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Cardinal Zen Speaks Out About the China-Vatican Compromise & His Meeting With the Pope

Image: AlfredokoBishop Joseph Zen-2002CC BY-SA 3.0

Last week, it was revealed that the Vatican had asked at least two legitimate Chinese bishops to resign their positions to make way for Beijing-appointed bishops who would take their place. In our coverage of the story, we looked back at some of the statements of Cardinal Joseph Zen, bishop-emeritus of Hong Kong, who has been singularly outspoken on this issue for some time, and in particular over the past two years.

At the time of our report, Cardinal Zen had not yet made any public statement about the recent news.

Today, in a Facebook post and also on his personal blog, he has made a statement to his “friends in the media” in order that he might clarify what happened amongst “many different versions of the facts and interpretations” that are “creating confusion among the people.”

“In this crucial moment and given the confusion in the media,” the Chinese cardinal writes, “I, knowing directly the situation of Shantou and indirectly that of Mindong, feel duty-bound to share my knowledge of the facts, so that the people sincerely concerned with the good of the Church may know the truth to which they are entitled.” Zen continues, “I am well aware that in doing so I may talk about things which, technically, are qualified as ‘confidential’. But my conscience tells me that in this case the ‘right to truth’ should override any such ‘duty of confidentiality’.”

In the interest of spreading his message, we are reprinting his statement in full below:

Monday, 29 January, 2018

Dear Friends in the Media,

Since AsiaNews has revealed some recent facts in the Church in mainland China, of legitimate bishops being asked by the “Holy See” to resign and make place for illegitimate, even explicitly excommunicated, “bishops”, many different versions of the facts and interpretations are creating confusion among the people. Many, knowing of my recent trip to Rome, are asking me for some clarification.

Back in October, when Bishop Zhuang received the first communication from the Holy See and asked me for help, I send someone to bring his letter to the Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, with, enclosed, a copy for the Holy Father. I don’t know if that enclosed copy reached the desk of the Holy Father. Fortunately, Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai was still in Rome and could meet the Pope in a fare-well visit. In that occasion, he brought the two cases of Shantou and Mindong to the knowledge of the Holy Father. The Holy Father was surprised and promised to look into the matter.

Given the words of the Holy Father to Archbishop Savio Hon, the new facts in December were all the more a shocking surprise to me. When the old distressed Bishop Zhuang asked me to bring to the Holy Father his answer to the message conveyed to him by the “Vatican Delegation” in Beijing, I simply could not say “No”. But what could I do to make sure that his letter reach the Holy Father, while not even I can be sure that my own many letters did reach him.

To make sure that our voice reached the Holy Father, I took the sudden decision of going to Rome. I left Hong Kong the night of 9th January, arriving in Rome the early morning of 10th January, just in time (actually, a bit late) to join the Wednesday Public Audience. At the end of the audience, we Cardinals and Bishops are admitted to the “bacia mano” and I had the chance to put into the hands of the Holy Father the envelop, saying that I was coming to Rome for the only purpose of bringing to him a letter of Bishop Zhuang, hoping he can find time to read it (in the envelop there was the original letter of the Bishop in Chinese with my translation into Italian and a letter of mine).

For obvious reasons, I hoped my appearance at the audience would not be too much noticed, but my late arrival in the hall made it particularly noticeable. Anyway, now everybody can see the whole proceeding from the Vatican TV (by the way, the audience was held in Paul VI Hall, not in St. Peter’s Square and I was a little late to the audience, but did not have to “wait in a queue, in a cold weather”, as some media erroneously reported).

When in Rome, I met Fr. Bernard Cervellera of AsiaNews. We exchanged our information, but I told him not to write anything. He complied. Now that someone else broke the news, I can agree to confirm it. Yes, as far as I know, things happened just as they are related in AsiaNews (the AsiaNews report “believes” that the Bishop leading the Vatican Delegation was Msgr. Celli. I do not know in what official capacity he was there, but it is most likely that he was the one there in Beijing).

