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Case of the Mondays – Admin Stuff & Islam Edition


I spent the first six hours of today seeing to neglected administrative tasks – cleansing my inboxes of the thousands of emails languishing there (and no, I haven’t gotten back to all of you yet – feel free to follow up if you are waiting on something from me), processing checks from our donors (thank you!), visiting the post office and bank, keeping a close eye on the ever-more-volatile discussions in our comment boxes.

This is why nothing has been posted yet today, and it may not happen (other than this) before quitting time. I am trying to force myself to accept my limitations. I literally can only do one thing at a time, and every time I try to multitask, nothing gets done. Which is why I was entering checks from September on November 16th.

While I was out running errands, I stopped in at our local coffee shop to grab a bag of life blood for writers beans from our neighborhood roastery. A young man sitting at the counter was lamenting that he was out walking around at 3AM — not drinking, not doing anything untoward, just walking — and he was stopped and questioned by police two separate times.

“Um, you heard about the attacks in Paris, right?” The barista asked. “They’re cracking down. I read that ISIS released a statement about their ‘five year plan’…they want to hit Los Angeles, Virginia, DC…”

I nodded in agreement from my place in line.

“And they think some of the attackers were Syrian refugees.” The barista went on. “They’re coming in as refugees.”

“One of the guys, the mastermind behind the attack,” said the man standing in front of me in line, “was apparently from Belgium.”

I nodded again. “Brussels,” I offered. “They’re very good at hiding. Every mosque has radicals.  And whenever there’s an attack, what do you hear people say? ‘Oh, he was such a nice guy. He worked with me. He was my neighbor.'”

At that moment, two women walked in, chatting and laughing, and the conversation spontaneously ceased. The men in the room were aware, on edge; the women seemed likely to present an argument or objection nobody wanted to deal with at that moment. The unspoken agreement flashed around the shop by way of meaningful glances. I bought my coffee and walked out.

People are on notice. People are concerned. There’s going to be a lot of dissection of what happened in Paris on Friday night. France is already conducting air strikes, which give everyone a case of the feels, a big fist pump for vengeance.

But France’s problem is a domestic Islamic community that is so powerful, there are no-go zones where even French law enforcement fears to tread. When are they going to launch tactical strikes on those? When are they going to start mass deportations? Ann Barnhardt, quoting Osama bin Laden, says that Islam isn’t even a religion – it’s totalitarian political system that requires submission from all non-adherents:

Islam isn’t about “allah” or “paradise” or “prayer” or “spirituality” or how human beings should relate to one another or how human beings should relate to a “god” or the eternal fate of the human soul. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THAT. Islam is about acquiring physical, earthly territory and installing a totalitarian government over the earth that provides a cadre of “elites” masquerading as some sort of “clergy” with massive decadent wealth and as much twisted perverted sex as they want, including homosexual and heterosexual pedohilia, ephebophilia, concubinage, incest, bestiality and necrophilia. There is nothing new under the sun. They want power, they want money and they want sex. The “religious” aspects are a stone-cold con, which Bin Laden himself declared in no uncertain terms.

2. They can’t be reasoned with. They can’t be dialogued with. There is no such thing as “radical islam”. There is islam, which is even more bloodthirsty, conscienceless and perverse than what we are seeing today. We cannot possibly imagine what they would do if given true carte-blanche. Islam today is like an eleven year old boy – just BARELY on the cusp of puberty, just BEGINNING to test the waters. These beheadings, rapes, suicide attacks and terror operations are BUSH LEAGUE. Just as it is nonsensical and depraved to refer to Nazis as “radical Nazis” and “moderate Nazis” – as if ANY Nazism could ever be considered acceptable, so it is with Islam.

I’m not sure I buy that it’s not a religion. I thin it’s a very dangerous religious/political fusion, suffused with preternatural qualities that make it incredibly dangerous. But if the rest of Ann’s assessment is true — and all the evidence points to the fact that it is — every Muslim community represents a threat. My friend Andrew Bieszad, a scholar intimately aquainted with all the texts and teachings of Islam — keeps repeating to me that every Muslim is capable of being radicalized. The more devoted they become to their beliefs, the more likely that they will become the nice guy. The one you worked with in IT. The one who shot up the local preschool, yelling Allahu Akbar!

Speaking of Andrew, I did a podcast with him on Saturday about the Paris attacks. The audio is a bit muddy – my apologies, as it was a rush to catch him coming off a 14 hour night shift and we had to conduct the interview via cell phone — but it’s worth listening to anyway.

Andrew is also releasing a kindle version of his book, Lions of the Faith: Saints, Blesseds, and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle with IslamThe physical copies were limited runs and kept selling out. This version is cheaper, never sells out, and available for pre-order now.

I haven’t read it in a few years, but I also just dusted off my copy of Robert Spencer’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades)Your mileage may vary, but I remember it being a real eye-opener for the uninitiated, which I was when I read it.

And for those of you who have read it, yes, I’m aware of Pope Francis’s answer to the question of whether Lutherans should be able to receive the Eucharist. No, it’s not good. I hope to get to that soon.

168 thoughts on “Case of the Mondays – Admin Stuff & Islam Edition”

  1. For anyone who isn’t a reader, YouTube has many hours of the Aramaic Broadcasting Network shows “Jihad Watch” with Robert Spencer and “Jesus or Muhammed” with Spencer, David Wood and Sam Shamoun. Tons of information there.

  2. My mom sent the map of resettlement targets for the Syrians.

    A couple of thoughts:

    For years, we’ve known that the power grids in the U.S. were extremely vulnerable and that a few attacks with sharp shooters would be enough to bring the whole grid down. (A dry run was done of this in L.A. a few years ago and it was reported.) A bi-partisan group said the kill rate would be 90% for the U.S. population should the grids go down. Food transport stops, fuel stops, refrigeration stops.

    ISIS knows this. On the one hand, we’re allegedly their mortal enemy but they can’t be bothered to kill 90% of us by hitting unprotected targets. Even after advertising the fact we are vulnerable in a NYT half page ad by the advisory group, it was only last week that the White House said it would beef up security.

    The problem is that still takes 18 mos. to manufacture key components to restore the grids if they go down. So the sudden interest is nice, but it’s a few years late. The cat has been out of the bag and yet… here we are.

