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Cardinal Cañizares: “I Shall Continue Even If They Crucify Me”

canizares1On 16 June, it was reported that the courageous prelate from Spain, Cardinal Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares Llovera, was being investigated by the government of the Spanish Province of Valencia for his purportedly abusive remarks about the increasingly disintegrating pressure on the traditional family exercised by applied gender theory and the so called “gay empire.”

The report said:

The government of the Spanish province of Valencia has opened an investigation against the Cardinal Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares Llovera, following numerous complaints over a sermon in which he denounced the influence of the “gay empire” on society. If prosecuted and convicted, Cañizares could receive up to four years in prison for “inciting hatred” against homosexuals, under [current] Spanish law. [emphasis added]

The unexpected good news of 23 June, however, was that the investigation of  Cardinal Cañizares has been suspended. The magistrate responsible has said that there are no grounds for it, nor for any acceptance of alleged criminal charges against the Catholic prelate. As the Catholic website Crux reports:

A judge in Spain ruled on Thursday [23 June] that a cardinal denouncing an attack against the Christian family by a “gay empire” was not, simply by virtue of using that language, committing a hate speech crime but exercising his right to freedom of expression.

The criminal proceedings against Cardinal Antonio Cañizares of Valencia were dismissed without further investigation because the magistrate saw no “criminal intent” nor an appeal to “hatred and violence” in the homily delivered by the prelate on May 13.

For the moment, at least, there is no evidence that there will be a legal appeal made by those many groups – such as the Valencian LGBT association Lambda together with 55 other organizations – who had originally brought charges against Cañizares. There is also no evidence that the Vatican had come to the aid of the cardinal, at least not by public diplomatic channels nor by public moral persuasion. However, even if there were to be further litigious steps taken against him,  Cañizares has already made clear that would not relent; not in his principles and not in his conduct.

Before the 23 June decision, Cardinal Cañizares was facing the possibility of several years in prison. Nevertheless, he declared that he would not back down. On the contrary, as the Austrian Catholic website reported on 20 June, the Spanish cardinal said last Friday: “They will not force me to be silent.” He added: “If I were to be silent, I would be a bad bishop.” He will continue, Cañizares added, to speak the truth, “even if some do not tolerate it and even if they crucify me.” The cardinal also said that “We need the family, and this [gender]  ideology destroys it. That is why we are not to be silent, but we have to respond.” [All emphasis added]

As reported, Cañizares responded to the accusations against him by asking, “Is it homophobia to defend the family?” Implicit in this question is the cardinal’s resolve; the very phrasing conveys that he is not willing to retract his former statements on this matter.

On the same day (23 June) of his being freed from any charges by the Spanish magistrate, another incident showed how Cardinal Cañizares intends to continues his battle. As reports today, an extreme left-wing group called “Endavant” published a poster displaying artistic renditions of two well-known Spanish Madonnas (the Virgin of Montserrat and Our Lady of the Abandoned) engaged in a lewd kiss. This poster, which bears the heading “Against the sacred rules,” is meant to invite people to join several LGBT demonstrations throughout Spain, the first of which was held on 18 June in Valencia. Cañizares responded to this blasphemous act with an invitation to a Holy Mass of Reparation on 23 June and with a call to pray the Rosary. The organization Endavant explicitly said that this poster was meant to be a response to the 13 May homily of the cardinal which had been the cause for such angry reactions on the side of the progressive forces in Spain. “We believe,” said Endavant in a 13 June statement on their website, that the focus of the day should be “to denounce the role of the ecclesiastical hierarchy as propagating hatred against homosexuals.”

Cañizares himself said that the poster violates the feelings of the Catholics of Valencia as well as of all people of good will. According to, the Spanish Bishops’ Conference has welcomed the Holy Mass of Reparation as proposed by Cardinal Cañizares and has called the poster itself “blasphemous.”

This is not the first time that Cardinal Cañizares has demonstrated his courage. As reported in October of 2015, Cañizares had made controversial statements concerning the immigration crisis that is inundating Spain; he then spoke of “an invasion of the immigrants” which might turn out to be a “Trojan Horse.” These remarks provoked harsh criticism of the cardinal from some quarters, and even some calls for his resignation.

It might also be of interest to know that, since 2007, Cardinal Cañizares has wholeheartedly supported Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum, which liberated the Traditional Mass. In fact, the cardinal himself has publicly offered the Sacrifice of the Altar in the ancient Roman rite, and he has also spoken publicly against the irreverence of receiving Holy Communion in the hand.

For all of us Catholic laymen, it is truly encouraging to see at least one of the princes of the Church publicly demonstrating sustained moral strength and principled resistance. It is of even greater consequence that he has chosen to do so in the face of an often equivocal and thus ever-weakening Catholic leadership, along with the concurrent rise of psycho-political pressure coming from ostensibly progressive forces – both from within and from without the Church – to abandon the traditional Catholic moral teaching on marriage and the family.