In this crucial moment and given the confusion in the media, I, knowing directly the situation of Shantou and indirectly that of Mindong, feel duty-bound to share my knowledge of the facts, so that the people sincerely concerned with the good of the Church may know the truth to which they are entitled. I am well aware that in doing so I may talk about things which, technically, are qualified as “confidential”. But my conscience tells me that in this case the “right to truth” should override any such “duty of confidentiality”.

With such conviction, I am going to share with you also the following:

In the afternoon of that day, 10th January, I received a phone-call from Santa Marta telling me that the Holy Father would receive me in private audience in the evening of Friday 12thJanuary (though the report appeared only on 14th January in the Holy See bulletin). That was the last day of my 85 years of life, what a gift from Heaven! (Note that it was the vigil of the Holy Father’s departure for Chile and Peru, so the Holy Father must have been very busy).

On that evening the conversation lasted about half an hour. I was rather disorderly in my talking, but I think I succeeded to convey to the Holy Father the worries of his faithful children in China.

The most important question I put to the Holy Father (which was also in the letter) was whether he had had time “to look into the matter” (as he promised Archbishop Savio Hon). In spite of the danger of being accused of breach of confidentiality, I decide to tell you what His Holiness said: “Yes, I told them (his collaborators in the Holy See) not to create another Mindszenty case”! I was there in the presence of the Holy Father representing my suffering brothers in China. His words should be rightly understood as of consolation and encouragement more for them than for me.

I think it was most meaningful and appropriate for the Holy Father to make this historical reference to Card. Josef Mindszenty, one of the heroes of our faith. (Card. Josef Mindszenty was the Archbishop of Budapest, Cardinal Primate of Hungary under Communist persecution. He suffered much in several years in prison. During the short-lived revolution of 1956, he was freed from prison by the insurgents and, before the Red Army crashed the revolution, took refuge in the American Embassy. Under the pressure of the Government he was ordered by the Holy See to leave his country and immediately a successor was named to the likings of the Communist Government).

With this revelation, I hope I have satisfied the legitimate “right to know” of the media and of my brothers in China.

The important thing for us now is to pray for the Holy Father, very fittingly by singing the traditional song “Oremus”:

Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Francisco, Dominus conservet eum et vivificet eum et beatum faciat eum in terra et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius.


Some explanations may still be in order.

1. Please, notice that the problem is not the resignation of the legitimate Bishops, but the request to make place for the illegitimate and even excommunicated ones. Many old underground Bishops, though the retirement age law has never been enforced in China, have insistently asked for a successor, but have never received any answer from the Holy See. Some others, who have a successor already named, may be even already in possession of the Bulla signed by the Holy Father, were ordered not to proceed with the ordination for fear of offending the Government.

2. I have talked mainly of the two cases of Shantou and Mindong. I do not have any other information except the copy of a letter written by an outstanding Catholic lady, a retired University professor well-acquainted with affairs of the Church in China, in which she warns Msgr. Celli against pushing for the legitimization of “bishop” Lei Shi Ying in Sichuan.

3. I acknowledge myself as a pessimist regarding the present situation of the Church in China, but my pessimism has a foundation in my long direct experience of the Church in China. From 1989 to 1996 I used to spend six months a year teaching in the various Seminaries of the official Catholic community. I had direct experience of the slavery and humiliation to which those our brother Bishops are subjected.

And from the recent information, there is no reason to change that pessimistic view. The Communist Government is making new harsher regulations limiting religious freedom. They are now strictly enforcing regulations which up to now were practically only on paper (from the 1st of February 2018 attendance to Mass in the underground will no longer be tolerated).

4. Some say that all the efforts to reach an agreement is to avoid the ecclesial schism. How ridiculous! The schism is there, in the Independent Church! The Popes avoided using the word “schism” because they knew that many in the official Catholic community were there not by their own free will, but under heavy pressure. The proposed “unification” would force everybody into that community. The Vatican would be giving the blessing on the new strengthened schismatic Church, taking away the bad conscience from all those who are already willing renegades and those others who would readily join them.

