact that the humans have for the most part adopted the practice of limiting their family size has been of great benefit for us. For the first time in human history, the majority of them view sexual activity as a completely relative affair; they decide on their own terms how they wish to partake, with the procreation of more humans as an afterthought or inconvenience. Even many of the Christians have reconciled this idea, apparently forgetting that the Enemy clearly warns against it in His Scriptures. It seems as if Onan being struck down was not a clear enough example as to what is expected of his creatures in marriage.

On the other hand, despite the delightful fact that the sterile mentality has of course encouraged untold amounts of them to lust, there are less souls for us to hunt as there are less children conceived. As of yet we have not figured how to encourage them to have large families while at the same time encouraging sexual licentiousness.

Because of the sterile mentality, most families now view their lives in little cookie-cutter stages. That is, they plan in their minds a life that has but a few years with small children, and therefore look at those tiresome times as a hurdle to be surmounted, as if it were an obligatory burden. Often you will even hear the lemmings parrot the same responses to anyone who informs them of a new pregnancy. If the offspring are born in a smaller window of time than is average, you may hear “Oh good, have them close together, this way they will all be young at the same time.” Or, it is also common to happen upon statements like, “Oh congratulations, you’re done right?”

Every time I hear them speak like this, I am giddy. Because of contraception, the furthering of their species is now such a mundane reality in their minds that they speak about their progeny as if they are collectible trinkets or a task to be completed like filing their income tax. As a result, they have now forgotten both the sacrificial character their ancestors earned from having larger families, as well as the youthful vigour that the nauseant laughter of small children gives even to the old. Why they find such ridiculous pleasure in the involuntary vocal inflections of their younger offspring, I will never understand.

From what you tell me of this family, they fit the mold perfectly. Both parents find themselves comfortably in the early part of their forties, with one child in the midst of, and the other approaching adolescence. The parents are superficially wealthy, but in reality have accrued large amounts of debt, nonetheless they are pleased with their materialist comforts. Since they now view themselves as out of their “small children years,” they now claim they are helping their son and daughter become more independent. In reality, they are doing everything they can to be independent from their own children. What with the constant sporting events, dropping off at the homes of friends—friends with suspect morals the parents have not inquired into—and numerous lessons and extracurricular activities; they spend a mere two hours or less all awake and together under the same roof at the same time each day. Of course on weekends they are together for more so-called “quality time,” however this time seems to be spent like most other families, filled with social engagements and copious amounts of time staring at individually catered screens.

It is not all good news you tell me. The father did insist years ago that they put their children through religious schools. Now, we have had arguably as much or more success in these schools as any, however, there are still opportunities for the Enemy to present himself to the creatures in these environments. Unfortunately, you tell me that the eldest, the boy, has recently been inspired by a teacher who professes the Truth the Enemy demands. The young man is now growing ever more curious and finds himself asking probing questions to his instructor, a man who is regrettably orthodox.

There is no reason to worry, as the rest of the boy’s experiences in his community are just as irreligious as anywhere else. But, we mustn’t grow complacent either as the Enemy works in an entirely non mathematical manner; He is able to wipe a soul clean of accumulated sins as if they never happened. At any moment he may ignite an insatiable urge for heavenly things in the young man as a result of what he hears in his classroom. There is nothing we can do at the moment about the teacher, as he seems to be solidly in the Enemy camp, however, we can influence how the parents react to the information being spread in the classroom. Most parents today feign any real interest in their children’s education. They are above all concerned with results that meet the artificial standards of the system. In addition, most parents who send their offspring to religious schools do not actually believe the religion. They instead adhere to some caricature of the faith that they have pieced together in their minds from their own watered down education. Their children could be taught all manner of inspired heresy, and they would never have a clue. In fact, as long as the heresy seems to blend with the societal obsession with political correctness, the dimwitted parents will often conclude that the Church has even changed her teachings; something we know is impossible, no matter our efforts. The small minority of parents who do object to the heretical education of their children are dealt with accordingly. They are labeled by faculty members and other parents as “extremists,” “fundamentalists” and, my personal favourite: “radical traditionalists.”

Until we speak again, continue the usual barrage of petty and decadent temptations at the mother and father. It has been decades since either of them have meaningfully reconciled their consciences with the Enemy, which means they should fold quite nicely with a bit of pressure.

Until next time,




Editor’s note: this serialization is from the novella Family Be Damned.

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