38 thoughts on “Cardinal Cañizares: “I Shall Continue Even If They Crucify Me””

    • I wrote him an email (translated in Spanish via Google translate, so I apologized if had errors) thanking him for his witness..I will add a comment with the email address and a copy of the email

  1. Endavant “to denounce the role of the ecclesiastical hierarchy as propagating hatred against homosexuals.” is risible, as it is precisely the other way around – the LGBT Community are hell bent on propagating hatred against Catholics the world over. Cardinal Cañizares has our prayers. He is the only Cardinal that is standing firm against this onslaught and is to be admired. If only he could mandate TLM to be said in every parish in Spain, that would be the icing on the cake. We’ll keep praying for that intention also.

  2. “The governor of Valencia, Ximo Puig, denounced Cañizares’ statements, accusing him of “fomenting hatred,” and claiming that “the whole world understands that each person can love whom he wants.” He quoted Pope Francis’s question, “Who am I to judge?”, a remark made with regard to homosexuals two years ago and used often by those who oppose Catholic teaching on the immorality of homosexual acts.”

    • ” who am i to judge…”

      The words that unleashed a pandora’s box of diabolical energy never seen before on this earth.

      • “Those whom I love, I reprove and chastise. Be earnest, therefore, and repent.” – Rev. 3-19

      • I would have to say that that shows the hypocrisy of the Pope.
        He says who am I to judge but just read everything he has written and if he isn’t lambasting one, he is ridiculing another.

  3. Now there are some “infallible” signs of a faithful prelate: “cardinal himself has publicly offered the Sacrifice of the Altar in the ancient Roman rite, and he has also spoken publicly against the irreverence of receiving Holy Communion in the hand.” No one should be taking Holy Communion in the hand because of all the sacrilege that it enables, sacrilege that you will have to answer for, mortal sin. No wonder the apostates are going after him.

  4. We should all pray for him and ask God to convert all religious to His absolute Truth. I am sometimes ashamed to be Catholic. I stand with the good Cardinal.

    • Look up the Chaplet of the Holy Face. If you know it, talk about it.

      If nothing else, remember this:

      “Arise Lord, show thy Holy Face! Let Thy enemies be scattered; and let them that hate flee before Thy Holy Face! ”

      It works.

  5. We must pray for this holy Cardinal from Spain that Almighty God keep him safe from harm! We now need the American Prelates to step up to the plate!

  6. This is the phrase of the good Cardinal Archbishop that grabbed me:

    “They will not force me to be silent.” He added: “If I were to be silent, I would be a bad bishop.”

    With that, he delivers the first public smack to the hireling majority.

  7. What a good and faithful servant this wonderful Cardinal is!! Also read today that Archbishop Wenski took Bishop Lynch to task in his homily (first Mass for Fortnight For Freedom) for Lynch’s ‘judgemental pro gay remarks’. It was a beautiful homily to read! Yes, indeed there are a few really good prelates left that we can be extremely thankful for and PRAY FOR!

  8. These freaking liars and cowards don’t even have the stones to finish the job they start, that is until they can be praised publicly, for the jailing, hanging, torching,… You get the idea.
    No doubt, this cardinal is rightly torked to have to battle such a cunning, deceitful enemy. 10-1 says he’d much rather be tied to a stake as we speak then to have them withdraw their revolutionary idiocy, even if forced to by a Pontius Pilate court.

  9. Cardinal Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares Llovera is a very courageous prelate , who stands for Jesus Christ , His teachings , the teachings of the Catholic Church and means very well for Spain and the world . Just as Jesus loved sinners and hates their sin ( our sin !) we too must love the LGBTs) but hate homosexuality and lesbianism. Homosexuality and Sodomy are against the Laws of God and Nature . They are from the Anti Christ , Satan and the Devil who is against the plans of God. Please pass this tract far and wide and share .

  10. Cardinal Canizares would never follow the advice of John Stemberger, an advocate for marriage and family. After the Orlando massacre, he described the dead as “image bearers of the Creator and worthy of dignity, value and respect.” He urged those who were defending marriage as a union of one man and one woman to be silent for the time being.

    John Stemberger urged them to reflect upon the truth that he had espoused. What he had said about the gays was true. However, without continuing at the same time to speak the truth about marriage, he was hurting the gays by eliciting sympathy for them without urging them to turn away from their perverse lifestyle.

    He was, as I would put it, engaging in a dangerous half-truth.

  11. Now THIS is a Man of God – I will pray for the Pope because it is my duty. I will pray for this Cardinal out of love.

  12. I wrote this true Shepherd, an email of appreciation and support (please note I used Google translate so I hope the Spanish is ok)

    the address: [email protected]

    the email:

    Por favor, envíe este mensaje a su
    eminencia el cardenal arzobispo Cañizares.

    Les escribo traduciendo esto en español, a través de
    Google Translaye, así que me disculpo por cualquier error, ya que no soy fluido
    en español.

    He leído de la valiente posición del cardenal para la familia y para la
    verdadera santidad del matrimonio entre un hombre y una mujer. Este laico
    católico es muy agradecidos de la defensa pública de los verdaderos valores
    cristianos por un verdadero pastor de almas.

    Que Dios bendiga y guíe su eminencia siempre.

    Ad multos annos.


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