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Let’s face it: even the people (like us) who can’t stop talking about the Synod would love to stop talking about the Synod. It’s hair-pulling, face-palming, day-drinking kind of stuff.

Everyone deals with that differently. Today, Amy Welborn deals with it Breaking Bad style.


It is to laugh.

4 thoughts on “Catharsis”

  1. Here from deep inside the left-wing, immoralist-at-any-cost camp comes a description of the Synod. Just as in the other bastion of leftist zealotry, the New York Times, we see these liberals at the WP ascribe the program of approval for sinful relationships and devolution of Vatican authority, not to its most outspoken proponents, those usual suspects like Marx and Kasper, but to Pope Francis. Many inside and outside the Vatican assure us that this just isn’t so. I’m perfectly willing to believe that the NYT and WP are bad sources of news — scrub that, I DO believe they give an ideological bias to everything they print including the sports results and the weather report — but it is curious that so many journalists and observers seem to make this association the Vatican denies.

  2. Nice! I have never watched that show, though.

    However, I must admit to often really wanting to go into a padded room full of tables and cheap glass, putting on a certain cathartically-violent/violently-cathartic song I (sadly) grew in the late 90s/early 2000s to but shan’t mention, and flip over every table and break every single glass (and then the large shards) for a good four minutes.

    • There are bars like that. And then you could throw a bottle of cheap scotch at the huge mirror over the bar and really have a ball. And the music is usually so loud and violent you’ll be back in your youth in no time. (Not that I’ve ever been in a bar….)


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