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bread rising lump

Spiritual Porneia and the “Lump” Destroyed

In the article “Porneia and Communion in the Hand” that was recently posted on 1P5, I explored the connections among porneia, the abuse crisis in the modern Church, and the immodesty toward our Lord’s Eucharistic body. Scripture speaks just as frequently of “spiritual porneia” as “spiritual harlotry” as it does of porneia as physical immorality.…

gay methodists schism

What Does the Methodist Schism Foretell for Catholics?

On Friday, January 3, leaders of the second largest Protestant affiliation in the United States, the United Methodist Church, announced that, due to irreconcilable differences in moral theology, the competing orthodox and progressive camps within the group were going to formally split. This was not a surprise. The divide had been foretold by a General…

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