    The grids aren’t going down ever though because I suspect ISIS is largely a fabrication of the U.S. intelligence agencies. As the map indicates, ISIS refugees will be moved into every major city to do kill sprees in shopping malls. Blow up some Chili and Applebee restaurants. This provides the pretext for a full police state.

    I know, tin foil hat stuff. It could be that ISIS actually doesn’t read the NYT or watch cable news, in which case, they don’t know how vulnerable we are to a major, civilization ending attack.

    It’s a huge myth, that we can protect major cities. We cannot.

    Fox News within hours of the attacks was assuring is that the Paris attacks were the work of extremely brilliant master tacticians and planners. They quickly linked the attacks to ISIS and went back to beating the war drum. They haven’t stopped beating it for 15 years. Who benefits? Certainly not the U.S.

    The attacks are funny because they represent a mix of homegrown French Muslim terrorists as well migrants. France is helpless to stop other groups from forming more terrorists. I do expect a lot of peace marches and pledges to increase welfare funding for the “Islamic community” in order to help them better integrate into Western society. Because we know the welfare state truly works.

    Just look at the U.S.

    • Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal issued an executive order state employees from assisting the Feds in relocating Syrian “refugees”. Don’t know what will come of this action, but I’m proud that the governor is looking after the safety of my state. How many our your governors are standing up to Obama?

      • I saw the same report.

        The problem is that the U.S. is the original Schengen Zone. If you are in one state legally, you can get into all of them.

        The governors get a big CYA for saying they protested the relocation from their constituents. It’s token resistance.

      • Almost unbelievably, one of the governors is a Democrat, Maggie Hassan in NH! The polls must be showing that Granite Staters are itching to lynch any pol who allows this outrage. What else would drive her to defy Obama and his evil immigration project?

          • Things have changed there since the good ole’ days. A lot of people from just south of the border moved in and — who knows why? — decided to make NH more like MA, the place they escaped from.

          • Northern Maine has loads of Somalians who are taking advantage of the welfare system much to the anger of Mayors and citizenry. If that isn’t bad enough, somalian gangs now attack other Somalian gangs. I heard years ago that there is a hugh number of CIA retirees living up at Northern Maine…often wondered why the fascination with north ME.

            Here in CT we have Doofus’s Governor Malloy and Joe Courtney, both of the commie/libtard ilk…we have now achieved the status of the most communist state in the country…a reason why I have to move asap. We are losing small businesses left and right and now Malloy said this past week that CT MUST take in thousands of Syrians…God help us. About 3-4 years ago I read that each year here in CT we lose about 10,000 millionaires…they hate being taxed to the teeth, and so they head west/TX or south/AZ or FL…get a bigger home for 1/2 the cost!

          • I know, and RI and MA aren’t far behind CT when it comes to flat-out stupidity. Liberals make me nervous, and so I now avoid those states unless I absolutely have to visit them. I don’t think I’m alone in this, and that is money that is spent elsewhere but in Providence or Hartford. So it’s not just the millionaires who are bailing out….

          • DId I mention that CT now has three sanctuary cities and that was before Gov Malloy’s latest threat we need to take in more Syrians?

          • Tell Malloy he should take some into his own home. He must have some extra rooms. That should prove enlightening for him…and his family.

    • Yesterday I heard on the radio that fully 91% of Muslim “refugees” in this country are on welfare. One way to stem this tide of potential killers would be to rule that only those who have paid for it — i.e. American citizens — can receive welfare (yes, I know that would still leave some of the “refugees” on the rolls, but it would cut the number substantially). Beyond that, there is one thing we Americans (but not Frenchmen) are allowed to do: we can own, train with, and carry firearms. We have a moral right to protect ourselves when under attack, and we have a duty to protect our families. I keep looking at the photo of the hundreds of concert goers in Paris just before the massacre. The thought goes through my mind each time: “If only 10 or 15 of them had a firearm and were trained to properly use it, many of the others would still be alive.” At the very least, it would have given the Mohammedan thugs fewer victims to boast of.

      • The second circuit court recently upheld New York state’s long-gun confiscation program / law. That means if Justice Kennedy decides it, the second amendment is over.

        • That’s why besides regularly carrying a pistol I also belong to the NRA. The Mohammedans aren’t the only enemies of rational thought.

          • Good! I always like to remember what someone once said (forget who exactly), that an armed nation is a polite nation. I find that gun-owners are among the very nicest people one could hope to meet. Those who detest and fear guns, on the other hand, not so much.

          • And having come to Texas a couple years ago, apparently, in January, there will be free open carry. I think I’ll still go incognito – but I’ve always got a brown scapular in full view, and on Steve’s recommendation, a Benedict medal with cross — so I do open carry already.

          • Look at Switzerland where the populace is mandated by the state to have their own guns in their homes to protect their families. Strange that…and precious little crime in Switzerland…who woulda thunk?

          • I know, Sunshine, although even the Swiss are going to get to use those weapons soon. There is a great deal of petty crime near the French border in the Lac Léman area now, thanks to “recent arrivals” from across the way. But your statement stands true. Just the other day I read that in our own country a hundred years ago in 1915 there were only something like 400 murders. The reason for that has to be that most Americans, especially those in the west, were armed and knew how to use their guns. One doesn’t fool with people like that….unless one is a fool.

          • Editorials in the Palm Beach Post (florida) routinely decry gun ownership and the crimes associated with gun use but when a reader asks them to write up just one example of violence during the long history of the many gun shows in Palm Beach County, they fall silent.

          • You’ve got me, Two2trees. The last I heard, he and the board parted ways. I’ve not heard or read anything about it since.

    • Power grids are just one. Just another couple examples: commercial fertilizer precursors are regularly transported around populated centers. Big urban ac units use ammonia — lots of it. The soft target pallate is VAST. Taking down power requires sophistication, and there is ample evidence of trojan horse style software infiltration in more than one grid (chinese, russians and north korea are among suspected infiltrators — waiting.) Only the mohametan’s incompetence is keeping us safe. But I just read that isis now has a 24 hour help desk running for their operatives (breitbart, I think).

  3. Nothing really new on popewatch. Another day, another incomprehensible, incoherent, flip, and flat-out stupid comment by a pope who can’t seem to refrain from such behavior. When there is popularity seemingly to be gained by doing so, he just opens his mouth and inserts his foot. Oh, and “clarification by Lombardi to follow at 11.”