5. Is it not good to try to find mutual ground to bridge the decades-long divide between the Vatican and China? But can there be anything really “mutual” with a totalitarian regime? Either you surrender or you accept persecution, but remaining faithful to yourself (can you imagine an agreement between St. Joseph and King Herod?)

6. So, do I think that the Vatican is selling out the Catholic Church in China? Yes, definitely, if they go in the direction which is obvious from all what they are doing in recent years and months.

7. Some expert on the Catholic Church in China is saying that it is not logical to suppose a harsher religious policy from Xi Jinping. However, we are not talking about logical thinking, but the obvious and crude reality.

8. Am I the major obstacle in the process of reaching a deal between the Vatican and China? If that is a bad deal, I would be more than happy to be the obstacle.

83 thoughts on “Cardinal Zen Speaks Out About the China-Vatican Compromise & His Meeting With the Pope”

  1. I’m a bit confused by the format of the letter. Are the 8 points after the hymn Oremus *also* the words of Cardinal Zen or no? Thanks.

  2. Great article! Thanks for printing it. There is so much “double talk” from the Church bureaucracy these days that it is hard to tell fact from fiction. Cardinal Zen and this article help to clarify the situation.

    • Truly, this evening I was revulsed by this pope.
      Seeing the saddened face of this poor Cardinal Zen made me angry against him as never before..

    • Have to agree. This pope and this Vatican have betrayed real Catholics, real believers and their bishops for … what exactly?

      • For worldly reward and esteem, it would seem. The Vatican hierarchy do not appear to hold the faith, but they will ultimately be trampled under foot. “It will be like for them as it was for the kings of France,” as Our Lord informed Sister Lucia, so ultimately it would seem they will lose their reward in this life and most probably in the next, but let us pray that they repent and make reparation for their manifold errors.

    • One root cause is his tendency to romanticize Communism along with his upbringing in Latin America, which today is a hotbed of socialism. Raul Castro even once said to PF: “If you continue speaking like this, sooner or later, I will return to prayer and I will return again to the Catholic Church. I am not joking.” When will we expect our Holy Father to denounce China’s wrongdoing? Probably as soon as he denounces Cuba & the Castro regime, which I suspect is never, though all things are possible with God.

      With respect to the Chinese Catholics, my heart goes out to them. This is not unprecedented, look at what PF did for the Catholics who were persecuted by ISIS. To go further, have a look at what the Bishop of Mosul ad the Iraqi Catholics went through. This isn’t simply an oddball or a one-off…

      • Yes, indeed, look how he flew from continent to continent, when his flock was in such need and jjust across the Sea?
        That is when I truly began to realize a great many things about ththis pope and those he surrounds himself with.
        I shall never forget the image of those Christians being led to execution, for their behedding.
        And of course, the little boy being crucified in Iraq as he professed his faith in ” Jesus” iwas such a horror and maddening as the Church stood by. Where was Peter? Where was this so called ‘ holy father’?
        Riding around in little Fiat’s, washing women’s feet, dining with Marxist dictators.

        There is no love in this pope, except for the man in the mirror that he faces each morning.
        May God give him his due.

    • One of the next bulls eyes in this pontificates hit list is the the Latin and Greek Catholic Churches in Ukraine. Mark it down.

      • As a Ukrainian Greek Catholic, your post set off little alarm bells in my head. Why would the Latin and Greek Catholic Churches in Ukraine be targets?

        • Because they are both obstacles to his grand designs with respect to the Russian Orthodox Church. He does not care about Truth – only about “unity”. While the Russians object to any Catholic presence in their “canonical territory” then those churches are obstacles to unity and can be sacrificed in the same way that he is sacrificing the Catholics in China.

          • His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk knew PF when he was in Argentina. I can’t believe that PF would do such a thing. (Now if someone out there has unimpeachable evidence to the contrary, then it should be published. Remember John 3: 19-21.

          • You have seen what he has just done to the Chinese and you have seen what he has done to the FFI. If you can’t believe he would do such a thing in the Ukraine, then I admire your ability to see the good in people, Margaret. I tend to suffer from an Augustinian pessimism in the capacity of people to be thoroughly malevolent.

