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Carlists Launch Rosary Crusade to Consecrate Texas

June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Hence, the Traditionalist Carlist Circle “Camino Real de Tejas” launched a modest initiative to consecrate the State of Texas to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It consisted in a rosary march over downtown Dallas with the purpose of asking Our Lady for her intercession, so the Governor of Texas will oblige to this most pious petition on June 24th, 2023, Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, one year from now.

The motivation underlying this initiative is two-fold and has an important historical background. On the one hand, there was the request made by his holiness Pope Pius IX to consecrate the nations to the Sacred Heart of Jesus when he instituted the solemnity in 1856. On the other hand, we have the prophecy of his holiness Pope Pius XI: “When once men recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well-ordered discipline, peace and Harmony.”[1]

The crude reality is that the leaders of Texas, conservatives and progressivists both Liberal in essence and praxis, have expelled the true God and His laws from our society in exchange for businesses, profits, and self-destructive ideologies. The result is immorality, corruption, violence and death. The innocent lives of Texas babies are still killed through the horrible crime of abortion and the youth are being indoctrinated and groomed into becoming sexual deviants and perverts, incapable of committing themselves to true matrimonies and forming families under God’s law of love, all done with Christian taxpayers’ money.

Politics, Economics, Healthcare, Education, work force and law enforcement are social institutions that no longer bring stability and cohesion to our society but division, discrimination and injustice. They have become structures of sin with the support of the entertainment industry, social media and the finance of supra-national entities and international billionaires. Our system and their representatives do not serve the common good of all Texans but the obscure interest of powerful, out of state people deprived of God’s morality in exchange for massive wealth. They serve mammon not God. If families want to gain true peace at their homes, tranquility in the streets and justice in their institutions, the land of the State of Texas, and for all that matter the rest of these  United States, need to be rendered to Jesus. Let the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God-the-Son, Jesus Christ, intercede for this petition.

All said and done, last June 18th, around two dozen faithful initiated the first Rosary march a few minutes after 1pm under a beautiful Dallas sky and an intense heat close to 104 F (40c). The group marched praying the mysteries of the Holy Rosary out loud while carrying various flags reminding fellow Texans of Christian Fatherland and our common Spanish and Catholic heritage. During the walking recitation of the holy mysteries, several Catholics provided food and water to the poor and homeless, some of them lying down on the sidewalks in the hope of alleviating them temporally from the heat, nourishing their bodies and accomplishing corporal works of mercy. The route followed was designed to encompass the religious, business, and governmental areas through Ross Avenue, Akard, and Young St., so as to arrive at the Dallas City Hall, and finish back at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Every mystery prayed had a specific intention attached to it related to the consecration and the fruits that will flow from it, God willing:

Joyful Mysteries:

❖ 1st Mystery, “The Annunciation”: For the consecration of Texas to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

❖ 2nd Mystery: “The Visitation” For the repentance, penance and conversion of all political, economic and religious leaders of the State of Texas.

❖ 3rd Mystery: “The Nativity” For the divine heart of Jesus to convert sinners, save the dying and set free the blessed souls in purgatory.

❖ 4th Mystery: “The Presentation” For the unity of all Texas Christians in the traditional Catholic faith.

❖ 5th Mystery: “Jesus with the doctors” For the political unity of all Christians in the State of Texas.

Sorrowful Mysteries:

❖ 1st Mystery: “The Agony” For the virtue of purity and modesty in all Texans.

❖ 2nd Mystery: “The Scourging” For the protection of the family in the State of Texas.

❖ 3rd Mystery: “The Crowning with Thorns” For faithfulness in all Texas marriages

❖ 4th Mystery: “The Carrying of the Cross” For the protection of children’s life, innocence and purity.

❖ 5th mystery: “The Crucifixion” For the end of the culture of death: Divorce, Abortion, Euthanasia and Sodomy.

Glorious Mysteries:

❖ 1st Mystery: “The Resurrection” For the establishment of the Social Kingdom of Christ the King in Texas.

❖ 2nd Mystery: “The Ascension” For the end of blasphemy and taking God’s name in vain.

❖ 3rd Mystery: “The Descent of the Holy Ghost” For the end of shopping and non-essential businesses done on Sunday.

❖ 4th Mystery: “The Assumption” For moral courage, self-sacrifice and zeal for all souls in Texas

❖ 5th Mystery: “The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin” For the poor, the homeless and the discarded in the State of Texas, for theirs is the Kingdom of God.

The news quickly spread, and now there are Rosary marches scheduled for July 16th (this Saturday), in several towns and cities across Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, and Tyler. Going forward the marches will be held every 2nd Saturday of the month. Those that are interested to attend, visit our website or write to [email protected]

Marches, July 16th, Saturday:

  • @ 4 pm Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, downtown Dallas [Arrive by 3:45 pm]
  • @ 4 pm St. Patrick’s Cathedral, downtown Ft. Worth [Arrive by 3:45 pm]
  • @ 4 pm Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, downtown Tyler [Arrive by 3:45 pm]
  • @ 9 am Cameron Park, Waco [Meet at the base of the Jacob’s Ladder by 8:45 am]
  • @ 4pm Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, downtown Houston [Arrive by 3:45 pm]
  • @ 4pm The Alamo, San Antonio [Arrive by 3:45 pm]


[1] Quas Primas, Pope Pius XI, December 11th, 1925.

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