      • You’re right. There was a time, though, still within living memory, when the pope could be counted on for greater profundity than most of the world’s political leaders. And it’s sobering to remember that most of the political leaders back then were men of Churchill’s caliber, not the mediocrity that plagues us today. Also, popes in those times spoke rarely and weighed every word they said; now….well, we know about now, don’t we?

        • I knew it was bad when I kept seeing Twitter commercials featuring Pope Francis.

          When your Pope is that popular, you know there’s a problem. Sons of Belial, sons of light, etc.

        • Don’t desire ‘profundity’ at all. That’s where we are getting confused. There is TRUTH. AND IT’S SIMPLE. “No, Madam, you may not receive Communion.”

          • Straightforward Catholic truth, that is the simple, is the most profound. That is why all the roundabout speaking off the cuff and, for all intents and purposes, couching that which is simple in ambiguity is seen as stupid.

            It is a strategy, to be sure. But, much like the policy of not naming the threat of radical Islam, it is a strategy that is showing itself to be ineffective. Damaging even.

    • Why do yor characterize what Francis said as “stupid”? There was nothing stupid about it. He is able to speak on the fly just fine, and the content of his comment was actually crystal clear, anything but stupid. Francis believes that we are all on the same path towards the great ‘consciousness’ in the sky. He could not tell this poor woman to convert to her husband’s faith if she so hungered for ‘communion’ because Francis does not believe that.
      Francis said what he believes to be true – he said nothing stupid. He said he was not competent to tell her what to do – many are interpreting that to mean that GOD is the only competent one, or otherwise, as he’s not a theologian, only a theologian (like Kasper) could judge these cases. And that part of what he said is the most dangerous – that he, as POPE cannot uphold Church teaching which says NO person outside the Holy Roman Catholic Church, or any Catholic in a state of mortal sin, can receive Holy Communion.
      Stupid? No.

      • I think we agree on most things except the use of “stupid.” I use it sometimes for “wrong.” As for the Kasper comment he made, I’d also say ”stupid” if someone told me Paul VI was a very successful and great pope.

  4. You drink coffee around liberal cowards. Reality is, you should have pointed and laughed at each pretend male who was cowed by what a woman might say in opposition.

    You live in Dixie. Im assuming they live in Dixie. What the hell is wrong with y’all?

    God help us when people like this live in the South.

    • The mighty keyboard warrior speaks.

      I’ve lived in the Virginia suburbs of DC for over a decade. People here fight over politics ad nauseum. Every workplace that isn’t a campaign office or an ideological think tank is polarized. I’ve wasted untold hours, days, maybe even weeks of my life on this crap.

      It gets really old having useless arguments with people who never listen and can’t be convinced. What happened today was a rarity – three guys who didn’t know each other from Adam all talked about a controversial topic spontaneously and all found themselves unexpectedly in agreement. You don’t ruin something like that by bringing unserious intruders into the mix. You savor it, while being unnerved by what it means.

      We had already said what we needed to say. What passed between us was an understanding that we may not agree on anything else, but we agreed on this. There was no cowardice involved.


    When Bullets Barnhart starts talking about extermination, sane men flee to sanity.

    Mohametanism is both a (false) religion and a state structure in which Sharia Law is the basis for society (and isn’t it interesting that American assisted Iran and Afghanistan draft their Sharia Law Constitutions?)

    In any event, IANS is the same age as Israel and there was no terrorism in the ME – other than the terrorism Israel waged to expel the Palestinians from their rightful homeland and the terror the CIA waged to displace the democratically elected Mossadegh (sp?) in Iran in 1953.

    That is, this modern terrorism is due to blowback – it is the only way for them to attack such a monstrous (physical and moral) enemy.

    They have no Army, Navy, Air Force; collectively, the Mahometans are guys on goats riding around with a grenade in their underoos and they are no threat to us if we leave them the hell alone.

    Even followers of a false religion have a natural right to their homeland and America should leave the ME, as should other western countries, and if they have anything we desire, we can act on our putative love of the Free Market and buy it from them but talk of extermination this and world wide caliphate that is insane.

    Take a look at what individual countries spend of their war industries, the last time IANS checked, America was spending more than the next six (more?) countries combined.

    Don’t men ever get tired of this wicked talk of some witless thug in the ME being the new Hitler or the whack job plans of some goatherd speaking about a Caliphate?

    Look, we faced down the damn Soviet Union when they had more nukes than the impeached POTUS had paramours and yet we are constantly guilty of letting others frighten us.

    What’n’hell is ISiS going to do? Kill and hollow out 1000 camels and use them as their Navy; are they going to attach bombs to their falcons and sicc them on us?

    This is madness.

    The Fredo of the Bush Crime Family has wrecked us with his dumb ass invasions of Afghanistan (where empires go to die) and Iraq and what do we have to show for it?

    Debt and Death.

    Get the hell out of there and leave the mahometans to their illl-gotten gains.

    • The idea that Islam would leave well enough alone if we did is pure foolishness. Blowback is real, and our meddling in the Middle East has undoubtedly exacerbated the problems we face. But Islam is, by design, a world-conquering force. It has always been so and it always will be, and it is driven by demonic animus.

      Belloc told us in 1929 that Islam would return as an existential threat, because Europe was already well on its way to abandoning Catholicism. It was only the Catholic armies of Europe that were ever able to drive Islam back. Islam is a virus. Islam is like the Borg. It self-replicates, it dominates, it subjugates. It preys upon stupidity and base passions, and these will always exist. And it has a preternaturally seductive capability, which is the only way to explain why even some progressive white females have fallen under its spell, despite all their alleged concerns about gender ideology and blah, blah, blah.

      To leave Islam alone is to allow it to gather strength. Whether or not this is an intelligent policy prescription in the short term is debatable. But the entire world is the dar al harb — the house of war — and it *will*, according to their perverse ideology, be subjected to the dar al Islam.

      Look at the successes they’ve had at gaining massive footholds in major, liberal, European cities. They are waging demographic warfare, and they are winning. It’s only a matter of time, left unchecked, before Islam is an epidemic. And despite what we did with the USSR, asymmetrical warfare is impossible to win. Our enemy is nationless, without a single race or identifying characteristic. It practices Taqiyya – a form of lying and subterfuge so subtle that your nice Islamic neighbor who invites you over for an ethnic dinner winds up, two months later, being the one wearing a bomb in a crowded theater.

      Wake up. This threat doesn’t go away by shoving your head somewhere you can’t see it.