          • Touche. I always had the conviction that most people were fairly decent. My friend +Mary Ann (RIP – please pray for her; she died 12/27/13) grew up in the “school of hard knocks” and helped overcome much (not quite all) of my naivete re people. That woman had a God-given gift of understanding human nature. She could take one look at someone and say: “He’s a good guy.” or “Stay away from her.” – and usually she was right. Oh how I miss her.

          • Dont be foolish during this pontificate the flouriahing and faithful Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate have been devoured by direct intevention from Pope Francis… Now China. Just wait.

            I dont think the modernists will be successful against the Ukrainians. Our Lady will have something to say about this.

            IMHO the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has a role to play in the dark days ahead.
            No prophet or special voices
            here. Juatbaign of the times.

          • Totally agree. The Eastern Churches, the Polish Church and the Churches in Africa in my opinion all will play a huge role in restoring the faithfulness and orthodoxy and the whole Church. Look East and South. That is where the renewal will come from.

          • Yes. That’s exactly how the political agenda of this peronist, but also all other ‘el lideres’ of this world works!
            Removing of all obstacles, and if necessary, destroying them all, only to achieve their personal selfish and often times very wrong and evil fantasies.

        • Because the Greek Catholic Church is one of the most faithful and flourishing parts of the Church in this period of darkness and confusion.

          Their existence and fidelity to Peter is something that
          many in the church cannot live with.

          • All the more reason to believe the modernists+communists in the Vatican will make every effort to destroy them along with the African Catholic Churches. It is what their supreme leader (Satan) wants.

  3. Card Zen is right. It simply goes to show the Pontiff hasn’t the slightest concern regarding Church unity and orthodoxy. His mission becomes ever clear as dismantling the Body of Christ.

    • …”for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true pastor, but a destroyer.”
      (Prophecy of Saint Francis of Assisi).
      The chastisement has begun, the Catholic Church first.

    • He is worth little time and attention, not even a drop of anger is he worthy of.
      This decision of Francis’ should send bells clanging in the thick knuckle heads of prelates
      who just will not correct, will now allow illicit bishops to become shepherds under this regime of a pope.

      For all the Congregations of ‘This and That’, which one does this faux pax fall under?
      Oh, wait…..who cares…..waste of time to answer…..for it does not matter anyway.
      What a useless bunch.

      • Too much to lose.

        BTW: Has anyone caught Bergoglio kneeling or genuflecting before the Blessed Sacrament? (Other than when kneeling next to Benedict.)

        • When he met the seminarians and religious in the church in Santiago last week I said to myself betcha a thousand euros the dirtbag will not kneel before the altar (there was even a prie-dieu laid out for him).
          Of course he didn’t. A few moments later he looked at the assembled nuns and religious in the congregation with such hatred in his eyes that give me the chills.
          The man is truly evil.

      • Yes. Soros allegedly said, “I’m like God, I can tell the Pope [Francis] what to do!” Soros’ agenda is similar to that of highly influential Saul Alinsky. To cause worldwide cultural structural disintegration in preparation for an anarchic utopia. Catholic moral doctrine was Alinsky’s and now Soros’ main target. Both self proclaimed atheists belied their disbelief in professing profound hatred of God.

  4. Cardinal Zen is a brave and faithful servant of God! He, and all other faithful chinese clergy and laity need all the prayers from us, their fellow western Catholics!

  5. Cardinal Zen, the chinese catholic Church and the thousands of catholic faithfuls currently emprisoned have been kissed by Judas.
    Now the Pope must apologize to the hundreds of chinese faithfuls, priests and bishops who have been tortured and martyred in the laogaïs during these last 60 years by the chinese atheistic communist regime.
    The Pope hasn’t yet pondered that the government bishops who will replace the underground ones are still under excommunication sentences.
    But does the Pope really care?

  6. Must anything more blatantly evil come about before Francis will be recognized as the traitor to the Faith that he is? Popes are supposed to be successors of St. Peter. It would seem this one is a successor of Judas.

