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“Is She Not Our Mother?” – A Story Of Pilgrimage To Our Lady Of Guadalupe

The sun was blinding in a cloudless sky. As I drove the little red Nissan pickup down the barren stretch of desert highway, I noticed something up ahead. A checkpoint. A group of dark-skinned men in military fatigues manned their posts. Sandbags protected machine gun emplacements, and there was at least one Humvee parked near the…

In Search of The Curé: A Small Pilgrimage to Ars

It was the last weekend in October, 1999, and my friends and I were on a four-day break from classes at Franciscan University’s Austrian campus. We had journeyed half-way across Europe to Normandy, France, stopping first in Bayeux on that Thursday to see the magnificent 11th-century cathedral and its eponymous, world-famous “tapestry“. After a night spent trying to…

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