      • Mohametanism already IS a threat for those Christians in places like Dearborn or people duped into buying halal meat that includes dead animal meat (ie not slaughtered). Walmart, for instance has bowed to halal. They dont need tanks as nonsparticus suggests — they need Cair, Jarrett, Indifferentism, cowering politicians and a few militants. Barry giving iran nukes and isis arms and training doesn’t hurt.

      • Dear Steve. Before we began meddling in Satan’s Sand Traps, where was the terrorism?

        It was not even on our media radar which seeks out chaos and enmity to draw us to their papers/shows.

        All of what you cite was true from the time of Belloc’s death until very recently but what is the major variable that was changed?

        It began to change when the CIA recruited/trained Bin Laden and armed him and set that jackal free – o, and invited him into europe

        It was western terrorism/invasion/occupation of what they consider as their land.

        Of course the west can contain them via rational rules of immigration and monitoring of Mosques and expelling violators but the worst thing we could do is take team as a serious threat to launch a conquest from there.

        The West is the problem and it is a solvable problem but it will not be solved by exterminating Islam

        Of course one ought not leave Islam alone – unless you mean war by the state.

        Islam ought be evangelised but invasion/occupation has only increased terrorism and, under our Constitution, we can deputise individuals/ groups to go and kill the leaders of ISIS or any other lunatics preaching invasion of the US

        Are you following Bullets Barnhardt into calling for their extermination- as though they are rats or vermin?

        • “…It was not even on our media radar which seeks out chaos and enmity to draw us to their papers/shows.”

          Because, friend, just like the CIA story about Bin Laden you’re touting, it wasn’t exactly common knowledge at the time (…although ISIS just released their own video to mark their next targets.). So while you’re saying, where was the terror? It’s coming. It’s here. It is being, despite your blindness, countered by law enforcement on a daily basis. Not everything hits the news, IANS. If it did, panic and chaos would ensue.

          You advocate that Islam ought to be evangelized. You decry other Catholics as modernists. You decry other Catholics as part of a schism. And yet the very call to evangelize that you infer is the only acceptable means of action is literally called to a halt in current day attitudes of,, “…we’re all worshiping the same god peacefully.”

          Either you’re in or you’re out at some point, IANS. That sophistry, doublespeak, head in the sand attitude is precisely why folks like Ann are forced to speak so clearly. Time to wake up. The enemy is at the gate, friend.

          However the threat has manifested it does need to be dealt with or there will be bloodshed.

      • Dear Steve. IANS will bow out after asking you when was the last time you read Belloc on islam and where is its great leader necessary for it to arise as an existential threat worse then liberalism and the principle of non-discrimination and where is the industrialisation that is a necessary condition to exercise the desire of the Caliphate ?

        Lord have mercy, they ain’t got crap when it comes to industrialisation and they only have the weapons WE give them.

        The Caliphate a threat? They do not have one jet, air craft carrier, submarine, intercontinental missile etc so, suit case bomb, shoe bomb, lip balm will do the trick one supposes….

        IF they were the extistential threat many are claiming, why haven’t they been bombing here ?

        Liberalism has already killed the west and terrorism in Paris killed far less than babies aborted there daily (here also) and as for rape in the west, do the Mahometan men rape more white women today in England and/or Denmark than blacks rape white women today in America?

        Do men even know how many white women are raped by black men every single day in America?

        No, but the pipe dream of a Caliphate has some issuing calls to exterminate muslims…

        Y’all are welcome to Bullets Barnhart and her calls for extermination but we Americans are far more likely to be killed by a drive to the local Mall than a terrorist bomb at the local Mall.

        Ss to why we like being stampeded by irrational fears…there are many reasons for that but IANS will back out…

        Adieu, brother

        • The pipe dream, IANS, is you pretending that Belloc is the definitive source of what means are readily available in modern warfare. Your limiting the threat to ‘bombs dropping on us’ is shortsighted and behind the times. (I doubt anyone imagined being able to radlicalize citizens of a country by means of facebook, twitter, etc. Pretty handy that.)

          That said, Iran is well on the way to facilitating what you’ve described. Foolish, foolish, foolish.

          Much like the petty rant against Ann Barnhardt doing what needs must, even if IANS doesn’t like her tone. Perhaps if men like IANS had spoken out against the obfuscation of the Faith in previous decades instead of hopping onboard the love train of it’s-all-good, there wouldn’t need to be a ‘bullets’ anybody. But a problem left untended grows much like an infection.

          • IANS can’t even bring himself to speak in the first person or use his real name. If you’re looking for more than armchair demagoguery, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.

            It’s a shame, because if he’d quit screwing around I suspect he’d have something to offer.

          • Being honest with oneself and others is a manifest grace, Steve. Thanks again for providing a forum for that which is genuine.

          • The comments aren’t for me. They’re for the readers. If people want to discuss what we write, fine. If they don’t, that’s fine too.

            I’ve had editors tell me I’m insane for allowing pseudonyms, because it just encourages abusive behavior. In an attempt to make things easy for people, though, I decided to be a masochist and let it happen.

            But the point about pseudonyms in this context is that one can’t look to a pseudonymous commenter for courageous leadership. It’s sort of a contradiction in terms.

          • The pseudonym is valuable in the society that protects those who would fire, sue or even kill “those who would slander the prophet of islam.”

            You, sir, however, are a hero. No question.

          • IANS has tried to bring himself to speak in the first person but he is notoriously uncooperative.

            Hoever, ought not intellects possessed of a Christian morality prevail vis a vis the putative threat of a Caliphate?

            Look, Catholics in here, while reasonably cautious about Mahometanism given its , roughly,14 centuries of praxis, have an unwarranted fear of it; it can be managed in a rational way.

            The, literally, irrational fear of Mahometanism serves the cause of collectivism (Cui bono? Something that huge and the grave of a threat can only be met by an ever increasing size and presence of the military) whereas a cursory glance at the stats will show any sane Catholic man that there is more danger from the flu than from the Caliphate and Bullets Barnhardt is advocating pure evil when she says we must exterminate islam and every man in here would be apoplectic were she to have said We must exterminate Judaism rather than rushing to her defense.

            Talk of extermination can only be directed at non humans; thus, she can not be described as having been called by God to do what she does nor is she another Joan of Arc and if it is true that she speaks for some men, it is true only in the sense she is speaking for immoral men too embarrassed to publicly call for the extermination of a billion persons.