  7. Imagine the sufferings and sacrifices of the Catholics, especially the clergy, in the Underground Church. Imagine the personal cost. Imagine the years in prison and house arrest. Imagine the years of hard labor. And why? To remain faithful to the See of Peter. To remain in union with the Pope. To preserve the bond of fraternal union and succession. What sort of pain must they feel to see the Vatican throw them under the bus? How must they feel to see the Vatican essentially sneer at their sufferings?

    Here’s a suggestion for the pontificate of “mercy”. How about showing some true mercy to those who genuinely need it? How about showing some mercy to the faithful Catholics of the Underground Church in China? Instead of the faux “mercy” for unrepentant adulterers and sodomites which we get rammed down our throats 24/7, how about showing some care for those who’ve proven their love for the Church with their own blood?

    This is an unspeakable atrocity. What’s worse, I feel that personal aggrandizement is the driving force behind this betrayal since I believe that all of this is due to Francis’ scheming to get an official invitation to visit China from the Chinese government so that he goes down in history as the Pope who went where no Pope went before.

    • What kind of a cynic are you? Surely, my Kiwi brother; surely you do him a great wrong! Surely you are not supposing that the Humble One would ever seek any kind of recognition, let alone glory for himself. Never, I say! Never! Whosoever so much as dreams of such a thing; that one must wake up and apologise. Apologise first to God, and thence to the Humble One himself. On the other hand ……….. I reckon you just about nailed him here!

      • Difficult times for the Church in Oz, what with one thing and another, I think. I lived in Perth for several years and have fond memories of the Catholic Church in Australia. NZ is a train wreck. Its one Cardinal (Dew) is one of Francis’ biggest fanbois and the bishop of its largest diocese (Auckland) was one of five bishops worldwide who publicly endorsed Fr. James Martin’s latest book of homosexual agitprop. That tells you everything.

        • I remember John Dew turning up for the first Synod on the family with some woman in tow, demanding a review of Humane Vitae. Well, from what I read on Sandro Magister’s blog yesterday, it seems as though they’ll get their wish.

    • Those you refer to are far more interested in remaining faithful to and in communion with the Church our Lorf Jrsus Christ founded and has guided, through the Holy Spirit, down the centuries until V2. And it will not be long before the rest of us join the company of those you mention.

  8. …”Some expert on the Catholic Church in China is saying that it is not logical to suppose a harsher religious policy from Xi Jinping. ”
    I woul be glad to know who is this “expert” and ask him how he could reach to this odd opinion.
    Can anyone name a communist regime that never persecuted the catholics?

    • Quite right.
      The first thing to note is that decision-making is collective in China: he may be the Communist party’s SG, but he does not decide alone. Which means that the “positive attitude” implied in the comment is meaningless- were it even true.
      The second point is that China has stated specifically and emphatically that admit no “foreign influence” other than what it can control. The only spiritual factors admitted and to be cultivated are what their own traditional moral and religious systems: “CBD” – Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism. And even these will be promoted within the framework of communism.
      These plans were announced in detail in Xi’s speech at the last party congress, and they will be implemented as defined. Period.
      Now, what the Vatican can do, I have no idea. However, it is obvious that the compromises we read about are worse than useless, as they will change nothing at all to China’s attitude to the Church, but will instead make it easier to destroy it – using state-appointed priests and bishops as convenient tools.

      • “Now, what the Vatican can do, I have no idea…”
        This is actually not the correct way to approach this problem. The question must be: – What Vatican want to do?
        What are the real intentions of the anti-catholic puppets in the Vatican state these days?
        And I have a hint for you: It is not to make more people a good Catholics, but to make as many as possible less Catholic, with the ultimate goal to convert them all to members of some new earthly humanoid world religion…

        • I think you are right. This is just another step to the One World Religion.
          Anyway, we don’t have to envy Jorge Bergoglio on the day he meets his Creator.

