A Change to Our Featured Content Section

Periodically, I receive complaints from people who say that they can’t find an article they just saw in the last day or so.

The reason for this is because our featured content section — the large image at the top of the website — is a slider, designed to hold ten articles at a time. As new articles are added, the oldest one drops down into the scrollable content section below.

Unfortunately, however, since the slider didn’t advance automatically, people weren’t noticing the little teeny arrows that allow scrolling left and right through the features.

Today, after working with the designer and our hosting company to overcome some technical issues that were stopping me from making the necessary change, I updated the featured section. Now, only the most recent featured article goes in the big image spot at the top, with the rest all down below for easier access.

I don’t usually live test changes like this on the site, but I thought I’d give it a whirl and focus group it a little. Do you prefer it the way it was, or the way it is now?

My goal with the site is always to make it as user friendly for you as possible. I want it readable, accessible, aesthetically pleasing, and logically laid out. So please do let me know what you think.

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