            IANS is quick to concede she is infinitely more intelligent and accomplished that is he (although, to be fair to him, IANS is better looking) but this is not about natural abilities or personal achievements but about her call to exterminate Islam which is just another way to call for the extermination of one billion people.

            That is evil, plain and simple, and that other men in here do not realise that illustrates just how successful the non-lethal putative Caliphate has been in their attempt to cultivate terror in the minds of men 10o0s of miles away from where they are located.

            check out the numbers…


          • “Every man in here would be apoplectic were she to have said We must exterminate Judaism rather than rushing to her defense.”

            Your “rhetorical style” … it burns….

          • LOL how would you propose going about “eradicating Islam” without eradicating people? How many Muslims are you willing to “eradicate” to “eradicate” the “ideology”? ay caramba

          • Tres simple…you get the imams, mostly old farts to see the light of day of how that political insanity is hurting them….once they see the light they inform their people that they’ve done them wrong by telling them to hate women/kids, non muslims. Those who wish to stick with the killer instincts in their souls and refuse to adopt a different mindset, are ripe for whatever comes their way…as they have made it known that they prefer to have a legitimate way to rape, steal, murder, conquer.

          • IANS is also notoriously uncooperative with regard to a consistent position and common sense.

            What is plainly evil is men encouraging other men and women to be LAZY and argumentative in the face of reality.

      • Spot on Steve..I would add you can’t be nice to the Aids virus or cancer and think it’ll just disappear. 1,400 years of enslaving/conquering other lands does not exactly constitute ‘just a bunch of goat loving lunatics’. In fact, one could say they are presently practicing the Art of War…if you haven’t read it by all means do so to appreciate their goals and how they’re achieving it in real time.

    • When ‘Bullets’ Barnhart starts talking, sane men should listen and ponder why/how a Catholic woman has reached such a state. Men doing nothing or perhaps far too little?

      The madness is not acknowledging and/or underestimating a genuine threat. Let’s not play like the good southern gentlemen in Gone With the Wind who believed they’d handle the little problem in a few weeks.

      • I recently found Barnhardt through Steve, indirectly, via Hilary. I spent all my feee time reading every post she has online — they are small and high in Catholocism calories. It’s worth it.

        Ann Barnhardt is a holy warrior like Joan d’Arc. I am incredibly impressed.

        • Ann has a special calling and is answering it much like Hilary. Thank goodness. Hopefully the stern, perfume-free straight talk will wake folks up to reality.

          Often, Our Lord uses women when men fall silent. And if the salty language offends, more’s the better. There is obviously something lacking in leadership when women are called to take such stands.

          God bless

          • Lol. Salty…. yeah. But some of her posts are amazing: There’s one that comes to mind where (in an aside!) she says that Pope Francis wrath is used against an element in the Church and she links to a video of an elderly (I think latin rite) priest kneeling in unambiguously deep (maybe ecstatic) prayerful reverence before the Eucharist, in adoration, for at least five minutes.

      • Dear PGMGN The North was invading the CSA to prevent Southern Independence which is four thousand light years away from ISIS having an Army/Navy/Marine/Air Force capable of getting here and invading us.


        • IANS, the Sheesh of your statement outlines your complete lack of understanding the massive network that is radical Islam. More than just ISIS, my friend. And it is global.

          One does not need an Army/Navy/Marine/or Air Force to invade.

          Much like one no longer needs pen and ink to communicate. And if you study warfare – all aspects of it, not just what you think you see/know – you’ll come to understand that seeding ideas/ideologies is also a highly effective means to change a civilization.

          Sheesh is right.

          • It’s not my little foray, rkat.

            That said, follow the money trail all you’d like. It leads to highly intriguing places. If you’ll read, I didn’t say that the story surrounding Bin Laden wasn’t true. Did I? But the threat, that is real, however it came about. We MUST deal with it.

            Just like we must deal rationally with facilitation of infiltration and fifth column overthrow at work within Mother Church.

            So while folks like IANS go about branding Ann Barnhardt ‘bullets’ Barnhardt in an attempt to marginalize her, those same folks are not acknowledging said individuals laying the blame on bought politicians and bought Church hierarchy.

            Clean ’em all out, rkat. But closing one’s eyes to reality just because they smell a rat about how it was facilitated will still leave a body dead. We all need to wake up. And just because ISIS is a REAL threat doesn’t mean that self serving politicians and sell out clergy aren’t equally evil.

          • Sorry, but when you and Barnhardt write stuff like “clean ’em all out” or “They can’t be reasoned with. They can’t be dialogued with. ” — while insisting you or she didn’t mean to suggest anything resembling warfare — I can’t take you seriously. I guess I have very bourgeois notions about intellectual coherence.

          • So then you’re just a pure sophist? Arguing for the sake of being obnoxious? Look, this is why I don’t care if people comment. Because it invites this. I have other work to do, but I stopped to police the comment box, and I find myself in a specious argument over…I don’t even know what?

            See someone about your anger issues. Maybe it’ll help.

          • I agree, maybe you should spend some time reading history instead of policing comboxes. I realize E. Michael Jones and Michael Hoffman, both orthodox catholic historians, are probably beyond the pale for you, but they shouldn’t be. You’d learn something reading them instead of riding the internet and parroting the DC line du jour.

          • “You’d learn something reading them instead of riding the internet and parroting the DC line du jour.”

            What have I said that in any way reflects DC policy on ANY of this?

          • Belloc again, is also important reading here:

            “Whatever the cause be, Mohammedanism has survived, and vigorously survived. Missionary effort has had no appreciable effect upon it. It still converts pagan savages wholesale. It even attracts from time to time some European eccentric, who joins its body.But the Mohammedan never becomes a Catholic. No fragment of Islam ever abandons its sacred book, its code of morals, its organized system of prayer, its simple doctrine.

            In view of this, anyone with a knowledge of history is bound to ask himself whether we shall not see in the future a revival of Mohammedan political power, and the renewal of the old pressure of Islam upon Christendom.”


          • You do know Belloc wrote a book entitled The Jews? It had a very interesting rhetorical style. Would you like me to quote some of it?

          • Why is ok to quote Belloc about Muslims but not Jews? Why the double standard? You are misrepresenting him if you quote him about one and refuse to acknowledge his opinions on the other.