  9. Here would be my title of this article, if I could:
    ” The Vatican asks legitimate bishops to step aside in favor of illegitimate ones.”
    Think Pooh! Think Pooh! What does this mean?? (sarc)

    I have never seen so many foolish men gather under one organization, at any one time: Church hierarchy.
    It really is hideous.

  10. Cardinal Zen has my admiration.

    I notice that the Holy Father’s nominated prayer intention for this month is for religious freedom in Asia. No, I’m not making it up. I prayed for that intention today.

  11. You cannot reason with a tiger, when your head is in its mouth!
    -Winston Churchill to Neville Chamberlain, May 1940

    Cardinal Zen knows, as all persecuted know.

    Those who are soft and comfortable do not. But they will. Doors are closing. Opportunity and initiative to act is quickly being lost. The suffering will be delayed, but by the delay will be made so much worse. Because those who could have acted; did not.

  12. Cardinal Zen and our faithful brothers and sisters, bishops and priests need our prayers and support. Please pray for them!

  13. I hope the good Cardinal knows better than to take consolation from Francis’ stated determination “not to create another Mindszenty case.” Francis loves nothing better than to pick out true Catholics, throw them under the bus, drive the bus over them, back up, and drive over them again. That Mindszenty comment is Francis letting Cardinal Zen know that he’s 100% aware of what he’s doing to Chinese Catholics, he’s going to do it anyway, and there’s not a blasted thing they can do to stop it.

    • Francis loves nothing better than to pick out true Catholics, throw them
      under the bus, drive the bus over them, back up, and drive over them

      I thought this sounded fishy, so I checked with Catholic Answers, and it turns out that they’re just
      rigid semi-permanent speed bumps (“Francis Roadkill” thread in “Trad Hysteria” section).

  14. The betrayal of the Chinese Catholics is damaging to them on so many levels. Up to now the underground Church has had its loyalty to Rome as its key raison d’etre as a body which is distinct from the “Patriotic Church”, and as its unifying focus in its opposition to Communism. Now that Rome is telling them to accept Communist-appointed bishops their resistance will be shattered. If the Catholic bishops refuse to go along with Rome’s treachery, the CCP will throw it in their face and say they can’t even use the excuse of obedience to religious authority as the reason for their resistance anymore. The CCP will paint it as an entirely political refusal to conform and the persecution would then enter the phase of eradication of political dissidents.

    Chinese Catholics have literally been thrown to the wolves.

    • Let us not leave these faithful Catholics in the clutches of wolves – let us pray for their deliverance from evil. We who are so comfortable in our western world with some semblance of freedom, can never understand the faithfulness and plight of these Christians in communist countries. What would we do in their place – our time is almost here.
      Let us remember our persecuted brethren in the countries where P. Francis has hobnobbed with their leaders – Cuba, China, Honduras, Bolivia, etc.

      That is why he is known as the Political Pope.

      A Communist Pope? An interview with author George Neumayr

  15. My father is nearly 80 years old. I would be livid if anyone treated him the way Francis has treated Cardinal Zen. Regardless of the issue, Francis’ treatment of Cardinal Zen is so wicked.

  16. Next step for Francis: He will require the english catholics and clergy to submit themselves to the Anglican church of England and his head the Queen Elisabeth.
    The situation is EXACTLY the for the underground Chinese Church he just slapped in the face.

  17. It’s interesting that in Chapter 13 of the Apocalypse, the false prophet appears (Bergoglio) but then another beast rises from the earth with two horns. (the two bishops). It says that this second beast with two horns looked like a lamb but it spoke like a Dragon. The two bishops (two horns) are those that the false prophet (Bergoglio) has given way to. They appear to be lambs but they’re colluded with the voice of the dragon. (China)

    May he or she who has ears….may hear!

  18. Matthew Festing being ejected from the Knights of Malta and now this, I hope that the Chinese Bishops refuse to be pushed out.