          • non responsive. Why do you “urge caution” about muslims and not Jews? Why do you quote Belloc about Muslims, ignoring the fact he also wrote a book disparaging Jews, and simultaneously publicly scold commenters who bring up Israel, while also “urging caution” about Israel specifically? Why don’t you urge caution about what Barnhardt says? Shouldn’t we be equally cautious about Islam? It’s a sensitive subject with a billion people, after all. You have a double standard. I’m calling you on it.

          • Because Islam is an inherently violent and most likely diabolical religion, whereas Judaism forms the foundation for our own faith?

            I quote Belloc about Muslims because this post is…wait for it…about Muslims.

            I have never scolded you for bringing up Israel, but if the straw man helps…

            I urged caution in general about the discussion over semitic issues, because they’re largely controversial, often conspiratorial, and carry a lot of emotional baggage. I don’t want to spend my days putting out fires in the comment boxes. So I asked that people stick to facts, rather than speculation. I know, I know, the mark of an unreasonable man.

            I didn’t urge caution about what Barnhardt says in this case because I think it has merit. I only occasionally link to her posts. This one was interesting to me, so I referenced it.

            Everything I’ve done is perfectly rational and consistent. I don’t owe you explanations, but I’m offering them because you are — or were — a fan and supporter of this site.

            If you’re no longer in that category, maybe it’s time we stop.

          • you worry about “putting out fires” in a combox while featuring — in a post — Barnhardt’s insane prose about eliminating an entire world religion?! how could any comment possibly get more incendiary than that?? You’r getting comical.

          • I didn’t say I wasn’t suggesting anything resembling warfare, rkat. Where have you been? Reading posts for understanding or skimming for the opportunity to proffer half-baked non arguments?

            You may want to engage that bourgeois notion and read what is written or ask questions when you fail to understand.

    • Good luck wiping out the religion of a billion people, Ms. Barnhardt. What does she envision exactly? That on my way home from the traditional Latin mass I massacre one of the muslim families at my local Trader Joe’s, just to prove my Catholic bona fides? I’m glad she enjoys the internet and I even like reading her stuff, but to cite her as some sort of authority — while simultaneously accusing IANS of “armchair demogoguery?!” — that is crazytown. Ann should take a gander at the Talmud, by the way. After doing so, she might begin to wonder cui bono when it comes to a religious war between Christians and Muslims. And then she might take a second look at where these terrorists really come from and who supports them.

      • Did she lay out a plan for Islamic eradication? Or did she merely echo the thinking of St. Juan de Ribera?

        “As we have seen, Muhammed had neither supernatural miracles nor natural motives of reason to persuade those of his sect. As he lacked in everything, he took to bestial and barbaric means, which is the force of arms. Thus he introduced and promulgated his message with robberies, murders, and bloodshedding, destroying those who did not want to receive it, and with the same means his ministers conserve this today, until God placates his anger and destroys this pestilence from the earth.”

        • A number of Saints had plenty to say about Jews as well. I shall refrain from quoting them here as you don’t seem to like it. However, Ms Barnhardt’s “echoing their thinking” might give her a fuller picture of what is happening in the Middle East, and what the endgame is over there.

      • I’d also know why referencing another blogger’s thoughts is considered citing them “as some sort of authority”? I do this frequently. I evaluate the analysis of others when I find it thought-provoking. It doesn’t signal endorsement, it only signals “something worth considering.”

          • You’re the one who accuses people of “armchair demagoguery”, not me. In this case, I think the shoe fits Ms. Barnhardt as well as any commenter here. You haven’t made the case otherwise.

          • Yes, I do. And while she’s certainly capable of demagoguery, she hasn’t done so from the safety of anonymity. Her rhetoric, as over the top as it can sometimes be, has come at significant personal cost. That moves her out of the “armchair” realm in my book.

          • Please. There’s a good chance that any American boots on the ground in the Middle East will pay an infintitely higher cost to achieve Ms. Barnhardt’s dream of Muslim eradication, or however you and she want to characterize it, than she has paid or will ever pay. let alone the unfortunates who live there.

          • You are — yet again — making rather large assumptions. Where in that post does she say this is what she envisions? Saying “death to Islam” is not remotely the same thing as saying, “Hey Mmurica, launch another war!!”

            Particularly considering that she believes that America has long since become a political fiction, I think you’d be hard-pressed to make the case that she’s advocating anything of the kind.

          • Oh, so then it is just cant. She’s an armchair demagogue like you, me, IANS and the rest of us. Thanks for making my point for me. Now if you can answer why you singled out IANS we might get somewhere.

          • It’s not “cant”. It’s recognition that Islam is a conquer-or-be-conquered geopolitical force. It must be either suppressed — often brutally, since the only thing they respect is strength — or it will continue to grow until Europe is full of dhimmis. And it won’t stop there.

            Have you not read or listened to any of Bieszad’s stuff on this website? He reiterates it again and again: they will keep coming for you forever unless you fight them into submission. It’s in the DNA of their belief system.

            As for IANS? He and I have a bit of a running quibble over his rhetorical style; Ann is a friend, and I think his characterization (and yours) is inaccurate; if she visited comment boxes, I’d leave it to her. I’ve yet to see anyone get the better of her in an argument. But she isn’t here, and I am.

            More to the point, I believe his general thesis on Islam as a non-threat to be seriously wrong. It is still not yet the threat that it will become, but asymmetrical warfare is a brutal, ugly thing, and it will take an inestimable toll on a people with no faith to speak of and nothing but creature comforts and hedonism to fall back on.

          • The greater threat, to those willing to see it, are those who use Islamists as a proxy to destroy Europe and empty the Middle East. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Israel has a hidden hand here, but anyone who deigns to suggest you accuse them of nonsense like a displeasing “rhetorical style”. I hate to think what you’d say if Belloc or St. John Chrysostom showed up in the comments. If you want to referee a vigorous discussion of facts then be open to hearing them, instead of absurdly channeling Emily Post to tilt the discussion in favor of your friend.

          • Steve: The “hidden hand” of Israel once again. I’m sorry to be a nag, but if these guys aren’t Jew-baiters, I’ll eat a biretta without salt. There obsession is Jews and Jewish plots, and they cannot help but pollute every conversation with this bilge water.

      • How many mohametans do you suppose will hold mohamet as the ideal man, in Heaven, while worshipping before that Trinity they call blasphemy?

    • You may do very well, if you are visited by a group of the “refugees” currently headed for YOUR COUNTRY to consider having a few bullets yourself. It is not merely dreaming, but a thing far less charitably referred to, to think that the musloid threat stays in the middle east.

      The Catholic Church is the only organization with a track record of defeating Mahometans. Victory and loss are in God’s hands alone.

      By the way, I strongly suspect that God does intend the eradication of islam — in the same way that Heaven is by definition populated by Catholics, there shall be none there who view Mahomet as a man more perfect even than Christ.

  6. A question just barely off topic: does anyone know if extraordinary “dryness” is associated with Rosary in connection to “Our Lady of Victory”? In other words, is dry rosary prayer characterized or historically reported anywhere in connection with Lepanto et al.?

  7. If you want an immediate full-fledged war–including ground troops–to end the Islamic State/ISIS as a territorial entity and safe haven, sign the petition at the White House web site.

    Go to:

    The West should have never allowed the caliphate to persist for over a year now. The glorious legend of the ISIS/Islamic State caliphate is already going to reverberate through Muslim history. But we can mitigate the damage by bringing the ISIS caliphate to a humiliating end as soon as possible.

    We are now in a situation akin to the weeks right before 9/11. Another 9/11 attack is coming soon in the U.S. The only thing we can do is make ISIS fight for their lives in Iraq and Syria, and then completely eliminate them from controlling any territory, and kill or capture most of them in the process.

    Please sign the petition.

    • But it was the Obama/Hillary axis of evil that created the state vacuums (Arab Spring) that resulted in Libya as a port into which were brought the weapons given to the ISIS jihadis so as to further destabilise Syria but Putin scotched the plan and so we now are headed for a Russia- US standoff in the ME with Insane evil Israel (6th largest Nuke power in the world) with their Samson Option trying to play each side against the other.

      • You are right to criticize Obama & Hillary. But now I think we must focus on protecting civilians in the American Homeland. The Islamic State terrorists ARE going to hit here soon, and they won’t stop with one Paris-type massacre. Their apocalyptic aim is the destruction of the USA. We must quickly terminate the status of the Islamic State as a territory complete with Sharia government and terrorist training camps. We must kill or capture most of these buggers, and the send the remaining few into hiding.

  8. When I read this the first time, it didnt set off alarms. Now it does…

    “But the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator. In the first place amongst these there are the Muslims, who, professing to hold the faith of Abraham, along with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind.”

    Any guesses where this gem comes from?

    Lumen Gentium 16.

    Can someone clarify for me what we are supposed to do with that?

    • This very quote you write here from LG is what caused me to start questioning the validity of VII documents. It is a statement that is out of touch with reality and directly contradicts prior magisterial documents.

        • Well, I personally reject it. I do not urge others to do so, however. I do not use it in catechesis work, either with my children or in my volunteering at my parish. I stick to the old catechisms and magisterial documents, when sanity and clarity prevailed, and I mark up my copies of catechisms and books that espouse heresies or contradictions, alerting myself and anyone borrowing my book that the section marked should be read with caution. I am not sure what else I could do, but when reality puts the lie to an assertion that already contradicts prior teachings of the Church, I reject the new assertion and wait upon the Lord to do whatever course correction He deems appropriate. Our world is insane, preferring delusions to reality, in just about every aspect of life these days.

          • What bugs me is that when I first read it, I thought : ok.

            Now I know better. But here’s the thing: They did. Then.

    • Vatican II documents are replete with persiflage of this caliber. For a detailed treatment of the theme, see Sire’s Phoenix from the Ashes and Divozzo’s The Church and the Culture of Modernity. Vatican II was certainly flawed, as you say, but the Novus Ordo isn’t validated or invalidated by its documents since, as Sire points out, the “new Mass” had nothing to do with Vatican II; when the council ended, the bishops there had no idea of what was soon to happen. The Novus Ordo was cooked up by Msgr. Bugnini, a Freemason who had Paul VI’s ear. Finally even Paul tired of this crackpot and in 1975 sent him packing to Iran where he was to die.

        • I think the word is “magisterial.” The documents as a whole sin by ambiguity, not outright endorsement of heresy; they can be interpreted very differently by different people. Since “magisterial” means authoritative or reliable, it would seem that Vatican II documents are anything but, that their own phrasing precludes the possibility. H.J.A. Sire believes the Church will come one day — probably long after you and I are pushing up daisies — to condemn the whole sixtyish mess as a particularly sad chapter in Church history.

          • That is helpful. I am self-catechized but i have heard many times that they are magisterial. Plus LG, for example, is often quoted in things like caritas veritate and, my memory says, all over the jp2 catechism or, pretty sure even in Navarre.

            I’ll look for some authority that says they are not.

            The LG passage I quote, however, does seem to be an outright endorsement of heresy. It says that islam is oriented to God while islam is specifically a heresy and its orientation is, i believe, by weight of teaching, both papal and doctoral et al. — including holy wars — magisterially (I suspect) defined as not oriented towards God.

  9. Regarding ISIS… an eye-opening article in the U.K’s The Guardian, by Scott Atran:
    Mindless terrorists? The truth about Isis is much worse
    They deal in chaos, butthey work from a script. The failure to understand that is costing us dear
    See rest of the Article here:

    Meanwhile, Rorate-Caeli reports, the Secretary of State at the Vatican says the The Year of
    Mercy includes Muslims.

  10. “At that moment, two women walked in, chatting and laughing, and the conversation spontaneously ceased. The men in the room were aware, on edge; the women seemed likely to present an argument or objection nobody wanted to deal with at that moment. The unspoken agreement flashed around the shop by way of meaningful glances. I bought my coffee and walked out.”

  11. I read somewhere that the New Testament orders preventing non-Christians from entering Christian communities. Is that true? Anyone know the verse?

    • “I read somewhere” is the standard cry of someone who is both ignorant and easily hoodwinked.

      No, it does not come from Christian scripture.

  12. There are men on this thread defending Bullets Barnhart’s call for exterminating Islam but that is neither Christian or rational for that means exterminating a billion people (not an ideology) as though they are rats and that is what she is calling for as can be seen by the repetitious references to Belloc who observed that although Islam had been defeated in Europe and pushed back into the desert (a people not an ideology had been defeated), he fully expected it to arise again and which reality Bullets Barnhart recognizes but, with evil insanity, advocates its extermination which has to mean exterminating over a billion men women and children for what she calls an ideology, not a religion, is possessed by and adhered to by men, women, and children so let’s stop trying to pretend she is not calling for exterminating a billion people when she calls for exterminating Islam.