  19. Presumably Pope Bergoglio knew all along what was going to happen to the Chinese Catholics and these bishops. Now if he did, and we are given to understand that he understands and controls everything that goes on in the Vatican, then when we look at his interactions with Cardinal Zen in relation to this, we see a two-faced malevolence in action. Whilst making bare-faced lies to the Cardinal in person, behind the back a different treacherous plan was being lined up. Very, very unpleasant: like something out of the mafia. Of course, Bergoglio could reverse those actions his diplomats have commanded in China, but will he? Don’t put any money on it.

  20. Oh dear. Is this the new Darwin Catholic Church? The Church of Natural Selection. Blessed are the persecutors, the strong, the merciless.

  21. “Probably the best-known of these is the one of Félix Bottazzi, an employee whom the Archbishop decided one day to dispense with, and he arranged his dismissal without showing his hand. Once he was out of the Curia, Mr Bottazzi sought an interview with Cardinal Bergoglio, who received him with friendly confusion: “But I knew nothing about it, my son. You surprise me …. What did they sack you for? Who did it?” Mr Bottazzi did not get his job back, but Bergoglio presented him with a new car, and he went away convinced that the Cardinal was a saint, pushed by forces beyond his control and dominated by a circle of malicious subordinates.” Source: Colonna, Marcantonio. The Dictator Pope (Kindle Locations 478-481). Kindle Edition.

    “The most important question I put to the Holy Father (which was also in the letter) was whether he had had time “to look into the matter” (as he promised Archbishop Savio Hon). In spite of the danger of being accused of breach of confidentiality, I decide to tell you what His Holiness said: “Yes, I told them (his collaborators in the Holy See) not to create another Mindszenty case”! I was there in the presence of the Holy Father representing my suffering brothers in China. His words should be rightly understood as of consolation and encouragement more for them than for me.”

  22. What the…!?
    Vatican official site:

    Declaration of the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Greg Burke, 30.01.2018

    With reference to widespread news on a presumed difference of thought and action between the Holy Father and his collaborators in the Roman Curia on issues relating to China, I am able to state the following:

    “The Pope is in constant contact with his collaborators, in particular in the Secretariat of State, on Chinese issues, and is informed by them faithfully and in detail on the situation of the Catholic Church in China and on the steps in the dialogue in progress between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China, which he follows with special attention. It is therefore surprising and regrettable that the contrary is affirmed by people in the Church, thus fostering confusion and controversy”.

    • How deceitful of the little Commie-in-Chief.
      We all know Bergoglio and his goons in the Curia are on the same page. That’s not what this is about.
      What about a “presumed difference of thought” between the Holy Father [sic] and Cardinal Zen?

      • Speaking one thing, but keeping doing the opposite…
        Wearing the white, but keeping acting dark…
        And Greg Burke speaks clearly of course… ” It’s not what you see it is, but it’s what we want that you think it Is. Only thing is, we can’t give ypu exact explain to you because it is not otherwise than you really see it.”

        Is this clear enough?!

        What a babilonian demagoguery!!!

      • What they are getting at is the reports like this one:

        Here, Michael Davis of the Catholic Herald interprets Cardinal Zen’s report as though he is saying that the curia went behind Frankenpope’s back. I don’t know how he can get that from what Zen has written. I guess the Fannie fanboiz don’t want to admit that their hero was fully behind this stab in the back.

        • Thx for that clarification.

          But isn’t it truly chilling that Bergoglio cares more for the perceived unity with his Curia than for the perceived disgust of Catholics towards his wicked sellout to the Commies.

          • Yes, these are the acts of a disgusting tyrant. However, I do wonder if, in this instance, whether the clarification was instigated by the Secretariat of State. If Parolin was feeling the heat for this and not appreciating being the target of all this criticism, he may have taken steps to ensure that everybody is aware that PF is fully behind this – or even the instigator.

  23. Please do not forget that they almost never are doing just one bad thing on just one front.
    At the same time, while eyes of all of us are watching this portentous events which affect our Catholic brothers in China, the war against Catholicism just continues on in the same time on another front, under the codename “Pope Francis’ Apostolic Constitution “Veritatis gaudium” on ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties, 29.01.2018”:


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