    There have been rational proposals put forward that could be followed but if we do not speak about them to each other, and let our politicians know about them, some christians will support Bullets Barnhart’s call for extermination rather than a rational response, written by a Messias–Denier who, close to the end of his life, converted to the Faith.

    Ok, here is the link to a rational response Christians can defend/support even as our politicians, press, police, and professors (Daniel Pipes’ four “P” s) respond to the terrorism in Paris by defending mahometanism…

    • IANS, apparently you never saw one of Ann’s videos where she suggests the only way to mend the mental misfit aspect of Islam (1,400 years of inbreeding which obviously creates massive mental midgetry, if not downright madness), is to inter-marry with non muslims. Which means the genetic junk of muslims would be ameliorated by the effaciousness of the non-muslim gene pool. I see that as a win win for moes, but surely not for the women who’d be burdened for generations, carrying the awesomely hugh job of caring for mental misfits all the meanwhile diluting a good gene pool. So what I am saying is basically moes would be going up and we would pull down the genetic pool of previously enlightened does that help any situation??

      • Dear sunshine. IANS occasionally reads Bullets because she is linked to on the blog of a man greatly admired by real men and while she is undeniably intelligent she is insane when it comes to those who are muslims.

        She clearly hates their guts, she denies they believe what they obviously believe, she accuses those true believers of not believing any of that bullshit etc and she wants them exterminated.

        Of course, such an insane and hateful charge could be made against her as what she is doing vis a vis muslims is not what a true Christian does,

        All one has to do is substitute Judaism for Islam in her call for the extermination of Islam and then one can instantly see just how insanely evil that desire is and the fact that men in here call her a Saint or a Joan of Arc or a woman who has a calling (from whom?) is evidence that diabolical disorientation tends to effect even those who claim to be Christian.

        Now, soi distant traditionalists can continue to claim that what she is obviously calling for is something different than what she is calling for but that denial of reality serves whom?

        Dang, an old s/n popped up instead of IANS.

    • The crusades were read bad, right? That’s implied as a given in your defense of Islam’s moral equivalence — we need to learn to C○E×!$+ or something?

    • I count around one hundred fifty words in that first sentence. Is there perhaps a James Joyce Ulysses Award for the longest stream of consciousness paragraph or most outrageous run-on sentence here at 1P5? If so, this certainly looks like a winner to me.

        • Hmmm. A man of many faces, Mr. Young. If there was criticism there, it was directed at IANS, not you. Just as it is untoward for the Vatican to apologize for, say, the Crusades, it’s impossible for you to “accept” this criticism unless you and IANS are the same person with two handles. As for “Bullets”, I confess I haven’t the foggiest notion who “Bullets” is. And while it might be conceivable to “exterminate” Jews or Muslims, neither of which policy I endorse, it’s not quite correct to talk of “exterminating” Judaism or Islam; I think the word you’re searching for is “eliminate.”

          • Dear Johnny. Yeah, it is IANS. For some reason a former S/N appeared.

            In any event, Bullets refers to Bullets Barnhart and it was she who calls for the extermination of Islam.

          • Love the name, Bullets Barnhart, but I never heard of the lady. If her proposition is to eliminate Islam, the vicious creed of Mohammed, then I think she has her priorities in order, but I haven’t any idea how one would do it. If what she means is to exterminate Muslims, then she is talking grave sin, and I would tell her she needs to get to Confession and change her tune radically.

    • Islam is an evil religion/ideology. It demands eradication. This is not the same thing as eradicating those who believe in it, but we should not fear to fight them wherever they spread their vile creed by violence. Far better would be their conversion. And this is possible, if difficult. See the millions of converts from the Aztec world — themselves worshipers of false and evil gods — following the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

      Islam is incapable of co-existence with other religions or beliefs. It demands total submission of mind and heart, or physical submission through dhimmitude.

      This is not a difficult concept to understand. Neither is it difficult to recognize that Judaism is NOT intrinsically evil, was NOT inspired by demonic hallucinations at worst and the equivalent of a 7th Century L. Ron Hubbard at best. Islam demands the emulation of their foul prophet, he who murdered, raped, had sex with young girls as well as with corpses, commanded the abuse of women and the slaying of unbelievers, etc.

      Your desire to understate the dangers Islam presents is your own affair. But you are manifestly wrong in thinking that because it lacks a central state or the power of a national army that it is somehow a diminished threat. It is precisely the decentralization of Islam that makes it so dangerous. Every mosque, everywhere, is filled to the brim with individuals who are only a breath away from radicalization. It’s not a question of thermonuclear war, to be certain; it is a question of a long, drawn-out war of attrition, of the inexorable decimation of morale; of living in a constant state of fear that your daily activities or those of your loved ones will be brought to an abrupt and bloody and senseless end at the hands of that nice man from IT who you went to lunch with last week.

      Were more pious Muslims better educated and trained (and possessed of a higher native intelligence) the threat would surely grow far more rapidly. It is only good fortune for the dying West that this has not yet come to pass. Given time, it will.

      Muslims feel empowered at this moment. They feel that now is the time to strike back. They believe that Allah himself is fighting on their side. They needn’t fight smarter, they needn’t fight better, they need only endure beyond what their target cultures can sustain. And since they do not value human life — including their own lives or those of their children — they are willing to accept losses that we are not.

      In the mean time, they will continue to wage demographic war, build new mosques, saturate geographic regions of other countries until they have taken them over completely, and impose their own rule of law once others are no longer safe to traverse entire neighborhoods of their own cities. This will spread. Islam was an existential threat in history, and only CATHOLIC armies were able to defeat them. Supernatural faith against preternatural strength. Lacking faith, this is a war the secular forces of the world can never win. They dare not even admit to themselves that they are fighting a religious war.

  13. There will only be two things that convert Muslims – a large portion of Catholics aiming at saintly lives and praying the daily family Rosary. We need another Lepanto prayer call. Since that won’t happen any time soon, God will use the Illumination of Conscience, the 6th Seal in the Bible, to awaken every soul on earth. Then there will be billions of conversions. People that know the faith will need to teach all those converts. So prudently defend yourself and pray, pray, pray.

    • As I read your post, RC, the thought passed through my head that, if Pope Francis had held the See of Peter in 1571 instead of Pius V, he would have pleaded with Don Juan of Austria not to oppose the Moslems. In fact, he would have suggested that Christian war boats be used to ferry the wives and children of the Ottoman soldiers and sailors to Italy!


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